by HAL

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Sex Story: Ian, 14, is joined by two female cousins when their guardian becomes ambassador to China. And then his real education starts.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   .

“Ian, here is your cousin Candice; and her cousin Monique. Take your head out of your book and welcome them.”

In this perfunctory way I was introduced to these two young ladies. I was just fourteen, two weeks previously in fact. I had received Mr Darwin’s new book as a present and was intent upon re-reading it to gain the maximum understanding of his ideas. He was building upon others’ theories of course, but he had drawn them together and presented a fascinating whole.

Candice was my cousin by my father’s brother’s marriage to a French noblewomen of some considerable renown and beauty. When she died when Candice was young, all of Paris mourned. That Sir Archibald had already taken on his wife’s niece as a ward simply meant he had two young girls to bring up, which he did with seeming success for five years. Now he was appointed ambassador to the court in China. He considered such a move unsuitable for impressionable girls and my father, his brother, was importuned to take on the role of guardian, something he did willingly and happily as he had always wanted some daughters. His wife had had a difficult time with my birth and was advised to avoid further pregnancy, so he was left with a single child. When I say that I was not spoilt in the slightest as the result of this, whereas Candice and Monique had been spoilt badly by their parent, you will understand that our upbringing was not similar.

They arrived with Mrs Danvers, a shapely, attractive, dark-haired, 25 year old governess. She was a strict disciplinarian of whom I was grateful to not be under her control. I attended the local school as a day, fee-paying pupil; the two girls received their education – mostly drawing, needlework, French and religious studies – from Mrs Danvers. She was, I understood from Mama, a young widow who had lost her only child when he was only two. I was given this information within a lecture on how I had to offer her great respect. I already treated ladies with honour and felt I had no more respect to offer unless the recipient earned it; but I said nothing and attempted to obey her desires.

I was serious, scientific and thoughtful. I liked nothing more than to study the actions of the foxes at play as they learnt to hunt, or dissect a rabbit to understand its workings. I liked to think on the greatness of creation in the stars that surrounded us. My two new ‘friends’ were interested in the latest fashions and which ribbon to tie their hair. But they were young and very pretty and my father’s head was turned by their fifteen year old (for they were both the same age) simpering good looks. My mother was made of sterner stuff, she could see there were some dangers in burgeoning breasts being displayed too visibly to one such as me. Even if I was interested in science, I was not uninterested in female beauty. She kept a close eye on us but deemed it unlikely that anything really ill could happen if the two girls chaperoned each other. She had not taken account of my devious and scientific nature, nor the willingness of seemingly demure young ladies to explore the seamier side of life.

Although delightful to look at, their natures had unfortunately not been directed down the narrow way of honesty and probity. Their spoilt years with their father/guardian had led them to feel privileged and above reproach. In short, their pretty faces were not reflected in pretty natures. Here perhaps I should describe them, to give the reader a better idea of how they could so easily dissemble to a man. Both had straw blond hair, Candice’s flowed in tresses to fully four inches below her shoulders, whilst Monique’s, though a similar length, was as straight as straight – something she regretted mightily and often attempted to induce it to wave with tongs. She was often told how she might damage her hair though she never listened. In the summer they both wore straw hats out of doors with holes in the top; their hair was pulled through to maintain that pale, bleached appearance, whilst their faces were protected from the sun and remained attractively pale. Their faces were alike, almost as sisters might have been, though not twins since Candice had grey eyes with an assessing look and Monique had dazzling blue eyes. These two features, hair and eyes, which so often are what a man sees alone when he views a woman, were therefore distributed such as to make them equally attractive to their opposite sex. Noses were small, almost button like and a mouth of youthful red lips encompassed perfect teeth. All complemented by high cheeks with a hint of rose and necks of graceful swans. They easily captivated attention. And their bodies were of similar delight. Though always entirely covered from neck to toe of course, yet they had busts that would not be hidden, even in such young forms, and waists of perfect slimness and hips which they effortlessly swayed in the alluring way a full-grown woman has. Candice was tall for a lady, only one inch shorter than myself I should say (though I am only a not impressive five foot and nine inches); Monique was perhaps two inches shorter than her. I confess that the less bookish part of my nature was smitten with lust, though not love; my love was reserved for the lady scientist who I was later honoured to call my wife. Her looks held not a candle to these shallow beings, but her mind was infinitely greater, indeed nearly as great an intellect as a man’s I fancy; though you may think that overstating the case.

The first intimation of their natures was when a vase was broken. Despite them being the only occupants of the room at the time, they both denied absolutely knowledge of how the vase was broken. Suspicion fell, and was allowed to remain upon, the scullery maid who had discovered the breakage on coming to clean the fireplace. Mother and Father were both happy to accept the word of their charges.

A second incident should have made my parent’s suspect these two, but it did not. When the window of the greenhouse was broken, the gardener was sure he heard girlish laughter; yet instead the blame fell upon the parlour maid, who was punished unfairly. I perceived that in these events the two girls had lost any goodwill from the servants, which was made worse by their high-handed ways of dealing with staff. They were careful to avoid being too rude in front of Mama, though I think she began to suspect they were not the angel-replicas of the stained glass in our church that they purported to be. Papa was away too much to notice.

Summer holidays arrived and it was clear that I was expected to entertain these two girls. I had received an invitation to Bertie B-’s estate in Scotland and felt miffed that I had to turn him down. He had promised to show me how to shoot a red deer. We occasionally went hunting in Sussex, but the quarry was usually rabbits and the weapon an 8-bore shotgun, the chance to use a real gun to bring down such an animal seemed too good to miss, but it was not to be. In the week before summer break began, Mama took a summer cold as we thought. In five days she rapidly declined and was bed-bound for weeks. Her recovery was slow, but thankfully always upwards; after the initial fright there was no fear for her demise, but she was unable to take any interest in domestic life. Father continued to be busy in the City, though I did notice he made more efforts to be with us at weekends. I believed this was due to Mama’s illness but found later it was not, or not entirely. Thus the housekeeper, whose role as second gaoler with my mother I had often resented, was overly busy with caring for Mama and ordering the house. A small silver lining was that my mornings were therefore entirely free – the girls having lessons until lunchtime.

It was noticeable that Mrs Danvers took considerably less interest in the girls’ studies in the afternoon and the reason slowly became apparent; her morals were not all they might be. Perhaps she had found the stress of widowhood and losing her child too much; or perhaps, Candice suggested, she had been drinking and that had resulted in a fatal flaw in her care of her child. This seemed a cruel sentiment to express, but, for whatever the reason, she would take her luncheon alone in her room and clearly come out the worse for drink. If Mama had been well I am sure Mrs Danvers would have been dismissed. As it was we three often contrived to go walking in the afternoon as Mrs Danvers slept the alcohol off.

Walking one glorious summer day past the horse fields we descried the stallion Bucephalus fully rampant and excited. His priapus extended fully two feet below him as he smelled a mare in season in the nearby field. It was indeed the intention to introduce them to each other, but it became clear that Bucephalus might not wait for a formal introduction. Monique leant to Candice and whispered something, whereupon they both looked at me and laughed. I perceived that they were comparing my likely physiology with that of the horse – a comparison that any man would lose. We watched the stallion, for myself I was amazed that the horse could run in that state. Then the groomsman came and, not noticing us in the woods by the field (else perhaps he would have delayed to spare the girls), opened the gates connecting the fields. After some brief ‘banter’ between the horses, the stallion mounted the mare and enthusiastically buried his rod all the way into her. I looked at the girls; who looked shocked. Was this, they seemed to be thinking, what they had to look forward to in married life? It looked uncomfortable and unpleasant, even I agreed with that. We walked on and eventually Candice summed up courage and said “I thought it was done face to face. I’m sure I was told that”. You will perceive that she lacked a certain logicality; how could she have ever expected animals such as a horse to perform that act face to face?

Here I was able to put her mind more settled, though it was tempting to embellish to unsettle her, “Generally it is in humans” they looked at me “That is to say, the human, umm, receptacle is nearly midway, front and back and so can be addressed either way” They both looked unsure, and then curious.

“Show us yours, your rod I mean” said Candice. I demurred. A man, a gentleman, does not show a lady his stick, often even in marriage she might only feel it under the bed covers. “Please. We’ll show you ours too, won’t we Monique?” Monique nodded and smiled; they both begged and batted their pretty eyes, promising a view of their own private places, and I, as shallow and un-orientated as any sexually starved man may be, agreed.

Now it is true I was curious to see the makeup of a young lady, I took little persuasion and then we ventured off the path a little, into some thicker bushes, where I dutifully dropped my trousers to display my erect cock. They looked with various expressions; “Now you two” I said. They laughed and ran off. I was not entirely surprised but had hoped they might be willing. I was determined, though, to have my revenge.

I am not some hot-headed fool who charges into a fray without thought; I planned and thought. For the immediate, I pulled up my trousers and ran to catch them in the open field beyond the gardens. There we proceeded as if nothing amiss had occurred.

Mama was being given a sleeping draught to help her at night. The small bottle of some chemical remedy was measured out in a dose and mixed with water. The medicine was apparently tasteless and certainly colourless but appeared to have the desired effect and helped my mother in gaining strength. It was a small act, easily accomplished, to decant a little of the tincture into my own bottle. A day or two later I perceived my opportunity. Mrs Danvers had re-appeared, staggered a little and announced she had a slight headache and would retire for a rest. We were just starting our luncheon – the girls having been slow in completing their morning’s work; and I had waited on their coming. Adding a drop or two to their drinks I had now to ensure we left for a walk quite soon, before the effects began to tell. Luck was again on my side as the horse Bucephalus was again reported to be in the field by the woods and these naughty girls were keen to view his great extension again if possible. They were therefore ready to go for a stroll quickly after luncheon.

The maid who came in to clear the table leant to me and quietly said “Excuse me young sir, you appear to have dropped a bottle from your pocket.” The small medicine bottle had indeed fallen from my pocket. Discovery would have meant my ruse would have been discovered and I soundly beaten. Now it is commonly and mistakenly assumed that a lack of education in the lower classes and a lack of intelligence were one and the same; this maid showed this error. Her look at me and then at the young ladies showed that she immediately perceived I had some nefarious purpose in mind (though she did not know the nature of the liquid in the bottle). Holding no strong affection for the ladies at that time she opted neither then, nor later, to clarify for them their predicament. I was exceedingly grateful to her.

We walked towards the fields, in amongst the woods and hedges, and there the young ladies found tiredness overtaking them and opted to sit on the mossy, green sward in a sheltered (hidden) arbour. In moments later they were both asleep. I had given them only a small dose and had no way of knowing how fast it might wear off so I needed to move quickly. That morning I had spent making preparations, and had secreted some ropes nearby. I had to run to the place, retrieve the ropes and return. Then it was a matter of a few moments to tie their wrists together and attach them to the nearest tree. This at least meant they could not escape. Candice stayed sleeping as I carefully manhandled her to the tree and tied a rope around her middle and around the tree. Monique was already waking when I moved her and I barely had her secured before she was conscious again. She watched, initially bemused, as I banged some pegs into the ground. Then she perceived my purpose and told me she would scream unless she was released. I told her that to scream would be unwise; I did not threaten or explain; and this kept her silent a little longer. Once four pegs had been well banged in, I tied Candice’s ankles to two such that her legs were open at an angle of perhaps 30 degrees. Monique realised that she would be next and once again volunteered to scream. She delayed too long and I had one ankle tied before she resolved genuinely to raise the alarm.

“I would deem it unwise, Monique”

“Unwise for you, Ian. When this is known, you will be very soundly thrashed! I have no doubt”

“Neither have I my dear, yet, you should know that before help arrives you will be displayed from the waist down, as was our previous agreement. If the ostler or the ploughboy arrives at your calling, you will present as pretty a picture as he will remember for many a year.”

“Sir? You cannot be so rough to such ladies as us. We shall be ruined if you have your way”

“Rest assured, you shall be as virginal at the end as you are now. I have no conception whether one with such low principles is indeed a maid now”

“Of course I am, we both are! How dare you!” During this interaction I had proceeded to catch her other heel, tie it and attach it to the fourth peg. Now she too was pinned with her legs open, hers were perhaps 35 or 40 degrees of angle. Candice began to awaken and, discovering her position, embarked upon the same conversation (with which I shall not bore the reader). Though shallow and vapid, they were not stupid and both concluded that to call for help could result in a more embarrassing situation since, as I had pointed out, they would soon be entirely visible to the world. They were trusting, for the simple reason that they needed to trust, that I would be as good as my word and not deflower their virginal cunnies; I had no intention of breaking that trust, tempting as it might be.

I raised Candice’s skirts, watching her eyes, which became larger and larger and her stockings were exposed to above her knee, then her bare thighs; here I stopped briefly to caress her bare and trembling upper legs. They were not cold, I suspected the trembling was increasingly due to anticipation and decreasingly due to fear. My hands travelled up into the upper reaches under her dress and she felt, for the first time, a male hand touch her space between her legs. I was right in assuming it was anticipation. Clearly she had touched herself (and I think Monique and her had touched each other) and now the delight of having a male hand placed there was causing her increasing excitement. I smiled, removed one hand (for one hand was caressing her and other holding her thigh) and re-arranged my prick which was keenly wishing to escape my trousers. As I reached into my trousers, she clearly thought that now I would break my word – such are the thoughts of one with little honour herself, she assumed all would be the same. She relaxed again when she saw I was simply arranging my rock hard erection so it was not bent.

I continued now raising her skirts until her perfect slit appeared to my view. Around the slit a light covering of downy hair was visible, she was not fully a woman as I understood it; I had expected a delightful garden of curly hair, like I had once had the fortune to see on one of the servants. I had been in the hayloft of our farm when a maid – Joanna by name – had drawn one of the reapers in below me. I watched as she opened his trousers to release an impressive cock, then she willingly raised her skirts to allow him access. I had always been taught that a woman submits to this assault as a married duty or under duress; here I discovered women could be equally keen to achieve congress. This serving girl had a jungle of hair that all but hid her slit and he had encouraged her to place him inside her entrance to prevent him having to search for it. I watched the whole enterprise, aware that I should not, and learnt much that I had not known before – though it created many questions which were unanswered too.

Still, her nearly bald mound and slit were most attractive to view and I used my fingers to open her to see more.

“Oh, oh! You will tear me, pray be careful! I am not a bread roll to be torn open.” I said I was sorry, and by way of ironically saying sorry, I proceeded to kiss her in that place – as the nurse used to do when I was young, murmuring ‘there there, all better’. The reaction was not what I expected, for she gave an involuntary shiver and a moan of pleasure. It appeared that applying my lips to this slit was not objectionable to her. Once more I endeavoured to open her a little more, and pressed my lips to her lower ones. I inserted my tongue and tasted my first female juice; it was not particularly nectar-like, but its location made obtaining this taste most wonderful and I happily licked further. In response she showed herself to be keen for me to apply more of my mouth and tongue to her parts, which I was nothing loath to do. In this way we passed some considerable time, perhaps 10 or 20 minutes, the while she was becoming more excited and producing more of this fluid from her inner reaches. I would stop occasionally and look at her, her cunny now seemed to my eyes to glow and glisten red; frothy juices continually bubbled from one place, whilst just near it another hole stayed quiet. I surmised this was the place of insertion and the other was the place of lubrication. Remember dear reader, I was a young and ignorant fourteen year old, the detailed anatomy of the female of the species did not form part of the curriculum at St A- public school, and my dissections of rabbits (and once a cat) had not elucidated this area either. I attempted to open this second hole and the girl remonstrated with me. I tried to relax it but applying my tongue and she did indeed relapse into delirium. She told me later than having her piss hole thus licked was most pleasant, for of course that is what it was. I reverted to licking out the hole producing such copious fluids and then allowed my tiring tongue to wander a little. In this way we both accidentally discovered the pleasure of a woman’s clitoris being engorged by indirect persuasion and then stimulated by direct contact at the end. She arched her back and appeared to stop breathing, only whispering “I am dying...” I would have stopped if my desires had allowed me, but I was enjoying myself too much and at first did not realise the reaction I had caused. This too was well (for her) since I prolonged her orgasm to a very beneficial extent by virtue of my continued ministrations to her wet and leaky cunt. I had brought my first girl to orgasm and I was addicted, for the uncontrolled pleasure it brought was great. I was delighted to see such usually well-bred and controlled ladies reduced to the state of animalistic pleasure. It adds immeasurably to the pleasure of sex that a women, normally the soul of discretion and politeness, can be put so far out of her normal behaviour by such a simple means.

And so you may think this was the first girl dealt with. However, as she recovered her sensibility a little, I continued to lightly lick and kiss her as well as stroke her. It soon became obvious that her breathing was rising again and her flushed nature was once more becoming pronounced. Her face grew pink with exertion, her slit became, if possible, even more engorged and her leakage continued unabated. I perceived that she was rising to pleasure again and, my tongue being exhausted for the moment, I proceeded to stroke her. Whereupon she begged me to stroke, nay rub, her more vigorously. I rubbed her cunny hard and she all but shrieked when I rubbed on her little erect pimple. This, I learnt, was very sensitive. I enjoyed the sight of her face as ecstasy mixed with discomfort as I stimulated her sex directly. At length she begged me stop and I did so, content that I had seen this superior lady (as she saw herself) reduced to a strumpet begging for sexual release.

This then was my introduction to the sexual nature of girls. Far from being remote and dutiful in their approach to this form of intercourse, it appeared that a woman could be as rampant and excited as a man in achieving satisfaction. But I was a scientist; I realised that, however unlikely it might seem, my cousin could be an exception, an aberration (though a delightful one). I resolved to try the same experiment on my other subject.

And what of her? What had she been doing whilst I assailed Candice with pleasure? Monique had started to try and free herself, but then become totally distracted by the lewd and rude show taking place before her. She was convinced up to the end that I would not be able to control my animal desires – for girls are taught as many fantasies about men as boys are about women. She was surprised when I desisted without ravishing my comely cousin. Even now though, she was sure I would be overcome with desire and would rampage through her thin hymenal defence of her purity. She was more resistant to my attentions initially as a result; she was also clearly less keen to have her personal, private area viewed; she wriggled and squirmed but all to no avail. Eventually – because I enjoyed prolonging the moment – her legs were fully exposed. The same white stockings gave way to white flesh which in her case lead to a much more vegetated garden. This was the reason, that and the much more prominent lips surrounding her entrance. She was embarrassed, convinced that the fleshy lips and hairy covering would be unattractive to any man. In this she was partly correct I think, a woman’s slit, smooth and plain is still more of a draw I think; but I could not agree with her and upset her in that way. In addition, hers was only the second cunny I had properly seen. I was delighted with the view and unimpeded access – I had no doubt that, were she not secured, she would have fought to prevent me seeing; her hands would have endeavoured to cover herself. I confess that my baser nature did suggest I might avail myself of this lovely entrance. I could feel my cock leaking fluid in an attempt to lubricate a way in to her tunnel of delights; actually to any tunnel I think. But, true to my nature and my word, I simply set about her in the same way as our cousin. Having more protuberant fleshy parts, I was able to take these in my lips and suck, to her evident pleasure. Due to my tiredness and her reticence, it took perhaps half an hour to bring her to the state of excitement where she was producing much flavoursome juice from her reddened and engorged slit. Still, I felt, she resisted this forcible pleasuring of her; so I deliberately slowed my addresses. My stroking became lighter, I nipped her around and even within her cunny and she would jump and squeal with the sharp pain I imposed. I delighted in this for a while, enjoying how she was discomforted and excited to equal degree. She begged me to allow her to complete her climax, and I allowed her to get closer and then drift away. Finally I opened her slit with my fingers and vigorously licked her delectable flesh, moving up to her clitoris and that ultimate delight. She moaned with consummated pleasure and lay back in a sweaty and tired repose. I was tempted to bring her on again but did not, feeling perhaps she had experienced enough that day.

As we completed, her friend and relation implored me immediately to free her. “But why, my dear? What ails you?” I thought perhaps pins and needles had taken part of her body. But no, she was now in urgent need to spend water and wished some privacy from eyes – certainly from male eyes. I allowed myself some evil now and refused her.

“No, you must allow your fountain to appear as you are. If you are concerned for your clothing, I shall make sure it is raised high and clear of your piss”

“For shame sir! Have you no honour? Have you no principles?”

“Says the girl who allowed a maid to take her punishment for breaking a window, says the girl who has just allowed a boy to pleasure her”

“I was restrained!”

“Yet you allowed your blood to rise. Are you so prey to passions that you are unable to restrict yourself?” This was an unfair question of course, she was a woman and obviously more susceptible to passions and subjectivity. Still, I feel if she was wholly opposed to the experience I could not have brought her on twice. I lifted her clothing further up, and, to be more certain, placed my hand at her hole to redirect any spray away from her. Then I told her I would count to ten and then release if she had not started. Then she could piss all her clothing if she wished. She took the lesson and allowed her water to come. I confess that my slightly softening prick sprang again to guard-like attention at the sight of this pretty girl pissing onto my hand and a stream of water running from her groin. Candice was reddened with shame, and the more so for I let her finish and then licked my hand to taste the urine of the girl laid out before me.

The thought, sound, sight and smell of Candice urinating now prompted Monique to need the same and I performed the same function for her. This time I allowed my hand to become thoroughly wet and then tasted her by licking her wet slit. I raised my hand to her face and, when she demurred I wiped a wet finger across her moist lips. She whimpered but could not stop herself from licking her lips and tasting her own watery products. In a moment of even greater devilry I then made Candice similarly taste her cousin’s piss from my hand. I had the sense that she was less horrified at the prospect than she might have been.

Now came the time to release the two. I was aware that they had gained greater pleasure than I had intended from the escapade, but as luck would have it I would have other opportunities to redress the balance. The walk back was quieter than the walk out, and dinner that evening was similarly subdued; we three had all crossed the Rubicon I felt. For myself, it was a happy experience, perhaps they were still weighing it in the balance.

By the following day they had evidently decided that the balance was in favour of the good, for they appeared at breakfast happy and cheerful again. They whispered that they would willingly invoke the experiment again, though without the ropes. For myself I was entirely willing to take them to that pleasure again, but felt that there was still some punishment due for their double-dealing. The maid – Mary - who had not split on me still needed some recompense for the punishment she had earlier suffered, whatever it might have been.

It was a few days before the opportunity arose, but Mrs Danvers once more succumbed to sleep in the afternoon of the Monday. In those few days I had befriended Mary (the maid) and ascertained what her punishment had been. I was surprised to discover that the housekeeper had given her six strokes on her bottom with a hair brush. This seemed unfair since she was innocent; I offered her the chance to get revenge on the girls but she deemed it too risky, she said she would be happy to know retribution had been taken. We three walked away for a constitutional and I decided that this time the pleasure would be seasoned with a little pain.

We made our way to the same arbour where the young women had previously been introduced to the delights of a man stimulating their pretty pudenda. In the field Bucephalus was again prancing around, intent on demonstrating his impressive equipment. The very sight of his stiffened member seemed to enervate Candice and Monique, their attractive young busts moved up and down as they walked and I contemplated a desire to see these as well as their bottoms. At the secluded place they bade me undress but I, knowing what dissemblers they were and also how keen they were to be satisfied from my mouth and fingers, suggested they display themselves first. They said no. I said that in that case we should continue our walk as if I was all uninterested in seeing their slits of pleasure. Yet they were desperate to feel my tongue flicking them and my fingers opening them. Finally I suggested that we should all blindfold ourselves and undress together. They agreed and I offered to tie a kerchief round their eyes.

They, silly doxies, did not wonder why I had three clean kerchiefs upon my person. I tied one round my eyes and then raised it that I might attend to them. Once they were both blinded I promised to draw down my blindfold. All silly I am sure, yet we were three young people and such silliness was bound to appeal. Thus I got them blindfolded, before they knew what was what I had tied one of the girls by the hands and attached her to a tree. The other – Monique – un-blindfolded herself upon hearing the commotion, but I was strong and quick, I had her to the ground and bound her and once more attached to a tree. The difference was that the wrist binding for the two was at the front, not the back. In this way I threw a rope over a branch, tied it to the binding on their wrists and pulled until their arms stretched upwards and they stretched skywards nearly on tiptoes. Once again they thought their virginity was soon to be a past memory.

They were again relieved to find that was not my aim. I pulled up their skirts to reveal their bottom, front and back. They had to stand on tip toe as their arms were stretched taut. I cut a switch; not a good one it’s true, but it would suffice. Then I span them round to see their pretty bottoms from all angles. They thought I was teasing with my switch until the first strike hit. Then they knew.

“Best to stay silent ladies, I need hardly say that if you call and attract men then I shall scarper with haste. The men will therefore find two naked cunnies begging to be de-sexed and you shall be returned, damaged. With that warning I struck, first one, then the other. Each received 6 strokes, which I let them know was repayment on behalf of Mary. Then I gave each 3 more for their lying to father and mother; finally, when they thought it over, I delivered two more in punishment for not fulfilling their early bargain to disrobe when I did. The pure white of their bottoms was nicely crisscrossed by red lines from the switch. They had made occasional noises but had largely kept quiet for the reasons I had given them; but what I did was explain why they were being beaten. I suggested they might like to apologise to Mary for her sore bottom; and they agreed, after 7 strokes, finally, that they would indeed say sorry to her (and they did, knowing I would revisit their derrieres if they did not).

Having achieved this aim, I proceeded to part two of my plan. I approached Candice and began to stroke her cunny, which made her more amenable. She begged me to let her down, but I pointed out that she would find it uncomfortable on her sensitive bottom. Instead I loosened the ropes down a little and then I knelt and proceeded to orally and digitally encourage her between her legs. Once she was frothing from her lower lips and moaning with pleasure from her upper ones, I moved up her body and proceeded to un-fasten her gown. “What are you doing, oh! Oh! You shall not have my bubbies!”

“But I shall Candice. I will suck them and nibble them and lick them. I will see these mammaries that so inflame my passions when I see you walk. Then I shall continue with your enervation. Rest assured, I am sure your greater nakedness shall be of pleasure to you” And it was. When her nipples and white flesh was exposed, when I took her breast to my mouth and my hand to her other, when I nipped her breast and then pulled her nipple with my teeth; all this she found most pleasurable, or at least exciting to her nerves. When I returned to her cunny I could see she had indeed enjoyed it as she was leaking vastly. I avidly lapped her and nibbled her cunt until she exhorted me to rub her to bring her to climax, which I willingly did. As she reached that pinnacle, I pushed my two fingers deep into her anus and wiggled them “Ohhhhh!! Sir! Oooohhh!” was her response, followed by another spray of her piss as she lost control. As my fingers were removed, she lost control there too and released a substantial wind – she farted; which is not a ladylike action. I fell about laughing, and promised that she would smell mine one day. For her part, she seemed satisfied that the embarrassment of creating a bad smell for her neighbours was a price worth paying for the pleasure she received. From a different perspective I thought that smelling my cousins digested egestion products was a light punishment for the liberties I had taken.

Then to the second of the nymphs. Lifting her dress, it was clear that she found my sexual assault on her cousin quite enticing; she was fully damp between her legs; had she not been a virgin I have no doubt my cock would have slid in most easily. Once again I had to resist temptation. I unfrocked her bust and proceeded to the same treatment of her lovely young breasts; they stuck out with seemingly no influence of gravity on them. I conceived how lovely it would be to see them laced with my spend; but first I would keep my bargain. Thus I allowed my fingers to be fully coated with her wonderful juices; she thought I would suck them, or force her too, which I did firstly, then I recoated them and pushed two fingers deep into her bottom “Ohh! Sir! That is forbidden by church and state I am sure!”

“So am I, isn’t it wonderful that I can assail you thus, nevertheless. If you complain too much I shall push more fingers in. Now to the job in hand...” and with that I buried my face in her hairy cunt and delighted herself and me with the best tongue-frig she would probably ever have. My fingers in her bottom, meanwhile, I caused to enter and leave, enter and leave; simulating that act of lovemaking we all enjoy so much. It stimulated her too I think for she gave out a deep, long sigh and splashed my face with liquids, both vaginal and urinal I believe. I slapped her bottom to jokingly remonstrate, forgetting how striated and painful it was; of which I was reminded by her squeal of pain.

“Oh, Ian, please, do let us down. You promised to caress us without ropes and then broke your word. Surely we are recompensed for our earlier fib? Will you not in future allow our bodies freedom of movement? We shall be most compliant with your desires – save only the one restriction which you know” This was Monique, but Candice clearly agreed. I did not know if they understood how inventive mankind can be in variations on the sexual act, so resolved to test their promise in this way.

“Well, well, perhaps. Yet I do not know I can trust you. Here, I’ll lower you so you can kneel before me. You can prove your willingness by allowing my cock into this upper orifice” here I indicated their mouths. “I shall not spend in your mouth this time, either of you, but I shall spend upon your naked breasts. Are we in agreement to do this?” They both sheepishly nodded and I lowered them.

I started with Candice, she took my freed cock in her bound hands and then allowed it to penetrate her rosy lips. I confess that it took all my willpower to resist coming immediately. But I did not, I let her take me for 10 or so strokes and then transferred to Monique, beside her. In this was I was pleasured turn and turn-about by my semi-naked cousins (though the pedantic will no doubt say Monique was not my cousin). Eventually, when I could bear it no longer, I withdrew from Candice’s mouth and allowed my cock to spray her tits with lace. It was a most pleasant and delightful and almost faint-inducing experience. Then I used one of my clean spare kerchiefs to wipe down her lovely glistening jellies. I think she enjoyed it too, though I was not too worried if she did not. Happy now that they would comply with much of my increasingly lascivious thoughts, I released them and helped them re-arrange their dress to appear as young, innocent girls for our return to the house.

For two days the two girls sat carefully at breakfast, luncheon and dinner, and opted to stand much of the rest of the time. Mary, who could infer that they had received similar punishment to herself, looked happier than she had done for some time.

An event occurred which taught me that I was not the only one exploring the regions of ungentlemanly behaviour. It happened that father had returned for a few days. Saturday and Sunday were pleasant, Mama was still confined to her bed, but the colour had returned to her cheeks; father arranged for the mobile members of the family, including Mrs Danvers who was neither servant nor family but something in-between, to have a picnic on the Saturday. On Sunday we walked to Matins and walked back accompanied by the curate and his attractive young wife, a woman with modern views which made luncheon quite enervated. She believed both in votes for women and that women could do many jobs that were wholly or largely reserved for men. It made for a pleasant discussion where people held firm views but did not lose their tempers.

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