5 December 2006
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cindy had to work the evening of her interview and couldn't enjoy the fun at the Hen House, so Dan treats Cindy to her own night of fun..."You both have made me hot and horny for more fucking!" Cindy sighed, catching her breath. "That's good because Dan has a surprise for you." Karen winked at him. Cindy looked to Dan. "Freshen up and put on your coat. You and I are going out on a date." "Our own date?!" she exclaimed looking to Karen. "Yes, just the two of you."

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Public Sex  

Dan was on his last break at work when his cell phone chirped, “Hello, oh hi Honey, what’s up?” he enquired of the sexy voice on the other end.

“Dan, can you do me a favour, well actually a favour for Angie.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Angie has to work late tonight with Vicky. She said something about someone not showing up for work. Can you stop by on the way home and pick up Cindy at work?”

“Sure I can.”

“Angie asked for you to take her home but she’ll just be there all alone. Bring her home with you and she can have supper with us and the three of us can enjoy the evening together. The girls are going shopping after school and Brad has a band practice with the group he’s playing in.”

“Sounds great to me.”

Karen called Angie back who then called Cindy, “Mom, can you drop off some clothes so I can change out of my work clothes?” Cindy asked.

“Sure I can, what do you want?”

“A clean bra and panties, my white low V-neck sweater, my blue jeans and my blue jean short skirt.”

“Why do you want jeans and a skirt?”

“A girl has to be prepared for anything. You know a skirt is easier to take off or pull down than jeans,” Cindy explained. Angie packed what Cindy wanted and dropped the bag off to her.

Dan pulled into the parking lot of the Coffee Cup and Cindy hurried out to greet him. She sat on the passenger seat and leaned over to kiss Dan, her chest heaving in excitement. Dan shied away from her advances.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want me to kiss you?”

“Of course I do, I’m sorry. I can’t believe I pulled away from you like that. I guess I wasn’t expecting that you’d want to make our relationship public.”

“Why, because I’m fucking a man old enough to be my father or that you’d be called a cradle robber because of our age difference? Who cares what they think. I love you fucking me and don’t want it to stop anytime soon, ok?”

“Okay. I’ll take that kiss if it’s still offered.”

“Oh it’s offered alright and the rest of me too!” Cindy leaned over again and met Dan’s lips. As they kissed she guided his hand to her bra covered tit and rubbed his cock through his pants. “I bet there is at least five pair of eyes watching us right now,” she said sitting around on her seat.

Cindy waved her hand to the store window, sure that several of her co-workers were watching. Dan let his Mustang’s tires chirp a little as he pulled away and drove towards home.

“I haven’t seen you since last Tuesday. I miss you at the Cup and our daily flirting.” Cindy said touching Dan’s right hand on the gear shift.

“I don’t want you to think that you were just a one night fuck and I’ve thrown you aside. I miss seeing you too. I’ve been extremely busy the past week, discovering my new family and moving them in with me.”

“So I heard. I was visiting Mom at work when Vicky told us all about you meeting your new family and asking Karen to marry you. It sounded so romantic. I think it’s incredible how you two reunited. I’m happy for you Dan.”

“Thanks, Cindy.” Dan could sense the sadness in her voice as she realized he had a new chapter starting in his life and it likely wouldn’t include her very often.

“I’m surprised that your future wife would want me to come over to her home considering she knows that you fucked me last week.”

“You’ll find that Karen is very understanding and is going to just love you in more ways than you can imagine,” Dan replied patting her hand in reassurance.

“I sure hope so,” she smiled undoing several buttons on her work shirt.

Dan parked in the garage and escorted Cindy inside. Unpacked boxes still lay haphazard around the living room, “We’re home!” he yelled.

“I’m in the kitchen!” Karen yelled back. They took off their coats and Dan led Cindy by the hand towards the source of a delicious aroma.

“That smells fantastic, are you making what I think you’re making?” Dan asked taking a deep sniff. He came up behind Karen and put his arms around her slim waist and kissed the nape of her neck. She responded turning her head and planting a kiss on his lips.

“I’m making our famous beef barley soup.”

“Oh man, I can’t remember that last time I had that! What I make doesn’t come close you yours!” Dan added sliding his right hand up Karen’s stomach for a quick tit feel.

“And you must be Cindy,” Karen said spotting the pretty young blonde standing off to Dan’s right.

She put her knife down and picked up the hand towel. She dried her hands as she walked over to Cindy, offering her hand to shake. Karen surprised Cindy by hugging her breast to breast.

“So I finally get to meet Dan’s mystery girl from the Coffee Cup. He’s told me a lot about you, Cindy.”

“I hope it was all good,” she smiled looking at Dan as he came over to them.

“Oh, believe me, it was. Dan told me how good a beautiful young fuck you are,” Cindy was shocked at Karen’s blunt statement.

“I, ah ... umm... ,” she was lost for words.

“Don’t feel embarrassed Cindy. You’re young, beautiful and that uniform can’t hide what appears to be a nice looking body,” Karen said looking Cindy up and down, “Vicky is my best girlfriend. Your mom works closely with her and you’re Angie’s daughter, so you’re automatically a friend of mine.”

“Thank you, I’d like to be friends with you also.”

“Please, call me Karen,” she said combing her right fingers through Cindy’s golden hair.

“Can I help you with anything?” Cindy asked wanting to feel more accepted by her.

“Sure, you can drain the pot of rice I have cooking and pour it in with the beef broth.” Cindy did so and liked helping Karen. “Your uniform smells like stale coffee,” Karen mentioned standing next to her, observing the side profile of her breasts. She touched the sleeve of Cindy’s light blue shirt.

“When I get home I can hardly wait to get my work clothes off. I usually take a shower after work to get the coffee and doughnut smells off my skin and hair.”

“If the smell of your clothes bothers you so much, why don’t you take them off?” Karen suggested. Cindy looked from her to Dan, “Dan why don’t you help Cindy out of her clothes?” she added setting the table for three.

Karen then went to Cindy, caressed her right cheek and gave her a light kiss on the lips, “How about if Dan and I give you another reason to need a shower?” And she undid the next buttons on Cindy’s work shirt.

“I ahh ... umm ... that’s the main reason why I wanted to come over, to be with Dan,” she admitted.

“You want my Dan to fuck you again, don’t you?” Karen asked directly.

“Yes I do,” she admitted.

Karen watched Dan go to Cindy and continue undoing the buttons on her shirt then she went back to doing some kitchen chores. He pulled the shirt from the waist of her pants then slid her shirt off her arms revealing her upper body. Her medium sized breasts were held in place by a thin material white bra and her flat stomach met at her waistband. Cindy smiled up at Dan as he unfastened her pants. He stooped down pulling her pants down revealing her white cotton panties.

Karen looked over her left shoulder and smiled at Cindy, enjoying the view of her well-shaped body. “That feels better already,” Cindy sighed. Karen watched Dan unfasten Cindy’s bra with just two fingers of his right hand.

“Dan was always great at undoing a woman’s bra with just two fingers.” He slipped Cindy’s bra off her arms and placed it on the table. Even in late November, the tan line around Cindy’s tits was still evident and obviously wears a low cut bikini top. Her breasts stood out firm from her chest. She was more excited becoming naked than embarrassed in front of Karen.

“There now, I’ll just let that simmer for an hour or so and we’ll have a delicious supper,” Karen mentioned. She washed her hands and came over to Dan and Cindy. Cindy could see Karen looking her body over as she approached. “Oh, to have a body like that again,” Karen complimented eyeing Cindy from head to toe.

“Shall we go into the bedroom and have some fun?” she asked holding out her right hand for Cindy. She took Karen’s hand in hers and allowed herself to be led to the bedroom with Dan following behind.

Karen stopped beside the bed and gave Cindy a light kiss on the lips and she responded hesitantly with her own kiss. Karen could tell that Cindy was a little nervous. “We don’t have to do this if you feel uncomfortable,” Karen said Karen Cindy an option out.

“I was expecting to have Dan fuck me. I didn’t expect his wife wanting to be with me too.”

Cindy raised her hands and started to undo the buttons on Karen’s blouse. She smiled at her watching each button being freed. Her blouse undone the inner halves of her tits easily showed in her cupless bra. Karen let her blouse and skirt fall to the floor.

“You look very beautiful for your age,” Cindy offered.

“I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not.”

“I’m sorry, I meant it as one.”

“I know you did, honey. I’m just teasing you. Help me to take off Dan’s clothes.” Cindy eagerly helped as Karen took off his work shirt, she slid down his pants. The obvious bulge in his underwear revealed a semi hard cock.

Dan helped her to stand and embraced her lithe body to his. His cock stabbed at her flat stomach. His palm smoothed the soft surface of her face, eyes taking in her beauty. Cindy’s young heart was already beating out of control as Dan lightly kissed her. She breathed heavily through her nose as she hugged her breasts tighter to him and returned his kiss.

Cindy wanted him but was hesitant with Karen there too, “Honey, make love with Dan as if I wasn’t here. You have nothing to feel awkward about with me. I love watching my Dan fucking other women.”

She felt more at ease and knelt to the floor. She smiled up at Dan and her hand caressed his cock. She stroked it several times then replaced it with her mouth. Karen hugged Dan as they watched her suck his cock in deeper with each stroke.

“Doesn’t her mouth feel nice around your cock?”

“It sure does!” he smiled, a hand gently feeling her head motions.

One of Karen’s favourite positions was her and Dan kissing while a woman sucked on his cock and her hand feeling the woman’s head movements. “Just like old times,” she agreed.

Cindy wanted to prove herself as a worthy lover and was happy that she had made his cock rock solid. She stood accepting his embrace and as they kissed, Karen’s palm cupped her firm tit.

Cindy didn’t take her eyes off him as he laid her on the king sized bed. Her open arms and inviting legs awaited her new lover. Dan lightly lay on top of her slender body, her arms and legs wrapping around him like a sensual cocoon.

She smoothed her hands up and down his back then slid her hand between them to his cock. She rubbed it up and down her slit, wanting him now. They kissed as he felt the head enter her but he didn’t want their experience to be just a straight fuck.

He pulled back a little and kissed her neck then her shoulders and lower to her hard nipples. He kissed a trail down her flat stomach to her pussy mound. She obediently spread her legs for him and he began to finger and lick her pussy.

Karen lay beside Cindy and caressing her firm tit and shared kisses with her. She moved to suck on each nipple then lower to Dan’s side. Karen lifted Cindy’s leg and leaned closer. Dan pulled back allowing her to enjoy Cindy’s pussy.

Cindy had to watch as Karen settled down to enjoy her young pussy. “Fuck, you taste delicious and you haven’t even cum yet!” she praised of her first sample. Dan lay beside Cindy and they shared long kisses as he caressed her tits. Dan could feel her body jolt as Karen’s talented tongue excited her clit.

Karen continued eating her pussy and Dan knew she’d only stop once Cindy had cum. Cindy urged Dan up her body wanting to suck on his hard cock. Her breathing became laboured, her chest rising and falling.

“Dan, Dan, oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” Karen cupped her tiny ass cheeks as Cindy tensed then unleashed a massive climax, “Uhhh, uhhh, uhh, oh fuck, uhhh, uhhh!”

Karen eagerly lapped up her liquid essence, savouring her unique flavour, “Fuck your cunt juices taste so fucking good!” she exclaimed returning for more. Cindy held Dan close to her breasts as she let out a contented sigh. He then replaced Karen tasting her womanly cream.

Karen came up on her other side and they both cuddled against her slim body. “That has got to be the strongest cum I’ve had from a woman,” she complimented.

“I’ll admit I do love eating pussy,” Karen smiled. Cindy alternated kisses with her two lovers.

“Now it’s time for my Dan to fuck you.”

Dan went between her legs and Cindy happily caressed him as he settled down on her. She stared lovingly at his eyes as she felt him pressing the head of his cock to her yearning pussy. Karen was intent on watching his cock disappear into her young hole.

He let out a soft grunt as he buried his cock deep into her. As he began fucking her, Karen turned her head to her for kissing, “Mmm, I love my man fucking other women!” she admitted.

Karen let him carry on a minute longer, “Okay, now I want you to fuck her doggy.” Dan pulled out and Cindy quickly turned onto her hands and knees. Dan crawled up to her perfectly round ass, he and Karen both ran a hand over the smooth surface.

She let out a sigh as Dan held her hips and buried his cock into her again. Cindy’s body began to sway to his thrusting motion as Karen joined in. She wiggled under Cindy. Pulling her lower to suck on her nipples, she then turned and moved into a sixty-nine. Dan let his cock slip out so Karen could lick her pussy.

Karen stroked his cock then guided it back into Cindy. She came out from underneath her and cradled her upper body and could feel the fucking thrusts of Dan through Cindy’s body.

“Fuck her good, my love!” she desired. Karen gripped Cindy’s hair and began kissing her long and hard, “Fuck her hard, my love! I want to feel you fucking her!” Cindy panted through her nose as she was being seduced by her two lovers. She couldn’t help moaning her pleasure from each fucking thrust.

Dan paused a moment to catch his breath but Karen didn’t want the fucking to stop. She pushed her body against Cindy making her fuck Dan’s cock, “Yeah, that’s it, fuck my man. Fuck my man’s fucking cock!” she was growing more aroused than she expected.

Dan resumed fucking Cindy and leaned over her back to Karen. They both breathed heavily through their noses and they shared a long and passionate kiss, “Mmm, just like old times!” she smiled. “I want you to fuck your cum into her cunt like this!”

Dan lay over Cindy’s back, kissing her shoulders and gripping her firm tits. She breathed heavily as she and Karen shared more kisses. Karen then turned around and urged Cindy’s head down to her pussy.

“I love women eating my pussy too.” and only released her head once she felt her tongue separating her lips, “Do you eat pussy?”

“I have lately when I was with Vicky and Dan.”

“Are you doing okay?”

“I love Dan fucking me, I just didn’t expect it to be a threesome to enjoy. But I’d prefer him to be facing me when fucking his cum into me.”

“Don’t worry, Dan and I have plans for you so you and he have plenty of alone time tonight.”

Karen was satisfied with the pussy licking from Cindy and moved to her side. She maneuvered so that she was basically holding Cindy in her arms, “I want to hold you as Dan cums in you. I promise that Dan will love you tonight.”

Cindy and Karen looked at each other with a mounting passion. Cindy desired the experience of her lovers while Karen coveted the youthful beauty of her perfectly proportioned body.

“Come, Dan, fuck that delicious cum of yours into our girl!” she urged. Dan quickened his pace, Cindy sighed softly with most every deep thrust.

“Fuck does your pussy ever feel nice and snug fucking like this!” He smoothed his hands over her tight skinned, round ass, enjoying the experience of fucking this sensual beauty, “I can’t last much longer!” he warned.

Karen and Cindy exchanged more kisses and tit feels as Dan’s pressure built gripping her hips tighter, “Uhh, umph, umph, uhhh!” he grunted his strong climax into her yearning pussy.

“Mmmm, Dan had a good strong cum in you, I can tell by the sound of his voice.” He continued emptying his cum into her young pussy until his spasms trailed off.

“I loved the sound of his cum too!” Cindy panted as he leaned onto her back. She turned her head and they kissed briefly.

Dan exhaled a deep sigh of satisfaction and they heard the sound of suction as he slowly backed out of Cindy. Karen quickly had Cindy turn onto her back and she went between her legs. Dan’s cum was beginning to leak out and she opened her mouth to catch the first dribbles. She lay sideways and began to eat her pussy.

“I love eating cunt after Dan has fucked it!” she said lapping up his cream. Cindy urged him to her side and propping on one elbow and devoured his cock. Dan smiled at her, lightly patting her head as it bobbed back and forth.

They could hear Karen grunting as she devoured Cindy’s cum filled pussy and she began to hump her face, “I can definitely tell you love to eat pussy because you’re doing wonders on mine again.”

Dan moved to Karen’s side and Cindy watched him have a brief taste of her pussy. He then returned to her embrace and she offered her firm tits to his lips. Cindy’s breathing grew more intense then her hand went to Karen’s head.

She suddenly arched her back, “Uhhh, uhhh, uhh, uhh!” she panted out another strong cum. “Oh fuck, I’ve cum again!” she giggled.

After tasting her cream once more, Karen came up to her side and Cindy caressed her two lovers. She exchanged kisses with each one and they relaxed a few minutes.

“Let’s take a shower together then I’ll serve us supper,” Karen suggested and the trio enjoyed a sensual shower.

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