The Dynast Academy
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Most exclusive school in the world. Invitation only. Pre-K through college. Tuition: $128,500. Per quarter. Three international schools - - university, high school and the grooming school for younger students. Why did the richest and most powerful send their children to Dynast? One word: Connections. Life connections with the elite of the world. The usual academics plus everything from dressage to tango. Sex? Tons. Parents knew what to expect for their kids from their own experience.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Mother   Son   Brother   Daughter   Group Sex  

The Dynast Academy was founded in 1486 in the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany. It’s gorgeous 2600 acre campus was unique in Europe. While the Academy is located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, the land is not part of Germany. Nor France, nor Switzerland.

The Dynast Academy was its own small sovereign state. Governed by itself. In this case, Dynasty, as it was called in government halls around the world, was run by the Academy President. Who served for life and appointed his own successor. Or, currently, her own successor.

Dr. Hilda Hesse ran the country the same way she ran The Dynast Academy. Benign Aristocracy. Hers was the final word and she tried to dispense justice fairly. She was obeyed, beloved, admired and, occasionally, feared.

The pitch to prospective parents to encourage them to enroll their children in the expensive Academy was simple: there wasn’t any pitch. Invitation only.

Let’s say there are five families. Among the most successful, most powerful, richest families in the world. So what? They might receive an invitation, they might not.

Acceptance depended on a centuries-old formula. Wealth wasn’t enough. Power wasn’t enough. Connections, although that was why the rich and famous clamored for admittance, weren’t enough.

You were invited or you weren’t.


Well, honestly no one outside the Dynasts knew for sure. A million bucks? That wouldn’t cover even two years of tuition. Rumors floated around Dynast constantly and one whisper claimed that a billion dollars had done the trick.

Maybe so. The Dynasts weren’t stupid.

The Dynast Academy excelled in all things academic. It should for what it cost. The basics of course -- history, coding, art, languages, science -- but that wasn’t the raison d’être for the most exclusive school in the world. Hell, you could get a decent education lots of places.

No, the Academy concentrated on the connective tissue among the elite of the world. The daughter of a Prime Minister sitting next to the son of the president of Goldman next to a son of a Maharaja next to ... well, you get the idea.

The lifelong contacts forged at Dynast would open doors for decades. Would work on multiple levels, most of which were invisible to the regular world.

Education at Dynast wasn’t about learning. It was ... absorbing how to prosper. What the founders, at the time all Europeans, had decoded back in 1486 was that they didn’t meet most of their fellow movers and shakers until later in life. When most of them were as high up as they were going to be.

Back then, lives were shorter, travel was arduous, misunderstandings could lead to lifelong enmities. Why not start our children, children of already successful men, getting to know each other from the start?

No written records have been released by the Vatican, and certainly not by the sovereign country of Dynast, but it is widely accepted that Pope Innocent III was a behind-the-scenes broker when Dynast was formed and was accepted by the rest of Europe as a foreign country. There was no confirmation that the pope’s illegitimate son attended The Dynast Academy. Nor was there a denial. Of course there were no such rumors about his daughter. Girls were simply not considered good for much more than sex and childbirth back then.

One thing was for certain, the wars that ravaged Europe through the centuries didn’t touch Dynast. The sons, and later the sons and daughters, of so many of the world’s principals were enrolled there.

The Dynast Academy was ahead of its time. By several centuries. Today, there are a few thousand mega wealthy families who all seemed to know each other. They supported the same charities, vacationed in the same lush places, moved in the same circles.

Except when they didn’t. Even in the age of private jets and digital communications, there were often chasms between private Chinese billionaires and South American strongmen. Between women who ran fashion houses and men who mined blood diamonds.

Continuing its founding tradition, The Dynast Academy, gathered the children from disparate families, had them live, study, eat, sleep, play together. Because the ratio was two teachers to every one child, it was relatively easy to pair up kids whose parents wouldn’t know each other.

New relationships were encouraged, hell, expected. The teachers and administrators knew that the younger the kids were when they forged strong friendships, the more the relationships flourished later in life.

Even though very few people, even the German neighbors, had ever set foot on the tightly guarded Dynast Academy campus, everyone wanted to talk about sex. Delivery people were given the third degree because they were about the only visitors to the country.

Dynast was self contained with its own specialists who covered everything from medicine to farming.

Sex was a titillating topic anyway. But because Dynast was a sovereign country, with its own laws, no one could intrude to save the kids. If those rumors were true and if the younger kids needed saving.

The Dynasts didn’t deny anything. They didn’t acknowledge anything. They simply never responded. They were above inquiries from sordid media types. They had no marketing, no advertising, no PR. They neither needed nor wanted any of the international coverage that would be so easy to obtain.

All media requests went unanswered.

Sex. What exactly was known and what was rumored? Answer: it’s all rumors, no confirmations, no denials.

Hilda Hesse, the Academy President and leader of her small country, wasn’t a recluse. She was outgoing, socially active on an international scale, multilingual. At 35, she was a regal figure. Tall, 5’ 10,” slender, gorgeous. Lush auburn hair frame a model’s cheek-boned face. Wide swimmer’s shoulders, small, perky boobs. Tucked-in waist, taut butt, tiny, little-girl pussy. Long, long legs.

There was speculation among those who gossiped in The Dynast Academy (100% of the staff and students) about who was the father of Hilda’s 8-year old daughter and 6-year old son. Obviously the same man, the children looked too much like their mother and each other to have been fathered more than one fella.

Back to sex.

For starters, what were the living conditions? Was their adult supervision? Adult seduction? Adult involvement at all?

The younger kids, nursery school to preschool and then up through sixth grade, attended what everyone called the Grooming School. And if they weren’t being groomed for sex, why the fuck did the school have that moniker? God knows what was happening to those poor innocents.

Well, poor isn’t the best choice of modifier.

Once they graduated to the next school, which carried them through the equivalent of high school ... well sex would begin to sound more feasible then. Inevitable almost. With no parental supervision ... those kids were at the mercy of teachers, coaches, administrators ... they didn’t stand a chance.

University? Hell, everyone knew everyone fucked everyone else at college.

There were no graduation ceremonies, no diplomas, not even a list of graduates. Nor of any of the students.

Since Dynast graduates had no need for something so pedestrian as a resume, it was unclear to the normal world who had even attended the unique academy.

But ... young men and women -- 20, 21, 22 -- suddenly began appearing seemingly out of nowhere. The youngest vice president in the history of Chase. Deputy Mayor of Singapore.

A surprise appointment to a District court. To NATO. The youngest rector at Sorbonne, University of Paris.

But sex. The gossipers always returned to sex.

That the Dynast didn’t even acknowledge inquiries let alone respond to them was maddening. And it drove the oneway conversation to even deeper, even darker sexual speculation.

Did Dynast even have age-of-consent laws? No one knew, because no one knew of any laws. Gathering information about the sovereignty was impossible. Worse than any Hermit Kingdom.

So, speculation. Rampant speculation.

Virginity is lost at 14 years of age. No, 12. Ten. Younger, everyone knows that.
Oral sex is performed in grade school. No, preschool. Nursery.
Every girl is expected to have a baby out of wedlock. No, two. Five.
Brothers and sisters are required to fuck. In public.
Girls are only butt-fucked. Then their cherries are auctioned off.
If the Dynasts were aware of the rumors, they gave no indication.

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