Cum Again!
Chapter 3


Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Fraternal twins in college together, who found a game they could play involving lots of her girlfriends!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Interracial   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   Big Breasts  

Walking into the room was Marcy, saying, “Sorry for barging in. I told him what you asked me to tell him. Later!”

“Fuck me, please give me a baby please?” My gorgeous sister said to me.

I knew she said that mainly to get me to come inside her quicker, which I did.

After a shower and a change of clothes we walked downstairs to the fragrance of macaroni and cheese, A college student’s favorite meal.

“I’m really sorry for walking in on you,” Marcie said.

We all ate for a while when Marcie said, “I have some friends around here who wouldn’t mind a good fuck.”

“I could rent him out for maybe $50 a girl,” my sister said.

“I am worth at least $100,” I said. “They would need to pay in cash.”

We all laughed at that as we quickly polished off every piece of macaroni and every chunk of cheese.

“I’m not kidding,” Marcie said. “$100 and proof that they don’t have any STDs, would be all you would need!”

Thinking of it for a couple of minutes, I said “Why not Mary -- we need the cash since dad has probably already cut off my Visa card access.”

“How soon do you want me to get some girls here?” Marcie said.

“That would be my sister’s decision, not mine!” I said.

“Would tomorrow afternoon at 4 o’clock be soon enough?” she asked her best friend.

“We do need to make them think that they are each getting a different guy,” Marcy added.

“My dick’s getting hard already,” I admitted.

“Mary,” Marcie said. “What I be imposing if I asked for a turn with Mark!”

“It’s the least we can do to somebody who’s been so helpful to us,” I replied.

“Mark, do not fall in love with Marcy, OK?”

“I promise,” I said looking at Marcy, who had broken into a big smile.

“I’ll clean up, you guys go ahead,” my fabulous sister said.

I got up, went over to Marcy and pulled her up into my arms and gave her a really nice kiss. Then I took her by her hand and we walked up to her room.

She was trembling to my touch so to break the ice I started another kiss, this time it was much more emotionally-based and erotic.

“I came so close to asking you out about five years ago,” she said to me.

“Well now is your chance beautiful girl take off your clothes and lay down on your back, please?”

She had a little fuzz around her pussy and she saw me looking at it. I stripped myself naked letting her look at me for a few moments. She licked her lips a few times but she told me she was turned on.

I went right for her breasts sucking on one and then the other as I took myself and entered her.

“Oh dear God mark, that is the biggest dick I’ve had in me, ever.”

Without saying anything except for giving her a big smile of my own, I began a regular rhythm and she had a sound coming from her mouth with each push inside I gave her.

She pulled herself up off the bed as I started getting faster and faster. When I let loose she let out quite the shriek getting my sister to come into the room.

“Are you OK Marcy?” she asked.

“I’ve never been fucked so hard and so good at the same time in my entire life,” she said with her smile coming back.

Still attached at the groin, I held her and walked her into the bathroom setting her down on the toilet.

She immediately started to drain out for a very long time, but had the presence of mind to put me in her mouth and clean me up with my sister watching and giggling.

After our shower together Marcy got on the phone and arranged for some girls to come over tomorrow at 4PM.

My phone rang, it was mom, so I answered it.

“It’s about time you picked up the phone young man,” and I ended the call just like that.

It’s rang again, and I declined it.

Looking around the place I found that the Wiggins clan had a spa in the backyard which I asked if I could use.

Marcie said, “Go ahead maybe we will both join you in a while.”

Oh the water felt so good and I turned on the jets which felt even better.

My phone rang again -- it was dad and I declined it. Persistent bugger I thought.

I turned off the jets and just relaxed and my phone rang and it was mom.

I accepted the call, “Don’t hang up Mark, please? I suppose by now you’re calling me all kinds of names and I am sorry for what your father did and said to you.”

“It took you long enough,” I said to her.

“Can we meet and talk somewhere face-to-face, maybe somewhere neutral?”

“Tomorrow 2PM at the Denny’s on Hollywood Avenue and 22nd St,” and I hung up.

Both girls came out wearing robes, took them off and got into the spa bare ass naked!

“Your sister suggested this,” Marcie said, “And I have been turned on for most the day, so I thought why the hell not?”

I got Marcy and pulled her towards me setting her on my lap, my very naked lap.

“That feels nice Mark,” she said.

I lifted her back up, gripped my hardness and pointed it to the entrance of her ass and just left it there.

Whispering, my sister’s best friend said, “Are you going to fuck my ass?”

“If that’s what you want I will,” I said to her.

I pushed up and pulled her down and was inside her to the hilt!

She let out a quite low pitched moan, as Mary said, “He must really like your butt!”

I hadn’t brought up the subject of doing this with Mary and I don’t know why, but the idea of doing it with my sister’s best friend was amazing as I now found myself deep inside this stunning girl who also had nice big tits to hold onto while I started to actually buttfuck her with Mary watching us.

That was when a picture of fucking my own mothers ass entered my mind.

As I was buttfucking this fabulous girl I told them both that I had a meeting with mom at Denny’s to try to talk to her so she could talk to dad and we could come home, I also told them about an idea that just popped in my head all the while getting ready to fill Marcy’s ass with a nice big load.

Worried she might scream I covered her mouth just prior to busting loose inside her beautiful butt.

When I was done she needed Mary’s help to get off me while I cleaned myself off ready to go again, either up another ass or just another pussy.

Well Marcy was recuperating I asked Mary to straddle me and I fucked her really hard and let go another big load deep inside her pussy.

After we got out, I found a local pizza place to deliver some pizza, chicken, fries, and soft drinks. We ate and talked about the details of my soirée that was coming up the next day.

With Mary’s approval, Marcy got in bed with us that night and we had the first of many threesomes we were destined for,

I woke up to Marcy who had climbed up on me and was having a ride while I heard the shower going.

“Mark, I’m sorry!” she said.

“What for?”

“I’m falling in love with you and I promised your sister I wouldn’t do that!” she said looking like she may begin crying any moment.

“It’s not a problem Marcy. I have an idea that may just help defuse this problem with our parents. You are almost as good a fuck as Mary is. Besides everything else, you two are already great friends, so have some patience for a few more days, OK?

The water turned off and I sent her in to take her own shower even though I hadn’t cum inside her. She seemed giddy with excitement about the future and so have I for the first time in three days.

Getting the third shower meant that I had to wash quickly before the hot water was all gone.

We went to the living room and with a girl on either side of me we watched some TV until it was time for my meeting with mom.

Getting a kiss goodbye from each of them was very inspiring as I got in my car to meet my mother!

Before I walked in I reconnoitered with myself and saw her sitting in a booth drinking some kind of soda.

I walk straight inside and sat down next to her and said, “Do you know that you are the most beautiful woman in this entire restaurant?

“What are you up to young man?”

“Just over 10.5 inches on my very best days,” I said. “Looking at how beautiful you are has me almost there.”

She chuckled and said, “You wish?”

I took her hand and placed on the front of my pants and she didn’t pull away as quick as she should have.

“How often are dad and you shaking the sheets these days?” I asked.

That is none of your business, young man,” she replied giving me a smirk and putting her hand back where it was and she asked “Is that really all you?”

“First things first gorgeous. How is dad doing regarding my sister and me?”

“We haven’t talked about you in over a day, so I’m not sure.”

A waitress came over and asked if we wanted to order anything?

“Do you want any food beautiful, or do you just want to come home with me and we can make love for a while?”

She got up so I got up and I said, “No thank you” to the waitress as my mother took my arm and we left together.

Outside the Denny’s, I asked “Is it safe to assume that dad is off at work?”

“Yes he is ... are you really planning on taking me to my own house and my own bedroom and fuck me like you do with your sister?”

“That is the best offer I’ve had yet today, let’s take my car?” I said giving her a nice butt squeeze, as I put her in my car’s passenger sea

“You seem awfully sure of yourself, young man?”

“I am very sure of myself because every woman I have made love to hates me when I leave them alone after it’s all over!”

“And how do you do that?”

“By making them understand that they are the most fascinating woman in my life in that particular moment,” looking her straight into her brown eyes.

“Where have you been staying?” she asked.

“I am not ready to divulge that information, Darla, I said starting the car and driving us quickly back to the house,

Once in the house, I took her to her own bed and undressed myself.

“How ... How did you get so big, down there?”

“Get yourself naked, and I’ll explain it,” I said

Without taking her eyes on my dick she hurriedly got herself completely undressed as well.

“You are more beautiful than I remembered mom,” I said knee walking on the bed till the point of my 10+ inches was At her furry entrance.

“Did you know that guys love women who shave so they look like a little girl, that’s what Mary does for me!”

“Are you going to fuck me or not, Mark?”

I pushed inside not needing much effort and she wailed and wailed.

“Unless you can talk dad into excepting us, together as a couple, this will be the only time we ever fuck ... is that clear?”

“I may need a few days to do that, but would you promise to fuck me in the ass?”

Oh boy, I fucked her fast and furious dropping one of my super loads deep inside her

Suddenly, she said “I have nothing in the house and I haven’t been on the pill in five years. “This is going to make me pregnant!”

“Give dad the credit. He could use the self-esteem of knocking up his beautiful wife, don’t you think!”

“Do we have time to do it again, sweetheart?” she asked with her radiant eyes staring at me.

“Every day, even in the butt, if you can get us back in this house, and that is a promise!”

“It’s a good thing I took a taxi to Denny’s or I would have a car I need to pick up,” my naked and gorgeous mother said to.

“Do you really fuck your sister twice every day and unload in her this much cum.”

“She loves it very much mom, and I love her. Find a way to explain that to dad however you can. Maybe you can talk him into fucking you like I just did and in a month you can tell him ‘Honey, I’m pregnant!’

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