Robin's Loving Family
Chapter 7: New Rules and Playing Dress-Up

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 7: New Rules and Playing Dress-Up - Robin lived at home with her sister and parents, until they had to leave for a long trip, bringing her brother home to watch over and take care of them. Jax had plenty of new rules for the family, and as he molded them to his liking, Robin would find herself in many new and embarrassing situations. This story was written, and is still being written, over the last ten months in concert with a very talented writer in another medium. Jax. Blame him :)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   TransGender   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Public Sex  

Standing up, Robin looked at her two naked siblings, and realized that, strangely, she did not feel as awkward as she thought. Her night of nudity at the party had sort of gotten her used to this ... somewhat. “I wanna wash off a bit, and go ... you know ... pee ... I will be right back ... I almost could use another shower, sheesh...” she said trying to make a joke, as she picked up a bit that had dripped from her chin to her chest...

Walking across the floor naked was strangely exciting ... even though she’d been naked for a bit ... Going about her business, normal like, without clothes, walking down the hall, up the stairs, everything. Knowing that her bare breasts were bouncing lightly where anyone could see them ... it was just ... a bit exciting.

Stepping into the bathroom, leaving the door open, trying to remember all the rules, she quickly washed the rest of the residue off of her face, before the running water, and the coldness hitting her fingers, had the expected reaction. She quickly sat down to pee, surprised a bit at how badly she had to go. She had not noticed it during the movie ... though that bit afterward did distract her quite a bit...

When she came out of the bathroom and walked back into the living room, Jax looked at the clock on the wall. “Almost dinner time. Why don’t we go out.” Jax seemed very upbeat and happy -- of course he just got sucked off by his youngest sister so what was there not to be happy about. “Why don’t you run off and get dressed, but it’s the weekend. No panties.” He rose from his chair and made his way to his room. Samantha herself quickly dashed off. When Robin got to her room, Samantha came in before the younger had time to make her clothing selection.

In her sibling’s hands was an outfit. “I think it would be fun if we dressed alike” she said, then threw the clothes on her bed. It consisted of a shirt that showed off a lot of midriff and a skirt that was the shortest she had ever worn, and no panties. It was basically the same clothing that Samantha had on. The two girls were close enough in size to share much of the same clothing, though Samantha’s tits were bigger. Sam even raised her skirt a little to let Robin see that she was complying with Jax’s rules.

Before Robin could agree or disagree Jax walked passed and poked his head inside. Seeing the outfit on the bed he said, “That looks cute, you should wear it” and walked on.

“See told you” Samantha said with a grin. The only difference between Sam’s and Robin’s outfits was the color.

Checking herself out in the mirror, she was feeling more than a bit awkward, but with her sister standing next to her, radiating pleasure and protection, Robin shyly nodded her acceptance. Setting down at her cluttered vanity, she started to put on a bit of makeup, stopping when Samantha took over, accentuating her eyes, touching up her cheekbones, and demarking her lips with a bright red lip color.

Jax selected a restaurant that was in the mall so they were able to walk around for a while to do some window shopping before heading to dinner. Samantha dragged Robin into every racy lingerie store they passed, and had her look at the most lewd underwear they sold. Like crotchless panties and cupless bras and scandalous corsets. Jax even came in a couple times and agreed with Sam’s selections. They even bought an outfit for Robin: a black ensemble that was a cupless corset with a matching garter belt and stockings. There were no panties at all. “Maybe when we get home you can try it on” Samantha said, whispering into her sister’s ear as they left the store.

Robin had spent little or no time shopping lately, and never in the stores they were visiting this evening. It was one constant embarrassing item after another. Robin constantly looked around, seeing if anyone she knew saw her looking at very sexy, very adult undergarments. The fact that they were silky, or lacy, and very pretty, was not lost on the young girl, but the rapid-fire way they were going through the stores left her mind reeling a bit as she was presented with one after another adult item that pushed her comfort level to the red cheeked embarrassment point.

When Samantha handed her a pair of crotchless panties, she giggled, teasing her that maybe she should wear those to school on her panty days. Robin was quiet, though the idea was starting to grow on her. Perhaps as an extension to her commando days that she was sort of starting to enjoy. When Samantha and Jax actually picked something out and paid for it, Robin could not help but look at the collection of fabric and ‘barely there’ coverage, and wondered what all the fuss was about ... It’s not like she was all that sexy or anything ... but ... not wanting to rock the boat, she just stood there red-faced as they bought the items.

They eventually made it to a restaurant. The dining room had one oddity in it. In the very center of the room was a taller table with higher chairs then all the other tables. That just happened to be the one they got. So, it didn’t matter where Robin sat; if anyone from a certain direction looked long enough at her they might notice the missing underwear.

Still bewildered from the shopping, Robin was trying to sit as demurely as she could on the high stool. She was sure that everyone in the restaurant would be able to see right up her very short skirt. The whole first half of the meal was a series of constant adjustments and movements, until during the entree, she finally gave up, and tried to just keep her legs together as best she could on the slightly uncomfortable chair. She was constantly at war with herself. The long buried desire to show off was not quite ready to be out in the open. However, her good girl upbringing was losing the battle to the laissez-faire attitude of her siblings.

During the drive back home, Samantha took out the clothes they had bought Robin and took off all the tags. Once they got home, Sam went into Robin’s room with her to help her change into the outfit. She did more than that though. She put even more makeup on her and even did her hair. Before Samantha walked back into the living room with Robin, she stripped, leaving her clothes on the floor outside of her door.

Arriving back into the living room, Robin could see her brother sitting naked in his usual chair. As soon as he saw her, his cock swelled very quickly. “Wow you look great ... and I guess you can see that I am not lying” he said, motioning to his swollen member.

“Go down on him, he’ll love it right now” Samantha whispered into her ear. She had put deep red lipstick on the girl’s lips so it should leave lovely streaks on his cock and lip marks where she kisses him.

Robin could feel the head of her brother’s cock pressing hard against the back of her throat as her red coated lips tried to close around his shaft farther down than she had gone before. Her nipples felt like rock hard diamonds as she knelt between his legs, her breasts fully on display above the black corset. Samantha’s touch on her backside, rather than being a distraction, only encouraged her to concentrate on relieving the painful hardness of her brother’s erection.

As she felt his cock’s head expanding in her mouth, she remembered coming home from the restaurant and going upstairs to simply strip off. Jax had made that new rule earlier in the day. Samantha had come along carrying that new outfit, and insisting that she should put it on ... Jax had requested that she wear it ... rather than just going around nude this evening. She had acquiesced, slowly, but not with any serious reservations. Feeling a bit out of place as she slid the stockings over her legs. The suspenders kept her black curls exposed, and the corset, tight and rather cute, lifted her small firm breasts up, almost as if they were being presented to the viewer. Thinking she was done, Robin turned to go down, not sure if they were going to play a game or watch a movie, but Samantha had stopped her, and, sitting her back at the vanity, had really gone to town on her face and hair, creating an almost surreal look ... a stranger, with huge expressive eyes and deep red lips looking back at Robin in the mirror.

When she finally walked in, and Jax saw her, his immediate physical reaction was obvious. Knowing that, according to Samantha ... that it was her job to keep him from hurting, she had not argued when she suggested that Robin go take care of Jax.

Samantha’s hand was driving her sexually crazy as it dipped between Robin’s bent thighs, and teased at her soft curls, then dancing across her pink lips before sliding back around, playing with all the exposed skin in her outfit. Robin groaned a bit, both from the heat of the penis in her mouth as well as the teasing twitching feeling between her legs. She eagerly worked on pleasing her brother, and helping his cock to not hurt ... helping it to expand and shoot off into her red-lipped mouth.

Getting into a rhythm, Robin almost felt ... comfortable ... as she moved her head up and down the top 4 or 5 inches of his shaft. The head of his cock was constantly leaving and then filling her mouth, sliding back to press against her throat. She ran her hands up along his bare thighs as she continued to taste and tongue his long hard shaft.

Jax had never thought his younger sister could look like that. The sight before his eyes blew his mind away and got him extremely horny at the same time. Samantha had done an amazing job highlighting all of Robin’s attractive attributes while hiding the unattractive ones. The result was awesomely sexy and the image was only heightened by the lingerie they had bought for her. The stockings made her legs look even longer, and they were being held up by a garter belt. The corset showed off how narrow her waist was and even though it was cupless, it still lifted her bust and made it look even larger and more inviting than it already was. Her sex was laid completely bare, only her short curls covering some of her sex. Jax would have to talk to Samantha about clearing some of that hair away. Not all, but some. Taking all this into account, it was no wonder that the brother had gotten a hardon the very second he saw his slightly transformed sister.

As she came to kneel between his spread legs this time, he kept his hands on the armrests on either side of the chair, Jax let out a long low groan of longing as he felt her mouth engulf his enraged member. His fingers dug into the cushioned arms of the chair as he fought to hold off from cumming right then and there for he wanted to enjoy his sister’s mouth to the fullest. He could feel her lips wrapped tightly around his throbbing cock. With how small her mouth was, that would be the natural result of taking him in her mouth. To him, it felt like she was a bit more at ease this time, but he also wasn’t ramming it down her throat either. Jax decided to just sit back, relax, and let Robin’s mouth lead him to paradise.

Unlike last time, Samantha wasn’t just being a spectator. She had to agree with her brother that Robin looked super hot and she wanted to have a go at her sister as well, but decided to let Jax have his fun first. Though there were things she could do. Kneeling down behind Robin, Sam’s hands had full access to the younger sister’s body and she took full advantage of it. Her right hand slid along Robin’s lower back, then on lower to her ass and then lower still, right between her legs to her damp slit. As her right hand did that her left hand worked its way across the top of the corset and her finger latched onto the first nipple they found. Judging by how wet Robin’s pussy was, and how hard her nipples were, the girl was really enjoying herself.

At first all Samantha did was caress her sister’s delicate folds. The idea was to associate giving head with getting pleasure, as well as getting Robin a little more at ease being touched intimately by another female. As she rubbed her slit she was trying to make her little sister more and more horny. She wanted her near raving mad with desire to get off. Leaning her head forward, she started to slowly kiss Robin’s neck before latching onto it and licking and sucking the flesh she found there. Parting her sister’s pretty pink lower lips with her index and ring finger she slid her middle finger into the girl and started to slowly pump it as she started to pinch her nipples.

Her mouth full of her brother’s long shaft, her head bobbing in a nice steady rhythm, Robin felt like she was getting the hang of this, and her brother will be pleased at how well she does. Looking up at him as she slid up his shaft, she tried to gauge his reaction. Seeing the way his hands were clutching the chair, and his face looking as if he was already on the edge ... she smiled around the full cock in her face, and slid back down, relaxing her mouth as much as she could, eager to get more of the twitching flesh inside of her. Her tongue swirled around the full head as it slid through her oral cavity, teasing at the tip from time to time.

Samantha’s hands were driving the young lass towards a very much distracting arousal. Robin shuddered as she felt both her nipples and her wet lips caressed, even split open and entered, with her sister’s fingers doing a dance upon her wet pink skin. Gasping around the shaft in her mouth, she began to ride Sam’s fingers, unable to keep from reacting, not caring if she looked a bit slutty. She only wanted that feeling to continue, to grow, to expand within her core. As Samantha went so far as to kiss and suck on her neck, Robin groaned as the intensity of the sensations flowing through her overworked nerves escalated another notch.

Jax was getting closer and closer to his own release with every downward movement the girl made. As he felt his climax rushing up at him, he at least gave a warning this time. “I’m cumming Robin ... I’M CUMMING” he said as the first spurt erupted from his cock head. This time she knew it was going to happen, she knew what to expect, and she had full control of her head. However, despite all these advantages, it still came out too fast and in too great an amount to swallow it all down before some could dribble out, though the amount was less than last time. Jax stayed still and silent as he rode out his climax and he let out a gasp as he finally came down and slumped back into his chair pleasantly spent. He was breathing too hard to speak so he lifted a hand and patted her head a few times in approval, as if she were a dog.

With her head buried in Jax’s lap and her mouth full, she heard him call out that he was cumming. As she pulled up and held just the head in her mouth, she felt the first shots hit the flat of her tongue as she held it over the tip. Over and over he shot, filling her mouth, forcing her to try and swallow around the full shaft. Even though some did escape, the dripping feeling only increasing her submissive arousal ... she was simply a face existing for his pleasure. She had done a good job ... She had relieved his painful state very quickly.

Turning her head into his approving hand, licking her lips clean, Robin felt Samantha release her hold on her body. She shuddered, her own orgasm had been very close ... On edge, her nipples achingly hard, she looked up as Sam moved on the couch and requested her attention.

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