Where Will It End
Chapter 1: Blackmail

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: Blackmail - Beth gets a an advertisement for a strip club! The stripper is her. The picture has to be fake but it looks just like her. How far will she go the keep 'THEM' from emailing it to her coworkers and family.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Blackmail   Incest   Mother   Son  

“Thursday, only one more day until the weekend,” Beth said as she pulled in the driveway. It had been an especially hard day because she had to help George with one of his projects. Beth worked for an architectural firm as an administrative assistant. This meant her job was to provide support to any of the 12 architects who worked for the company. When one of their jobs was up for submittal, there were different forms that needed to be sent to the different city offices and state agencies. She helped type up many of the forms needed to go with the plans and she worked with how many sets needed to be submitted. Then she packaged them and either mailed or had them delivered where they needed to go.

George, one of the older architects, was always trying to look down her blouse or watch her ass whenever she worked on a project with him. She tried to dress very conservatively at the office to cover her large chest and ample butt. Still he persisted.

She had complained to him but he just ignored it. She should talk to Frank, the boss, but she did not have the heart to. She was sure he would get fired over it.

She didn’t know who was worse, George or the IT guy, Peter. He was always trying to look down the women’s shirts. Worse, he thought he was God’s gift to women. He always wore tight shirts and tight pants. He loved to talk about how he worked out each day. He smelled like it or at least like he worked out and didn’t take a shower. He was in his early 20’s and had an unimpressive physique. He was than several inches shorter than her son. At least he still had his hair.

One thing he shared with George, besides there creepy personalities, were their hungry brown eyes. When either of them looked at you, you felt like you were in a slab of beef waiting to be devoured.

Jon, her son, greeted her at the door. He was her one bright spot in her life. It had made her failed marriage to Charlie worth it.

Her ex-husband, Charlie, had fallen in love with Beth’s large breasts and long legs but decided to trade her in for a younger version. Maybe he had tired of her brown hair with red highlights and wanted a blonde bimbo. Or maybe it was Beth’s hazel eyes. Whatever it was, it had turned Beth off from men, at least while Jon was growing up.

“Thanks for getting a ride home from practice; I had to work late today.”

“No problem,” he smiled. She knew he didn’t like getting rides home from Jeff’s parents. It wasn’t that Jeff was a jerk but his parents were. They were silver-spooners, they grew up in money. Dropping Jeff off in this middle class suburb felt like driving into the ghettos and they did not keep that a secret. She tried not to allow that to happen too often.

“How is Joe doing?” she asked.

Jon smiled. Joe was their almost eighty year old landlord. Over the last two years, he had taken Jon under his wings. Despite the age difference, Jon loved to spend time with him shooting the breeze. Joe was a great influence on Jon.

She assumed Jon had stopped by Joe to check up on him and Max. His wife, Carol, had to be admitted to a nursing home about a year ago, her dementia had gotten so bad that she though Joe was a stranger. It had hit Joe hard. Joe had bought Max back when she and Jon had moved in. He knew Jon had wanted a dog and Beth didn’t feel they could keep one at the time. Before Carol had gone into the nursing home, Max had spent many a weekend at their house. Now, Jon felt like it was better for Max to give Joe some company.

“He is doing great. He is helping me with one of my projects.”

Joe had allowed Jon to tag along with him whenever he had to do a repair on one of the apartments. He also worked with Jon on most of his school science projects. He had been in the Army intelligence for his career and he was very smart. Still, Joe always insisted Jon do the majority of the work.

“Are you two done for the night?”

“Yeah,” Jon told her.

“What’s for dinner?” she asked.

Jon took on an air of importance, “Lasagna.”

They both smiled as they heard the microwave beep.

Beth didn’t have time to cook during the week, so she cooked several meals during the weekend and the just heated them up for supper. Jon had heated supper up for tonight.

It was a good meal but Beth felt the day catching up with her. She had a hard time concentrating on any conversation.

“You better hit the sack,” Jon teased her, like he was the adult.

“Yeah,” she agreed.

She had gotten into the room and started to change when she heard her phone beep. Dam it! It was bedtime. Still, she never ignored calls from work.

She looked at it, it was an email. She recognized the mail server name as being from her company but she did not recognize the name in front of it. She better open it.

It has an image inserted in it; it was for a strip joint and a stripper named Beau Jobe. She almost closed it until she saw the ladies face!! Now Beth was wide awake. She knew that face like it was her own, it was her own.

It must be some type of forgery or she had a twin out there. As she looked over the body that looked like her, she even saw the birthmark on her right front hip. The birthmark was shaped like a horse’s head Charlie used to tell her and was about the size of a quarter. Not many people knew she had one let alone what it looked like. Maybe a couple of her doctors, her parents, and Charlie. It was very strange to see it.

She searched for the strip joint. It was there and two towns over. There was even a stripper who worked there named Beau Jobe. No pictures of their dancers though.

She looks back at the email and the email address of the person who sent it. She saw it looked like her work address but where there should have been an ‘o’ three was an ‘a’. Anyone clever enough to make the fake photo and the email address as close to the work as this one was sure to have covered his tracks

There was another list of addresses below it. It was a list of all her co-workers, friends, and family! Even her son was on it. Even her ex-husband was on it that is bad! He would love to get hold of these pictures real or not, it would give him the ammunition to get Jon full custody.

She finally read the body of the letter

- Follow these instructions and nothing happens

- Don’t and these picture will be sent out

- Don’t try to call anyone, we have installed an app to trace your calls, texts, and listen to your conversations. You can see the app on the last page, don’t uninstall it or we will know.

She looked on the last page of her phone apps. Sure enough, a blue icon with TeenSecure was on it. She had heard one of her friends talk about it; she had even jokingly threatened Jon to put it on his phone. Like she ever would, he was such a good boy.

She looked at the pictures again. She could tell everyone they were faked but would anyone believe her? She could most likely eventually figure a way to dispute them but in the meantime, what would she do?

She looked down at the app, how had they got it on her phone? Jeanne, her coworker, had been the one to tell her about it. She couldn’t be involved in this, could she? They had always been friends. Who could she trust?

She would just have to keep her eye out at work and figure who was involved. Meanwhile, she would do what they asked. She read the rest of the email:

- Tomorrow you will wear your shortest skirt (the blue one in the back of your closet) and highest heels (black open toe with an ankle strap)

- You will where the white scooped neck shirt

- You will throw out all your underwear but the black push-up bra, matching panties, and the white brazil-cut panties. You will wear the white panties tonight and the black set tomorrow.

How did they know what clothes she has!?! She hasn’t worn either of that skirt and blouse since the divorce.

- There will be punishments if you do not enthusiastically obey any instructions given, and we will know.

- Be prepared for further instructions tomorrow.

- Now change into one of your sexy nighties.

- After changing, repeat the following 5 lines out loud:

o I will obey

o It turns me on to be forced to do naughty things

o I love being made to do naughty things

o I love being dominated

o I will not tell anyone what is happening

This was going too far. She picked up the phone to call the police, and then hesitated. Shit if those pictures get out, what will Jon think of his mother? What would her boss Frank say? She set it back down. Play it out for now, she thought.

Her thoughts were all muddled. She should be putting up more of a fight but she couldn’t think of what to do. She would have to work through it in the morning. ‘I will go along for now, ‘ she told herself.

She opened the top drawer of her bureau and reached into the back of the drawer. She had a few nighties from when she had been still been married; stuff Charlie had bought her for ‘gifts’. She would wear them once and then shove them to the back of the drawer. She should have thrown them away, but she hadn’t. A part of her couldn’t believe Charlie had left her, even two years later.

She pulled on the nightie. It was a black lacy nightie did not even cover her ass and the bra was sheer enough that you could see her nipples through it. At least the panties she chose were just black Bermuda cut panties.

She sat on the edge of her bed and started her new confessions. She only repeated it half-heartedly – surely that would count. Damn, as she lay on the bed, she had found her head was foggy and she was so sleepy. Still she kept repeating the statements. If anyone would have told her she could go to sleep after receiving and email like that, she would have laughed at them. Yet she felt herself drifting off and was soon asleep.

Beth woke up with a slight head ached. It must have been a bad dream. Then her phone beeped the minute she woke up. It was creepy, it was another email. She knew email appeared to be from her office again. Yet it had the same misspelling, still, it had to be someone from work, who else knew all her coworkers emails. But how did they get her family emails?

She looked down at her phone. It read:

- You were not enthusiastic enough when you repeated those lines. Today we will be easy on you.

- 1st – You will not wear any panties today

- 2nd – You will repeat them ten times again with the proper enthusiasm

- 3rd – Throw all your underwear away in the kitchen trash and ask Jon to empty it

o Remove the panties you are wearing and start your confession or else we will send it while he is drying off.

- 4th – Shortly we will send an email to your son’s email account with one the pictures you saw last night. If you beat him to his phone, you can delete it. The challenge

o He is in the shower now

o His phone is in his pants pocket hanging on the hook

She looked at the email for a second; she could not believe this was happening. What was she to do? She couldn’t go to work without any panties. But for now she would obey. Once she was in her car, she could drive to a friend’s house.

She stripped off her panties. Then with fake extra enthusiasm and a smile on her face she repeated:

- I will obey

- It turns me on to be forced to do naughty things

- I love being made to do naughty things

- I love being dominated

- I will not tell anyone what is happening

Strangely enough, it was easier to say them this morning.

Her phone buzzed immediately after she finished. She looked down to see they had sent her another message. There must be a bug in her room. Clicking on the message, she saw her naked body stretched out on a stripper pole. In the address was her email and Jon’s email address.

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