My First Rape

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2016 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: A man kidnaps a beautiful, 14-year-old, platinum blonde, blue-eyed girl. He aims to rape her, with a special focus on her curvaceous young ass. The man drives the girl to his remote homestead. Along the way, he uses devices to give her pleasure and pain while exposing her to pornographic video programming that tells her what to expect in her new life as his sex slave. Once they arrive at his lair, he hides the girl in a specially prepared underground room. That's when the real fun begins.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mind Control   Rape   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   MaleDom   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   First   Oral Sex   Scatology   Water Sports   Small Breasts   .

CAUTION! Many women and men have rape fantasies. The reality of rape is much different from the fantasy. The author does not condone rape.

I was determined to fuck a 14-year-old girl up the ass.

More than that, I wanted to own the bitch for good and all. Forever. Or for life, at least.

After months of careful planning and target selection, I was ready.

I had singled her out to be my first rape victim. Well, perhaps victim is the wrong word for it. The word “victim” suggests that she is being harmed in some way. That’s not how I see it at all. From my perspective, I am doing this girl a favor. I was not going to simply rape her and then let her go. I was going to take her, and rape her, and enslave her, and keep her as my private property for the rest of her life. The young bitch would “enjoy” a life of sexual slavery inside my harem. Well, my future harem. This cunt would be the first of many. She had no idea yet how lucky she was!

I had searched hard to find just the right bitch. The cunt had to be a young platinum blonde. She had to be beautiful. She had to have blue eyes and pale white skin. She had to be just 14. And a virgin. I located several hundred bitches that could fit the bill in the United States alone. There were thousands more in other countries. Any one of them would do. For now though, I had to pick one to start. That’s how I came to choose a cunt named Wendy to be sex slave #1.

I monitored her for three months. I knew her typical patterns. I knew where she went to school, who her friends were, and where her mother worked. For a while I toyed with the idea of kidnapping both mother and daughter. Her mother was also a platinum blonde, a real looker. That would open up lots of kinky possibilities! But I decided that was a bit too ambitious for my first kidnapping and rape. I’d stick with just the kid by herself first time out.

One night when her mother was out and Wendy was alone, I approached the house from the backyard. I cut the electric power cable. Then I forced the back door open. I was dressed in black. I wore night vision goggles. I was armed with a Taser, and as a backup a bottle of ether. I think Wendy heard me coming, but I managed to get to her before she could send a message on her cell phone. Later I checked to make sure that she hadn’t.

The Taser knocker her out. The young beauty just lay there in her pink t-shirt and matching panties. I was tempted to rape her on the spot. But I kept my cool. I cuffed her hands and ankles. Then I tied coverings over her mouth and eyes, and taped them into place. I stuffed her body into a large duffle bag, hoisted it onto my shoulder, and carried her to my old junker of a car. I drove the car to a place nearby where I had a truck with camper shell waiting. I transferred the girl into the truck, where I had a hidden compartment prepared for her. I put the girl inside and secured her. I injected her with a tiny dose of a mind control drug that weakens the will and make a person easier to influence. The dose was extremely small, so the effects were fairly mild. I could give her more later if needed.

I removed the blindfold from Wendy’s eyes but left the mouth gag in place. I put a pair of headphones over her ears and secured them so they stayed put. I taped some electrodes to particularly sensitive, non-sexual parts of Wendy’s body: her armpits, abdomen, and forearms. I could use these to give her mildly painful electric shocks. I taped a custom-built vibrator over her clitoris. I controlled both the pleasure and pain devices. I could turn them on remotely at will, or allow them to function automatically according to special programming on a small tablet computer I had installed in the compartment with her. I controlled the computer remotely.

Then I began the drive to my rural home. It took over two hours to get there. Wendy would regain consciousness before then. I was prepared for this. I had a microphone inside the compartment where my child prize was hidden. She couldn’t speak clearly. But I could hear her stifled screams and thrashing about. I could even make out a few garbled words. That’s good. I needed to be able to hear when she tried to speak.

Now it was time. I switched on the computer to show Wendy her first training video. She listened through headphones. That’s when my little slave-to-be heard her Master’s voice for the first time.

“Hello Wendy” I said. “This is the greatest day of your life. I have kidnapped you. I am your new Owner. You are my new slave.” The tablet computer screen showed brief images and short video clips of naked white women bowing before white men, kissing their feet, then gazing upward at their Masters with worship in their eyes. (It was important that all the men and women shared the same race as Wendy and me. I needed her to identify her own situation with what she saw in the videos.)

“You will call me Master. I will call you anything I like. Bitch. Cunt. Whore. I have all sorts of lovely names for you. I am going to rape you, Wendy. In every hole. Mouth, cunt, and ass.” Again, the tablet computer screen showed brief images and short video clips of naked white women having oral, vaginal, and anal sex with white men.

“I will probably begin with your ass first. Because it’s so pretty. But I may change my mind and rape your mouth first. Or even your cunt. I can change my mind at any time. You can’t change anything. You are powerless. I am everything. You are nothing.”

I heard Wendy whimpering. She seemed to be saying “No, no, no, no.”

The recording was not over yet, but there was a pause in the sound. I left it there so I could monitor Wendy to hear if she was crying. I heard her whimper. That was a good sign. It was better than yelling. Whimpering cunts were more likely to become submissive slaves without too much physical abuse.

The recording continued. “When I am done raping you, your real training will begin, Wendy. Your slave training. You will learn to obey me ... or suffer the consequences. If you are a good girl and serve your Master well, you will have a good life. If you disobey your Master, or fail to perform well, you will be punished.” The pain electrodes gave Wendy a mild electric shock in her arm pits, abdomen, and forearms while the screen showed women being whipped and beaten. I heard her stifled screams as she thrashed about.

“That was a mild taste of the pain I can inflict on you, Wendy. Real punishments can be much, much worse. You would suffer a lot of pain. You don’t want to suffer pain, do you, Wendy? Of course not. No one does.” There was a brief pause in the audio. I heard Wendy breathing heavily as she anticipated another shock ... that didn’t come.

“Now you will learn how to please me.” The tablet screen showed a woman skillfully sucking a man’s penis then deepthroating it. Wendy’s vibrator buzzed her clitoris. The cocksucking video and the pleasurable stimulation continued for over three minutes.

“If you continue to please me, I will take very good care of you. If not, then I will have to dispose of you. We don’t want that, do we Wendy?” The computer screen showed a shackled, naked woman standing in an open grave, looking up at a man on the ground above who towered above her. The screen suddenly went black.

The recording went silent again. I heard Wendy sobbing pitifully. Then her whimpering became some kind of vocalization. I think she was agreeing that she didn’t want to be punished or killed.

My voice resumed. “You are my property, Wendy. I own you, body and soul. You will serve me for the rest of your life. I will make you do all sorts of sexy, dirty, and disgusting things. And you will thank me for whatever I do to you. Whenever I tell you to do something for me, you will respond by saying ‘Yes, Master’ and then carry out my orders. When I am finished using you for my pleasure, you will say ‘Thank you, Master.’ You will thank me for whatever I made you do. You don’t have to like it. It doesn’t have to feel good to you. It might be very painful for you. Disgusting. Degrading. Yet still you must say ‘Thank you, Master.’ Because you must be grateful to your Master who owns you, no matter what your Master does to you. You want to please your Owner, don’t you Wendy? Answer me. Even through your mouth gag, I can hear you. Tell me ‘Yes, Master, I want to please you.’ Say it.”

Wendy tried to speak. Her words were indistinct, but her meaning was clear. She meant to say “Yes, Master, I want to please you.”

“Good slave Wendy” said my recorded voice. (I could have paused the program at this point if she had not said it. Then I would have restarted it from the beginning.)

“Relax now for a little while, slave. Your training will resume shortly.” The recording continued with some very slow, hypnotically relaxing music. After five minutes, my spoken voice returned, introducing my little slave to the porn video compilation she was about to watch. For the next 20 minutes this teenaged virgin was exposed to some of the most powerful male-dominant, female-submissive sex scenes. There was some vaginal sex. But most of the scenes were of oral and anal sex, with special emphasis on ass-to-mouth blowjobs. There were also scenes of men urinating into women’s mouths, with special emphasis on the scenes where the women swallowed. Throughout the porn sequences, the vibrator kept stimulating Wendy’s clit. She would learn to associate the sex I preferred with her own pleasure (whether or not I stimulated her there in the future).

Then the porn scenes ended and the recording continued with some very slow, hypnotically relaxing music. After five minutes, my spoken voice returned and the whole training sequence began again from the beginning. The basic instructions of what to call me. The pain and the pleasure. The porn and the pleasure. This went on over and over for the duration of the journey. By the time we reached my home, Wendy had watched her training videos many times.

At my rural homestead, I drove the truck to the barn and parked it inside. The place wasn’t a working farm anymore. I’d made my fortune in an unrelated business several years ago. This place was my refuge from the world. It was to be the site of my new secret harem.

I got out of the truck and pushed aside the fake mass of stuff that covered the trap door leading to my dungeon. I call it a dungeon, but it’s not your typical BDSM type of dungeon. I don’t get off on exotic bondage, whips, and all that stuff. I minimize that in favor of good old-fashioned forcible rape. Bondage is for necessity only, not for fun. As soon as a bitch is well-trained enough in obedience, none of that stuff should be necessary.

I positioned an electric block and tackle hoist near the trap door, where I had a stretcher waiting. Then I retrieved Wendy from the hidden compartment inside the camper. As I had expected, she had wet her pink panties during the long trip, either out of fear or inability to hold it in. No matter. I’d clean her up soon and the camper later.

I laid my precious cargo on the stretcher, strapped her down to it, then attached the stretcher to chains suspended from the hoist. Using the power controller, I maneuvered the bitch over the open trap door and gently lowered her into her new home. I leaned over the edge to guide the stretcher to the dungeon floor. Then I climbed down the ladder after it, unhitched the chains from the stretcher, retracted them into the barn, and pulled the trap door closed. I used a remote control to move the mass of fake stuff over the trap door. In an emergency, I could move it away by hand.

Wendy’s new dungeon home was actually quite attractive. It looked like a cheap hotel room. It had a complete bathroom with toilet, sink, shower with glass sliding doors, and bathtub. It had several closed circuit video monitors that allowed me to keep track of my slave no matter where she was. Other high-resolution video cameras would automatically track and record all movement in the room. That’s how I would make my personal porn record of Wendy’s rape and debasement. A mirror on one wall and another on the ceiling would enhance all sexual experiences for me. The room also had a TV monitor that I would use to continue to expose Wendy to the best pornography, so she could be trained in the techniques of the greatest whores of our era.

I gently removed Wendy’s mouth gag and headphones. Her wrists and ankles were still cuffed. The beautiful platinum blonde blinked her blue eyes in the light. The first thing she saw was the smiling face of her captor, her Owner, the Master of her life and fate.

“Hello, Wendy” I said. “I am your Master. I own you now. This is the greatest day of your life. What do you say to your Master, bitch?”

Her voice was weak and soft. “Th-thank you, Master” she whispered.

The bitch had learned her lesson! I knew that training video would come in handy.

I knelt down and kissed the pale white skin of the platinum blonde teenager’s face. It felt incredibly soft and so warm. “Good girl, Wendy” I said. “You just passed your first test.” I held a water bottle to her lips. The thirsty teen drank eagerly. While she drank, I removed the electrodes from her body and the vibrator that rested inside her panties.

I was very happy that Wendy knew who I was and what to say. The mind control drug I gave her can affect the memory when it is given in larger doses. She seemed to have absorbed at least one of the lessons contained in the training videos she had been watching on repeat for the past two hours. Hopefully she had learned even more than that.

I grasped a large pair of scissors. Wendy’s blue eyes opened wide in fear.

“You don’t want me to hurt you, do you Wendy?” I asked.

“No, Master, please don’t hurt me!” she cried urgently.

“Right, then. I am going to cut away your t-shirt and panties. You won’t be needing these anymore” I said.

I cut away her t-shirt first. Then I slowly ran my hands over her naked tummy. The girl had the most perfectly white skin I had ever touched. It felt so smooth and soft. Her body recoiled slightly, muscles tensing. I reached up and fondled her small breasts. Her pale pink areolae and nipples were surprisingly large. I licked my lips in anticipation. Then I leaned over and began sucking on the nipple of one breast, before kissing my way across her chest to the other nipple. I sucked her nipples and licked them, twirling my tongue over the soft nibs.

“Has any boy every touched your nipples, Wendy?” I asked.

“No, Master” she said. “A boy touched my bra once. But I didn’t let him touch my breast. Or nipples.”

“Mm-hmm” I said. “So you are a virgin?”

“Yes, Master” Wendy answered. Then she began to cry. “Please don’t rape me! Please don’t hurt me!”

I stroked her long platinum blonde hair. “There, there, Wendy” I said. “You can’t stop me from raping you. But you can stop me from hurting you. Just do what I say and I won’t have to hurt you. That’s all up to you, Wendy.”

The teenager continued to sob. I moved the scissors down to her wet pink panties and cut them away, revealing her downy blonde pubic hair. The hair was sparse, and still wet with droplets of her urine. I pressed the palm of my hand against her wet little bush. Then I lifted my hand and moved it to Wendy’s face.

“Smell my hand, Wendy” I said.

Wendy sniffed. She wrinkled her nose.

“Do you like the smell of your urine, Wendy?” I asked.

“No, Master” Wendy replied.

“Good” I said. “Lick my palm clean. Lick your piss off my hand. Do it, bitch!”

Wendy was crying now. Tears flowed from her eyes. But she extended her tongue and began to lick my palm, cleaning my hand while she wept. I smiled. The bitch was progressing nicely.

“Good bitch” I said. “Let’s get those cuffs off your wrists and ankles. Then we can clean you up.”

I put the scissors away in a tool box with a combination lock. After removing the cuffs from Wendy, I put them in the box also. Then I closed the box and locked it.

I stood up and offered Wendy my hand. “Come on, whore” I said. The teenager took my hand and I help her up. We walked to the bathroom area. I turned on the shower. “Get in, whore” I said. “Clean yourself.”

Wendy started to walk past me towards the shower. I grabbed the naked blonde teenager by the arm.

“What do you say?” I asked forcefully.

Startled, Wendy seemed at a loss for a moment. She stared at me, blue eyes wide with fear. Then she gathered her wits and said “Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.”

I nodded. “That’s right, whore. Go clean your whore body.”

I watched her slim young body as Wendy entered the shower. Her pure white skin, platinum blonde hair, and spectacularly beautiful face made her look like an angel from heaven. She soaped herself up and used a washcloth to clean herself, giving special attention to her urine-soaked pubic hair. I watched with pleasure as my first slave cleaned her body for her Owner’s use. She shampooed her hair and rinsed. I took off my clothes while she washed her hair.

Wendy emerged from the shower to see me standing naked in the room. She turned away in embarrassment and took a nearby towel and dried herself. She tried not to look at me.

“Look at your Owner, bitch. Who owns you, whore?” I asked in a commanding voice.

Wendy stared at the ground. “You do, Master.”

“Come here, bitch” I said.

Eyes still downcast, the naked teenager approached the man who now owned her. I watched her slim, 14-year-old body. Her pure, pale white skin practically glowed with a light of its own, as the room lights reflected off her bare skin and platinum blonde hair still wet and fresh from the shower. I could smell her freshness when she stopped a foot in front of me. Her eyes were still downcast.

I stood there and looked down at the top of her blonde head. I took her chin in my hand and raised her head to face me. Her angelic face was full of fear. Her lips trembled. A tiny tear stood poised in the corner of each eye.

I leaned forward and kissed her. Then I put my arms around Wendy and held the naked teenager close, feeling her skin rub against mine. I forced my tongue into her mouth. She opened it slowly, then more fully. She was too afraid to put up much resistance. This was good.

Gently, I guided her to the couch near the bed. We sat down next to one another. We kissed and I fondled her breasts. Then I moved one hand down to her pubic area. I lightly ran one fingertip around her clit. Moving down, I ran my finger down her clit. She was moist. The little teen whore had a wet cunt. She was ready to be raped. But I wasn’t ready to rape her cunt yet. That would come later.

“I’m going to give you a special treat, Wendy. I’m going to let you suck my dick before I fuck you up the ass. Doesn’t that make you happy, bitch?” I asked.

The girl stammered. “I-I don’t...”

Before she could finish I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. I brought her nose to nose with me. “What did you say, whore? Tell me what you are supposed to say. I’ll ask you again. Doesn’t it make you happy to suck my dick, bitch?”

Wendy whimpered. “Yes, Master” she said in a trembling voice.

I smiled. “That’s better, whore. Now show me what you learned from the training videos. Blow me, whore” I commanded.

Wendy started bending over awkwardly. I grabbed her head and stopped her. “No, no, whore. Kneel on the floor in front of me.” The young girl obediently knelt on the floor. Taking my erect penis in her hand, she licked it up and down. Then she put it in her mouth. I put my hands on her platinum blonde hair, grabbing a handful in each palm and gripping gobs of hair between my fingers. “Look at me, bitch” I said. “Keep my dick in your mouth and look at me.”

The pale blonde raised her blue eyes and gazed at me while my erect penis filled her young mouth. “Use your tongue, whore. While you look at me, keep licking the underside of my dick with your sweet young tongue.” My little slave obeyed her Owner. Her soft, virginal tongue licked my dick, back and forth, back and forth.

“Good bitch” I said. “You’re going to spend a lot of time with my dick in your mouth from now on. Every day. Several times per day. For the rest of your life.” I leaned back, letting go of the youngster’s hair with one hand, and putting my free arm behind my head. “Keep sucking, whore. Keep sucking, you little slut. You’re going to give me long, loving blowjobs every day. I’ll train you to blow me exactly the way I like. You’ll get better and better at it. I’ll cum in your mouth many, many times. And you’ll swallow. You’ll swallow it all. You’ll always swallow. Every drop of my cum, whore. You’re going to eat my cum. And then you’re going to thank me for coming in your mouth. It’s what your life is all about.”

The platinum blonde head of the blue-eyed beauty began to bob up and down on my cock as she sucked me. I couldn’t be sure if she had learned this from the video porn I had shown her, or if it was a natural reaction. In any case, it felt fantastic. I would be coming in this bitch’s mouth a lot in the hours, days, weeks, and years to come!

I leaned forward and grabbed the blonde teen’s head in both hands. “That’s good for now, little whore. I don’t want to come in your mouth yet. I am going to fuck you up the ass first.”

I pushed her head back. Wendy released my dick from her mouth. I reached down and grabbed her pert little breasts, taking a pink nipple in each hand. Then I bent toward her. Looking in her eyes, I could tell she understood that I wanted a kiss. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes. I kissed the 14-year-old beauty, inserting my tongue into her willing mouth. She tasted of her Owner’s penis. My unique penis smell was now the second thing she had tasted from me, after the taste of my tongue and mouth from our first kiss.

I broke off the kiss. “Get on the bed. Kneel on your hands and knees with your ass facing me” I commanded.

Wendy obeyed without complaint. I gazed in awe at her pure white skin. From the pinkish soles of her feet, up her white legs to the area where her thighs met her shapely young ass, she was a vision of beauty. The small gap between her butt cheeks gave a tiny peek at her pale pink anus. Below that, her perineum was followed by the beginning of her teen cunt.

I took a container of lubricant from a small table near the couch. I placed the container on the bed beside Wendy. “Spread your butt cheeks, bitch” I commanded. Wendy put her head down, face sideways, on the bed. She then reached behind and spread her buttocks for me. I moved in to see the youngster’s anus up close and personal. She was clean and tight. The wrinkled flesh of her anus was such a lovely pink color. I sniffed it. I kissed it. Then I began licking it. There was a faint pungent smell, but nothing too bad. I licked faster and faster. Wendy’s body trembled. Her breathing grew deeper. She moaned softly. Her anal muscles started to relax. I was soon able to dart my tongue into her asshole. The taste was stronger there. Not bad though. I inserted my tongue deeper and deeper into the young blonde’s asshole.

With one hand, I flipped open the lube container and squirted some of the grease onto my dick. Reluctantly, I pulled my face away from my young slave’s asshole. I squeezed lube on two of my fingers. Then I pressed one finger against Wendy’s anus. “This is going to hurt a little bit, bitch. Not too bad. Just relax” I commanded. Slowly, I inserted one of my fingers into the 14-year-old’s asshole.

“Oww! Oww!” Wendy said.

“Shut up, whore” I said sharply. “No complaining. Thank me for putting a finger up your ass. Thank your Master, you little piece of shit.”

Wendy’s breathing was ragged. She had to catch her breath. But soon enough she said it. “Thank you for putting your finger up my ass, Master.”

“Good whore” I said. “Here comes finger number two.” I inserted my second lubed finger into the teen’s asshole. She squirmed, but she didn’t complain or resist.

I finger-fucked the bitch’s asshole for a couple of minutes. Then it was time for the main event. I pulled my fingers out of my little slave’s asshole. I moved the tip of my penis to the entrance of her anus. “Open up your butthole like you’re going to take a shit, whore” I said. “Kiss my penis with your anus.” Wendy obeyed, gaping her anus slightly. I pressed the head of my cock into her anal opening, stretching her anal sphincter beyond anything she’d ever experienced before.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” the blonde teen uttered despite herself.

Pressing my dick home, I pushed it into the youngster’s rectum. “Thank me, bitch. Thank me your shoving my dick up your ass.”

Wendy started to weep. “Thank you, Master” she said between her sobs.

I laughed out loud. “Good whore!” I said. “That’s what I like. Thank me for the pain I am causing when I sodomize you. Thank me, bitch!”

“Thank you, Master” Wendy said.

“No, that’s not enough” I said. “Tell me how grateful you are that I am sodomizing you. Thank me for sodomizing you.”

Wendy moaned and groaned and sobbed. “Thank you for sodomizing me, Master” the young girl said.

That’s what I’d been waiting to hear! Grasping Wendy by her narrow hips, I began thrusting up the little girl’s pure white ass harder and faster. “Yeah, bitch!” I yelled with wild abandon. “I’m buttfucking a 14-year-old platinum blonde virgin! Yee-haw! Your ass is mine, bitch! Now and for the rest of your life. I’ll buttfuck the living daylights out of you any time I want. Day or night! Your ass is mine, whore. I’m going to sodomize you over and over and over. This is your future, bitch. Get used to it! I’m going to use your asshole like a cunt. Every day. More than once a day. First thing in the morning, and last thing at night. And lots and lots of times in between. You’ll feel your Owner’s dick plowing into your asshole all the time!”

Wendy was sobbing as I sodomized her. Yet when I reached under the girl to touch her teen cunt, I found it was wet and ready. I fingered her clit to give her some pleasure. Someday she’d learn to enjoy being sodomized without any other stimulation. Maybe. But that didn’t really matter. All that mattered is that I owned this perfect blonde teen beauty, and I could buttfuck her at will from now on, any time of day or night, as long as we both shall live.

I felt my orgasm approaching. And I smelled something. I looked down at the little bitch’s ass. My pummeling dick had pumped some shit out of the girl’s asshole. Some of her light brown shit was lodged between her pure white butt cheeks. A few shit smears and blobs were on my dick. I smiled as I looked at the results of my work. I withdrew my dick from the girl’s asshole.

“Now comes the best part, bitch” I said. “You’re going to clean my dick in your mouth. You’re going to suck me clean and eat your own shit. And then I am going to come in your mouth for the first time in your life. First you’ll eat your own shit. Then you’ll eat your Owner’s cum. What a lucky girl you are.”

“No, I can’t” Wendy said.

“WHAT?!” I yelled.

I grabbed the bitch by the hair, swung her head around, and slapped her twice across the face. “You will suck me clean and suck me off and swallow everything. Then you’ll thank me for the honor of doing it” I said. Then I put my angry face an inch from hers and bellowed “Understand, whore?!”

Her beautiful pale face was a blubbering mass of tears. Her blue eyes were almost hidden by the waterworks.

“Beg for it, bitch!” I yelled. “Beg me to let you suck me clean and suck me off!”

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