My Silent Mom
Chapter 3

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Mother son accidental consensual encounter then flirtation

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   First   Voyeurism  

(1 week later)

“Can Bill spend the night?. We don’t have swim practice in morning.”

“Sure” Mom said. “But I think the girls are having Lucy over too.”

So being 14 year old male you can guess how long I had kept the secret of what I saw. One of my friends had walked in on his parents once but they quickly covered up. No one had ever seen adults fucking. So Bill and I had been jerking off over this for the last month with him begging and digging every bit of memory and making me graphically paint the picture. Now he was bugging me to hang around our house watching Mom. So as we all left to go for bus I hung back a second and when alone with Mom asked “Could you were your plaid skirt today?”.

She said “I don’t see why not”. “ “What made you think of that?”...

“Well I told Bill how great you looked in it”.

She turned to look at me. “You didn’t say anything about us did you?”...

“No Mom you know I wouldn’t do that.” I lied. And I rushed to catch up to the others.

So as three o’clock approached I found myself in my bedroom alone slowly slipping off my jeans and drifting to the closet to pull out the plaid skirt. It was clean no problem. But why am I doing this I thought. Am I dressing for 14 year old boys now? What has happened to me? Why do I have butterflies? I don’t want to examine this I know. I look in mirror at my clean polo shirt. Looks good. But I reach for the bottom an pull it off. Taking out a thin white cotton button up blouse. What am I doing? Stop! As I try to leave room I suddenly stop, drifting to underwear draw. Withdraw the white satin bikinis, reach under skirt and pull off granny panties. I am disgusting!

I hear the boys in the backyard throwing the football. One is Joe Namath, the other says he is Cotton Clark. Boys. Bill is red headed tall as my son, about 5’ 6”. Toothy smile. I had no idea he would be interested in me. Of coarse on some level I know he is just interested in a woman and I happen to be in target range. Still I feel myself getting wet thinking about two boys finding me sexy. That is what this is all about. That little shit Christopher has obviously told him something. Well who am I to be judgmental. I loosen the top button. Showtime!

I walk into yard with lemonade pitcher and glasses. Two of the girls have joined them playing football now. I exaggerate the swing of my hips as I walk by the children. Setting the tray down they are jumbling each other for a glass...”Sit down i say” and they all flop. I pour a glass for each girl and hand it to them. And a glass for Chris. But for Bill I hand him an empty glass and turn and bend to pick up pitcher, turn back and bend over to pour his. Bending enough for him to see my lace bra (yes, I am ashamed, I changed that two). The thrill of knowing Chris is watching dress rise behind me and Bill is seeing cleavage is too much. I gush with excitement and stand up...

After supper the boys get the ‘Battleship’ game and are playing at the table. Hubby and I are watching TV. I hear Chris say ‘let’s play on the floor’ and they flop down by the TV. After a few minutes I see Chris staring at my legs. Nothing to see legs crossed demurely but I feel it. Fell his hunger. Feel my power. Oh Jesus save me. I kick the ottoman over and put my left foot on it. ‘I’m going to jail if not hell I think’. As I bend my leg up two things happen. The boys stop talking and I let down fluid. Keeping eyes on TV, I can just barely see both jaws drop. I shift and the dress rides higher.


I look at O. His eyes are flipping from my knees to the boys.

I drop my leg.

‘It’s nine. I’m going to bed. I’ll leave to you men.

Locking hall bathroom door I lean against door shoving my right hand in my panties. And cum within 30 sec of vigorous clit jerking.

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