Was I Mistaken
Chapter 3

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It only took three tries for Allie to get it down right. The first time I came after only about three minutes after she stopped dragging her teeth on my helmet or gagging when I got more than two inches into her mouth. Then she had to use the wastebasket I put by the bed when I came in her mouth. We waited for a half-hour for her to rinse out her mouth and gargle with some mouthwash. We were doing much better the second time, when suddenly she upchucked again, but this time all over both of us.

After about an hour or so and a separate shower for each of us, we tried again. Things started a little shaky, but they improved and after about ten minutes of her sucking and jacking me; I finally came about two squirts that amounted to be barely enough to say I came. But she swallowed what I gave her, and we kissed goodnight, lay next to each other, and cuddled. I think she went to sleep before me, but I can’t be sure as I was dead tired and totally drained. Not bad coming three times in a little over three hours, well, not bad for a man of 45, now is it?

I awoke the next morning with a weight on my hips and looked up into my Allie’s blue-green eyes as she slid up and back on my morning wood. I should have been mad at her for taking liberties, but I did promise her last night that I might let her have an orgasm or three this morning.



I guess I should explain why I was so paranoid about cheating. It all started back in high school. I had this girl friend, Carol Sumter. We were juniors and this was the last dance before we graduated to be seniors. I had never learned to do the fast dances. I just was not that coordinated on the dance floor. Sure I could do the moves, but they were never in time with the music, so I looked like I was having a fit. I did know how to slow dance and my cousin taught me. She tried and tried to get me to fast dance and I just couldn’t get the hang of it.

Anyway at the junior prom I took Carol and she fast danced with four or five other guys but all the slow dances were with me. Towards the end of the prom, I needed to pee from all the punch and dancing. I went to the first boy’s room, but it was full of guys smoking, so I went to the next one down and around the corner. It was halfway down a long hallway. As I entered I heard grunting and a girl’s voice screaming, “Fuck me harder you bastard!”

The voice sounded familiar and as I rounded the corner I saw Carol on her hands and knees with Tommy Tucker pounding her from behind and Carl Martin had his dick in her mouth, sawing away. Carol and I were supposed to be going steady and being exclusive. I had only screwed her one time in the last four dates because she said she was on her period and always had cramps right before and right after. Needles to say I said to Carol, she could fuck whoever she wanted since we were through. I heard excuses that I was to hear again and again in college, “It was only sex; they didn’t mean anything to me. I love only you.”

Fast forward to my junior year in college and my fiancée Sharon Graveldinger couldn’t go out on a Saturday so I heard about a party and I went by myself. Yes Sharon was the main attraction and was taking on all comers. When I saw her as I passed an open door downstairs, I saw she was air tight and had four guys in line for when the three in her body then were done. I somehow made it to the bathroom before I rid myself of everything I had to eat for the last two days. Well it seemed to be that much. I still had the dry heaves for a while after nothing else would come up.

So now you can see my position on cheating. I had explained to Allie a long time ago about my loves before, but I guess time dulled her memory. I guess it was time for a refresher course.


I really can’t understand how I could have been so stupid. I had a great husband at home who love me so much. I guess I was getting older and thought that I had lost my ability to attract a man, but I never realized what I was doing to attract men. Acting like a slut was not the way I wanted to be attractive, but I saw the way that Shirley and Belinda acted and thought that I could too. Sure Brenda, Vicki, and Debbie acted somewhat the same way, just not so slutty.

Then too I had never felt that I was a beauty. Sure I looked nice and I got lots of dates when I was single, but then too I had a lot of sex then too. I had forgotten about Jim’s past experiences with cheating women and I somehow lost that voice in my head telling me I was doing too much. Also the lying about my smoking didn’t help either. I now understand what made Jim so angry with me. He had heard many times that it was just sex and didn’t mean anything, but my saying that it was just flirting and didn’t mean anything was not an excuse he would accept.

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