A Girl Can Hope

by Charlie for now

Copyright© 2018 by Charlie for now

Romantic Sex Story: His niece was being abused. He couldn't have that. His sister was, as well. He couldn't have that, either. Both girls needed love. A tale of how a young lady brought the three of them together.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Romantic   TransGender   .

“Bottom line, Charlene, Stephanie comes and lives with me, NOW, and the next time he hits you, I break his arm. And, I swear, Sis, the next time he hits that precious child, I’ll either break both of them or kill him, I’m not sure which yet. I don’t care if he’s her step-father or your husband or the Prince of Arabia. He has no right to hit either one of you. Stephanie isn’t his daughter anyway. Why would he care? She’ll be safe here at home with me, so you should care. You’re welcome here any time, you know that. Should I come get her now, or are you bringing her over.”

“If you could, please come get her. He took my keys, so I couldn’t leave. He’s down at Willie’s.”

“What an ass. OK, no problem. I’ll be there in 20 minutes or so. I’m leaving with her, no question. If you have a bag ready, or not, I’ll take you, too. Totally up to you, as an adult, but she’s not staying. Let me talk to her.”

“Hi, Uncle Chuck.”

“Hey, baby. Throw everything you need in a couple big trash bags. I’m kidnapping you.”

“If I say ‘OK’ it’s not kidnapping, but OK. I’ll see you in a bit. Thank you. You won’t be sorry. I have something to show you. Bye.” I heard her run off.

“She went to get her things.”

“I know. I could hear her smile all the way through the phone. No kid should smile when an uncle that isn’t has to take her from her mother’s home, just to protect her. Charlene, you have to admit, this ain’t right. When you adopted Charlie’s daughter, you signed up for all that.”

“OK, I admit it. She’ll be happier with you anyway.”

“No shit, Sherlock. I’ve never hit her!”

“Don’t be all holier than thou. You’re not perfect, either.”

(“Yes he is!”) I heard the munchkin in the background.

“Hush, Steph. Adult conversation.”

“Another point. She’s sixteen. She should be treated a little more like a person and a little less like a bratty little child. We both know she isn’t one.”

“Whatever. Just do what you think you have to do to save the world. My life will be easier without her here pissing him off.”

“Charlene, think about what you just said. Please? Think about it. You just explained why your family is so fucked up. If you think me taking Stephie is going to make your life better, you’re insane. I’m just taking one of the targets off the range. Whatever. I’m already on the way, so I’ll be there in a bit. Can I talk to Steph again?”

“Yeah. Stephanie? Chuck wants to talk to you.”

“I have you on speaker, throwing stuff in bags. Mom went back to the kitchen.”

“Are you OK? Did he hit you again?”

“No, worse, but I’ll tell you about it in the truck. Just get here before he gets back.”

“I just passed by Willie’s. He’s still inside, I think. His truck’s out front. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“OK. Love you. See you in a bit.”

“Love you, too, punkin.”

I thought about what could possibly be worse, and the only think I could think of was ... No, she would have said something if he’d touched her, or God forbid, raped her. Charlene wouldn’t stand for that. Can’t be that. Better not be that. I WOULD kill him.

I pulled up to the house. They lived a couple miles out in the country on the other side of town from where I lived a little farther out in the country. Charlene and I were raised on a little ranch, and neither of us would ever be able to live in town. We were twins but didn’t have that twin thing going. If we did, I could have kept her out of soooo much trouble. God, if only I could read her mind. We damn sure wouldn’t be going through this right now. I would have done something to keep her away from that asshole husband of hers if I’d known about it. Both of them, come to think of it. It’s probably not long range anyway, the mind thing, so ... Anyway, Gary is a jackass of major proportions. It gets worse when he drinks too much, which just happens to be his every day after-work pastime.

Stephanie was on the porch with three big black contractor trash bags. She handed two to me, picked up the other, kissed her mother and walked to the passenger’s side. When the bag went in, I heard a sharp thunk on the frame of the truck. Shoes? Ut Oh. Steel toes if they were. Maybe a book. Jewelry box? Whatever.

“Charlene, be careful.” I hugged her. “Please be careful. Call me, if ... Call me if you need anything. Anything at all.” She nodded. I kissed her cheek and off we went, Stephanie next to me in the front seat. “OK, what’s this you’re going to tell me about in the truck?”

“Wait ‘til we get past the bar. Way past. Thank you, again, Uncle Chuck. Gary is starting to scare me more and more. The last time, the slap was ... He was holding back. Like if he let go, he would have beaten the crap out of me. The bruise is all up my arm.” She got a really fearful look on her face.

“Stop, doll. You’re with me now. No problems. OK? You’re fine. You have all your meds and stuff for a while.”

“Yeah, I’ll need some more in a couple weeks, but I’m fine now. I want to see a new doctor anyway. This guy was getting a bit anti-social. The last thing I need is a doctor I can’t be open and honest with. The last appointment didn’t go well. He didn’t even ask about the bruise on my leg. I think he already knew about it. Mom probably called beforehand and told them I fell or something. He was really gruff to me, so I just kept my mouth shut. That’s why I called you. Then, when Gary found out I called, well, you know the rest.” She looked out the window. “There goes the bar.”

She climbed over the seat back and rummaged in the bag. I hate to say it, but the butt that was sticking up at me in those little shorts was pretty cute. I reached up and patted it, getting a giggle from Stephanie. “He’s touching me, he’s touching me!!” she said, then laughed. “Here. Last night, he slapped me, like I told you when I called. Then this morning, he pointed this at me and told me if I made any more trouble he was going to have his way with me and there wouldn’t be anything I, or you, or my mother, could do about it.” She was holding a revolver by trigger guard, hanging off her finger. This is what I heard hit the frame of the truck when she got in. It wasn’t a snub nose. It was an old Smith and Wesson Model 10, a .38 Special. HE POINTED IT AT HIS STEP DAUGHTER! This was just too much.

I opened it and pushed the cartridges out. I didn’t need it loaded in the frame of mind I was in. “He pointed this at you? Really?” I put it up on the dash and asked for something to wrap it in. I got a sexy little pink t-shirt.

“Yeah. This morning at breakfast. Mom was in the bathroom getting ready for work. He told me he was tired of taking care of a stupid queer tranny and if I made any more trouble, he was going to have his way with me. Scary, huh?”

“More than scary. A little insane. This morning? Sober?”

“Yes, this morning, and I don’t think so. Not completely anyway. More like his Saturday morning sober. Not really, if you know what I mean.”

“I do. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. It’s over, though. Stephanie, I’m going to ask your mother for custody, if you want, and keep you away from them. If she can’t protect you from him, you shouldn’t be there, of course. I’m tired of thinking about him. Let’s go home. Home. I need to call your mom, though. Think she’ll believe you if I tell her about this?”

“Honestly, Chuck, I think it will do more harm than good. I have the gun. Well, you have the gun. She’ll confront him if you tell her. He’s gotta be drunk by now. Maybe he won’t even look for the gun if no one brings it up. If he knows it’s missing ... I dunno. Let’s just let it go for now. We can talk about it tomorrow or better yet Sunday, if she comes to town. Maybe we can meet her for breakfast.”

“You’re pretty smart, for a girl.” She slapped my leg and laughed. “Owieee. She’s beating me! She’s beating me! Let’s go home. You need anything?”

“A snuggle. Other than that, I’m good. I have enough junk and clothes to last a while if you have some lunchmeat, a loaf of bread, and a washer and dryer. I brought my bathroom stuff and clothes. I have everything of mine he won’t go ballistic over finding gone. And one thing of his he will. I hope he doesn’t look in that drawer tonight. I’m fine, Chuck. Anything I need we can get tomorrow after school or this weekend. I’d love to switch schools. That would solve a couple problems. I need to know what to do if he comes looking for me, too. This is getting scary.”

“I guess I’m a typical man. I just thought I could grab you and save you. Here you are with all these logistical problems. OK, we need a plan. I’ll take you and pick you up at school. Tomorrow is Friday. What about your mother?”

“Chuck, I don’t know. Without me being a problem pissing him off, maybe he’ll calm down and she’ll be OK. I wonder, though, what it would take at this point for her to leave him. I don’t want to exaggerate, but he’s hit her daughter and pointed a gun at said daughter, although in fairness she doesn’t know about that yet, he’s hit her, he’s yelled and screamed and pushed, and even tonight he yelled at her about me crying to you and took her keys. I’m like, WHAT?? She’s the mother of a sixteen-year-old girl in the country and he takes her car keys to keep her from what, going to see you? Her own brother? Uncle Chuck, this is not the nineteen thirties. You don’t do that. Well, I don’t think so. I’m sorry. I need to chill. Oh good. We’re home. I hope I can keep saying that. We are home. Here. At your house.” She smiled.

“Our house, doll. Our house. Is a very, very, very fine house.” My singing did not go over well. The garage door opened for us.

“Don’t give up your day job. I don’t play piano well enough to cover for that thing you call a voice.” She started laughing, jumped out and ran to the door, then remembered, she didn’t have the key. I was right behind her. “Sorry? Don’t spank me for my rude, insensitive insolence? What’s the winning line here?”

“‘I love you’ will work. You’ve been beaten enough. If I want to punish you, I’ll just sing to you again.” She laughed, so...

“The world is alive, with the sound of music.” I did it in a baritone voice. The garage door coming down covered some of the noise.

“No, no, anything but that.” Laughter ensued, and we wound up in a hug, both of us crying a little. We were home, the craziness was over, for now, and we could relax. The stress draining off made us both a bit emotional. “Chuck. Uncle Chuck. I love you. Please let me just throw this stuff in my room and then hold me for a while. I’ve missed you and I’ve been so afraid.” I kissed the top of her head, carried the two big bags, her following with the smaller one. In the guest room, on the bed, all three bags, then holding her hand, I pulled her back to the family room and just pulled her into my lap on the couch. “Uncle...” I interrupted her.

“Could you do me a favor, honey, and just call me Charlie. Just call me Charlie, for now. All my good friends do. Your mother had a boyfriend named Charlie, a long time ago so called me Chuck ever since.” She giggled. “Everybody I like calls me Charlie. I like you.”

“That will make my life easier, since I love you, Charlie.”

“You little butt nugget. You know I love you, too. I was just...” She looked at me with that goofy smile. I just pulled her to me and hugged her. We rocked for a while. She calmed and as she relaxed, she rubbed my arm with her hands.

“I know you do. Charlie, thank you. We’ll ... You’ll figure it out. Just keep me ... Away from him. Just keep me.

“OK, doll. OK. But, we’ll figure it out. You were right the first time.” She fell asleep in my arms. I waited for about a half hour then took her to her room, the guest room. She’s stayed there a lot when she came out to visit. She was no stranger to my place and spent a lot of time there before her mother wound up with the hate freak.

As I laid her down and pulled the covers up I heard, “I love you, Charlie. Thank you.” I kissed her puckered lips. Wasn’t the first time. Wouldn’t be the last. Not by a long shot.

About two in the morning, I heard noise in the kitchen. I got up and found my niece in the kitchen carrying out her threat of violence, unspoken, of course, on a loaf of bread and a little deli bag of sliced ham. “Hungry, love?” she asked. I raised an eyebrow. “Sorry, still half asleep. You hungry, Charlie?”

“Yeah, make two. You know, doll, alcohol, lack of sleep, sodium pentothal ... They are truth serums. They lower inhibitions until a person actually says what they mean down deep inside. I’m not going to question your intentions, but I am going to listen closer. Can I ask you a dangerous question that is probably going to get both of us in a lot of trouble?”

“Yes, as long as I’m telling the truth, go ahead and ask, but before you do, will any answer I give cause you to throw me out and send me home?”

“Absolutely not. Regardless of any answer, or anything happening, I will not, repeat WILL NOT, ask you to leave.”

“Ask then. Anything.”

“Do you love me, Stephanie, honey, or are you IN love with me?” She looked directly at me, and tears started to fall from her eyes. I got up and approached her; she held her arms out to me and I met her in a hug. She was in love with her uncle. Not a more dangerous relationship could happen. “Babydoll. Please be careful. I’m not worth it, first, but you can do so much better, second.”

“No, I can’t.”

“Let’s not fight.” I picked her up, putting my arm under her ass, so she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck, kissing my cheek as I grabbed the chips off the pantry shelf. I took her back to the bar where she had the sandwiches ready and kept her in my lap while we ate. “Thank you for the sandwich. I think I’ll keep you.”

“Please do. I’m serious. I really am in love with you. I have been for years. You really are ... Everything to me. No matter what I’ve seen, you’ve shown me better. No matter what I’ve been told, from you it always turns out to be the truth. No matter what I’ve needed to feel safe, you’ve been the one to bring it to me. It’s always been you, for me. I could go on, yes, love, but it gets repetitive. I’ll show you if you’ll let me. Just don’t let them take me back.” She bit her sandwich, laid it down and hugged me tight. “I told Mom. She told me to be careful, that I was treading on thin ice. She let me come with you, though, so maybe, just maybe, she agrees you’re better for me than anything she can do for me. Charlie, I love my mother, but she’s an idiot. She’s going to get hurt. Emotionally or physically, she’s going to get hurt. Please help her if you can. Please. And please, please don’t send me away.”

I couldn’t. I had to keep her. Away from Gary. Away from her mother. I hated that part, but her mother had basically told me tonight that her failing and abusive relationship with her husband was more important than her daughter, my niece. A fragile, transgendered girl who needed moral as well as physical support was left for her uncle to save, by her mother. Sad, sad, shit. OK. On we go, off into the future. I needed to help her find a new doctor. She’s already in a new home. Maybe a new school would be in order. It could happen. Medium sized city. Two public and two private schools. Hmmmm. We’ll see. Biggest problem? The trans thing. We could rise above it or go around it. One or the other.

We slowly finished our snack, had a couple chips, a couple sips of water, then I leaned down and kissed her goodnight. Very little was said, just an “I love you” and a “goodnight” each. She padded off to the guest room, and I went off to mine.

At six o’clock, she came in my room, climbing on top of me and asked if we could play hookey. “Just one day?”

“No, baby. Sorry. The last thing we want to do is show weakness. When we ask for me to get custody, if we need to, the fact that you didn’t miss school while you were with me will be important. Trust me on this?” She nodded, kissed me, and padded off again. This time she made coffee then went to her room.

I showered, dressed and went to the kitchen. I took her a cup of coffee. I doubt she expected that. Knocking and being called in, I showed her the mug, set it on the desk, and kissed her. “Sorry, doll, but we gotta be the adults. I’m gonna make something to eat.” She puckered again, getting another kiss, and nodding.

When she came out, she was in school clothes, cute little shorts over tights, a blouse and boat shoes. Cute, but pretty conservative. Good. I fed her and dropped her off at school. I spent a few hours at work, not getting much done, more worrying about her than anything. I called Charlene, no answer. I left a message to have her call me.

On the way home, I stopped at the store then school to pick Stephanie up. As she was climbing into the truck, the phone rang. Charlene. “Hey, sis. Breakfast Sunday?”

“Sure. You guys getting on OK?”


“Hi, hon.” She sounded despondent.

“Yeah, Charlene, we’re fine. Just picked her up. Dinner in bags in the back. On the way home to get shown how to fix it. Hopefully she remembers.”

“Good. See you Sunday morning. IHOP?”

“Yeah. Eight-ish. You OK, Charlene?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. See you guys then.” Click. I didn’t think she sounded good at all.

“She’s not OK, Charlie. She’s not. Not hard to tell. Maybe Sunday.”

“Maybe what, doll?”

“Maybe she’ll come to her senses and ask you for help. Real help. Not just taking me off her hands but taking her out of that mess. A girl can hope.”

“Yeah, she can. Well, come on. Let’s take care of Steph and Charlie.” I drove us home and put her to work slaving in a hot kitchen. That’s almost funny. She loved my kitchen and had me helping her cut, shred, prepare, and any other menial task she could dream up. It was really something we did together and we both enjoyed it. We enjoyed it almost as much as partaking of the results.

After dinner we decided on a movie, but she asked if she could make us a drink first. She often shared a bit with me, so I agreed and told her to surprise me. Boy did she, with a few fingers of Wild Turkey American Honey on ice. We sipped and watched a romantic comedy ending with, go figure, the girl winning the guy over. I joked about it being a surprise ending, NOT!

“Hush. It was a good movie. And romantic. Almost reminded me of...” I interrupted her by pulling her in to me and kissing her.

“Don’t say it. You’ll get me to start getting mushy. Can’t have that.”

“You’re already a softie, Charlie. That’s one of the reasons I love you so much. One of the reasons I want you to keep me. Forever.” This time, she held the back of my head and pulled me to her for another kiss, this one deep, long, and wet. A very romantic, loving, truly sexy kiss.

“Good, God, girl. Where did you learn to kiss like that?”

“Must be natural instinct. I’ve never kissed a boy like that before. Charlie, you’re the only boy I’ve ever kissed. I kissed my friend Sally once, but we were just pretending, you know, to see what it would be like to kiss a boy. It was nothing like this. Nothing at all. I melted just now. I love you. Please believe that.”

“Not hard to believe with electricity and all running through us. Stephanie, make sure you know what you’re doing, OK? I’m falling. I think I can be what you want me to be. I love you that much. Just be sure. You said your mother knows?”

“Yes. She told me to be careful. I don’t think she wants either one of us hurt. She loves you, too, Charlie, but she has some resentment that you’re Midas and she’s the opposite. She won’t admit it to her big brother, but she’s told me and her friends that everything she touches turns to shit. Sorry, but quotes are quotes.” I had to laugh. “What are you laughing at?”

“My dear, you are drinking whiskey and proclaiming your adult views on love for me. Quoting your mother saying ‘shit’ is not going to cause an issue, at least not with me.”

“Oh, OK. I guess I can see that. Shit, shit, shit. OK, done. Now I can say poop again. Hahaha. Poop!”

“Nut. It’s bedtime.” She kissed me then sashayed back to her room. I watched, thinking to myself that I could do worse, and had. Not recently, since I was mostly turned off women because of my last two relationships, and thoughts, fears, of meeting someone like them again.

Stephanie was nothing like them. She was a sixteen, almost seventeen-year-old sweetheart, with not a mean bone in her body. She had never shown me any greed or jealousy, or a desire to get to me for her own betterment financially. She’d never asked for anything of monetary value. She was more woman, more girl, more feminine, than any of the women I had dated, and I’d have to say, more of a girly girl than even her mother, who was a prissy little thing, herself. When she was five or six, we noticed she was presenting herself as a female child. She had the mannerisms, responses, and such as a young lady, versus that of a little boy. A teacher approached my sister and her father about a program studying Gender Dysphoria and she was entered into the program. She went in to the program as a little girl in a little boy’s body and came out a little lady in a big girl’s body.

Between the hormones, the orchiectomy and accompanying reconstructive surgery on the former scrotal area, the only thing she had left was a smooth mons like area behind a small, very small, penis. Not even that, since it was medically altered into more of a clitoris. The program did not see SRS as a viable solution to the Dysphoria research program, considering the massive trauma to the person and the minimal gain for the amount of pain involved. With the testes removal and the hormones, having over eight years to change her and starting way, way, before she reached any form of puberty, she was all woman. She had the legs, bottom, hips, waist, and even the bust of a beautiful woman blooming. There was nothing about her that wasn’t pure feminine girl.

I had seen her out back by the pool for the last several years. Seen her in a little one piece at the age of 8, 10, and 12, then her bikinis when she became a teenager. She had a body starting even back then, as the female in her was allowed to grow and come out as it matured. At fourteen she was about the same as her girlfriends at school, then didn’t stop. At present, the last time I took her shopping anyway, she purchased two bras that were 32B plus, I think they said on the label. In any case, as petite as she was, she was a beautiful young woman with nice, relatively long, legs, a cute little bottom, and a remarkably narrow waist rising to an ample chest. Just magnificent in any measure, not to mention the one the doctors used. I mean, after all, she was born ... She wasn’t born this way!

In addition to her figure, she had a smile that lit up any room she was in, and a cute little blonde shag hairdo which along with her facial features would make her a contender for any young wild miss beauty pageant. I say wild, because her hair was just that. It gave her a look of wild, crazy, and out there. It was pretty. It was her.

The one thing I could give her, I thought, was the ability to come out as a beautiful woman without her stepfather harassing her. He was an ass, always making fun of her and such. It would have been better if he’d never known. It would have been easy to hide it, but Charlene never knew it would be necessary, so it didn’t happen. Of course, the way Steph talked, he may have been a big enough jerk to sneak peeks or something and found out that way. Probably would have been worse.

As all these thoughts were going through my head, and the news was droning on with me not paying attention to a word of it, I felt my bed move and a little body move toward mine.

“Hold me for a bit, Charlie? Please?”

I held my arms out for her, pulling her in to my chest for a hug, then letting her settle on my side with my arm holding her and patting her hip. “Are you going to be OK, Steph, baby?” I felt a little shiver.

“Yeah. If you’ll let me love you, I’ll be fine. If I can be yours, I’ll be perfect and have everything I want, need, and desire.”


“If you’ll give me rides to school, or show me where the bus stops, I’ll be fine. What else could I want, or need, that you haven’t been providing for the last sixteen years? You feed me, you buy me clothes, you even took me on vacation with you a few times. Yes. Everything. You are all I need.”

“So you don’t want the car I was thinking about getting you?”

“Seriously, love, you can do whatever you want, but I will never allow you to believe I want you for anything but your love. I mean that. I truly love you for you, Charlie. Not because you bought me school clothes last August. Not because of my leather letter jacket. The diamonds for my sweet sixteen? None of it. I love the gifts and will cherish them because they came from you, but I also cherish the times you let me stay in your lap, and that isn’t very expensive at all, is it?”

“That’s true. Baby doll, by the same token, please understand I’m not trying to buy your love, either.” She looked up at me and smiled. Her smile eclipsed the light from the television. “I just want you to have nice things. You deserve them. You’ve been through a lot, and you don’t complain, whine, gripe, or anything. You just do your best and press on. That’s why I love you. You are a beautiful, smart, very wonderful person. Inside and out. I think I want you, Steph. Possibly as much as you want me, but let’s give it time and see, OK?” She nodded and rubbed my belly with her fingers. I set the timer on the TV and let it drone us both to sleep.

She must’ve been in stealth mode, because when I woke up, she was sitting on the side of the bed with a cup of coffee and a little plate of breakfast for me. After a good morning greeting with a kiss, she went to the kitchen to get hers and returned to eat with me.

“What’s the occasion, sweetheart?”

“If I understood our conversation last night, we’re celebrating our first weekend together as a couple. A girl can hope.”

“Is that what you want, Steph? You’re sure?”

“Yes, I’m really hoping that’s what I heard, Charlie. I love you.”

“Then, my dear, we are celebrating the first weekend of the rest of our lives ... Together. Wait ‘til your mother hears about this. She’s going to have kittens.”

“Oh, God, I hope not. Not after she acknowledged my mooning over you all the time. Maybe she’ll be OK with it. We’ll see. In any case, am I your girlfriend now, Charlie?”

“Yes. You are, my dear. Yes. You are. Guess what that means? This is going to be sooo good! You’re all mine to use however I wish. MWAHhahaha.”

“Oh, no, what have I gotten into?”

“You want to mow or wack?”

“Heck, Charlie, you scared me. I was thinking...” I interrupted her.

“Later dear. That’s the least important part of our relationship. Chores first, then we kiss ... And stuff!”

“Mow. That way I can wear shorts. I love you, crazy man.”

“Thank you for this wonderful breakfast, Steph. I love you, too. I hope this is good for you. I want to be good for you. The best. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for you, baby doll.”

“Come on. It’s getting mushy in here. Not that I mind, but crying right before I mow is not my idea of a fun Saturday morning. Let me get my phone and my ear buds. Call me if you need me. I’ll be jammin’.” She grinned, gave me a quick peck on the lips, and went off with the dishes. Next I heard of her was out on the mower zipping around the trees like a stunt pilot in a Rud Aero. She had fun with the zero-turn mower and had been using it when she came out to goof off for the last few years. She was actually quite good with it.

I called her when she was about half done. “Hello, this is Stephanie.”

“Hey, doll. Dinner out tonight. Where?”

“Oh, Lord, Charlie, you’re the guy. Aren’t you supposed to choose?”

“Oh, I forgot. You’re new at this. Humor me. If you had to pick a place, where would it be?”

“Anywhere but Smitty’s? Oh, I know. The Palace. We haven’t been there in a few months. That was a nice place.”

“Got it. You have any dress clothes here?”

“Yes. I snuck a couple of nice outfits out in the bags. Several, actually. Shoes, too. Stuff you bought me last summer. I have some of Mom’s, too. Stuff she told me I could wear. I never gave it back. Yes, my dear, I can look appropriate on your arm at The Palace tonight.”

“Good. I can’t wait. Pick you up at six?” She laughed.

“You’re silly. Love you. Byeeee.” Click We were done before lunch, so she made a couple sandwiches, split one of them with me, and ran off to her room. She came back in a small bikini I bought her last year. It seemed bigger then. I’m not complaining, just saying, it used to cover more.

“I’m going to get some sun, Charlie. Join me if you want, please. I might need some lotion. Or oil. Yeah, oil, I think.” She grinned at me and walked out. Hook, line, and sinker. She knew the oil thing would get me. I’ve done it for her before, but it didn’t have the connotation it does now. At least not for me. She was teasing me. Yes, she was all woman.

I put on a little suit that I wear to get sun myself, similar to a speedo, not a whole lot to it, and went out with a couple insulated acrylic glasses of ice water. She was laying back on an almost reclined lounger.

“Thanks for coming out. You want the honors? All over? Please?” When I nodded, she took a little rubber band off her wrist and took her fairly short hair, tying it up on top of her head in a short, high ponytail. She was quite simply darling. She handed me the oil bottle and relaxed. I slowly and carefully covered her entire front side, save the parts covered by her little suit, with the oil, then laid back next to her. She returned the favor. “Sorry about that, babe, I didn’t mean to cause that.” She nodded toward my obvious spandex encased erection. “You going to be OK?”

“Yes, doll. It happens sometimes just from the hot sun. No worries. It might go away in a bit. If I forget you’re out here, it might, anyway.” I chuckled. She laughed and laid back down.

“My phone is set for an hour, babe. Then we can flip the meat over on the grill here.”

“You’re terrible. Cute, and funny, but terrible.”

“I’m glad you qualified that. Thank you, again, for the phone, too. I know it’s been a while, but it comes in so handy for so many things, I mean other than calling my savior to come get me. This is the most important, though. Tanning flip timer. Number one priority on a phone!” She laughed at herself. I really enjoy her being happy. She isn’t like that on the phone with me from her mom’s house. It’s a good feeling for me that she can cut loose and be happy, free from fear and retributions, out here. I want that for her. I want this to be her permanent home. Not just until she grows up. I’m thinking permanent. As I was thinking of all the fun things we could do together, the beeper went off. Must have been dreaming them. She flipped and I went to work. She asked me to undo the hook in the back, which I did, then proceeded to cover her with the warm oil. It was nicer after it had been sitting in the sun a while. Almost hot. When I was done with her, she did me, completely, and a bit more. She was a little naughty, but I didn’t say anything one way or the other. A groan would have encouraged her, a verbal warning would have discouraged her. I let it go. It was fun, though. She’s experimenting. No one is worse off for it. Harder than a proverbial rock, but none the worse for the wear. My face was turned away from her, but I don’t think she had her top on.

“Another hour, love, then I’m going to get some laps in.” I think I grunted, but I was close to being back to sleep already. Her putting the oil on, after the bit between the tops of my inner thighs was very, very relaxing.

This time, I heard neither the timer, nor her getting up, but when she put her hand on the nylon covering my butt, and rubbed, then squeezed a bit, it got my attention. I had definitely taken a nap. I got up with her and swam for about a half hour before we went inside.

“Charlie, if I asked nice, would you wash my back? I’ll wash yours, if you’ll wash mine.”

“Damned politician.” She tightened up a bit, losing her smile, misunderstanding my humor. I grinned at her, causing a noticeable relaxation in her face. “This will get our ball rolling pretty quickly, Steph, but if you are sure you know what you’re doing, yes, doll, then I’ll wash the oil off your back.” She grinned back. “Come on. Let’s get our stuff and go shower. Might as well use mine if we’re going to be sharing the duties.” She giggled an uh-huh and nodded. She was losing age quickly and turning into a shy little girl, though. I was thinking, ‘Let’s see what happens next.’ We approached the bathroom, and in a last ditch effort to grow up, which she did, she pulled her suit off, approached me, held my cheeks between her hands, pulled me down and kissed me. Then she hugged me and walked into the shower. “Come, love. We’re fine. I was scared, but I met it head on and you’re still here with me.”

I looked at her through the glass wall. Damn. I went in and spent the next fifteen minutes being the happiest I had ever been, and nothing overtly sexual happened. It was just close, intimate, and loving. She did wash off what oil she put between my thighs, and washed a bit more, including my butthole and surrounding area, but stayed away from my dick and my balls, I guess thinking that was too much.

I did the same for her, but got closer, since she had no testicles, just a supple stretch of skin. It felt smooth and soft. Plump, like a fat little pussy mound, and even seemed to have a crease, a long soft indent running down the middle. I used my bare hands there so that I wouldn’t scratch or anything with the washcloth, much like she did on me. She turned when my hand was coming back out.

“Kiss me, Charlie. God that felt good with your fingers there. So good. I want you to touch me. I want to touch you. I want to be good to you. Good for you. Good with you. I’m not making sense.”

“Yes, Stephanie, baby, you are. You’re making perfect sense. Time, hon. Just takes time. We’ll be comfortable with all this soon. Soon, we’ll touch each other everywhere. We’ll do everything that people in love do. Very soon. Let’s go out on a date, girlfriend.” I kissed her, hugged her, and rinsed us both off. We were very, very clean. She took a couple towels, one around her head and wet hair, one of those girl turban things, and one around her body. Wrapped above her breasts, I realized how small she really was. The towel was actually pretty long on her. It covered her bottom entirely. And nothing else. I started firming up as I watched those gorgeous legs walk out of my room and across the house toward hers. I was terrible.

I saw her again at five fifty-five. She was just gorgeous. She was wearing a little mini dress, black with a pink, taupe, and mauve flower print. It hugged her frame, and with the three-quarter sleeves was pushing elegant. Her black five-inch platform pumps brought attention to her legs, deservedly so. She was in a word, a vision. Then I thought... ‘My vision.’ Wow. She has chosen to be mine. My life is certainly changing now.

We left the house and went to The Palace for dinner. Reservations at six thirty, so we were a bit early, but the head met me, swooned over Stephanie, and the hostess seated us. We hadn’t been in there together since, I think on or around her birthday, and I only saw one familiar face and that was the hostess. I don’t think anyone knew she was my niece. I hoped not, anyway. I didn’t want to cause a bunch of problems. Legally I had no issues, but I didn’t need to air any laundry and have to prove it wasn’t dirty in the first place. There was no blood relation between Stephanie and me, but it’s not something we advertise. I would if I had to. Charlene adopted her husband’s daughter from a previous relationship when he was killed in a work-related accident. She’s well taken care of into the future. Her education is paid for, as far as she wants to take it as a full-time student and there’s a stipend she gets for quite a while. Her mother died in childbirth and she’s about six grandparents short of a full load. It really is a unique situation.

Dinner was great, but at The Palace, it always is. We stayed for a bit after dinner, Stephanie asking if we could dance a bit, like on her birthday. She’s still in the learning stage, but she enjoys it and I, honestly, and especially now, enjoy dancing with her. Holding her has taken on a new meaning. It used to mean ‘love and family bonding’. Now, it means ‘romance and intimacy’. There was a difference in the way I danced with her that night. She noticed it, too. Her smiles told me she did.

We stayed for a couple sets and then at ten thirty, we left for home. She asked if we could drive around the lake, so we did, even parking for a few minutes. “Thank you, Charlie. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I’ve been thinking, and everything is making more sense. I know you’re not my uncle, and I know Mom adopted me when I was little. I know all the things she went through to let me be who I am. I just want you to know I know. We’ve never discussed it before. Anyway, that’s out there. A convenient truth. I’ll tell you this, though. If I were your niece, and carrying your blood in my veins, I’d still be so madly in love with you that I’d move and change my name so I could have you. It’s not like we’re going to make any deformed babies or anything. It’s not like we lived together. You aren’t a power or authority figure to me. I’m not allowing this to happen because I’m afraid of you. If anyone asks, my spiel will be long and enlightening. Charlie, take me home and let me make love to you. Please.”

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