My Date With the Prom Queen
Chapter 2

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 2 - A 16 year old boy who has experimented with homosexual behavior scores a date with his dream girl, but events before, during and after his date convince him that he is really gay

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/mt   Coercion   NonConsensual   Gay   Heterosexual   Fiction   Mother   Son   Father   Daughter   Humiliation   Light Bond   Rough   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Fisting   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Scatology   Spitting   Squirting   Water Sports  

As Robert and I stood there staring at each other for a few seconds, I couldn’t help but think back to how we got into our early sexual exploration:

Robert and I had grown up next door to each other until his family moved about 30 miles away and he had transferred to another school district. Robert was a grade over me but less than a year older. He had been the one to introduce me to masturbation and ultimate sucking his cock. I was 12 at the time and was spending the night at his house while his parents were out for supper. Almost as soon as they had left the house, we stripped and began playing with our cocks. Mine was fairly small, at least at that time, but his was a lot bigger. He had a Playboy magazine that was his dad’s and I was thinking about the fine ass this girl had. Robert broke my concentration and said: “D, I want you to do something for me.”

“Anything Robert. What?” Oh my gosh, I loved the way it felt to have my little cock in my hand and even better to be with another guy.

“Put your mouth on my cock and suck me off.”

I was really pretty stupid at that time. “What do you mean?”

“Let me show you.” And with that he pushed my head right toward his erect cock. I opened my mouth and was amazed how incredible it felt going inside of me. It didn’t take but a few seconds to get the hang of moving my mouth up and down on his erect cock. After maybe two minutes, Robert grabbed the back of my head and forced my head all the way down on his cock until my face was plastered against his body. I felt the pulsation of his cock as his cock filled my mouth with his warm, bitter cum.

“Swallow every drop D.”

I really didn’t have much choice as my mouth was forced to his body and I had to swallow or gag, so I swallowed the first of what would be hundreds of loads of his cum over the next few years.

“That was Great D. How did you like it?”

I hated to admit it, but I really did enjoy it. “It was OK, but was surprised that you made me swallow your cum.”

“Did it taste bad?”

“Well, actually no, it wasn’t bad.”

“Good, because I want you to suck me every single day, if you will?”

“I guess. Do you plan to suck me?”

“I don’t know, maybe but for now, I want you to beat off while I watch you.”

He picked up his cell phone and began to film me beating off. I had gotten where I slowed down to really enjoy the sensation before I came.

“Do you like to beat off Daniel?”

“Yes, I love beating off. It feels great.”

“Did you like sucking my cock?”

“Yes, Robert, I loved sucking your cock and swallowing your cum.”

“Will you suck me every day and swallow my cum?”

“Yes, I will suck you every day.” I was about to cum and I could feel the excitement building inside of me and I was about to lose it.

“Then that means you are my Bitch. Say it D, Say you are my Bitch.”

“Yes Yes, I’m your bitch.” And the most powerful orgasm I had ever had engulfed me and I covered my belly and hand with cum.”

We lay there exhausted for some time, and I noticed that Robert’s cock was hard again. Without being asked, I leaned over and began to suck on his beautiful cock again.

“Get between my legs; I want you to lick my balls.”

I crawled between his legs and began licking on his balls. As I did he railed his legs with his feet over his shoulders.

“And my ass too.”

I can’t believe that I didn’t stop or question what he was asking me to do, but I did as he asked and the tip of my tongue entered his asshole. It tasted rank, but that didn’t stop me and I got carried away, moaning with every lick. After several minutes, he dropped his legs, “Now suck me bitch.”

I looked up and saw he was recording every second of what I was doing to him, but I wrapped my lips around his cock and sucked away. It only took him a few minutes to cum in my mouth and I devoured every drop of his cum.

His parents got home around 11:00 and I could hear them in the room two doors down, but Robert didn’t seem to care and told me to come suck him again. I pulled off his underwear and mine, but once I got his cock good and hard and I was hoping for another load of his cum, he made me get on my knees with my head in a pillow and got behind me. I was afraid of what was about to happen and I thought I might be wrong when I felt his finger enter my asshole. I jumped a bit, but it didn’t really hurt, just startled me. Then he pushed a second and finally a third finger into my ass and fucked me like my ass was a pussy. I was moaning quietly with my head in the pillow and enjoying every second. I was disappointed when he stopped and had hoped he would continue, then I felt the tip of his cock pushing against the outer ring of my ass and I held my breath as he pushed it through into me. I let out a scream which was muffled by my face in the pillow and then he began to pound his cock into my asshole. After about a minute, the pain was gone and I was responding to his thrust and in my mind, I was a 12 year old girl getting fucked at some party in front of a dozen friends. As I was fantasizing about being a young slut, Robert grabbed my hips and gave a huge thrust and emptied his cum deep inside my asshole. He fell on top of me and we lay there both trying to catch our breath for several minutes before he said. “Bitch, suck my cock clean and be sure to get all your shit off of it.”

I didn’t hesitate and grabbed his messy cock and put it all the way into my mouth. He had been right and there was definitely something on his cock that I didn’t want in my mouth, but I continued until I felt his cock was clean.

“Daniel, now go get in your bed and you can suck me again later.”

“Robert, I need to go to the bathroom and clean the cum out of my ass.”

“No, just get in bed and let it dry. I want to see it in the morning. Now shut up and go to sleep.”

I was awakened out of my slumber by a pillow hitting me in the face. I roused and looked over at Robert who was rubbing on his already hard cock. It only took a few seconds and mine was hard too, but I knew mine would have to wait until I had finished sucking his. I went over to him and got between his legs, began to suck his cock, lick his balls, and, of course, lick his ass. He didn’t really last long and came into my mouth and I again eagerly swallowed every drop.

This became my daily routine, sucking him, at least once and usually getting fucked in the ass. Several weeks after this started, I was over one afternoon after school and was nude and sucking him when I felt more than saw a presence in the room. My head spun around and his 16 year old sister, Trina was watching. I was sure my life was over now and surprised when she said: “Daniel, you better not leave my brother with a boner. Go ahead and finish sucking him and I’m just going to watch.”

“Do what Trina said, Bitch.”

I hesitated just a moment and then returned to sucking on his cock which had remained hard while mine had gone soft. Trina came and sat on the bed, not more than a foot from my sucking. I kept looking at her wondering what she was thinking of me and who she would tell.

“Daniel, you suck cock as good as I do. Does Robert fuck your ass?”

I didn’t want to answer so said nothing until Robert said. “Yep Sis, I love fucking his tight ass. Do you want to watch?”

“Sure, why not?”

I was told to “assume the position”, so I did, and then Trina put her fingers into my ass to make it easier to take her brother’s cock. I moaned and let out a bit of a scream as he rammed his cock in my ass and began to pound me. But within minutes, I was moaning louder than Robert. I realized that having a girl watch me increased my excitement by tenfold. Without even touching myself, I began to cum all over the sheets and scream with each spurt.

“Look at that, the faggot is cumming just by your fucking him Robert.”

Just then, Robert gave a final lunge and filled my ass with his warm sperm. As he pulled out, he said, “Watch this Sis. Get it Bitch.” And I immediately turned and began to lick his cock clean of all the nastiness while his cum dripped out of my ass. As I looked at Trina, I was so embarrassed that I dressed and left almost immediately.

The next afternoon Trina opened the door and was closely followed by 3 of her sexy girlfriends. “So is this the faggot?” one of the girls said while all the others giggled. They made me strip right at the door and my cock was rock hard as I stripped.

“No wonder he’s a faggot with that tiny cock.” And the girl speaking pulled her shorts and panties off and I was looking at the first pussy I had ever seen in my life. She had a small strip of brown hair running from her pussy up several inches. Otherwise, she was shaved clean.

“If you can get it in, you can fuck this fine cunt.” She then grabbed my rock hard cock and began to massage it and pull it toward her pussy. Not surprisingly, I came immediately and covered her thigh with cum. They were all laughing and Trina almost fell on the floor.

“Lick it off faggot.”

I’m sure I was bright red by this time and dropped to my knees and started licking my cum off her leg, getting closer and closer to her pussy and couldn’t resist the urge to taste my first pussy so buried my face in her and my tongue darted past her pussy lips and I tasted the most wonderful thing in the world.

Robert was watching all this with amusement. “Hey Becka, the Bitch is great at licking ass. Let him taste yours. He will make sure it’s good and clean before he finishes.”

Becka walked over to a chair and left me on my knees, panting with the taste of her pussy on my lips. She sat down on the chair and brought her legs up high and exposed her ass to me and motioned for me to come to her with one finger. I crawled over and was looking at the most beautiful asshole one could imagine and buried my face into to and began to moan so loud, I’m not sure the neighbors couldn’t’ hear. After a few minutes of pure animal lust, I jumped when Robert put his finger inside my asshole which was quickly followed by his cock. Of course, all this was being captured on video and through pictures. I didn’t care what was happening behind me, I was completely focused on licking Becka’s ass, but eventually worked my way back toward her pussy when I felt my mouth being flooded with a warm bitter fluid. It took a minute to realize that she was pissing in my mouth. She pushed my head back a bit where everyone could see, and get good video, of what was happening. I swallowed as fast as I could but some of the nasty fluid ran down my cheek. I was almost unaware that Robert had cum in my ass and was trying to present me with his cum and shit covered cock to clean. I completely ignored him as I drank from Becka’s pussy. When she finished pissing, I sat back and started crying as all the girls laughed and made fun of “the piss whore faggot”

Over the next few weeks, most afternoons were spent the same way, with one or more of Trina’s girlfriends watching “the Faggot” take cock and cum. Often I was teased with one of the girl’s pussies, asses or tits, but never allowed to taste another one. Most of these sessions were captured on video for later enjoyment. Finally the novelty wore off and it was rare that anyone other than Robert and I were there. It finally dawned on me that Robert hadn’t touched my cock and I really was his Bitch. But my experience with Becka told me that I wasn’t really gay, but for now, my sex would revolve around Robert’s cock. Several times later that summer, I had to service Robert’s older cousins that came to visit. One had a very big uncut cock and it really hurt when he fucked my ass, but I never told Robert no to anything that he wanted. After all, he had videos of everything I had done.

I sucked or took Robert’s cock up my ass almost daily for the next several years until his family moved away and I hadn’t thought about sucking cock since then.

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