My Darling Boxing Day Beauties Had Breasts as White as Snow

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2017 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: ** This is a sequel to "My Christmas Gifts Had Breasts as White as Snow." Please read that story first. ** Steve wakes up on Boxing Day snuggling with his beautiful platinum blonde lovers, 22-year-old Annukka and 14-year-old Astrid. They were genetically engineered and neuro-programmed to be his ideal females and presented to him as Christmas gifts. Even while Annukka and Astrid serve him, they encourage Steve to take more women and girls for his sexual pleasure. Will he?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   DomSub   MaleDom   Harem   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Lactation   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   Prostitution   .


This is a sequel to “My Christmas Gifts Had Breasts as White as Snow.” Please read that story before reading this one. Even though I begin this story with a brief summary of the preceding one, you’ll understand everything better and enjoy it more if you first read “My Christmas Gifts Had Breasts as White as Snow.”

Christmas was always disappointing to me. Even as a child, my avid anticipation of the biggest day in the Kid Calendar was always tinged with uncertainty and then soured by disappointment. I didn’t get the things I really wanted and had so desperately hoped for. I often got things I never wanted and never would have asked for. I had to feign happiness over gifts from my parents that gave me no joy at all, simply to protect their feelings. My sense of being obligated to maintain this false face for their sake only deepened my own sadness, which flowed beneath the surface of the day like effluent coursing through city sewers.

Even as an adult, things didn’t change much. In some sense I was older and wiser, yet in another sense I was always a disappointed little kid. My adult Christmases seemed so often to coincide with romantic breakups. My latest girlfriend and I would have been trying for months to keep things going for the holidays so we’d each at least have someone to take to parties at work, and with friends, and with family, and not be alone on New Year’s Eve. Yet this effort usually failed. Our unsatisfactory relationship became too big of a burden for us to bear. And so we strangled it, like a holiday mercy killing.

Christmas had always been disappointing until this year. This year, on Christmas Eve, I received a dream come true Christmas gift. Two gifts, actually. Their names were Annukka and Astrid, a pair of platinum blonde beauties. They were given to me by Agemo, a man from the far future who arrived in a UFO. Really! Anyway, I described all that in my report on my greatest Christmas EVER, when I took possession of 22-year-old, buxom Annukka and 14-year-old shapely Astrid with their breasts as white as snow. I am now their Lord and they my fully-trained, dedicated sex partners and lovers. I finally got what I most wanted for Christmas: my ideal women whose only goal in life is to make my every dream of sexual pleasure come true!

Christmas day was paradise. Everything went right. During the whole Christmas Eve night before, Annukka and Astrid had showed me how good they were in bed. Every kind of sex that I’d only fantasized about became real with the two of them. Oral, anal, and vaginal sex were continually on offer. I got whatever I asked for. I even got fresh breast milk! Annukka’s 44 G-cup breasts were lactating, which fed my breast fetish something wonderful as I sucked Annukka’s snow-white, pink-nippled breasts until I drained them dry. Astrid’s teenaged body proved to be a special realm of delight when I deflowered the 14-year-old. I could go on and on about what we did that night. But you get the picture, don’t you?

On Christmas Day we were tired but happy and sexually sated. Agemo brought us breakfast. He also gave me more gifts, which I had never expected. These were all related to my enlistment in the Great Work, a time-traveling effort of mind-boggling proportions. In this project, the human race of the far future has reached back in time to recruit people like me to help humanity engineer a specific configuration of the universe so that, in the far future, it will collapse in the specific way that generates an eternal bubble of time. All of humanity will take refuge in that eternal time bubble where a new universe will exist—a universe engineered for the personal happiness of every single individual human being. We will all get everything we want. We will enjoy perfect satisfaction of every desire, dwelling forever in love, in sexual pleasure, in sensual delights, in aesthetic ecstasies, in transports of the mind, and in joy unlimited, world without end. Annukka and Astrid will join me there along with a harem of other beauties I intend to acquire.

Now that’s a project worth joining, don’t you think? So, I became a member of the Great Work team. As such, Agemo gave me many resources to help me. He infused my body with ultra-tiny machines smaller than a human cell. In my mind’s eye, they seem like billions and billions of tiny stars swirling in the galaxy that is my body. Even now they are regenerating my body to give me perfect health, great longevity, superior strength, enhanced sexual powers, and God knows what other capabilities which Agemo promised to reveal in due course. He also gave me lots of money, since my full-time job will now be the Great Work project. And he gave me a silver key fob that has no buttons. Agemo explained that this fob will be necessary temporarily until the tiny star machines had given me its power within my own body. And what is that power? The power to control people. The fob will allow me to make people say and feel and do whatever I need them to as part of the Great Work.

Agemo also encouraged me to use the fob for my own enjoyment. He said that if there is some girl I’ve always wanted, I can take her for a spin with this device. Afterward I can erase her memory of the event if I want to. Agemo emphasized that my personal pleasure is important. He said that in order to do my part in the Great Work, I must become a man of great pleasure. Only great pleasure can prepare me for the demands of the Great Work. I’m on board with that!

Anyway, that brings us to Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. I hadn’t grown up with the British custom of Boxing Day, although I had heard of it. Boxing Day only became real for my life today when I woke up before dawn in my king size bed on December 26th with my two platinum blonde beauties, big-breasted Annukka and teenaged Astrid cuddled up against me. Their warmth, softness, snow-white skin, platinum blonde hair, and feminine fragrance was pure heaven.

As I lay there in the darkness, I recollected a dream I had had shortly before. In the dream, I had arrived at the End of the Universe when everything was collapsing except for the Eternal Time Bubble that Agemo had described to me. Billions upon billions of burned-out galaxies full of the cinders of dead stars were being drawn by cosmic gravity towards a central, gigantic black hole in which space-time was reduced to a Singularity. Right on the knife-edge event horizon of that black hole was a rainbow-hued bubble spinning around like a merry little top. In the dream, I saw a human figure standing on the surface of that bubble, in the crazy way that things happen in dreams. He waved to me. I drew closer until I recognized the man as Agemo. He gestured for me to join him. I did so. As we stood together in the dream, Agemo said “Welcome to the Eternal Time Bubble as the End of the Universe. I have prepared a place for you inside.” A trap door opened up on the surface and I looked inside the bubble. There was an entire universe inside! Bright, lively galaxies filled the space inside, arranged in sheets and filament too vast to count or fully describe. Agemo said “We need a telescopic view.” Suddenly my vision zoomed in for close-up of one group of about 50 galaxies. Agemo pointed to a single galaxy in that group. “See that large galaxy over there? That’s yours, Steven. Over 200 billion stars and more than 86 billion planets. That should give you enough playgrounds to enjoy yourself in for a while, don’t you think?” Awestruck, I didn’t know what to say. Agemo said “Steven, you haven’t really known pleasure until you have taken full possession of your first planet. Every beautiful thing in it will be yours. The entire population can consist of your harem of as many women and girls as you please, plus whatever male friends you wish to permit as visitors. And then your enjoyment will double with your second planet. I cannot tell you how wonderful you’ll feel then. And how much more wonderful you’ll feel when you’re on your hundredth planet. And thousandth. And ten thousandth. Even then, you’ll still have barely scratched the surface of possibilities that lie ahead with the rest of the 85,999,990,000 or more planets left to occupy and enjoy.”

Then I woke up. It was long before dawn. The clock read 1:55 AM. My naked beauties Annukka and Astrid lay with me. I kissed each of them. They stirred from sleep and asked me the question they always ask, “How may we serve you, Lord?” I told them that I’d just had a marvelous dream of the far future, in which Agemo showed me the Eternal Time Bubble. They both smiled at that and told me how wonderful it will all be then. Then Astrid asked, “May I give you a blowjob, my Lord?” Before I could answer, Annukka said “My breasts are engorged with milk, my Lord. Would you like to suck my tits, or should I pump my milk and refrigerate it for later?”

I smiled at the perfect responses of my two dedicated sex partners and lovers. They had been genetically engineered before birth and neuro-programmed thereafter to completely match my ideal for what women should look like, how they should feel, how they should act, and what they should want to do. They were literally made for me, according to my desires. And over the past 30 hours or since Christmas Eve and throughout Christmas Day, they had demonstrated perfect fidelity to my desires.

“Blow me, Astrid” I said to then 14-yer-old, who swiftly moved down to my crotch, took my dick into her mouth, and began sucking with incredible skill.

“Give me your tits” I said to 22-year-old Annukka, who lifted her 44 G-cup tits toward my face. Using both hands, she bent her snow-white breasts together so that her large areolae and perfectly shaped pink nipples were side-by-side. Annukka squeezed her breasts to express initial drops of milk. I sucked hungrily at the platinum blonde’s big beautiful udders, drinking in every drop of her precious tit milk. At the same time, Astrid took my dick all the way into her mouth and then around the bend into her throat. I was in ecstasy as the gorgeous teenager deepthroated me while the big-breasted beauty nursed me with her enormous milky white tits.

We continued this way for quite some time. Annukka and Astrid gave every indication they were enjoying themselves as much as I was. I knew they were, because this is how it had been from the very start between them and me. The more pleasure they gave me, the more pleasure they experienced. They were truly dedicated to me in ways that went far beyond any mere promise of loyalty. They were literally programmed at the deepest levels of biology and psychology to want to give me pleasure and happiness as their highest goal. Only when they succeeded in achieving that goal could they be totally happy. So Astrid and Annukka strove every minute of every day to serve me in any and every way that pleased me.

Soon enough I felt my orgasm approaching. I sucked Annukka’s enormous lactating breasts even harder. Astrid pumped her head swiftly, taking my dick from her mouth to her throat and back again like a teenager possessed by an oral obsession. The 14-year-old platinum blonde practically worshipped my dick with her mouth and throat like she was the priestess of some religion of oral sex. Big-breasted Annukka practically forced the pink nipples of her gigantic white udders into my mouth, saying “Please suck and bite my tits, my Lord! Use me! Use my tits! They belong to you! I belong to you! We only live to serve you, Lord! Only you!”

I loved hearing that! I sucked Annukka’s tits with wild abandon, biting them too. And then my orgasm erupted volcanically into Astrid’s mouth and down her throat. The teenager kept licking and sucking and deepthroating me as I came and came. I am still amazed at the incredible oral skill of this little 14-year-old beauty!

Both Astrid and Annukka writhed and shook with pleasure as I came down the youngster’s throat. My orgasm gave them orgasms. All I needed to do to bring my two dedicated sex partner lovers to complete sexual satisfaction was to achieve my own sexual satisfaction. My pleasure was theirs. They both thanked me over and over for allowing them to serve me. As they always do. I kissed them both, multiple times. They responded in kind, kissing me back with such tenderness and love that my heart was nearly bursting with joy.

Then we snuggled up again. I looked at the clock. It was 2:30 AM. We went back to sleep. That was hours ago. Now the sun has risen above the horizon on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.

I yawned, stretched, and wriggled a bit in bed. That’s all it took to wake Annukka and Astrid. “Good morning, Lord” they said, always trying to speak it together in unison. I had noticed this since yesterday, our first morning together. The first girl to speak would begin saying the first word of the greeting slowly, in a drawn-out manner, which gave the other girl time to join in. Still, they would have never have been able to manage this so perfectly if they had not been trained and pre-programmed for it, I thought.

And, as on the previous morning, and throughout that day (and every day after that, as I would soon discover) their next words following their greeting of me were always “How may we serve you, Lord?”

I smiled. “I love you girls” I said. “I love owning you as my dedicated sex partners and lovers. You two beauties are absolutely perfect.”

Annukka and Astrid drank in my praise of them like fine champagne. They smiled and kissed me and hugged me. And then the begging began. As usual.

“Please let me serve you, Lord, I beg of you” said Annukka. “My mouth, my cunt, my ass, my tits, my whole body and being are at your service.”

Astrid piped up “My Lord, I’m begging you too! Please command me. Use my body. I’ll do anything you want. ANYTHING! Your slightest wish is my command. Nothing is too dirty or degrading for me to do for you, Lord. You own me, body and soul.”

I kissed each of my perfect lovers on the lips. “I do appreciate your willingness to serve me” I said. “And I really like the begging. Keep that up. Never stop it. I always want you begging me to allow you to serve me.” I kissed each of them again. “It does wonders for my ego to get this kind of service from beautiful women instead of the sort of treatment I used to get from women who weren’t even half as pretty as you two.”

I paused for a moment and stared at the ceiling. “What I would like right now are some answers” I said. “I know that Agemo said he would be training me in days to come, mostly by telepathy. And he said you two beauties would also be training me. But up close and personal. Which is perfect!” I kissed my perfect lovers again. They sighed with loving gratitude and quiet joy. “Now what I want to know is the answers to certain questions. Maybe you can answer them. Or maybe I’ll have to wait to get the answers to some of these questions from Agemo.”

Annukka spoke up. “Please ask your questions, Lord. We will answer all that we can.”

“OK” I said. “Question one: Since Christmas Eve, and all during Christmas Day, and even into the wee hours of today, I have been having sex with you two gorgeous girls over and over and over. At first, on Christmas Eve, I felt myself get tired after ejaculating. I had to wait a couple of hours at least before I could cum a second time. And then many more hours before I could cum a third time. That’s why I held back from ejaculating during most of the episodes when we fucked. But after Agemo made me drink that liqueur containing the microscopic sun machines that invaded and regenerated my cells, I’ve been feeling more and more energetic. My erections rise more often and last longer. After I cum, it doesn’t take long before I’m ready to cum again. Am I right to assume it’s those nanoscopic sun machines that are doing this to me?”

Annukka answered my question. “Yes, Lord. Astrid and I have the same machines inside us. They make us super-healthy and super-sexy. We can have sex over and over and over with you, and we never get sore.”

Astrid said “The machines keep us lubricated whenever you desire to have sex with us. Our vaginas don’t dry out. And our throats don’t get sore from giving you deepthroat oral sex.”

Annukka continued “And our anal passages do not require artificial lubrication when you sodomize us. The sun machines also keep everything hygienic. There is no health danger from anal to oral contact. You can buttfuck us any time you like. We will always suck you clean afterwards. It tastes foul but it’s all fair.”

Astrid said cheerily “We offer you unlimited ass-to-mouth blowjobs, my Lord.”

Annukka added “And we always swallow.”

I smiled from ear to ear. Wrapping an arm around each of them, I squeezed Annukka and Astrid close to me while saying “You girls are the BEST!” They cooed with happiness over my praise of them as they peppered my cheeks with kisses.

I gave a deep sigh of complete and utter satisfaction. I had never — not even in my wildest dreams! — imagined that such supreme sexual pleasure and perfect romantic satisfaction could come to me. And not simply with one amazing woman, but with two. I didn’t think this could happen in my lifetime. Or ever, for that matter!

“Girls” I said. “Today is Boxing Day. Do you know what that is?”

They did not. So, I explained. “Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated on the day after Christmas Day. It originated in Great Britain. And it goes back many centuries. It was customary for tradespeople to collect ‘Christmas boxes’ of money or presents on the first weekday after Christmas. This was a way to thank them for good service throughout the year. This custom also applied to the household staff. Since they would have to wait on their masters on Christmas Day, the servants of the wealthy were allowed to visit their families on the next day, and their employers would give each servant a box to take home containing gifts, bonuses, and food.”

Annukka and Astrid listened to me with rapt attention. I couldn’t tell whether they knew where I was headed with this little history lesson, or simply adored me so much that they would listen to whatever I said with full attention. So, I pressed on. “You have only been serving me since Christmas Eve, not for a whole year, but I’d still like to give you something for Boxing Day. I don’t know what you’d like, though. Ask me for something. If it seems reasonable, I’ll give it to you.”

Astrid and Annukka looked at one another. Wicked smiles swept over their faces. They nodded to one another. Then the younger one spoke first.

“I’d like to give you a blowjob, my Lord” said Astrid. “And if you wouldn’t mind, could you cum in my mouth again? Swallowing your heavenly cum is my favorite thing!”

Annukka said “I have two things in mind, my Lord. I can’t decide which to ask for. I’d really like it if you fucked me up the ass again. I promise to suck you clean afterward. And would it be too much to ask you to cum in my mouth, too?” There was pleading in her deep blue eyes. “But I also like something else. I like when you suck my tits while I lactate. That feels incredible! I love it when you suck one tit after the other until you suck me dry. And bite them. Hard. Squeeze and bite and use my tits hard while you suck them. I feel so completed and satisfied when you treat them rough while you suck my tits dry. I feel like the purpose of my tits has been fulfilled, when you use them as your personal property and exploit them for all they’re worth.” Annukka paused and bit her lower lip. “But I don’t know which thing to ask for—to get sodomized and then give you an ass-to-mouth blowjob, or to beg you to suck my tits dry while abusing them?”

My head was spinning with the wonder of it all. My two perfect platinum blonde beauties were each asking me to do the exact things that I enjoy doing most. They were asking me to do them a favor by doing exactly what I like! Could things get any better than this?

“Well” I said in a slightly theatrical tone, as if I were some gruff boss listening to a couple of employees who were asking for a raise, “I’ll have to ponder your requests.” Then, unable to maintain the ruse, I burst out laughing. “Of course, I’ll grant your wishes, my darlings!” I said. “Blowjobs and buttfucks and tit sucks until your udders are dry—I’ll do it all!”

My perfect servants—my dedicated sex partners and lovers—erupted in joyous praise for me, their Lord, the man who owns them body and soul. They kissed me repeatedly and thanked me effusively, over and over again.

After they had settled down a bit, I told Astrid and Annukka that they would have to wait to receive their Boxing Day gifts until after we had showered and eaten breakfast. All the sex we had been having burned up a lot of calories. And I was getting pretty hungry.

Annukka and Astrid smiled sweetly. Annukka said “Of course, my Lord. We are not greedy. We are patient. We await your pleasure. Do with us what you will, whenever you will it. Command us and we will obey.” Astrid added “Your slightest wish is our command. You don’t have to go out of your way on Boxing Day, just for us.”

I hugged my perfect lovers again. “Excellent” I said. “Let’s shower first. I like how you two worked together to wash me in the shower yesterday.”

Astrid asked “Do you only want us to wash you? Can we perform the other services too?”

I laughed. “Oh, yes! Yes, you can. I always want you to perform those other services for me in the shower too.”

We got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I turned on the shower water until it got warm, and then we all stepped in. The two girls had a technique for a three-person shower that was like a well-coordinated dance. I stood in the shower while one girl washed parts of me and the other gave me a blowjob. Then they switched. The two platinum blonde beauties cleaned me from top to bottom. This included each girl taking a couple of turns licking my anus. Astrid and Annukka each had incredibly talented tongues for that service. One girl licked my asshole while the other gave me a blowjob as the hot shower water sprayed over my body. I sighed in bliss.

After I was clean, I stepped out of the shower. The girls dried me off with towels. They then stepped back into the shower to clean themselves. I went to my bedroom and got dressed. Shortly afterwards the girls came in, wrapped in towels. Annukka and Astrid dressed themselves in the same see-through, diaphanous pearly white negligees they had worn yesterday.

I said “We’re going to have to get you girls some more clothes. All you have is those sexy negligees and the red Christmas outfits you arrived in.”

Annukka replied “Yes, my Lord. We can order more clothes online using the credit cards Agemo gave you. We didn’t want to bring too many clothes with us. We wanted you to help us choose what to wear.”

“We only dress for you, my Lord” said young Astrid. “We will wear anything you tell us to.”

Annukka added with a wink “Or nothing at all.”

I laughed at the Annukka’s wit and gave her a kiss. “You have the right idea, my darling” I said. “When the weather warms up and we are home alone just the three of us, you’ll either be naked or wearing nothing but bra and panties all day long.”

Both Annukka and Astrid liked that idea. They told me how happy they were at the thought of staying in their underwear all day ... except for the many, many times each day that they hoped I would allow them to go naked, so they could more fully service my sexual desires.

After we were all dressed, we went to the tiny kitchen of my one-bedroom apartment. Annukka and Astrid busied themselves making breakfast. I prepared the coffee to my taste, first grinding the beans and then carefully brewing my morning elixir. I’d performed this procedure literally thousands of times. Yet this time it felt different. I kept using excessive force without realizing I was doing so.

Annukka noticed my perplexity. “My Lord” she said “remember what Agemo told you about the star machines regenerating your body. They are giving you new capacities and increased powers. One of those powers is greater strength. The increase in strength has barely begun. You will become stronger than ten strong men before too long.”

“Wow!” I said. “That much. I’ll have to be careful when I hug you. I don’t want you to break.”

Annukka and Astrid laughed at that. “Don’t worry, Lord” said Astrid. “You will never hurt us accidentally.” Annukka added “Or deliberately. You are incapable of hurting the ones you love.”

I kissed Annukka and then Astrid. “I do love you. Both of you. I would never want to hurt you. I couldn’t. You have been better to me than anyone in my life, ever. Ever. I love you more than life itself.”

We huddled and hugged and kissed in one writhing mass of arms and lips, fondling one another as we embraced. I saw glistening tears of joy in their eyes. I also felt them in mine. Then, having pledged our eternal love, we got back to the mundane business at hand: making breakfast.

We chatted amiably as the three of us crowded into the tiny kitchen. The small size of the space worked to my advantage, keeping teenaged Astrid and buxom Annukka within the reach of my hands almost all the time. I enjoyed the complete freedom to stroke their long platinum blonde hair, fondle their snow-white pink-nippled breasts, grab their shapely asses, and rub their sweet pussies any time I felt like it. They smiled at me and thanked me each time I did any of those things. My girls were truly grateful for every opportunity to be of service to their loving Lord.

I took care of making the coffee, because I insisted on doing that myself. But my offer to help with anything else was ever so politely but firmly resisted by my two perfect servant lovers. It was clear that if I insisted, they would demur to my wishes. Yet Astrid and Annukka told me they would feel sad and unworthy if I did not allow them to wait on me hand and foot. They had been trained in how to cook, serve, and clean up after all meals. They also told me that they expected to perform all domestic chores of cleaning and household management. They waited upon me with exquisite attentiveness. They were constantly poised to drop all other tasks and serve me sexually in any and every way I might desire. It was their pleasure to treat me in accordance with the title they used for me: Lord.

I quickly adapted to being treated as the Lord and Master of two beautiful, sexy women. Although I had brewed the coffee, Annukka and Astrid asked for the privilege of serving it to me. I granted their request. They served me a delicious breakfast along with the coffee I had brewed, all the while making light, pleasant conversation and giving me the most delightfully sunny smiles. I fondled the girls at will, and kissed them frequently. They expressed utter delight at how I treated them. To be of service to me was all they ever asked for. To thank me for allowing them to serve me seemed to be all that they ever wanted in return.

And then Annukka said something that surprised me. Although maybe it shouldn’t have. “My Lord” she said “the silver key fob that Agemo gave you allows you to control other women and girls. Don’t you think it’s about time you used it to choose at least one to fuck?”

“Yes, my Lord” said Astrid. “We could help you.”

Annukka added “We will assist you in any way, Lord. Pick any woman you want, and we will help you with her. She will not be as accommodating as Astrid and I am, since she was not genetically engineered to your specifications and programmed according to your desires. She will also lack the star machines that make our bodies completely sanitary and well-lubricated. But no woman’s body should be denied you, if you wish it. Astrid and I can help lubricate her if you wish to sodomize her immediately. We also have the means to prevent her from getting sick if you wish to receive an ass-to-mouth blowjob from her.”

Astrid piped up. “We could accompany you to the mall or some other public place where you could select a girl. We would help you bring her home. It doesn’t matter her age. Any girl you want, you should have. All of her holes would be available to you.”

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