3 December 2006
Chapter 2

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At the ten minute mark, Brad scored to make the score 2-1 for the Rats, “Oh yeah, goal number thirty!” she yelled. One goal and one assist for Brad. Abby and Dan cheered and gave each other a high five with their free hand. Brad asked the Ref for the puck to give to Abby.

By now, Abby had slid her hand up his leg really close to Dan’s crotch and his hand was dangerously close to her pussy, “How is Brad playing? This is the first time I’ve seen his game so I can’t tell how good he is.”

“This is my second game. He’s playing way better than the first game I watched. I had a good hockey talk at the rink and your restaurant with him and it seems to be paying off.”

“I’m happy for Brad. I want to see him succeed at anything he does.”

Dan’s cock was growing semi-hard with anticipation of Abby’s wandering hand. She figured, it’s now or never and slide her hand across resting it on Dan’s cock. She gave a slight smile to herself as she could feel the firmness of his bulge through his jeans. Abby paused a moment then began to rub his cock. All of this hand movement had been done silently between them building up the anticipation of the ultimate goal of feeling his bare cock.

Abby ... Abby,” Dan said trying to get her attention. She turned her head, their eyes meeting for the first time since they started their erotic teasing, “I like the feeling of your hand on my cock.”

“I’m glad you do,” she smiled rubbing it a little more. Their eyes continued locked on each other as Dan’s hand reached its destination. Abby’s body gave a little jolt as his fingertips touched her bare pussy lips.

“You shave your pussy?”

“Yes, I do. My girlfriends and I like taking turns shaving each other’s pussy. And I love the feeling of your hand touching my pussy too.”

“Same with me,” Dan separated her young lips sliding two fingers inside her damp hole. Abby turned her head back to the game below as she felt Dan’s finger entering her. Abby’s hungry pussy easily accepted his exploring fingers, she was already soaking wet inside with yearning anticipation. She sighed as she felt two fingers entering her.

“Can you scoot your ass a little forward so I can finger your pussy easier?” he asked. Abby obediently did so plus spread her legs wider for easier access. Abby casually rubbed Dan’s cock but now wanted the real thing in her hand. She began trying to pull his zipper down but had difficulty.

“I can’t get your zipper down. Will you pull it down for me?” she asked nervously.

Dan pulled his fly down with his right fingers while fingering Abby. “There you go,” he said a moment later.

Abby’s fingertips found the opening to Dan’s jeans and entered and were met by the material of his boxers. Her fingers searched for the opening and she was almost starting to become frustrated when she found the hole. Her hand entered inside feeling the heat from his cock. Abby’s fingertips touched the shaft and she wrapped her hand around it.

She moved her hand up the shaft imagining the length of it and couldn’t believe the thickness of his cock. She cupped her hand around the head and released it from its fabric prison. Abby began to stroke him feeling it grow harder and longer in her hand. She pulled the blanket back just enough to reveal Dan’s cock and her eyes widened at the sight before her.

“I can definitely tell that Brad takes after you, except your cock seems a little longer and thicker,” she smiled. “I jerked off Brad last night on the way home from the hockey game.”

“Have you two fucked yet?” he asked point blank.

“No we haven’t, soon I hope. Believe it or not, as much as we both want to have our first time, we’re willing to wait for the right opportunity and not rush it. I sucked on Brad’s cock for a few seconds in his bedroom yesterday. I nearly gagged on it, it’s so big.”

Dan laughed lightly at her comment, “There’s an art to sucking on a cock the right way. I’m sure that Karen and Vicky will be more than happy to teach you how to become a good cock sucker.”

“Maybe you could teach me how to suck a good cock using yours?” she hinted.

“I’d love to Abby but I won’t do anything with that you haven’t done with Brad first.”

“So once Brad and I have fucked, I can let you fuck me. And once I’ve given him a blow job, I can suck you off?”

“Only if you want to.”

“Yes, I do want you to fuck me and let me suck you off!” Abby smiled starting to stroke Dan’s cock. Both their hearts were beating rapidly from their erotic, hidden pleasures.

Dan was doing an expert job on Abby’s young pussy. She was very wet and his fingers slid easily between her pussy and clit. Her body would jolt frequently from him touching her little button. Dan used his fingers in different ways compared to Vicky and her girlfriends. Dan would cross his fingers and use them like a corkscrew in and out of her. Plus his fingers didn’t go just in and out of her, they explored the sides, top, and bottom. Dan was giving Abby the best finger fucking she’d ever experienced.

“Brad told me that he’s fucking his mom and Vicky. I told him the next time he fucks his mom, I want to watch.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, I do. Does it bother you that other men fuck your wife?”

“No, it doesn’t. In the beginning, it did some but not anymore. Karen and I first met because of a wife swapping group and we still continue in our own way. We talked about our feelings and kept everything out in the open. We keep no sexual secrets from each other.”

“So you’re going to tell Karen what we’re doing this afternoon?”

“Yes, the same as you’re going to tell Brad.”

“Last minute to play in the first period,” came the announcement.

“I don’t think I’m going to last another minute. Wow where did that time go?” commented Abby.

“Time flies when you’re having fun.”

“And am I ever having fun!” she exclaimed squeezing the shaft of Dan’s cock, “If I could get away with it, I’d get on my knees and suck you off right now!”

“Now, that would be a sight!” Abby squeezed the shaft of his cock to the head getting a big drop of juice. She spread it around the head and began stroking him faster.

“Mr. Hayward, you’re getting me close!” Abby whispered loudly. She turned her head pressing her mouth to Dan’s left shoulder. There was a short pause then Abby exploded, her thighs in reflex motion to her climax as she washed Dan’s fingers with her sensual juices. The sounds of her cumming were muffled by her mouth pressing to Dan’s shoulder. Abby fought to breath between her spasms as he stroked her pussy with gentle, even strokes.

Just then the buzzer signalled the end of the first period. It was 2-1 for the River Rats over the Dragons with Jake Campbell scoring the Dragons goal. Brad looked for the first time up into the stands for Abby and his Dad and it took him a few seconds to spot them.

He thought it strange that Abby had her forehead to his Dad’s shoulder. What Brad didn’t know was that he was witnessing Abby in the midst of her climax from his dad’s fingers. He glanced at them several times as he skated off the ice.

“Your voice is soft and very sensual when you cum,” Dan complimented.

“Thank you,” she blushed. “I couldn’t let loose and yell like I wanted to like I do when I’m with my girlfriends.” Dan gently slid his fingers from their bath and brought them into the light. They glistened from Abby’s exotic cream.

He licked her sensual cum juice. “Mmm, tastes very good,” he smiled. Abby gave Dan a coy sexy smile as she put his fingers to her mouth and licked them too. He put his hand back down for a finger refill and licked them off again, “I’m looking forward to eating your pussy and making you cum that way too.”

“Same here,” she smiled.

“When you make me cum, you may want to put your hand over the head of my cock. I tend to shoot my cum out pretty far. I’d soak the underside of your blanket. Or better yet, point my cock down so it splashes on the floor. Can you stroke me a little faster?”

Abby did as he asked, increasing her rhythm and pointing Dan’s cock downward, “Not too fast now or someone will know for sure what you’re doing under the blanket.”

“Maybe I want people to know that I’m jerking you off. How’s this?” she asked, slowing the strokes.

“Perfect, keep going like that,” Abby stroked Dan’s hard cock squeezing it a little tighter. It was well lubricated due to his juices. “You’re going to be good for Brad,” he smiled to her.

“I’m glad. I want to be good for him and your whole family.” Dan gently slid his fingers out of Abby and gripped her leg. He put his right hand up covering his mouth. He let out a deep series of grunts and she stroked his cock faster. Her hand slipped off the shaft over the head and she felt a spurt of his warm cum hit the palm of her hand. She grasped her meat again and continued milking his cock. Her hand was slick from his cum juices and easily stroked his cock from its head to the base.

The feeling of her young hand stroking him as he climaxed was unbelievably good. “Oh man, that sure felt good! Thank you, Abby,” he sighed as his breathing calmed down.

“I’m happy that I could please you, Mr. Hayward,” she smiled. Abby cupped the head of Dan’s cock moving her wrist around in circles making his body jerk to the sensitivity. She slowly stroked it for a minute then she took her hand out from under the blanket and examined it.

Her hand was bathed in Dan’s cum lumping between several fingers. Dan watched her examine her fingers then she proceeded to lick them off. “I like the taste of your cum too, just like Brad’s,” she said. Dan then licked some of his cum off her hand.

“You eat your own cum too?” Abby began, “Oh that’s right, Brad told me you eat your cum from a woman’s pussy after you have fucked her. Are you going to eat your cum from my pussy after you’ve fucked me too?”

“Yes I am,” he envisioned.

“I’m looking forward to it very much!” she smiled. Dan couldn’t believe this incredibly beautiful and sensual young woman was anticipating them fucking.

Abby pulled the blanket aside to reveal Dan’s cloudy white splotches on the floor, “You’re right, your cum did shoot far and a lot of it too.” Dan made sure he didn’t step in his mess on the floor. Abby put her hand back under the blanket and caressed Dan’s shrinking cock, “How soon before you can cum again?” she enquired.

“Why, have you got plans?”

“I’m hoping to jerk you off again before the game is over.”

“Maybe you can again in the third period but in midget hockey, the first two periods are straight time.”

“What’s the most number of times you’ve cum in one day?” she asked.

“Laura and Karen made me cum ten times in about a twenty-hour span. They gave me mostly blowjobs to be easier on my cock.”

Brad could feel the effects from less exercise on his legs at the end of the first period and welcomed the short rest. The left winger he faced on the Dragons was Jake Campbell, their best player. He is their leading scorer and has his team’s first goal.

Brad and Jake weren’t strangers on the ice. Besides playing against each other in the Midget League, they’d been teammates on several tournaments and had a healthy respect for the others talents.

“What’s come over you?” Scott questioned sitting beside Brad in the dressing room. “I’ve never seen you play like that in the five years I’ve known you. You weren’t selfish and arrogant, using your own words.”

“The past week has completely changed my whole life, my whole way of thinking. My dad played junior hockey in Hamilton years ago. After watching just one game, he made me realize what I’m really like as a player and friend to you guys. He showed me ways to change, to become a better hockey player but more importantly to become a better person.”

“Well, it’s sure is working. That was the best period of hockey I’ve ever seen you play!”

“Thanks, Scott,” and they high-fived each other. “Besides, I also recently met a really incredible girl. Do you know of Abby Kendall from our school?”

“Are you kidding me? She’s got to be the hottest looking chick at Forrest Park!”

“Abby and I are now boyfriend, girlfriend and we’re going together.”

“You lucky bastard.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment. I don’t know if I’m a bastard or not. My mom was married when I was born. It’s just that her husband wasn’t my real dad.”

“Wow that must be awkward and I thought I had troubles... ,” Scott remarked letting his comment trail off. Scott took a water bottle from his hockey bag and went to the washroom.

“Ok team. This period, press them hard and build on that lead,” The coach said beginning his usual pep talk. Scott returned and Brad could smell fresh alcohol on him. Scott put on his shoulder and elbow pads and patted them into place. He put on his sweater for the second period and stood ready to leave.

“Scott,” Brad said touching him on his left arm. “Are you okay?” their eyes locked briefly.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he replied in a monotone voice.

-”Yeah, like hell you are,”_ Brad thought to himself.

Dan’s cock had shrunk to its original size so Abby put it back inside his pants. She put her purse on her lap and took out several towelettes she keeps handy and they wiped their hands clean ready for the next round of exploring. There was a long moment of silence that neither wanted to continue. What would they talk about?

Abby took Dan’s left hand and put it under the blanket on her right leg. “I like you touching me Mr. Hayward,” she said and Dan casually rubbed her leg just inches from her pussy.

The players returned from the short intermission for the second period, “Let’s go, Brad!!” Abby yelled cupping her hand to the sides of her mouth. Brad heard the cheer of encouragement and raised his stick by the shaft acknowledging his love.

Brad started the second period, like the first, playing hard, fast hockey. The River Rats had a power play at the five-minute mark and Brad, as usual, took control from the point. This time, however, it was no longer all about just him. He and Scott exchanged passes several times trying to get the other team out of position. Brad passed to his left winger while Scott snuck lower towards the left faceoff circle. Brad took the return pass.

At this point, he’d usually move in on the goal and try to score all by himself. This time he feathered a perfect pass between the two checking forwards. Scott one-timed his massive slap shot and scored high on the goalie’s stick side. Their bench erupted in cheers as did Abby and Dan. Rats 3-1 and one goal, two assists for Brad.

“Man, what a beautiful pass!” Scott exclaimed pointing his left gloved hand at Brad.

“I’d hate to stand in front of that shot,” Brad replied touching helmets with him and patting his shoulder.

“Your slap shot is like a rocket too.”

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