Where Will It End
Chapter 9b: A Slutty Revelation (Without BE)

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 9b: A Slutty Revelation (Without BE) - Beth gets a an advertisement for a strip club! The stripper is her. The picture has to be fake but it looks just like her. How far will she go the keep 'THEM' from emailing it to her coworkers and family.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Blackmail   Incest   Mother   Son  

I understand some people are not into bestiality and I did not tag it at the beginning. For this reason, I have made two versions of this chapter. This version does not have bestiality. Chapter 9a has.

This is fiction. No part of this story is true nor do I wish it to be true ... If you are not 18, you should not be reading this. If you believe this is real, you should not be reading this. It all comes from an overactive imagination.

She was to grant three wishes to her son’s soccer team if they won. She wondered how to broach the subject with her son, even if she licked his cum off her lips and she finished up with giving him his morning blowjob.

“Jon, I was thinking of offering incentive to your team,” she said, not coming up with a better introduction into the subject

Jon just looked at her, “What kind of incentive?”

“Well, I was thinking of granting them three wishes.”

“Three wishes like a genie?”

Beth laughed. “Well, I am not magical. And I would need you to come up with some wishes for them to vote on.” A month ago she would’ve been fairly secure with this condition, thinking that nothing perverse would ever have entered her sons mind, especially involving her. Now she knew of some of those perverted thoughts firsthand. “But I will do whatever I can to grant those three wishes.”

“That is a generous offer,” he told her.

The rest of the morning was not that eventful. But as Jon got ready for the day, he told her, “I told the team your idea for an incentive to win.”

“Already, but they have to win first,” Beth exclaimed. She had hoped the team would lose and then only her son would have known of the idea.

“It would not be an incentive if I waited until after the game to tell them,” he told his mother. She had to agree with his logic, she just had not thought it all out.

“The guys loved it. They are extra-pumped to win the game,” Jon grinned. “I know the teams are evenly matched but I think you just gave us the edge over them.”

Great, she thought.

“I came up with several ideas for them to choose from for the first wish,” he continued. “And I have already shared the ideas with the team. Most of them got back to me right away. By an overwhelming majority, they chose the pool party at the local gym, following the game.”

A pool party? That’s seemed a little tame. Beth was a lot relieved but also a little disappointed.

“Yeah, they wanted you to host it.” Jon said with a little devious smile. “I told him you would be wearing your most revealing swimsuit.”

Most revealing swimsuit? She thought to herself. Then she realized that she only had one swimsuit. ‘They’ had thrown out all her old ones. The only one she had now was the one she had bought with all that lingerie, the one that she had never even worn before. She was sure it was more revealing than anything she had ever worn before.

“OK,” she gulped.

“Officially Rob’s dad, Jake, is running it, and we have to show up late.

Beth looked at Jon, trying to figure out what he was talking about.

“Well” Jon said demurely. “Some of the mothers won’t let their sons go if they knew you were the host.”

That got her mad at first, and then she realized that she would most likely have been one of those mothers not too long ago. She found herself blushing with embarrassment by knowing what the mothers thought of her and that they probably had good reasons to think that. “OK, we can do that one.”

When she dropped Jon off, all the boys had begged grins on their faces as they smiled at her.

“We are going to cream that team,” Rob told her.

The soccer game was a good game, and it was very close. Beth had never wished for her Jon’s team to lose before, but she wished it today. But by the end of the fourth period, it was obvious that her wishes weren’t coming true.

She moved to where she was closer to Rob’s father and slipped him the check for renting the pool at the gym. She was trying to decide if it was almost more humiliating to have to pay for the experience of exposing herself or to actually expose herself to the boys. She decided it was probably the later but paying for it was a close second.

After the game, Beth and Jon went home to change. It took her a little while for her to figure how to put on the slingshot bikini. Even with it on the swimsuit left a little to the imagination. It was made of three small strips of bright yellow material with black trim. Two of the strips formed suspenders, widely paced at the shoulders and coming together near her hips, both in the front and back. The ‘suspenders’ attached to plastic 1 inch diameter black rings at the four corners of a bright yellow strip that covered her pussy and ass. The strip started at the small of her back at about three-inches wide and narrowed to a little owner an inch at her G-spot. It then widened back to about three-inches wide at what used to be the hairline of her pussy. The suspenders started as small one-and-a-half inch strips before widening to three inches as they covered her boobs. The narrowed back down to one-and-a-half inch strips before running over her shoulders and back down her back.

Because of the curve of her back, the swimsuit bowed away from her back by about 3 to 4 inches. Her boobs tented the front so that the material leaving a space under the bottom of her breasts.

When she walked, the elasticity of the material only accentuated the bounce of her tits and caused the crotch of the outfit to wedge in to the folds of her pussy. The material was very thin and stretchy, hugging her breasts and nipples. As she walked she had to continually readjust it to cover her breasts and pull it back out of her crotch.

“Wow Mom!” Jon told her when he saw her. “That looks hot! I don’t remember that swimsuit.”

“1 just got a little while ago. Do you like it?”

“Like it? I love it! And I know the other boys will too.”

Beth blush and just thinking of wearing this out in public, let alone in front of a bunch of horny teenage boys.

“I was thinking of wearing some leggings and a shirt over it until we get there.”

“That is probably a good idea.”

Jon and Beth got to the gym about 15 minutes after everyone else.

All the boys were already there, and Rob’s father. There were also a half dozen more high school boys, friends of people on the team that were also there. She was the only female present. That meant close to thirty teenage boys were there.

“OK Mom, take your shirt and pants off,” Jon told her.

She got a little jolt of arousal from him telling her what to do. Even as she pulled the top over her head, she could feel every eye in the pool room turn to watch her. She spun her back to them as she wiggled out of her leggings, only realizing as she did it that she was giving them a good ass show.

“Wow! That is some swimsuit,” she heard a voice say, and the several agreements that followed.

“Wow! Your Mom is sure hot, Jon.”

Beth went around and congratulated each boy with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. If her nipples were showing before, they definitely were now as she got more aroused.

She was just finishing hugging Alan and stepping away when she heard the cry, “kowabunga!!” One of the boys cannonballed right next to her. She was almost completely drenched by the splash.

She was wiping off her face when she noticed it had gotten very quiet. She looked down and saw that the swimsuit became semitransparent when wet!

Beth did the only thing she could think of and dived headlong into the pool. She surfaced making sure just keep her breasts below the waterline. What was she going to do now? She could not stay in the pool for the rest of the party.

“Let’s play volleyball!” she heard Jon holler.

The boys all jumped in, and Beth joined them. She would have to be careful not to get too far out of the water.

She wasn’t exactly sure how to handle this but she decided to go along with it. They choose teams quickly; Frank and she were on opposite teams. Jon also ended up on the opposite keen. He tossed to the all to her, telling her that she was to serve first.

It was only as she was swimming to the far corner, still trying to keep her body below the waterline, that she realized that her team had the shallow side. She was sure that Jon had done this on purpose. It would only mean she would have to be more careful.

She turned around, ready to serve, and trying to think of a way to stay below the water. It wasn’t going to happen.

Taking a deep breath, she stood up, the water coming just above her belly button; she served the ball in an overhand serve, quickly dunking back under the water as a ball sailed through the air. It just about bounced off the boys head on the other side before he looked at the ball instead of Beth’s tits. He shook his head clear and managed to volley it back across the net.

There was a definite advantage when she served and soon her team what’s up by three points. Beth was getting a little slower going back under with each serve. On her fourth serve, the ball cleared the net and hit Alan right on the head. He hardly seemed to even notice as he stared at her. It was only then that she realized that all the boys were staring at her. Looking down she realized that one of the strips covering her boobs had slid and was now between her breasts, leaving one boob bouncing free. She quickly dunked under the water and rearranged her swimsuit.

“That was no fair,” Tom hollered from across the net. “That was an illegal server.”

“I think Tom has a point or maybe I am thinking about Mom’s points,” Jon joked and received several hearty chuckles in return. “That should be a re-serve.”

Beth was still trying to get over having exposed herself to the boys when the ball flew back at her. She automatically stood up, catching the ball.

Her next service was much more timid as she worried about her bathing suit. This one they volley back towards her and her hesitancy caused them to lose the serve.

It was Jon’s turn to serve and he aimed it at her. The first serve splashed almost in front of her. On the next serve one of her teammates jumped towards Beth trying to get the ball. Then it was Rob and Tim squishing her between them as they dived for the ball. Their hands seemed to find places where they should not go more often than not. Rob’s slid down her ass and Tim’s got caught in her swimsuit under one of her boobs.

Beth began to wonder if they were purposely missing the serve and that she was going to have to participate more or else she would be swarmed by all the boys. So she stood up as Jon’s served the next ball.

She just tried to ignore the fact that all the boys could see her tits through her swimsuit. As the game progressed, more of the volleys seemed to come to her and her teammates seemed to crowd her. All her teammates seemed to accidentally bump into her on almost every play.

Beth did not get over her embarrassment or humiliation at being on display for the boys but her arousal at them watching her and bumping into her began to override her modesty. Her boobs slipped out with more frequency. Sometimes Beth ignored this for several minutes before covering them back up. She started to accidentally not notice that her tits were bouncing free while enjoying the attention from the boys. She had to continually try to squelch her guilt and disgust with herself.

They played several games that day, switching up the teams. These competitive boys seemed more concerned on whose turn it was to be on Beth’s team rather than who won the game. They played five games, switching the teams up each time.

With each win, the boys crowed around for a victory hug. When it was Beth’s team, as they hugged, several of the boys grabbed and slapped her ass. The first time she was surprised by this but by the second win, she became more accepting of it. By the third time, she looked forward to it.

At the end of the game, Jon offered to take pictures of Beth with any boys who wanted. Beth knew that her tits are showing through and even her pussy could be seen slightly through what little of the semi-transparent swimsuit bottom that was not wedged in her. But this was their wish.

Jon grabbed a pair of googles and had her wear them. That none of the boys were complained or were surprised she would wear them made her think they had talked this out beforehand. Someone still recognized her but she felt would have good grounds to deny the knowledge that her swimsuit was transparent. She could even make the point that it could have been the camera flash that made it transparent. Of course all of the boys wanted their picture taken.

Fun was had by all, Beth did not even mind when they tossed her in the water a few times. She could not help but get aroused by the feel of their hands all over her.

Frank interrupted the play about a half hour before the party was to end. “Mothers will be showing up soon, it might be good if you weren’t around.”

Beth frowned but understood. She kissed Frank on the lips as she pulled on her leggings over her swimsuit and gathered up her things. Jon had asked her to leave her shirt off. Her top was almost dry and opaque, so she agreed.

Frank was a lonely man, Beth thought as she got in the car. His wife had been a good looking woman when they had married but she had not kept up with her appearance. She was very overweight and did not wear makeup or do anything much to improve her appearance.

Beth shook her head, what was wrong with her? She couldn’t feel bad about every unhappy guy.

She spent most of the rest of the day agonizing at what she had done at the party. Damn she did feel good while she was there but now that she was not in such a lusty mood, she wondered how she could have acted that way. It was reckless and wrong. The only reprieve she got from the thoughts was when she was giving Jon a blowjob or when she was exercising on the pole. She could only hope it would never get out. She needed to control herself more.

Just before dinner she got the message from ‘Them’ that would help take her thoughts off the pool party.

- Open your apartment door. There are two packages for you there.

- Open the larger red package and wear what’s inside it tonight.

- After finishing the second bid item, return to your room and put on the items from the blue box. Don’t open it until then.

- Remember your servant role when serving dinner.

- Only let them call you Slut or Mamma Slut tonight.

- Fulfill the top three bids on your website.

Beth went to her door. Outside were two packages like ‘They’ had indicated. One was wrapped in red shiny Christmas paper with a velvet green ribbon. The smaller one was blue with a red velvet ribbon. Neither of the packages had been mailed.

She brought them to her room and opened the red present. It was a buff brown leather outfit with light brown fur trim. The collar was a brown leather collar with the word “SLUT” written on it. Brown leather thigh high moccasins with high heels and fur trim were provided. They were more like an ankle high boot that had a soft but tight thigh high legging attached to them. There were no panties.

She shook her head as she stripped out of her clothes. This was getting more bizarre by the day. The fur trim was on the lower edge which stopped just above her belly button. The top edge was also fur trimmed and fit snug to the underside of her breasts. The fur felt nice on the underside of her boobs.

She pulled on the moccasins. They were actually very soft and comfortable, hugging her legs. She put on the collar and strapped it tight. It was humiliating to wear it.

She looked at herself in the mirror, spinning around to get a good perspective. Yes, she looked the bitch.

She went out to the kitchen to prepare super. She just finished the lasagna when she heard Joe knock at the door. She didn’t even ask Jon to go get it; she went to let Joe in her own.

“Good evening Beth, “Joe smiled at her.

“Beth is not here tonight,” Beth told Joe. “Slut is,” she pointed to her collar. “I will only answer to Slut or Mamma Slut tonight.”

Joe looked at it for a second and that said, “Good evening Slut.”

Jon had come in at the end of the conversation but had heard what his Mom had said, “Mamma Slut is dinner ready yet?”

She cringed to hear her son call her that. He seemed to like it, though.

“And supper will be ready soon, Masters.” At least calling them Masters was becoming easier. Was that a good thing?

First Jon, and then Joe, started to work her new name into every sentence.

“Mamma Slut, would you get me something to drink?”

“Yes master.

“Slut, would you bring the foot rest over here for me?

“Yes master, “she told Joe.

It was sometime during this exchange that a lightbulb went off Jon. “Joe, remember what she said last night. We shouldn’t be asking Mamma Slut to do things for us.” She thought this sounded good until she heard his next sentence. “She is our slut tonight. We tell her what we want her to do. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes master.”

“Mom, this is awesome, having you as our sex slave!”

Sex slave? That was what she was doing, wasn’t it? She was being there sex slave.

“I mean Mamma Slut. Slaves should only talk of themselves in the third person, like an object. So whenever you answer us I want you to answer back using your slutty name.”

Beth thought for a second and then replied, “Slut understands”. She couldn’t believe her son was having her do this, it was so wrong. How was submitting to his commands getting her pussy so worked up?

So as the evening went on, she met their every need.

“While we eat dinner,” Jon commanded, “stroke my cock. And stroke Joe’s cock.”

Crawling over from where she was kneeling and she groveled at Joe’s and Jon’s feet. First she pulled her sons cock out and then Joe’s. She sat there while they ate and gently stroked them. “You didn’t answer me when I told you to stroke us.”

“I am ... Slut is sorry master. Slut would love to stroke yours and Joe’s cock. Slut loves cock.”

“Keep it slow and easy,” Joe instructed. “We have a long night of us and I don’t want to lose this early.”

“Slut understands, Master. Slut will do her best for her masters?”

She found herself getting more and more into this as the meal progress. After dinner she cleared the plates and headed to the living room. “There are 20 or 30 items to choose from,” Jon told Beth that she entered. “There have been over 10,000 visits to this page and the visits are going up each day. Should we go through each of the items and decide which street to do tonight?”

“Slut wants to do the highest three bids.”

“Mom, dinner is over, you don’t have to keep calling yourself Slut,” Jon told her a little sheepishly.

“Slut wants to be called Slut for the night.” She didn’t know why she said this since there was nothing in the command that told her she had to. She was a little ashamed and surprised to find that she wanted to.

“Are you sure you want to do the top three?” Jon asked. “I mean those will be the more long and difficult ones. Maybe we should at least read them?”

“Slut wants to do the top three.”

“Ok,” Jon agreed.

They opened the third place winner. “There was a $2,000 bid,” Jon said.” And it was not even the highest one.” Then after a pause, all three looked at it while Jon read it aloud. “Fucked hard by a fuck machine for thirty minutes.”

Beth cringed and then relaxed. “Well, Slut can’t do that one, we don’t have one of those,” she smiled.

“Well, they have a link to a web page in the last sentence that tells you how to create one,” Jon told her. He clicked on it and Joe looked on with him.

“Oh, that will be easy,” Joe grinned.

Of course, Beth thought.

Joe interrupted her thought process, “Why don’t you two work on the next one with her while I put this together?

“You might miss some fun,” Jon warned.

“You set me up with an account on the site, correct?”

“Yeah,” Jon grinned. “I suppose you can watch it anytime. It’s just better to see it in person.”

“Oh, I am bringing the stuff up here so I can watch while I build.”

Watch anytime? Fuck, it is recorded on the website?

“Slut wonders if anyone can see those videos online.”

“Well,” Jon said. “Yes and no. They would need to pay the same price that everyone else had bid on the item for. But if they did, they could view it however many times they want.”


“Of course, we can watch it free and I gave Joe the password for the administrative account.”

Beth heard the door open and close as Joe went to put together the machine while they went on to the second highest bid item.

“Get off while being fisted.”

Beth looked at Jon. “You can pass,” he reminded her. We could go for a lesser priced bid.”

Beth was still trying to comprehend what fisting was. “Please explain to Slut.”

Jon looked at her. “You know how the other day you head several of your fingers in your pussy?”

She nodded.

“This is where you would have a whole hand in your pussy. And it says here you would need to get off while doing this.”

She is going to have a hand shoved up her pussy and enjoy it. That sounded like an oxymoron if ever she heard one. Then another thought crossed her mind.

“Who...” she started to ask.

“I guess it will be me,” Jon answered her question.

“So how do we do this?” She asked sheepishly. What else could she do? If they made enough money, maybe she could get some plastic surgery done and move with Jon to a new place with a new identity. She knew this was a farfetched notion but it helped her feel like there might be an out at some time.

“Well, first we loosen you up a little bit.” Jon got Beth positioned on the couch and finished setting up the camera so there would be several angles on this. He explained that he would be using a remote so he could switch between views while he was still working on her.

“Are you comfortable Mom ... I mean Mamma Slut? “.

“I think this might work better on the floor,” she said. “It would give us more room to work.

Beth pulled several of the couch cushions on the floor and put a few throw pillows behind her and as she laid on her back. She had spread her legs to give her son room to crawl between them. This seemed even more wrong than fucking him.

She watched as Jon squatted down and started kissing her pussy. She had not known it could feel so good. Charlie, her ex, had only went down her once and then for only a short time.

It was amazing how good his tongue felt as he traced of her outer lips. He would occasionally flick his tongue in your clit sending shivers down her spine. Her son’s tongue started sliding between her folds, diving deeper into her like he was looking for lost treasure. When he came up for air he would kiss her clit, sometimes suck on her clit, driving her wild. Her own hands were working on her tits, pulling a massaging her nipples. This was a glorious sensation she realized. She enjoyed it as he slid a couple fingers in, working at stretching her while finger fucking her. Her hips were rising as he fucked her with his tongue and fingers. She realized how much she had missed out over the years with Charlie and his quick sex. She was truly enjoying her son’s administration of her.

His free hand was kneading her inner thighs and her ass. She was so into it that she was a little surprised when she realized he had slipped a third finger into her. Jon took his time stretching her and enjoying her.

The fourth finger was definitely a stretch. She could not remember having been stretch so wide except at the doctors or when Jon was born. But none of those times had been enjoyable, and she was enjoying this.

Soon she could feel his whole hand sliding in and out of her, only his thumb stopping it. His thumb that was flicking on her clit each time he came down. She was experiencing small waves of the beginnings of an orgasm. And then he started to slide his thumb in and it was too much. It hurt but it felt very good. I was so wrong and so right. He was fucking her with his entire hand. She looked over at the screen and saw his hands start to sink deeper into her, stretching her to her limits. And then he started to form a fist inside of her. It was as if he was punching her as his fist was sinking into her. She lost it, she utterly lost it. She was fucking on her son’s hand while she was pulling hard on her own nipples. Her orgasm was overwhelming her. She could feel her juice squirting around her son’s hand. Then she heard the clap from nearby She looked over and saw Joe clapping and smiling. She had just been fist fucked in front of an audience. She closed her eyes as Jon’s and un-fisted his hand and slowly pulled out. She felt a little empty when Jon’s hand came free. She smelled it as he held it near her face and she did not hesitate to begin to lick it clean. Lick her own cum off her own son’s hand.

“We are going to let you rest a little while, Jo and I need to finish putting this contraption together.

It took them a little more than a half an hour to finish putting it together. This was fine with Beth, not sure how she would like doing the next item.

It also gave her and her pussy some time to recover. She realized that having Jon’s fist insider her had stretched her out quite a bit. She still couldn’t believe that it had fit. Even more amazing was that she had gotten off having his fist inside her.

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