Where Will It End
Chapter 7: Public Viewing

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 7: Public Viewing - Beth gets a an advertisement for a strip club! The stripper is her. The picture has to be fake but it looks just like her. How far will she go the keep 'THEM' from emailing it to her coworkers and family.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Blackmail   Incest   Mother   Son  

This is fiction. No part of this story is true nor do I wish it to be true ... If you are not 18, you should not be reading this. If you believe this is real, you should not be reading this. It all comes from an overactive imagination.

She awoke a few minutes early the next morning. She should have let Jon sleep but her urge to give her son a good morning kiss was almost overwhelming. As she leaned forward, she stopped herself. Another thought had hit her. She remembered an unfulfilled request her ex had made. It was one of those fantasies that was shared by every man.

With a smile on her face, she gently pulled back the blanket, trying not to awaken him. Then she gently pulled down his boxers. She was sure ‘They’ would not mind her improvised kiss.

She kissed the tip of his cock, slowly opening her mouth to take more of him in, until she was sucking on his cock head, swirling around with her tongue.

She had been reading up about fellatio.

“Oh crap Mom,” Jon muttered as he awoke. “Best alarm clock ever,” he groaned. “Best sexy Mom ever. My fantasy Mom.”

He knew the right words to say to her to get her going. Beth grinned. One of her own hands had already found its way to her pleasure box. She placed her other hand on his shaft as she licked and sucked away.

She came up for air. “Momma needs her breakfast,” she cooed as she went back to him. So corny but from his groans she knew she guessed right on what to say. Surprisingly, it worked on her as well.

She cupped and stroked his balls. Letting a little more of him in. Then, without breaking mouth contact, she drew him to the edge of the bed, kneeling between his legs.

“Yes,” he groaned.

Jon sat up now, able to reach forward and run his hands over her back. Soon they wandered to her tits and tweaked her nipples. She groaned in his cock.

“Fuck, Mom! I am not going to last long.”

That was her goal. What she had not expected was that she wasn’t going to last long either.

When he grunted and she felt his sack tighten, she went into her own orgasm. His load hit the back of her throat at the same instance she peaked. It was amazing!! It felt like he sprayed gallons of cum into her though she knew it was only ounces. Finally pulling herself off his cock, she licked a drop off her lip.

“Good morning,” she greeted her son.

Then the magnitude of what she had just done hit her. She turned away quickly. Fucking bastards!! Look what ‘They’ had done to her!! She was now initiating sex with her son.

She quickly left before she started crying. A hot shower helped her relax.

She was halfway through breakfast before she realized what was missing. No cum on her food or in her drink! At least that had stopped. That was good, right?

On the way to school, Jon talked to his mom about the picture sales.

“We did really well with the pictures yesterday. I still have a lot of good stuff from the previous shoot I can sell but we will need some fresh stuff.”

Beth just smiled at him, hadn’t she shown enough of herself?

When she dropped Jon off, several of his friends approached.

“Hey Jon,” Todd called. “We were wondering if your Mom would take some pictures with us.”

“I am not sure...” Beth had begun to say that she was not sure if she had time, before Jon interrupted.

“I am sure she would,” Jon told them.

“Sure,” Beth reluctantly agreed.

“Meet us in parking lot behind the pharmacy,” Jon told them as he ushered his Mom back into the car.

Beth wondered why they had to go there? John saw the question on her face as she turned to look at him. “I wanted someplace a little out-of-the-way,” he answered it.


“You know, that it has always been a fantasy of mine to show off my beautiful sexy mother to my friends.”

Fuck! He wants to show me off. Well damn, they have seen pictures of me. Hadn’t she shown off enough of herself?

Obviously not, she realized.

In the last week or so, she had begun to realize that Jon liked showing her off. This past weekend, ‘They’ had told her to take Jon shopping with her. Of course ‘They’ had given her some additional instructions. He had to wear one of her the shortest skirts and could not wearing her panties. Just walking without showing off her ass was a challenge. This coupled with the command not to bend her knees when she got stuff off the shelves led to some embarrassing moments.

At first she had tried to get Jon to pick up the stuff off the lower shelves for her. But somehow ‘They’ knew. She had gotten a text telling her;

- Return the items that Jon had picked up for you

- Choose another of the same items and get it yourself. Spend at least five seconds bent over.

- As a punishment, you must spend a minimum of two minutes bent over examining every fifth items you pick up.

She had looked around her hoping to spot the person spying on her but only saw Jon returning with the peanut butter from the next aisle.

She examined the bottle and told him, “I was thinking of buying creamy today.”

“We always get chunky,” he protested.

“I just wanted a change,” she smiled at him.

“Give me that one and I’ll go get the creamy one.”

“That’s OK, I’ll get it,” she assured him.

He just shrugged.

On the way over, Jon pointed to the soup they normally buy. “What kind of soup do you want to get?”

“I want to look at some of the ingredients,” she said even as he bent down to look.

As he stood back up, she bent down and looked at some of the soups labels then she grabbed a few from the lower shelf, staying bent over to read the instructions. She could feel the cool breeze on her bare underside.

She could see Jon’s legs as he backed up. She didn’t need to see his eyes to know they were glued to her ass. She stayed like this for almost five minutes to make sure that this fulfilled ‘Their’ requirement.

When she stood up, she noticed several men now shopping in the same aisle, all intensely studying an item of food in their hands.

She repeated the short version of this at the peanut butter and many of the same men were now finding items in that aisle. She heard at least one woman huff as she wacked her husband before leading him off

After seeing his mother do this, Jon also noticed the men in the aisles were watching her every time she bent down. He started asking her to look for items that were on the lowest shelves, sometimes he even changed his mind, having her put back that item and find another item on the lower shelf. Beth realized what he was doing but could not let him know that she knew what he was doing. She knew that their grocery bill would be much higher than it should’ve been and that they would have items that they would never use. But Jon had seemed to really enjoy showing her ass off to those other men.

That many of the men had to check their phones whenever she bent over added color to her cheeks. She was sure that there were pictures of her ass and pussy peeking out from her micro-skirt plastered all over the Internet. “20 most shocking pictures taken in the grocery store.”

When they left, there were at least half a dozen male shoppers ranging from teenagers to one very old man who were shopping with her. At least two stock boys were also present. She was sure there would have been more except for the vigilant wives and mothers.

Even as followed Jon’s directions, she blushed remembering it. They ended up in the back parking lot of a store that abutted the high school. They parked and waited for the boys who jogged up a few minutes later.

As she got out of the car, she became aware of what she was wearing. Though not as slutty as her home clothes, these were quite revealing.

She had on a white cotton-Lycra blend shirt. It had a low scooped neckline and cutouts for the shoulders. It fit so tight that she could not wear a bra. It fit so tight that it hugged her breasts. She pulled it downward to give some room between the bottom of her boobs and the material. Of course this only made the outline of her nipples more pronounced.

Her skirt was a burgundy pencil micro-skirt. Only inches hid her pink g-string with its sheer front panel. It did not hide the 2-inch wide intricate floral band of the top of her dark brown nylons or the brown garters that held them up. Her nylons peaked out of her knee-high brown leather boots.

“Thanks for going along with this Mom,” Jon told her sincerely.

She did love fulfilling his fantasies. At least she did now.

Jon reached into the back seat of the car and pulled out his camera and tripod. She had really wondered if this had been an unplanned. Now that seemed even more unlikely.

“OK guys, line up over there by the trees.” Jon directed.

Beth was still amazed how much more confident and a secure Jon had become. This was one thing good that came out of all this crap. Well, to be honest there was more than that one thing, even if she did not want to admit it to herself.

“No Mom, I want you in the middle.

She shuffled around feeling pressed on both sides by the boys.

“Actually,” Jon said as he took off his coat and spread it on the ground at Beth’s feet. “It would be better if you could kneel in front of us.”

Beth could almost feel boys’ eyes trying to peering over her shoulders and down her cleavage, trying to get a good look at her tits.

It was sexy, if not disturbing, to know they were doing this.

Jon joined the boys as he used a remote to snap the pictures. She would have to ask him where he got the remote from.

“Could you do a cheerleader pose for us?” Jon asked.

When she looked at him questioningly he demonstrated by going to his knees, spreading them out two feet apart and the holding his hands up in the air, forming an “X”.

Beth was sure that this only accentuated her breasts as the shirt pulled taught on the underside of her boobs and press tighter against her nipples. She also knew with her knees apart that the hemline of her narrow dress just rose several inches.

“I have just the thing,” Remy, one of Jon’s friends said. He pulled out two cheerleading palm-palms from his backpack. “My sister asked me to carry them in for her.”

Sure, she thought, he just happened to have palm-palms for her. It was definitely a setup.

Still Beth followed along.

“How about one of those splits you showed me last night?”

She blushed at the thought of last night and quickly got into a split before anyone could ask about it.

Of course a middle split in a tight pencil skirt only pushed her dress up to hips, leaving her crotch fully exposed.

At lease Jon’s coat added some cover as she tried to bunch it up in front of her.

“Great job Mom,” Jon encouraged her snapping some more pictures.

“Now let me change the focus a little,” He went back to the camera and made some adjustments, twisting the camera on its mount until it was sideways.

As he came back, he told the boys, “Now lift her about chest height.

Before Beth could protest, six sets of hands for a total of twelve male hands were on the inside of her legs lifting her while she did her best to maintain the split.

“Woah,” she exclaimed trying to get her balance.

“Reach back and grab the nearest shoulders,” Jon told her. She did. With her arms reaching behind her it pressed her tits out further. She could feel the bottom edge of her shirt ride up above her belly button.

She felt Jon crawl under her and then felt him place his hands inches from her pussy. She hoped the boys did not feel her legs shiver in pleasure.

“I zoomed the camera in and it should look like I am holding Mom up by myself. A little lower.”

She could tell he was looking straight up at her thinly clad pussy by the sound of his voice and by the air movement near her crotch.

“Your turn,” she heard Jon tell Todd. Then she felt Todd and Jon charges places.

Shit, it was one thing to have Jon’s hands so near her crotch but to have Todd’s hands there was even more perverse.

She could tell he was posing himself in several perverse poses as the pressure of his hands changed as he moved around. Then his breath hit her pussy letting her know his mouth had gotten very close.

Then it was the next boys turn and the next, and the next. Until all the boys had had a turn under her legs. Later she would see the pictures of the boys taking advantage of her position. Their eyes locked on the sheer material and her shaved pussy underneath. Their tongues reached out, only millimeters from her pussy.

By the time they set her down, still in a split, she was not sure if she had been dripping her juices over the last few boys. She did know that she had left a damp spot on Jon’s jacket.

She gave Jon a big kiss when she left, not caring that the other boys saw her.

When she got to the office, she expected George and Peter to come around. But neither of them made an appearance that morning.

Around 10 AM she was paged to come to her boss’s, Frank’s, office.

When she got there, Frank was sitting at his desk looking uncomfortable.

“Beth, you have worked for me for over five years now. You have always been an excellent worker.

Shit, she thought. Was she going to be fired? She needed this job.

“Do you remember Mark?”

Mark, the big perve. He was always hitting on her. He was also one of their bigger clients. He was a developer in the city and he thought this entitled him to sleep with anyone he wanted in the office. He had always been infatuated with her breasts. She had continually but pleasantly put him down. Well, there was that one time she had to put him in his place.

“He has given a lot of his work to Jonson this last year. He was a little upset with how things went last Christmas party. I was wondering if you could spend the afternoon with him next week when he visits.”

“Frank, I don’t think that would be appropriate.” What was he thinking?

“Well, I have come into possession of some photographs and videos of you that make me think that you would be open to this.”

Shit! He was part of ‘They’

“Of course,” Frank added in quickly, taking her shock as a refusal. “There will be a bonus for you. Say $1000?”

Beth finally got over enough of her shock to start thinking. ‘They’ are offering her money? It must be part of the game they are playing. They already had her confessing she loved to perform sexual acts in front of an audience. She loved showing off her body, she loved fulfilling her son’s ad other men’s fantasies. Now they wanted her to take money for sex? Then she thought of George and Peter. She could give Mark a blowjob and maybe play with her boobs.

“You will get close to a million from this one contract,” she told him. “The least I should get $3000.” She was surprised at her own boldness.

“Throw in a weekly blow job for me and I will make it an even $3500,” Frank seemed relieved.

“You understand I have to be back in time to pick up my son.”

“It will be during your normal working hours,” he agreed. “That should work well with Mark; his girlfriend wouldn’t trust him staying out late.”

His girlfriend!? Yeah, she remembered he left his wife for this young thing and he was already cheating on her.

Frank saw the look on her face.

“He still loves her,” he said lamely. “She just isn’t into some of the things that he wants to do.”

It scared her that Frank wouldn’t look her in the eye when he said that last part. Some of the things he wants to do? Things he wants to do to me. Shit, ‘They’ aren’t going to make it easy on me.

“It’s a deal,” she agreed before she allowed herself to think any more on the ‘things’.

“Let’s seal it,” Frank said coming around the desk. He unzipped his pants.

Beth didn’t need to be told what to do. She automatically took off her blouse and skirt, leaving her in her sheer g-string, garters, nylons and boots.

And then it hit her. She had just accepted pay for sex! That made her a whore!

Beth, the whore, got down on her knees and pulled out his cock. To think that up to a month ago, she had only ever given one man a blow job. This would be the fifth man she gave a blow job to this week. Hell, Mark would be her sixth one. The wrongness of these thoughts caused her to almost climax in itself. The feel of Frank’s medium sized cock in her mouth brought her even closer. She didn’t dare touch herself; she wanted to ride on the edge for a while.

Tickling his balls as she sucked on him, she slowly made her way down his cock.

“Oh, fuck!” You don’t know how many times I have fantasizes about this.”

Then she made her way back up, nibbling all the way. Finally she took him in her mouth, slowly descending on it. When his cock hit the back of her throat, she took a deep breath and slid him down her throat. His grip on her head tightened.

Then she backed him out to her mouth. She alternated between her mouth and throat a few more time until she felt Frank’s balls tighten.

She backed out to let his load fill her mouth. Damn, each man had his own flavor. She enjoyed them all.

“Fuck, that was the best blowjob I ever had,” he smiled. “Let’s round that bonus up to $4,000.”

“Rest up this weekend, Mark will be in on Monday. I want you to be prepared.”

As she finished dressing, he looked up and down. “You look fine in that outfit but Mark had wanted you to have a sexy maid’s outfit. He specifically requested that the top show off your ample breasts.” He pulled out a credit card and handed it to her. “This can be an advance on your bonus.”

“I think that is considered part of the expense account,” She told him as she snatched the card and headed out the door.

He just smiled his consent. “Take a few hours to get your shopping done,” he hollered after her.

And Beth knew just the shop to go to pick up the French maids outfit. She chose a skimpier outfit to than the one she already had, she was getting bolder. It felt good to pay for it with the company credit card. And then she bought six more dress costumes, she hoped that Jon would like. She added a few more toys. These she paid for it with her own credit card. She figured she would not be able to tell Jon about this money, so she might as well buy some things with it. She thought this would make ‘Them’ happy.

As she browsed the store, she came to a stop with a fearful expression on her face. Shit, she would be missing her pole dancing class on Monday!! But it should be alright, she was doing this was for ‘Them’.

She finished her purchases and headed back to the office. The rest of her day was fairly uneventful. Susan, her pole dance instructor, said she was moving more fluidly in her moves. She seemed to be getting into the spirt of it more.

She still wondered what had happened to George and Peter. It was probably just as good they weren’t around because she thought she would have given into their requests for fucking if they had asked. She was surprised to find she missed their shenanigans.

She was hoping to catch the man and his son again on the ride home but they weren’t there. She had to settle by ridding on the bus standing, holding loosely onto one of the overhead bars, and l letting her body and boobs sway with every bounce. She pretended not to notice that the men all seemed to arrange themselves in front of her.

One woman muttered slut as she walked by but Beth ignored her. Well mostly ignored her. She had started to believe her confession that women who looked down on her were really just jealous but she had been one of those women for so long that it was hard to completely accept. But her desire to show off her body had grown stronger than her shame in acting like a slut.

Soccer practice went well but it was getting to the end of the season. She usually appreciated this but this year she wished it would last longer. She made sure her jumps caused her dress to bounce a little higher than it should. She loved to watch the men watch her, doing her best to seem not to notice.

The boys seemed all the more eager to greet her after practice.

It was only on the way home that she thought of what Jon had said when she dropped him off.

“So what is this about setting up the web site?”

“Come on Mom, we had talked about it a few days ago. You had seemed to agree then.”

She just had not protested, hoping that by ignoring it, it would go away.

“Well I set it up and set some scenarios up for men to bid on,” he continued

She stiffened. “And what would these be?” she asked.

“You will see. Remember, you don’t have to do them if you do not want to,” he assured her.

“And what is in those bags in the back of the car?” he asked.

“Those ... Those are none of your business,” she good naturedly scolded him. She was still distracted by the thought of the web page, horrified and aroused.

“Looks like it might be some costumes,” he said, looking into the top of one of the bags.

“Could be,” she said teasingly.

“That’s great! We can use them on the web page,” Jon grinned.

They pulled into the driveway and her Phone buzzed again.

Damn, this is becoming a regular routine. She had Jon go in as she checked her email.

‘They’ had some instructions for her, no surprise there.

She read them:

- You will do the web page.

- You will not refuse any of the requests.

- You will act as if they are reasonable requests

- You will bring out the rest of your toys.

- Don’t forget your place as a servant tonight.

Somehow, she knew she was going to end up doing something that she did not want to do tonight.

And ‘They’ wanted her to be a servant for super again tonight. She hadn’t planned on Joe coming over again. Good thing she had washed and hung those panties out to dry. Maybe she should have bought a few more French Maid outfits?

She came in and went directly to her room to change.

“I invited Joe over, so he could help tonight,” Jon hollered from the living room.

Why did they need Joe’s help? Beth knew she should protest but she didn’t. She found it disquieting how quickly she slipped back into the servant mode. It was so degrading and humiliating and yet somehow it was arousing to her.

Joe knocked on the door a few minutes after she had come back out. And he nodded his head at her like it was the normal thing for her to be dressed in such sluttish clothes. She supposed that this was the second night so maybe it was becoming more common. He did give her a slap on the ass as he walked by, much bolder than he was the night before.

Again like the night before she finished getting supper ready in her maid outfit. Again she did not stop the hands from roaming when she served the meal. Again she kneeled on the floor between them to eat her own meal.

“Finish up slave,” Jon joked, or was that a joke?

She was not so sure anymore.

She cleaned up the plates and quickly went out to the living room. Jon had already set up the living room

“I think you should try the nurse’s costume you just bought.”

“And how did you know I bought a nurses outfit?”

“I took a peeked,” he told her, “when you were getting super ready.”

She shook her finger at him even as she went to put it on.

The nurse’s outfit was a white dress with a red cross over the right breast. The hemline was several inches higher that her crotch. The panties were a red v-string, the front being little more than an inch-and-a-half strap. The dress zippered up the front but the zipper barely came up to her belly button. Even if it had come further, the cut of the dress was made so it was too tight on top to zip up. Her breasts spilled out. The red shelf bra underneath showed off her big boobs.

Pale white stockings and a white garter adored her legs. High-heeled white platform feet added several inches to her height.

A white nurse’s cap with a red cross sat on her head. A red stethoscope rested on her neck and hung down between her boobs.

A small medical bag had some tools of her trade. A large thermometer, white medical clothe tape, ring depressors and some clamps.

Wearing the big blond wig and plenty of makeup, she was hardly recognizable.

“Wow, Mom!” Jon exclaimed. “You can check my tonsils anytime.

“Almost time to login,” Joe chimed in.

“What else do you have in these bags?” Joe asked.

“Just some toys,” She said quietly.

“Let me see,” Jon said as he grabbed the bags. He dumped them out on the couch. “Wow look at the size of that thing,” Jon pointed at the big black dildo. “Hey this is neat,” he said as he picked up the glass dildo and turned on the internal light. “And look at this ... And this...” He said, pointing at the different items.

“I am not sure what those things are for,” his mother said.

Jon looked at her with questioning look. Beth had to cringe a little. He acted like everyone knew what those were, how could she not know?

“These are anal beads,” Jon explained holding the beads that were on a stalk. “And that is a butt plug.”

She wondered how he knew what these items where? Typical teenage boy knowing more than he should, she thought to herself. And then what he said sunk in.

She had never had anything in her ass before. She never even thought of having something shoved up her ass before.

“Maybe we could start with some of those things before we go to their list?” Jon pondered. “At least you got some lube. Let’s try the beads first. Come over here and kneel down. Then put your face on the floor and lift your ass up high.”

“Joe, record this. And get some close ups.”

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