Dd4: Back in Ohio - When You Come to the Fork in the Road

by Uncle Micky

Copyright© 2016 by Uncle Micky

Erotica Sex Story: This story picks up from the end of "My Princess" and is set back in Ohio. All of Micky's time in Florida had passed and he now lives in Columbus, while attending Thee university, and pursuing his Masters Degree. His involvement with the beautiful Melissa deepens and the temptation of fourteen year-old Kaeli strangely intensifies. Old habits die hard as he stalks sweet Olivia. IMHO, if you haven't read "My Princess," it would be a good idea to do so prior to reading this story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .


I’ve lived many years, in many places, and had the love of a few good women. I’ve made many friends and acquaintances over the years and they have supplied me with many stories. I think they’re mostly lies, but who cares? Most of the stories have been told later at night, after the cards are put down and the bottles are emptying.Some stories are mine, others I’ve made mine.

Uncle Micky

“Back In Ohio: When You Come To The Fork In The Road...”

This story picks up from the end of “My Princess” and is set back in Ohio. All of Micky’s time in Florida had passed and he now lives in Columbus, while attending Thee university, and persuing his Masters Degree. His involvement with the beautiful Melissa deepens and the temptation of fourteen year-old Kaeli strangely intensifies. Old habits die hard as he stalks sweet Olivia. IMHO, if you haven’t read “My Princess,” it would be a good idea to do so prior to reading this story.

(Many thanks to my colleague Phil Gorman for his proofing and editorial assistance)

When You Come To The Fork In The Road...

Continued from “My Princess”

I drove back to Columbus on Sunday. When I got home, I had two messages on my machine. One from Melissa who, as sweet as could be, suggested that we have dinner at her place on Monday; the other message was from Kaeli Anderson, I could hear her father in the background as she invited me over to their house for dinner on Thursday. I unpacked my gear, sat down and picked up the phone.

My first call was to the Anderson household. Kaeli answered and we had a nice chat. She suggested I arrive at their place on Thursday around 6:00pm. I asked if I could bring anything and she lightly suggested some dessert. I asked if she meant real dessert or something else. She giggled and said, “For dinner, real dessert, something chocolate, OK?” Light-heartedly, I agreed and told her I was looking forward to our dinner.

My next call was to Melissa and it went to her voicemail. I told her I was all in for dinner on Monday; she just needed to send me the address and time.

I spent the day on chores and schoolwork before settling down in front of the TV for the evening. The TV was on, but my mind was elsewhere. My mind was a whirlwind of thoughts about Anna Maria, Kaeli, and Melissa. Two of them had already shared their treasures and one still had to fully open to me. As I contemplated my trio, thoughts of the two junior high cheerleaders I encountered on my drive stole into my thoughts. I picked up my phone and pulled up the information. Jenni DeMarco and Olivia Saunders!

I went to the computer and began my searches. After a half hour, I was examining images of both their houses. Olivia’s house appeared the most accessible and inviting. I saved the information I had collected and planned a short scouting trip for later in the week.

Shortly afterwards, Melissa returned my call. She was on a break at work and happy I called. Interesting thing, I had no idea where she worked or what she did. She gave me her house address and asked if 7:00pm was good for me. I readily agreed and then she asked how the weekend went. I told her it had been great and would tell her all about it when we met for dinner.

With a full week ahead of me, I had a lot of work to get done for my own classes and the class I taught.

Dinner With Melissa

Melissa’s house was easy to find. It was an older ranch-style place set back on a nice wooded lot. The place seemed too big for one person. She greeted me at the door with a nice kiss and hug. She dressed simply, but looked fantastic! Her hair was pulled back; she wore a simple pair of jeans and a black top. Her place was nice; well decorated, and simple. I joined her in the kitchen for a glass of wine as she finished the dinner preparations. We chatted away and I told her all about my trip to Dayton. I didn’t include my adventures with Anna Maria but did tell her the whole story concerning the death of Mark, Anna’s father. Melissa said it all sounded so terrible, and with my descriptions of the rest of the family it would be a wonder any of the kids would turn out normal. I did mention Anna a couple of times, though, and Melissa asked if she was my favorite. I admitted that I did favor her more than the rest, but that was because of Mark.

Dinner was served and Melissa took me on epicurean journey. We ate Tapas-style through eight courses. She made each dish herself. Between discussions about the food selections and preparations, she told me her story. She grew up in Slippery Rock and attended a rather well renowned culinary school in Miami. She worked at a prestigious golf club on Florida’s East coast for a year until her brother talked her into joining him in Columbus, where he had lined up an opportunity for her. She made the move, and while loving her current job at Elaine’s Bistro downtown, she still, as yet, didn’t feel settled.

I asked, “Tell me about your brother, is this place his?”

“Yeah, the house is his ... and his ... partner’s. They live here, my brother Nate, his partner Matt, and I have my own room. It’s actually very nice and we all get along. It’s not like living on my own, but I really like it here. They’re both so sweet to me and we have a lot of fun. Anyway, I’m saving my money. Matt, he’s a manager at Elaine’s, and I, we’ve been talking about opening our own place. If we’re careful with money we should be able to do it in a year or two. Nate said he would come in as a silent partner with his own investment when we’re ready.”

“Well, I am impressed. That is no easy row to hoe! What sort of job does Nate have?”

“This will seem so stereotypical ... but, he’s an interior designer. You like how this place looks? Well, you need to compliment him. He’s got such a perfect touch.”

I was really enjoying this. A whole new group of interesting people, plans, and hopes. Melissa started to clear the table and I joined in to give her a hand. When the table was cleared, I caught her by the waist in the kitchen, pulled her into me, and we kissed ever so lightly.

She pulled away and said, “Just a second, let’s have one of these first.”

She took two snifters down from the cabinet, uncorked a bottle of cognac, and poured a slight amount in each glass. We both swirled the liquid in our glasses, inhaled in the aroma, and took gentle sips of the liqueur. She took our glasses, set them on the counter, stepped up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

She purred, “Now let’s try this properly.”

She was right, the effect and taste of the cognac mixed with the other remaining dinner tastes was heady and sensuous. I was getting turned on very quickly. Our hands were moving all over each other. She had a wonderful feel to her as she reacted to my caresses and made her own moves on me as we kissed. There was a depth to this experience that I had only encountered one or two other times. I wanted to rush headlong into this but I had enough sense to tread carefully.

She broke away first, and said, “We need to take it easy. When I told Nate about you and how I needed the place for dinner; well, he got excited and told me to expect him and Matt back here early. He said something about me needing his approval and all.”

Looking down, she continued, “I really haven’t dated anyone since I moved here.”

I took her back into my arms and said, “You know what? Neither have I. Hell, I’m interested in seeing if he approves.” We both had a short laugh and got back to cleaning up the kitchen.

Melissa asked, “So, you have a brother Jimmy and he has a wife, Diane. Are there any others in the Dolan family?”

“Yes, of course there’s mom and dad, they’re still up in Cleveland, and considering retirement. I have a younger sister Lily who is still at home and in college studying medicine. I have another sister out in California ... Dena.” I braced for the eventual.

The light went on. Melissa turned, and excitedly said, “Dena?! Do you mean ... Dena Dolan? The beach-volleyball-babe-Dena? The Olympic medalist Dena? The Dena who told that reality show to go fuck themselves and walked out, Dena? Dena Dolan who is in almost every magazine? That Dena?”

“Yep, that’s my little sister.”

By now, Melissa was clutching my shirt.

“My God, I love her! Does she ever come visit you? Can...” at that point she collected herself, paused, and said, “I’m sorry, it’s just that I really do love her, she is just, just, so cool. I can’t describe it.”

“Let me tell you, she’s all that and more. I haven’t seen her in a year or so; so, who knows? Hey, maybe if she comes ‘round here, you could cook her a nice dinner.”

“I’ll start on the menu now!”

“Well, no promises or anything. As you can imagine not too many people can tell her what to do! Anyway, keep the Dena stuff to yourself, OK? It’s a lot better for me if it’s kept quiet.”

“Sure, I understand...”

Right then the front door opened and someone yelled, “Yoo Hoo, is everyone decent? We’re coming in whether you are or not!”

We went to the living room just as Nate and Matt entered. Nate was an impeccably dressed man, a ginger through and through with a stubbly beard and black rimmed glasses. He was the epitome of a hipster. Matt, on the other hand, stood about six foot four and looked like he could play for the Browns. He was as well dressed as Nate and had All-American looks. Introductions were made and Nate suggested some wine out on the back deck.

Melissa stayed very close as we sat together on the couch-type, patio chair thing. I liked how she felt, so close, and nestled up against me. Nate and Matt sat across from us on individual chairs. We were having a really good time when I finally noticed something about Matt that was really familiar.

I couldn’t hold it in and simply asked, “Matt, how do I know you? You are so damn familiar, it’s driving me crazy!”

“You ever play any sports here in Ohio, Mike?”

“Yeah, football, wrestling, and baseball. As a matter of ... wait, didn’t you win the state title at 188 about eight years ago?”

“Won it two years in a row. I thought you looked familiar. You’re from Cleveland right? Let’s see ... hmmmmm ... Taft?”

“Hell yes, man! You ... you were at Wright High, right?”

Well, that was pretty much it for a civil conversation with Melissa and her brother for a while. Matt and I took a journey down memory lane. Melissa stayed close and made sure my hand never left hers. Matt and I really hit it off.

Eventually he said, “You know, I always get free Buckeye tickets, but usually give them away because no one wants to go. (He glanced at Nate who gave him a shrug in return.) You want to go some time?”

“Sure thing! Just give me a call and, if I can, I’ll be there. Here, let me give you my cell.”

Melissa gave me a screwy look and I realized that so far I had only given her my landline number. I thought quick and said, “OK, everyone, get their phones out. We’re all going to exchange numbers, like one big happy family!” I meant it too. In my book, this evening was a great success.

The evening had to come to a close. As we stood and said our goodbyes, I looked at Nate and asked, “So Nate, did I pass the test?”

With a great big grin he replied, “I would give you a resounding seal of approval! What do you think Matt?”

Matt put his arm around Nate and gave him a slight hug while looking at Melissa. He pointed at me with his thumb and said, “Melissa, honey, you need to keep an eye on this one or someone might steal him away!”

Melissa said she would do her best and then walked me out to my car. We both had a great time and obviously had enjoyed each other’s company immensely. We held each other tightly and took a fair amount of time to kiss goodnight. When we finally broke, she explained that she wasn’t comfortable having anyone stay when her brother was home. We tried to coordinate our schedules to get together again but both of us weren’t free until the next Monday. I suggested dinner, and she suggested that I cook for her at my place. That, I couldn’t turn down.


I was feeling rather happy and a bit horny as I drove home. Once home, I headed to the basement A-V room and selected one of my favorite private videos. This one featured Jordan, who had been a student of mine, in a tenth grade geometry class a few years previous. Jordan was not a girl who upon first look you would stop and stare at. She was plenty cute and appeared to have a nice little body. Once you were around her for a while though, you would come to understand that she was very attractive and desirable. She was never too flashy in her dress or make-up. She succeeded in maintaining the average look for a fifteen-year-old girl.

Her hair was wavy, shoulder-length, and light brunette. She was petite and in very good shape. She was not very well endowed on top but had an ass that perfectly rounded out a pair of jeans. There were times at the end of class when she would stand up and stretch with her arms reaching upwards. Her shirt would often pull away from her pants; exposing her stomach and the start of the downward “V” to her crotch as her pants slightly slid down. Her back had that wonderful arch that defines the serpentine look of a woman’s body; exemplifying the roundness that excites the most primal of male urges. She had just the slightest of tummies, which only added to her overall attractiveness. I unabashedly watched these stretches and she never once acted shy or awkward when seeing me look. She would straighten herself out, shake her arms a little, smile at me, and come over to chat about whatever was on her mind.

The thing that really caught you was her face. She wasn’t beautiful, but she was ungodly cute! Jordan was as cute as a button with eyes that lit up a room. When she was excited about something, she would talk away in a voice that seemed to laugh while she spoke. She couldn’t help it, she simply made people smile and feel relaxed. I had engaged her in some casual flirting, and she appeared to be genuinely open to the attention. She wasn’t the prettiest girl in class, but she was, hands-down, the most desirable.

By the end of the first semester, her grades had started to drop drastically. After a few serious chats, it became clear that her involvement in the Drama class production was taking up most of her time. She told me she loved acting and it was what she wanted to follow as a career. She asked if she could do some extra credit to recover a decent grade. I explained that I was very reluctant to give any extra credit so late in the semester. She begged me to help her. She said that if her grades fell too far, she would be pulled out of the upcoming production. I considered her plea and made the same offer I had made to many other girls who had sat right where she was sitting.

“Jordan, you first have to demonstrate to me that you know enough of the material for me to give you a chance at extra credit, and then you have to convince me that you are worthy of extra credit. Third, we can’t use any class time doing this.”

“But Mr. D, how do I show and convince you if I can’t do it in class?”

“You need to make a video. You must find a way to demonstrate enough knowledge of Geometry to make giving you extra credit worth my time, and then you need to convince me that you are worthy of the opportunity. How you do this is completely up to you. You’ll have ten days to get me the video, and I’ll have an answer for you a few days after that. Understood?”

“OK, I’m still not sure what to do ... but (now getting excited) I’ll come up with something!”

With that, she was up out of the chair and heading towards the door. She stopped, looked back at me and said, “I’ll come up with the greatest project you’ve ever seen!”

“Jordan, don’t take this lightly, but you have to impress me, and be sincere.”

Well, she certainly succeeded! To this day I’ve cherished the DVD she turned in. It only took her seven days and she had it for me first thing on Monday morning. She said I should only watch it in private. It was tough; but, I put it away until I got home that afternoon. In the first fifteen minutes, she role-played Euclid, demonstrating the value and intricacies of Geometry. It was wonderful, the best I’ve ever seen! There was a short break and then it was just her sitting on the edge of a daybed.

She was wearing a simple blue sundress; she looked as fresh as a daisy. She stood, smoothed out her dress, looked into the camera and said, “Mr. Dolan, I now have to convince you to give me the extra credit that I clearly don’t deserve. I want and need the extra points; but, up ‘til now, I haven’t needed or really deserved any special treatment from you. One day you complimented me on this dress. So I thought I would wear it since you like it.”

She completed a full spin in the dress, giggled, sat back down on the daybed, knees together, elbows on her knees, leaning forward with her fists tucked under her chin, and spoke directly into the camera. “I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what would impress you. I thought ‘What would impress me?’ and, I realized that if someone totally gave themselves to me, openly, fully, and completely, I would be impressed. I think you’re a sexy guy, Mr. D, and I get a real strong feeling that you rather like me in that way as well. I know that you like me, as a student ... anyway ... but ... you like me in a whole lot of ways, right? Not just another kid in your class, right? So ... I decided I would impress you ... by showing you ... how much ... I like you!”

Now that approach I found very interesting! Anyway, I was in the basement AV room as I put this DVD in the player and there she was, projected in real-life scale on the screen in front of me. Although sometimes I enjoyed watching all of it, I forwarded through the Euclid part to the convincing part. She was sitting on the edge of the bed right in front of me. I stood, dropped my pants and drawers and leaned back into the chair with a towel handy.

The video continued; she stood again and slowly turned sideways to the camera. She looked over her shoulder, smiled and slowly began unbuttoning the top of the dress.

“You know, Mr. D, I’ve never done this sort of thing before. I tried coming up with a role I could play but I just couldn’t think of anything.”

She turned towards the camera and her dress was open to her waist but remained in place. She leaned forward giving a view into the opening and it was plain to see that she was not wearing a bra.

“Well, I couldn’t come up with a role, so you’re going to have to deal with just little old me in this video, your loving student, Jordan!”

She stood back up, turned away from the camera and while looking back over her shoulder, began shrugging the dress down off her shoulders. The fabric fell, exposing her back, but remained gathered on her forearms, which appeared to be about chest-high. Smiling, she said, “Well here goes!” And she turned to face the camera. Her arms were just below her perfect little breasts. They stood out proud and perky. There were vestiges of tan lines present and her nipples were fully erect. Her areole were somewhat oval shaped and pointed out and up from her firm little titties. She had her arms tucked under them and gave a slight upward push towards the camera. She leaned in and said, “I hope you appreciate the natural beauty of these.” She pushed them a little higher. “I think they’re soooo cute ... don’t you? Anyway, I’ve never shown them to anyone before, as a matter of fact, I think you’re so special, that I’ll be debuting many things to you today!”

Now, I knew she was dating Lee Travis and I knew Lee quite well. He would not have been hanging with her if she wasn’t putting out big time for him. It sort of added to the excitement that she was playing so innocent, just for me!

She sat back down on the edge of the bed and shrugged the dress back up to her shoulders. She then reached down and undid a few buttons from the bottom of the dress. She looked up, crossed her left leg over her right, put her left arm on her lap, leaned forward, gestured toward the camera with her right hand and said, “I guess you can imagine that all I’m wearing is this dress. Well, that’s true, I only have one piece of clothing on ... and pretty soon it’ll be off. But you know what? In the first part of the video, where I played Euclid? Well ... I was wearing that Greek toga robe thing? Well ... that was all I was wearing! I checked it over a few times and no one would ever know. How ‘bout we show that to the class?” She leaned back and let out one of her patented giggles and said, “Really, I mean it, let’s show it!”

At that point, things turned serious.

I was now half erect and my hand was working its way around my dick, fondling my balls, and slowly stroking myself into a full hard-on.

She shrugged her shoulders again and the top of the dress slipped down. She removed her arms from the dress and it fell away from her top. She glanced at the camera, smiled; leaned back further, uncrossed her legs and started to release the remaining buttons on the dress. With a wiggle, the dress fell open and there she was, laid bare for my enjoyment. She leaned to her right and reached for a pillow, which she placed under her head allowing her to look at the camera.

The sight was wonderful! She turned on her side just slightly, to provide a full frontal view of herself to the camera. With her hips slightly turned, her thighs partially blocked the view of her pussy but from what was visible, it was a pouty little muffin with a trimmed, light brown beard. Two brownish-pink inner lips protruded from her slit and a similar colored hood was visible at the top. Her abdomen was flat until reaching her soft tummy. Then upward to two delightful, gravity defying tits capped with erect nipples. Continuing the journey, my eyes then settled on her adorable face and eyes, staring directly back at me through the camera.

Her smile was different, it wasn’t the excited look of a delightful high school girl; instead, it reflected the determined sexuality of a young woman. She pushed back on the bed, bringing her legs up; she arched upwards and pulled the dress out from under herself. She settled back down, gave it a quick fold and half tossed it aside.

That movement opened her legs and displayed her pussy in all of its glory. After removing her dress and settling back down she spread further, opening herself for my view. Her hands moved over her chest, lightly brushing up against her tits. She slightly arched her back as she rolled her palms gently on her nipples causing them to stiffen. She circled her index fingers around her tits rising up to her nipples where she freely played with them. Her head rolled back and her eyes closed as her hips slowly rose and fell in time with her self-manipulation.

As her excitement grew; so did my dick, as I matched her self-pleasuring with my own. I was rock-hard and feeling good!

She cupped her tits, squeezed them and used the pads of her thumbs to circle down, around, and over her nipples. She repeated this several times. With each nipple press, she pushed her pussy toward the camera opening it for inspection.

She let her left hand travel downward until she had cupped her pussy. Looking at the camera with half closed eyes, she began to lightly flat-hand tap the mound of her pussy with her fingertips landing near her clit. That seemed to really work for her as she entered a new level of sexual excitement. She started to moan and push her pussy to meet her hand.

She slowed just a bit, looked into the camera and then down to her hand. She reached further and it was clear her fingers were sliding along her slit. She shifted one more time; her right leg dropped over the side of the daybed and she lifted her left leg up and over the back fully and indecently exposed herself to the camera, and me!

With a smile, and half-closed eyes, she slid her index finger deeply into her pussy. She started to stroke in and out in a regular rhythm. Her hips rose to meet each thrust and fell back as she withdrew. She looked back to the camera and as she tried to speak it became clear her breaths were coming quick and shallow. She tried to speak but her words slurred as she stroked herself faster. After several attempts at saying “Mr.” she finally got it out and then quickly pushed out “D” with another short breath. Her eyes closed and she rolled her head back and entered into a beautiful orgasmic throe. Her hips rose and fell faster, her breathing came quicker and, then she squeezed tightly on her hand. She curled up two or three times as her body quivered from several orgasmic jolts. She did not make a lot of noise, mostly heavy short breaths and quiet, quick aaahs.

As her breathing started to return to normal, she turned again to look at the camera, and she shuddered out one more nice jolt of pleasure. She was stopped in her tracks! Her eyes were closed and then slowly a broad smile emerged on her face. She turned her head slightly into the mattress and then looked sideways to the camera. The entire time her hand was still firmly attached to her pussy.

She was recovering and with a smile, said, “Mr. D, I was thinking about you the whole time! Oooh!”

Her body jolted just a bit. Her hand came away from her crotch and she beamed into the camera. “My God, Mr. D! How about you? When you see me tomorrow just give me a nice smile and I’ll know we came together! Shit, that was good! I’m feeling reeeeaaal good!”

She then stretched like a cat while on her back on the bed. She glanced at her nipples and toyed with one, then the other with her right hand. She pushed her tits together and caressed both nipples with her right hand. She was just bringing herself down from her exertions. She glanced at the camera, sat up, put her legs off the side of the bed, and treated me to a full spread before she stood to turn the camera off.

I gave her the nicest, most sincere smile I could the next day. We all watched her Euclid show a few days later and the kids in my class loved it! I adored it, and her! She got all the credit she needed!

I came just before she hit her first orgasm on the video. I love that video, and not only for the video; but because it led to one fun afternoon a few weeks later, during Christmas break. I cleaned up and made my way upstairs to bed. I had a lot of work to do Wednesday before heading to the Anderson’s on Thursday.

The Anderson’s

On my way to the Anderson’s for dinner, I stopped and picked up a box of select chocolate petit fours. I enjoy these little treats and thought they would be a nice fit for the evening.

The Anderson house is about a mile from mine, in what was once, a much nice neighborhood than mine. Most of the area has been through gentrification and the resurrected houses from the turn of the century are splendid. This includes the Anderson house. It is a large two and a half story residence with two porches and a carriage entrance.

I rang the bell and Kaeli opened the door. She looked lovely! Lean and willowy, she wore a mid-thigh white skirt with a loose button-up black shirt. Her long brunette hair was pulled back and held in place by a white headband. To complete the picture, she wore black Mary Janes with white anklet socks.

Regardless of her dress, it was her smile upon greeting me that won me over! She stepped forward and said, “Well, good evening Mr. Mike, welcome to our house.”

She reached for the desert box in my hand; I handed it to her as she slid an arm around my waist and gave me a nice friendly hug. I placed my arm around her back and pulled her close. I could feel the two little bullets of her tits press into my side as I replied, “With such warm greetings as this, I hope to be invited back often.”

We released each other and stepped into the sitting room off the vestibule. The house was magnificent! All of the wood looked original and had been painstakingly restored along with the windows, walls, and flooring. As I was taking it all in, Dr. James Anderson came through the archway from the dining room. He was dressed casually and greeted me warmly.

James turned to Kaeli and said, “Hon, thanks for getting the door. What do you have there?”

“Mr. Mike brought some dessert for us!” Glancing at me she asked, “Does this need to be refrigerated?” I told her no, they would hold fine as is. Kaeli turned and left the room heading through the dining room to the kitchen.

James motioned me to a comfortable chair and said, “I thought we would have a little wine before dinner and talk about something. I want to get your thoughts on an opportunity.”

Right then, Kaeli, in a pretty singsong voice called out, “DAAADYYYY...”

In the same singsong, James replied, “KAAAAELIIII?”

I couldn’t help but smile, it was obvious this was a standard form of communication.

Kaeli sang, “Yoooou’rrre ... out of ... wiiiine...”

Rising from his seat, in a standard voice, James called out, “What! No way! I picked some up earlier; at least I thought I did!” James stood and headed for the kitchen.

I could hear them in the kitchen, cupboards being opened and closed. Eventually, James exclaimed, “Shit! I’ll be right back!”

I stood as he came to the sitting room apologizing that he needed to run out to the store for some wine. I tried to tell him there really wasn’t a need. He looked me in the eye and earnestly replied, “You can’t have Coq au Vin without wine!”

In a flash, he was out the door. I turned in time to see Kaeli turn and heading to the kitchen. I followed her into the surprisingly modern kitchen. Kaeli was standing at the stove stirring a pot. I walked up behind her and she turned to face me.

I slid my hands along her hips and gently pulled her in as I crossed my hands on her lower back. With a smile, I asked, “You’re dad didn’t forget any wine, did he?”

Kaeli leaned back into my hands, and with a sparkle in her eye and a slightly crooked smile said, “He seems to be getting more forgetful every day.”

I laughed and lifted my right hand to the side of her head. I caressed her and lifted her head as I leaned down. We met for a very nice kiss. After breaking the kiss, she shifted her weight, wrapped an arm around my neck and pulled me down for a real kiss. This kiss lasted longer and became rather passionate.

I broke the kiss and turned her in my arms so we were spooning. I moved my left hand to her belly and slowly caressed her. I gathered her hair with my right hand and moved it off her shoulder as I bent to nuzzle her neck from the side. As I kissed her neck below her ear, I slid my right hand down along the front of her right thigh until I reached the hem of her skirt.

I lifted the hem as I gently caressed upward along her thigh. My fingers slid between her legs and made their way upwards. Just as I was about to make contact with her crotch, I moved my hand slightly away and just barely caressed her pubic mound. I flat handed up to her right pelvic bump, across her lower abdomen to her other bump and then softly down her left thigh. Kaeli rose on her toes and let out a cute squeal of delight when my thumb traced down the center of pubic mound slit, then under and across the damp spot on her panties.

I stood, turned her to face me and slid my hand behind to cup that fine fourteen-year-old ass. We were just starting a kiss when we both heard the front door. We quickly straightened up and before she could move away, I lifted her chin and said, “I really like you Kaeli!”

She gulped and smiled.

We were standing at an appropriate distance from one another when James came through kitchen door with two bottles of wine.

The rest of the evening was very nice. The meal was wonderful and the dessert was a big hit. Kaeli was delightful and James was quite entertaining. What seemed somewhat odd was that James obviously loved and adored his daughter; but, at the same time appeared to be encouraging us to spend time alone together. By the end of the night, he arranged for me to return Saturday afternoon for a work session with Kaeli while he attended a mini-conference in Akron. I agreed to stay with her until he returned Saturday evening.


After Micky had left, James and Kaeli cleaned up the mess from dinner then relaxed on the couch in the family room. James sat in the middle of the couch and Kaeli curled up next to him with his arm around her.

James spoke first, “So, how did it go? What do you think? Was I right?”

“Oh daddy, everything was perfect! I thought he would be perfect, and he was! You could see that, right? I really like him dad. And yes, you were right.” After a pause, she cuddled further into him and added, “He kissed me daddy, on his own! He wanted to kiss me and it was wonderful!”

“Did you... ?”

“Yes, daddy, I kissed him back and it was marvelous!”

“Are you looking forward to Saturday?”

“I’m kind of scared and nervous; but, I haven’t been more excited about anything my whole life!”

“We can talk about it any time you want honey.”

“I love you daddy.”


Four months previously, Kaeli had come to her father one night in tears. James took her in his arms and tried for five minutes to get her to tell him what was wrong. Eventually she told him about the nasty messages and texts she was receiving about how ugly and hated she was by everyone. Kaeli didn’t have many good friends and was pretty much an outsider at school.

James did everything a good father could do to comfort and console his daughter; little did he expect her reaction. Kaeli hugged her dad tight and slid one leg over his. With her head buried in his neck, she began to gently hump his thigh. When James lifted his head and called her name, she lifted up and kissed him full on the lips. For a moment, James was at a loss. He didn’t know what to do! He gathered his senses, released his hug and pulled her back by the shoulders.

“Kaeli! No! You ... we ... can’t do this! It’s wrong! I love you more than everything in the world; but, this is something we cannot do.”

“Daddy, I love you too. I worry about you. You haven’t been on a date since mom left. You only have me ... I need to be more to you. We need to be more for each other.”

“Yes, yes Kaeli; but, not like this ... we won’t be like this. I can’t ... you don’t understand. Even if I wanted, I can’t”

“Daddy, are you OK? Are you sick?”

James laughed a little and said, “Some people might say that. Kaeli, it’s that ... I’m ... I’m gay. I found out a year before your mom left. I told her and I think that made her hate me more and drink more. So, I can’t be with you the way you want. I wish I could, but I can’t.”

Kaeli sat in thought and eventually said, “I love you daddy, you’re the greatest father ever. If you’re gay, then you’re gay. Is there anyone ... do you have ... I mean... ?”

“No, no one at the moment. There is one guy who I really like but, he’s just a friend; there is nothing there. Now, about you, unfriend those idiots and bullies. You’re much too mature and so much smarter than all of them. You are not ugly! You are a beautiful young lady!”

“Daddy, you have to say that! It doesn’t count. I need to hear it from someone and have someone actually want me. I hate those boys in school! I’m ready daddy; I need to take the next step! That’s ... that’s why I decided to chose you. You’re perfect and you love me.”

James shushed his daughter and held her tight. If there was any fault James had, it was his inclination to spoil his daughter. His mind drifted back to a lunch he shared with the new guy in the College of Education, Mike Dolan. He knew he didn’t have a chance with him when a group of junior high school kids walked by and, although Mike tried to hide it, he paid close attention to the young pretty girls.

“Kaeli, I think I may have an idea.”



Saturday started out pretty normally for me. I got some wash done, went to the gym and got home for lunch. After a shower, I still had an hour before heading over to the Anderson’s so I relaxed with a little reading. Shortly after settling in my favorite chair, the doorbell rang. It was James Anderson.

I greeted him and invited him in. I was thankful I had straightened the house up a bit when he came in.

“Dr. Anderson, is something wrong? I thought I would see you shortly at your house.”

“Mike, please, call me James. I need to talk to you about something. I was hoping to chat the other night, but we never got the chance.”

“Yes, I remember you wanted my thoughts about some matter.”

James pulled an envelope from his pocket and handed it to me. “Here, give this a read and tell me what you think.”

The letter was from the University of Prague, offering him a Visiting Professorship in Advanced Mathematics. The term was for three years. All travel expenses were covered as well as three years of housing. The salary was higher than what I imagined he made in Ohio, but taxes would eat up a chunk of that. Regardless, with his housing covered, he would come out fine financially. Then there was the prestige of the offer. Very few scholars ever receive such offers. I carefully folded the letter, placed it back in the envelope and handed it back to him.

I paused and asked, “When do you leave? Do you need a ride to the airport?”

He laughed and commented, “Pretty fucking impressive, huh?”

“You certainly can’t be thinking of telling them no ... you aren’t, are you?”

“I want it, but there are a couple of concerns. First, Kaeli, will she want to go? Second, the house; I’ve put a lot in it and I don’t want to lose it.”

“James, I believe Kaeli will be beside herself over this opportunity. She’s not exactly tied to this area, is she? She’ll adjust fine. Have you told her yet?”

“No, not yet; I thought I would tomorrow. I’m not telling her I’ve decided, I’m going to tell her we both have to decide.”

“Good plan; I don’t know what to tell you about the house ... maybe rent it?”

“I was hoping you would move in while we’re gone. Rent free of course”

Now that was an interesting offer.

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