Ruined Vacation
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Alissa Freewind

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A continuing Story in the Among us Universe. What happens when a Guardian of the Mortal worlds is pulled to a world with no magic and using technology.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Fiction   High Fantasy   Science Fiction   Paranormal   Exhibitionism   Nudism  

The dark skinned woman was upon one knee her breathes coming heavy as she tilted her head up to look through her twitching white hair. Her hands on two different shaped swords points into the smoking ground beneath them as she leaned on them her face covered by the silvery white hair that fell to the ground. The great streaks of red in it showing even through the blackened and burnt areas.

As she stood her lips came into a mocking little smile as she twirled the swords one pointed out to the wall of strange beings the other resting upon her shoulders in a seeming out of place rest. Her hair settled and yet it still twitched in agitation as if alive not with the breeze from the wind and fires.

She had no clothing and where she was not burnt or wounded the lines across her body glowed a soft silver and some blue. The strange designs evoking a soft gasp from some of the people behind her or perhaps it was her ears pointed and bejeweled, that stuck out from the ocean of white hair that almost touched the floor.

Her one foot came out and moved aside some of the broken almost metallic tentacles that she had cut.

The soft strange language came from her lips like the leaves rustling around upon the ground as her eyes narrowed. “Nau felah orn dos alun.” The sword upon her shoulder dropped behind her back the tip barely above the stones. “Nindolen ph’arl ussta varn.”

The aged woman behind her smiled softly as she looked at the woman as she realized they had summoned someone out of history, though not the one they had wished. The children were about her as Grant in his slightly burnt and ripped suit stood nearby. His eyes fixed upon the strange woman between them and the horde of reapers.

His eyes looked around as more seemed to be going around the outside of the ancient temple dig. His voice came panicked. “Miss Demerly I do not think this person can help us the reapers are surrounding us.”

Her frail hand came up and waved slightly before pulling one of the children closer to her. “Do not be so sure.” The words from the woman had awoken in her mind something she had almost forgotten.

It was then a group of four reapers, the cube shapes hovering silently, spread out and the tentacles, weapons and tools for them lashed forward, as if part of the cubes. Grant had missed when the woman seemed to step from the air what had happened.

Yet he knew nothing in the world could break them, He watched transfixed as the woman seemed to tilt forward some then stood before one reaper and it was then the tentacles fell to the floor from the reapers twitching and leaking fluids and sparking and three fell to the floor in various bits. with a soft hissing crash.

She stood tiny before the one that had come forward her head tilted and he saw she was twisting the sword that was almost as tall as she inside the reaper.

He watched as her head tilted as if puzzled then she pulled it sideways out of the reaper, that then fell silently to the floor.

The hundreds beyond began to glide silently forward and she turned her back to them. As she pulled the straps from her body and placed the sword in them.

The reapers stopped and soft hums came as they seemed to hit an invisible wall. The woman walked silently toward them her cold blue eyes looked upon him and narrowed as she seemed to look straight through him. He shivered and knew she knew even as she passed him the scent of roses flowed to his nose.

She stood there, for a moment looking down at the huddled mass before her, then knelt next to the children cowered about the aged scientist. Her words came softly almost a song as she smiled at them all and held out her hands. “well I guess we must be getting away from here. Is everyone fair?”

Grant saw them all look at her and the fear in their eyes and voices left and the smallest began to laugh and smile and it seemed to catch to the rest. This frightening woman who was naked and stood to reapers, “Who?” Grant thought had they summoned in this old temple.

“Why are you naked?” a small voice came. Leave it to a child to bring such a question as this. “The woman smiled. “Because ladies like me have no need of clothes. We celebrate our beauty our bodies and our strength.”

Her words came in their language yet there was a slight lilt to her words. Musical as if her words always wished to be music.

Her eyes looked up at the aged woman and it was as if she silently sighed. “I would ask Warder how you came to such a sad state and why your world is dying. But we have not much time and these cubes are persistent.” She looked at Angela Demerly with an almost disapproving look. She looked at Grant. “You.” came her voice almost disapproving and dripping with a tone of warning that even the children picked up on as her hand pointed to him. “Make sure this is all that are here, we will make our escape in a few moments.”

“How in the Empress’s name can you get us out of here?” his voice found itself as he moved away to get the children he had hidden from their places. “Just who in the hells do you think you are!?”

She ignored him as she pulled the jewelry piece from her neck and manipulated it with her fingers and kissed it and seemed to whisper to it. Her head turned. “Warder have them all join hands please.” Behind her she heard the papery voice of the Warder, aged and dying tell the children to hold hands. “Miss Demerly why does she call you Warder?” The soft reply came with the papery voice, “We will talk later child for how hush and be quiet.”

Her eyes looked up with swift glances as the cubes these people called reapers stacked upon one another swiftly along her barrier.

She spun the jewelry that now looked like a globe and it hummed and hung in the air. She smiled and looked upward.

“Darkness they are yours they have no fear so just drive them back to give us time.” she spoke outloud to seemingly the thin air.

Yet from all around the soft hissing voice came. “As you command mistress.” And it seemed the fires died down and the shadows and darkness rushed out and covered everything as Grant returned with the four children to the group and the aged woman made them join hands with the others.

Soon only the light from the humming globe before the woman was the only soft light that was in the darkness and beyond there was a roar unlike any had heard and the children screamed and then all the eyes of the hundreds of reapers disappeared as the great sounds of crashing came and they all slid down the barrier motionless.

“Thank you darkness.” the woman spoke and in a twirl of the dark beside her there was for a moment the face of a dark haired woman with silver eyes before it disappeared as if a ghost.

The woman looked at them the soft glowing lines on her body seeming to now begin to pulse with the globe. She smiled as she looked at them all and her soft lilting voice came again. “Now everyone close your eyes. Keep your hands together and do not let go. You will feel itchy all over but when I say open your eyes then you can scratch ok?”

The small chorus of voices made her smile as she looked and saw little eyes all scrunched shut and she touched the globe. She heard the little surprised squeals as she knew their bodies were itching.

Angela Demerly and Grant felt the cool air and heard the silence except for the children’s soft moans fighting the sensation. Then her voice came. “It is dark where we are but open your eyes and scratch if you have to.”

“Where are we?” came the soft yet scratchy voice of Angela Demerly.

“A place that was made upon the world long ago by she you all worship. My student and friend.”

They heard her moving in the darkness and the soft touch of wood to wood and a soft exclamation. “Sssiks l’dalharil d’l’drathir laren. Drathir l’dalharil d’edonil laren dos.”

From those words she spoke to them then the strange language that she spoke again that brought light to this place Angela began to remember things most of all who this was before them and she shivered with the knowledge.

Slowly from where the woman stood silvery light rushed out along the ground and from above soft warm golden light flowed along the ceilings and walls until in seconds they touched and the light in the vast carved cavern was like that of twilight.

She turned about and they noticed her hair was twitching. A broad smile crossed her face as she stepped toward them her stride graceful and springy she knelt before them and looked at the huddled mass of children scratching gently around the aged form of Angela Demerly. “Well that was scary and exciting, eh? Is anyone hungry or thirsty?” The chorus came from the children and she smiled and stood up.

“Well then everyone line up oldest to the back make sure no one gets lost we will go to the dining hall.” she smiled as the children lined up before her. Her eyes went to the old woman. “Warder you will find your strength returning I am sure you can walk now unassisted.”

One of the boys helped her stand and Angela smiled softly. “Yes milady I feel that.” Grant looked to the woman whose eyes were locked upon him as she continued. “We are all hungry and need some rest we can eat drink and talk about MUCH.”

She turned and took the littlest hand from the young girl in the front of the line. “Shall we go?”

And off she went slowly walking then she stopped when the child asked her. “Are you an angel?” the woman looked down at her then knelt smiling broadly “Now why would you ask that?”

The child smiled and reached up to touch the pointed ears. “Your ears are pointy and I can see your wings?” “Wings?!” the woman looked startled and looked over her shoulder. I do not see any wings. However I have not been called such a nice thing in many years so thank you.”

She stood and a few steps later she heard. “What is that language you speak? How many others do you speak?”

She kept walking as she responded “That language is that of my people changed after many thousands of years in exile. Before that it sounded like this. The sound of her voice came it was musical and vibrant so full of life everyone felt it and smiled. “As for how many I speak, so far I have not found one I could not.” She turned and winked at them then lead on singing in a language some of them had heard before the end of their world started.

Saita no no hana yo

Aa douka oshiete okure Hito wa naze kizutsukeatte Arasou no deshou Oh, field flower that has bloomed, Ah, somehow, please tell me: Why is it that people hurt each other And fight? Rin to saku hana yo Soko kara nani ga mieru Hito wa naze yurushiau koto Dekinai no deshou Oh, flower that blooms with the stone, What can you see from there? Why is it that people Cannot forgive each other? Ame ga sugite natsu wa Ao wo utsushita Hitotsu ni natte Chiisaku yureta Watashi no mae de Nani mo iwazu ni In the summer, the rain passed And the blue reflected, Small, it rippled In front of me, Without saying a thing. Karete yuku tomo ni Omae wa nani wo omou Kotoba wo motanu sono ha de Nanto ai wo tsutaeru What do you think When your friends wilt? With those leaves that do not carry words, How do you convey your love? Natsu no hi wa kagette Kaze ga nabiita Futatsu kasanatte Ikita akashi wo Watashi wa utaou Na mo naki mono no tame The summer sun is clouded And the wind fluttered. I shall sing The proof that life once existed For those who do not have a name.(1)

As she sung they passed the roughly hewn columns and paths that turned and twisted upon themselves and then went from where they could all stand across to where they had to go single file and came to a single strand of rock as a bridge over a gorge to another small opening.

Yet the children showed no fear as the woman kept singing and then stepped to a barely perceptible ledge and ushered them inside the far side one at a time watching them all then after Grant passed her her song stopped and her voice called out a head.

“Go ahead the way is safe and you should see a brilliant light coming it is where we will stay.”

He turned and she was gone and he stepped out and looked to the ledge and she was not there and when he went back in the children had not moved and then he saw the form scuttling along the ceiling then drop down ahead to the start braced in the light. In that short moment her thought he saw as the children did, a soft set of wings. It set his mind to working and thinking of stories.

As they entered the ceiling disappeared far above into a bright light and around them was a huge cavern finished and carven with pools and gardens and trees all about. Like a dream from childhood fantasy. Not far away a dark haired woman was setting out blankets and about her on antique tables was food and the rescuer smiled and said “Welcome to an ancient home. Please go eat.” With a rush of feet from the stone that quieted as they ran upon the grass the children surged ahead as the dark haired woman looked up with a bit of surprise and then continued as she was surrounded as she raised her hands and walked to a table and began to pour from what looked like ancient urns to goblets juices and water for the children.

Beside her the two adults stopped. The once frail Angela Demerly looked out to the children then turned to the woman her eyes looking at her full of wonder then brimming with tears. Her hands came to rest on the woman’s shoulders as she bowed her head.

“Thank you for this. I failed yet you did not let us die.” The woman looked at her then over the bowed head at Grant. Her face emotionless as her hand came up and rested on Angela’s back. “We will have time for this later. No need for tears.”

Angela raised her head and Grant’s eyebrows went up for the once aged woman had lost her wrinkles and her hair was darkening from its grey. Even as she pushed herself from the nude and tattooed woman she knelt down. “I am a Warder. I am Angela of the Demerly. The Empress chose me.” she reached up and grabbed the woman’s hand who looked down at her with a slight look of bemusement as Angela continued rubbing her cheeks on the woman’s hand. “I thank her for her choice and I thank the First Sword, the protector of Life, the Dancer of Sun and Moon Ar’Cartel d’Hune for our lives.”

Grant heard this and stepped back this caused the one named Ar’Cartel to look upon him even as her hand grabbed Angela’s shoulder. Her eyes watched him as she lifted Angela up. “As I said there will be time for all of this later when the children sleep.” Her eyes narrowed as she looked at Grant before looking into Angela’s eyes. “Your thanks are heard and marked Warder. Take me to your charges.” she gestured into the great cavern and followed after Angela who as she walked seemed to gain her youth back with every step. As if time reversed in this place which puzzled Grant.

“Think not too hard on it. It is not time that has stopped or reversed. That is beyond my abilities.” she nodded her head and stepped in front of Grant and behind Angela. Her hips swaying seductively to him beneath the twitching silver red streaked hair.

He stopped for a moment realizing she had read his thoughts and began to remedy that as he began to walk after them reaching into his coat then vest looking for his watches and phones.

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