Double Vision
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Twin sisters choose their father to pop their cherries. Cookie-cutter dad/daughter shit.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Sister   Father   Daughter   First   Oral Sex   Petting  

Being a twin is cool. There’s hardly any way to describe it, unless you’ve been there. I won’t even try. But, anyway, my sister Hope and I have had some crazy wild adventures, especially when we fucked around with people’s minds and confused them with our twinness. Or when we pretended to be each other. We’ve had a lot of fun, Hope and I. But the fun really started when we became ... let’s say sexually active, to use a tired old phrase. When we started screwing around.

When we turned fourteen, we decided it was time to lose our cherries. We thought long and hard about it, and talked for hours. All the boys in our grade, and even a few grades above us, were just too stupid and goddam immature for us. We wanted a real man, a man that would appreciate us. A man that would do us justice, for our first time.

Hope had the idea. I was scandalized, at first, but the longer she talked about it, the more I felt like she was right. We both agreed. The only thing left was to convince him. And that was the hard part.

We live with our dad. Our mom bailed, years ago, the last we heard of her she was living with some biker dude out in California. Good riddance to her, I have no real memories of her, but I hate the bitch. Just from the things our dad has told us about her, I hate the bitch.

Anyway, we live with our dad. We get along great with him. He is a nice guy, and good to us. Probably too good, he spoils us, true. He pretty much gives us everything we want. We finally found one thing he wouldn’t give us, though. At least, at first.

Our dad is in his early forties, and in great shape. He’s a health nut, and he runs every day, and races bicycles. He looks so cute in his tight little bike shorts, and he has a nice lump in front. In fact, Hope and I started calling him “Lumpy” which amuses him, although he doesn’t really know what we mean. Pretty funny, huh.

Anyway, as we sat in our room one night and talked, Hope said, “Charity. I know the guy that should be the one.”

I knew exactly what she was talking about.

“Who?” I said.

“You are so going to freak. But it has to be said,” she said.

“Okay, okay. Who?” I said.

She paused dramatically.

“Dad!” she said, and she was right, I freaked a bit.

“Hope, you are mad. Dad can’t fuck us! He’s our dad! And he’d never do it, he’s so straight arrow. Forget it, girl.”

“Charity, listen,” she said. “He deserves us, and we deserve him. We have to work on him on this, probably hard, and probably for a long time. But it’ll be worth the wait. He deserves us, girl. It’d be special, you know that, it’d be special as all fuck.”

I mused a bit. She was kinda right ... he was special, and he probably did deserve something special from us ... but to fuck us? To pop our cherries?

“Girl,” she said. “It’d be something to remember forever. And you know he’d do it right. He’d do it like he does everything else, by the book, by the numbers. He’d make it something to remember. It’d be special, we love him and he loves us. Like I said, he deserves us.”

“I dunno...” I said. “And it’s, what? Illegal?”

“I dunno if it’s technically illegal,” she said. “I know it’s kinda frowned on...” I giggled at that. Hell yeah, it was.

“You really think you can wait that long?” I said. “Do you think I can?”

“Hell yeah, we can, and we have to do it, Charity. It’s in the stars. It’s our destiny. Our first, and most special time, is meant to be with him. I feel it.”

Damn. There she went again, with one of those feeling. Hope and her feelings. If I believed in psychic bullshit, I’d believe in her feelings.

“Hope, honey...” I finally said. “I almost agree with you. It’d be special. And he does deserve us, hell, he deserves anybody, it’s been, what, years for him?”

“Yeah. Years,” she said.

“But I don’t think we could ever convince him. I just don’t think he’ll do it.”

“Shit, shit,” she said, deep in thought. We were silent for a while.

“What about getting him drunk? Think that’d work?” she asked. I shook my head.

“Hell, Hope, he won’t drink Mountain Dew. You think he’d drink booze if we offered it to him?”

“Well, shit.” she said. “What about if we just snuck in while he’s asleep, and started in on him?”

“I think he’d wake up, freak out, and run us back to our room. And probably paddle our asses in the morning.”

“Shit,” she said. “There’s got to be a way.”

“The only way would be to win a persuasive argument.” I said. “To somehow make him come around to our point of view. Which may be impossible.”

“Do you think Uncle Drake could help convince him?” she asked. I snorted.

“Hope, dear ... Dad doesn’t put too much faith in Uncle Drake, as you might have noticed. He thinks he’s kinda whacked...”

“Yes, but ... he’s his brother...”

“Yeah ... no, I don’t think Uncle Drake would be much help.”

She thought for a while longer.

“Okay, then,” she said. “Charity. What about Uncle Drake?”

“What about him?” I asked.

“Would you consider him, to pop your cherry?”

I just laughed at that, then stopped and thought. Would I? Hmmm. Possibly. He was younger than dad. And hotter. He was actually hot, and not in just a dadish way. He was as big a health nut as dad, although he just mostly did it to get chicks, we’d already decided long ago.

To get chicks ... if there was one thing Uncle Drake had had in large numbers, it was chicks. He showed up at every family function with yet another foxy young hot thing on his arm. He harvested them. He picked them like wildflowers. It’s just what he did.

“Uncle Drake has ... possibilities.” I said. “He’d know what he was doing, for sure. He’d probably make is special. And, he likes us. I think we’d have a much better chance with him. Is that what we want to do? Not sure.”

“Okay, then. Listen,” she said. “Let’s make a date with Uncle Drake, and talk to him. Let’s ask him what he thinks of our idea with Dad, and if he’ll help us convince him. If he thinks there no chance, then we’ll ... think about giving him a try. Does that sound good?”

“Yeah, okay. But, girl ... does it have to be a family member?”

“I don’t suppose it has to...” she said. “But, it’s special. That first time should be special. With somebody you love, and somebody that’ll be in your life forever. You don’t want to just hand it to some random dude who’ll walk away, do you?”

I understood what she meant, and I pretty much agreed with it. I thought about the things we’d talked about. Yes, I thought, I’d do it with Dad. And, it would be special. And, I’d even do it with Uncle Drake, if Dad wouldn’t. Just like her, I thought he’d be a good second choice.

“And, Charity...” she said, “we don’t really know anybody else. Whaddaya wanna do, proposition the mailman?”

We crawled into bed that night, still both thinking about it. I held my sister in my arms, and we whispered, and giggled, talking about what we imagined it would be like to be fucked by Daddy. It would be cool, we both agreed.

The night was dark. It was still spring, and Dad hadn’t turned the air on, so we had the window open. Crickets chirped, and we heard an owl hoot. I felt happy, and suitably naughty talking about fucking Dad. I knew that Hope was getting off on it, too.

“Hope, honey...” I finally said, ready for the fun to start. “Here’s what I want Daddy to do to me...”

I slid down her body, and plastered my tongue in her belly button. She giggled, and held my head in her hands. She pushed me down. I went on down.

My sister has the sweetest little cunt in the world. I have the second sweetest. I love her cunt, as much as I love mine. I’ve tasted her cunt a million times, over the years. We have fucked around since before I can even remember. We grew up, fucking around. It’s just what we do. I have long had a suspicion that most twins do, we met another set of twins at camp once, and they admitted that they fucked each other. It just seems natural, a natural extension of playing with yourself. It just seems right, or something. We’ve talked about it before, and we both seemed to understand that we’ll always be a couple. I mean, we’ll probably both have boyfriends someday, and who knows, we might even get married, but our hearts will always belong to each other. We are almost just one person, I have thought before. I know her as intimately as its possible to know another human. I am almost her. When I lick her pussy, I’m almost licking my pussy. And I don’t even have to get a crick in my back.

My earliest memory is being out in the back yard, behind the garage, and rubbing her pussy as she rubbed mine. We have played around since we were toddlers. No idea why we started so early. Maybe we’re just hyper-sexual or something. Maybe we’re a little weird. But I love us for the way we are.

She tasted great tonight. I knew she hadn’t had a bath since last night, neither had I. She tasted strong and aromatic. I love the shit out of her smells and tastes. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers, and sucked her cute little clit into my mouth.

She sighed and relaxed, and let me please her. I crouched at the foot of the bed, inbetween her legs, and licked and sucked and lapped her sweet cunt for what felt like an hour. She came, and came again, her feet pounding the bed, her legs locked, her whole body trembling and shaking. I loved to make her cum. And she was good at it, as good as I was.

I was almost exhausted, and finally I got my turn to relax while she did all the work. I lay back, and felt her hands on my upper thighs. At last I felt her tongue on my clit, and I thought, here we go. Here we fuckin’ go. My sister is a good cunt licker, as good as I am. I doubt if anybody will ever be able to make me cum like she does. I defy any man to be as good at licking pussy as her or I. We are both girls. We know what girls like.

I came, and came hard. I came so hard I peed a little, right in her face, and she giggled, and licked my pussy clean. Who would do that for me, I asked myself, who could love me as much as this girl? No one, I knew the answer. I wondered if we should even bother bringing a guy into our lives. Maybe we should just concentrate on each other, and live our lives like that. Maybe that would be enough.

I did kinda want to know what it felt like, though. But I saw the rightness in what Hope had said, about why it needed to be somebody close to us, somebody that wouldn’t just walk away. It made sense, somehow.

I wondered about twins that were male and female. Did they fuck? That would be so perfect ... especially for that first time ... how could they not? I know that a male/female twin set wouldn’t be as identical as Hope and I are, but how could they not? It would be so perfect. I almost envied them.

We cuddled, basking in the afterglow of a half-dozen perfectly fine orgasms. I wondered again if it would even be worth it, fucking a guy. It would, if I could do Dad, I guessed.

At Sunday dinner the next weekend, we talked to Uncle Drake. We’d always gotten along great with him, and we seemed to have a special place in his heart. He was better than anyone except maybe Dad at telling us apart. Where we were concerned, he almost never said no. And we knew he liked girls, big time. I couldn’t imagine him saying no to us, if we asked him ... the big question. He’d have to wrestle with his conscience, but in the end, I knew he’d give in. I just wish Dad was the same way.

Hope told Uncle Drake about some movie we wanted to see, and he immediately told us he’d take us, next weekend. Let’s go to the late show, she said, and then we’ll spend the night at your place. Sure, he agreed. He liked having us over, even if it cut into his philandering. He enjoyed our company. You might get to enjoy it even more, I thought to myself.

The week passed. Hope and I talked some more about the Dad thing, usually every night before we made out. The more we talked the more I knew that she was right, we should make every effort to make it happen. We had to try, at least.

Finally Friday night rolled around. Uncle Drake picked us up and took us out to eat at the steakhouse, and we finally got to the movie place about nine. The movie was long and boring, and sucked. We finally got back to his place, and settled on the couch, laughing and giggling. He got a beer, and two Pepsi for us girls.

“Unk,” said Hope, starting the ball rolling.

He nodded, taking a sip. “We got important shit to talk about. Shit that we want your opinion on.” she said. He nodded again.

She paused, and thought. “And,” she finally said, “It’s kinda ... controversial. But we think you’re open-minded enough to understand where we’re comin’ from.”

“Okay...” he finally said, when she paused long enough that he knew she wanted him to speak.

“Uncle Drake,” I said, “You know we are fourteen, now.”

“Yes,” he said. I could tell he was kind of drawing into himself a bit, getting ready for some major shit from us. He seemed to know something big was going on.

“All our friends...” said Hope.

“Have had their cherries popped,” I finished.

“Oh, shit,” he said. I almost laughed at the look on his face.

“We have decided...” said Hope.

“That’s it’s about time for us to, also,” I said.

“Oh, shit,” he said again.

“But we want it to be special,” Hope said.

“Something to remember...” I said.

He didn’t say Oh, shit this time. He just stared at us. I wondered if he thought we were gonna ask him to do it.

“Anyway,” said Hope, “There is one person in our lives special enough to do it for us.”

“Other than you, of course,” I said, and was pleased to see him color slightly.

“Okay, don’t freak,” Hope said.

“We are talking about Dad,” I said. We were both silent then, watching him closely.

He held together well, I have to give him that. He sighed deeply, and stretched.

“Well,” he finally said, when it was obvious we were waiting on him to speak. “You girls are full of big ideas tonight. You two never cease to amaze me. The little Burke twins have grown up, apparently.”

We both giggled, and waited expectantly.

“First,” he said. “Thank you for trusting me this much. I agree, your dad is very special. But what you guys propose is a bit much. Society frowns on incest, kids. And it’s very hard on those involved ... I don’t think you realize ... it changes everything. Sex period changes everything ... it changes the ... dynamic, call it what you will. It changes everything, believe me, I know...”

We both giggled at that, thinking of the endless stream of women that he obviously slept with.

“Uncle Drake,” said Hope. “You gotta know how much we love Daddy. And he loves us that much. And our love is strong enough to make this work. Help us, Uncle Drake, help us convince him to give us this, our first time. Give us some hope.”

He laughed, kind of short. “I don’t know if I can do that, ladies,” he finally said. “Your dad doesn’t put a lot of faith in the things I say. I’m just his silly little brother. I think he’d be pissed if he thought I was trying to influence him in a matter this ... profound. In fact, I think he’d be pissed if he knew I even knew you were plotting this ... this is big shit, for two little girls.”

“Awww,” said Hope. “You know we’re not little anymore. And you know, deep inside, we’re right. I hope you do, at least.”

He sighed again. “What I think don’t matter. But please, think long and hard about this before you say anything to him. You guys have got a good relationship with your dad, even I can see that. Don’t take a chance on screwing it up.”

“We love each other too much for that to happen,” I said, finally, really believing it myself.

“Girls...” he seemed to be, oddly, unsure of himself, something rare. I wondered how he really felt, inside, about what we hoped to do. And I wondered again what he’d say if we made that same offer to him.

The next week passed slowly. We talked every night about our plans, but we seemed kinda dead-ended. There was no place to go from here except to let him know what we wanted. Or to just start in on him somehow.

That Saturday night we got invited to a slumber party thing by a girl at school, a girl named Cheryl. It was kick-ass, and turned out way better than we’d hoped. It blew our minds, in fact. A bunch of girls from school were there, and we drank rum and beer and shit, it was fun. Two girls named Sabre and Serenity were there, whom we know from school. They were so obviously a couple, and we even got to watch them make out later. And Cheryl, her brother Eugene showed us his cock, and we all played with it and later sucked it. I had a whispered conversation with Hope, and we decided to do it, because we’d never sucked a cock before. Hell, neither of us had even kissed a boy before. It was sexy and exciting, and got us both hornier than shit, and we kinda came out of the closet then and there, and fucked around with each other and then other girls, when the fucking around finally started. It was cool.

I thought about bringing up the thing with our dad to the other girls, just to see if anybody there had tried anything like that, but I didn’t, in the end. It was satisfying and sexy to see Cheryl sucking her own brother’s cock, it was good to see Hope and I weren’t the only ones that did family shit.

Sucking Eugene’s cock was fun, and a little weird, at the same time. Hope went first, as she almost always does, and then I did it. It felt funny to feel his stiff cock in my mouth, and his balls were so cool, I bounced them and played with them the whole time. He didn’t cum in anybody’s mouth, another girl jacked him off, and he squirted in the floor, but I know every girl there was wondering what it’d be like to have that in her mouth. I know I was.

Sunday night we were still hornier than fuck, and we just attacked each other when we went to bed. I can’t believe my dad can’t hear us sometimes, but he’s never said anything. We just licked and pounded away on each other, and came like mad. It was wild.

“I’m gonna suck Daddy’s cock, just like I did Eugene’s,” whispered Hope in my face, her breath hot. It turned me on to hear her say it. I wanted that, too. How could he refuse? We were hot, he had to see that. He had to want us a little, at least, subconsciously, if nothing else. We just had to bring that to the surface. I grabbed Hope, yanked her little butt up in the air, and smashed my tongue into her asshole. God, she tasted good.

“Daddy...” Hope said, as we put away the dishes. Dad was reading the paper.

“Yes, dear,” he replied, absently.

“Daddy, Charity and I been talkin’. ‘Bout stuff.”

Oh shit, I thought, my asshole slamming shut. Is she gonna start it? Now? I was surprised she’d decided to go ahead without bringing me in on it. Maybe it was just spur-of-the-moment with her. Shit, oh shit.

“Yes...” he replied, and I could tell he still wasn’t really paying attention. You’ll snap out of it pretty quick, I thought, when you realize what she’s talking about.

“We just want you to know that we love you very much. You are the best person in our lives, and we love you for what you’ve done for us, and for how much you love us back.”

He put down the paper, and regarded the two of us. I stopped wiping plates and smiled at him.

“Girls, thank you,” he finally said. “I mean, I know all that, but it’s very rewarding to hear you say it. I love you two dearly, more than anything in the world. You two are my life. Thank you, thank you.”

“Oh, daddy,” Hope went to him, and hugged him, and they kissed. I came up behind her, and he leaned forward and kissed me, too. I felt warm and happy. Maybe she’s just been starting the ball rolling.

Later, the three of us sat in the living room. Hope and I had had a hurried conversation in the bathroom, about what we could do or say to get the idea in his head. I made her promise to take it slow and easy, I didn’t want him to go into shock. Don’t do it all tonight, I’d told her, let’s take our time, let him get used to it. She nodded. I hoped she’d understood me.

“Daddy...” she finally said, and he hit the mute. He looked at her expectantly. “Daddy, why...” she said, and stopped and thought for a while. “Okay, lemme start this way. In school we read about England, and some kings and stuff, and how that brothers married sisters and so on. You know? What is that, incest?”

He nodded, his full attention on her.

“Anyway, it made me wonder ... why is that so bad? Incest, I mean. I mean, shouldn’t the people you love the most be the ones you want ... you want to ... share yourself with? Does that make sense?”

He did his usual pause, before he spoke.

“Yes...” he finally said. “I see where you’re coming from. But incest is one of the oldest and strongest taboos we humans still hold on to. And there are very good reasons.”

“Like what?” she almost interrupted. He patiently went on.

“Inbreeding can emphasize bad traits, genetically, as wells as good ones. And, until recently, we haven’t had foolproof birth control. And, it’s difficult on people, socially, or mentally or whatever. It complicates and changes relationships immensely. I’m not really an expert on it ... but it’s usually not healthy, not at all.”

“Usually, you said,” she said, “so sometimes it is? Sometimes it’s good?”

He laughed. “Well, it’s a big world, I’m sure that somewhere, sometime it’s worked out well. The odds are against it, but probably. What brought this up, anyway?”

“Like I said, we talked about it at school some. Though we didn’t really go into detail. And we talked about it the other night at the slumber party. A girl there was sweet on her brother, and she was sad that nothing would probably ever come of it.”

I laughed to myself, remembering Cheryl on her knees, lustily sucking her brother’s cock. I wondered if that was only the first of many times. I’m sure Eugene’d go for it, Cheryl was a fox, even if she was his little sister.

“Well,” Daddy said, “That’s understandable, and probably correct. And, in her case, it’s probably just infatuation. I had a crush on my big sister for the longest ... although I was too young to know about ... hmmm ... the more adult, shall we we say, aspects of it.”

Well, that was interesting. Aunt Sue? Dad was hot for Aunt Sue? That wasn’t too hard to imagine, she was attractive, still ... and she had a sweet personality. Interesting.

“Daddy...” Hope went on. “Did you know that all the other girls there are on the pill? We were the only ones that aren’t.”

“Ahem,” my dad cleared his throat. I wondered if that embarrassed him. I had no idea why Hope said it, we hadn’t actually talked about that shit at the party. I’m sure it was pretty true, though, I know a lot of the girls were on the pill. Parents just kinda do that nowdays, for insurance. It don’t actually mean you are fucking around, it just means you can, safely.

“Girls,” he sat, heavily, and stared at us, his hands folded. I realized he was gathering his courage, to talk to us.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time,” he said. “You two are ... coming up on fifteen. Listen. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, about what I’m about to say. And I don’t want you to think I’m encouraging you. I’ll only tell you this once.”

He paused again, and we were both listening, almost holding our breaths. I think we both had a pretty good idea what this was about, and I was surprised he had the nerve to start a conversation about it with us. But, I was pleased. Maybe it will tie in, I thought. Maybe it will give us a foot in the door.

“You are very attractive young ladies, on the brink of womanhood. I have high hopes for you both, and high expectations. Girls ... pardon me if this insults you ... but I just want to say ... look at Darina ... look at how her life has changed, her plans for the future ... and honestly, I’m not afraid of that, with you two. You two are sensible, smart young ladies, and I think I’ve raised you better than that. But...” he drew a deep breath at this point, “I think I need to say this. If either of you, or both, wants to go on the pill ... you know, the...” it seemed hard for him to say. “The birth control pill, just let me know and I’ll make an appointment with Doctor Benzel. Just don’t think I’m encouraging you to get in a relationship. I just don’t want either of you to screw your life up like Darina has...”

Darina was our cousin, Aunt Sue’s daughter. She’d gotten pregnant at age fourteen, and now had a couple of screaming brats, and no real prospects. She still lived at home, even. I understood what Daddy feared, and I was surprised he’d had the nerve to come out and say it.

“Okay!” he said, “that’s over with! We need never bring the subject up again!” We both giggled, he did seem kind of embarrassed about the whole thing.

“Don’t worry, Daddy,” I said. “It’ll be forever before I like boys. Other than you and Uncle Drake, of course.”

He laughed too, kinda relieved, it seemed like.

“I’m so glad we had this time, together...” sang Hope, in a silly voice, and we all laughed again.

We had a long talk that night, in bed.

“Chair, honey,” Hope said. “If ... and I know this is a long if ... if we succeed in getting Daddy to fuck us, we want him to know that we’re both safe ... that we’re on the pill ... that make sense?”

“Yeah...” I said, thinking. That was true. In spite of what I had said to him, I realized that we needed for him to know that. Plus, just so he didn’t worry about us, getting in trouble like Darina. It’d just be ... like I said ... insurance.

“Okay,” I said. “So we ... tell him, then?”

“Well, let’s give it a week or two, like we’ve thought about it for a while. Let’s just tell him we wanna get on it to get used to it, since we’ll probably be on it most of our lives. Something like that.”

“Yeah. Yeah.”

Dad took it well. Yet another week later he took us to the clinic, and we came home with all kinds of literature, and two little plastic cases of pills. We were now officially safe to fuck. Cool. The only thing left to do was fuck our daddy.

We seemed to have a new closeness with our dad, weirdly. We were able to talk with him about more intimate things than we had been, in the past. Well, maybe we always would have been able to ... maybe the reticence, in the past, had been ourselves. Anyway, it seemed like the ice had been broken. We enjoyed our new-found intimacy with him. And it made telling him that we wanted him to pop our cherries even more in reach.

The storm. That was quite a night. And it helped things along, I think. But it was scarier than hell. The storm sirens had gone off all day, like they did every spring. Enough that we pretty much ignored them, any more. When the twister hit, my dad had already gone to bed, like he did every night, when the sun had barely even gone down. Hope and I were up watching TV, when they broke in and told everybody to seek shelter, yadda yadda yadda, and so on. Hope is way more scared of that shit than I am, but she jumped up and grabbed me.

“Quick, let’s change!” she said, rushing me back to our room. I realized she was planning something, in spite of her fear.

“We’re gonna be in basement with dad, let’s get some sexy nightgowns on, at least!” she said, and I nodded. Good idea. She stripped, yanking her clothes off, and pawed through our underwear drawer. She gave me a tiny thong, and slid another one up her legs and seated it in her crack.

“Sexy, think sexy!” she said, pulling a tiny nightgown over her head. It barely covered her pussy, and was almost sheer on top. Her fat red nipples showed right through it. Shit, I thought, he’d have to be dead to miss this shit. I pulled an almost identical one over my head, and we ran out of the room.

“Daddy, daddy!” she shouted, and banged on his door. “There’s a tornado coming! Come on!”

He opened the door in moments, and stood there in shorts and a t-shirt, blinking, still half asleep. We grabbed him and hurried him down the hall and through the basement door, and down the stairs. Hope flipped the lights on at the bottom, and we all plopped on the couch, my dad fumbling for the remote for the little downstairs TV.

The weather people were going nuts, as usual. “Listen!” I said, and we were quiet for a moment, my dad hitting the mute button. You could hear the storm, even down here. A long, low rumble was obvious. I wondered it that was the tornado.

“Oh, I’m scared!” said Hope, and she really looked it. She sat on a chair across from the couch were Daddy and I sat. I knew she was deathly afraid of bad weather. She wasn’t acting, now. God, I thought, doing a double take at her. If Dad was missing this, we had no chance. Her legs were half spread, and her thong was just basically a tiny string right down the middle of her cunt. Her pussy lips hung out both sides of it, and you could pretty much see her whole smooth, hairless pussy mound. Damn. I admired her bravery, but I wondered if she was even aware of what she was showing, she was so scared.

Dad seemed to take it all in stride. He seemed to be looking right at her, and I wondered where his eyes were. Things were so excited I wondered if he even noticed. Shit, how could he miss, though. I was gettin’ turned on, looking at her cunt. How could he not notice that shit?

I buried my head in his lap, having to fight the giggles. Damn, Hope, I thought. You go, girl. If nothing else he should notice her nipples when he looked at her face. Again, how could he not notice? He’s a guy. Guys always notice.

I pressed into his lap, trying to act like I was scared. My forehead pushed against something, and I just completely froze. Holy goddam fucking shit in a basket, I thought. My forehead was pressing against something hard. Something in his pants, and hard. I tentatively pushed back a little, and moved my face forward, and felt it on my eyes. I am feeling my dad’s cock, I thought to myself. I am feeling my dad’s hard cock on my face. How goddam fucking sexy is that? Pretty damn. Holy fuck, I breathed. Holy fucking shit. It was the sexiest moment of my whole life. My pussy was so fucking wet in an instant I couldn’t believe it.

And, weirdly, he didn’t seem to notice. I think what with the storm and all the madness, and seeing Hope’s tits and cunt at least subconsciously if not outright consciously, I think his brain was just overloaded, and he didn’t notice my face pressing into his dick. His erection. I sucked a gasping breath of air in through my nose, trying to at least smell his cock, if nothing else, but I couldn’t tell. It just smelled like him.

That was pretty much it. The lights flickered a few times, and the TV people finally settled down, and the sirens went off. The storm was over.

I finally sat up, and looked at Hope. She seemed a little calmer, and had her legs back together. Her tits still looked great, at least. We all three stood, somewhat sheepishly. To us the storm had been a dud, which is a good thing, although we found out later some areas got creamed pretty severely.

We filed back up the stairs, and after a few mumbled goodnights my dad disappeared back into his room, and we went to ours.

“Holy fuck, Hope, you are gonna so freak when I tell you this shit,” I said, as soon as our door closed. Hope dropped onto the bed, and looked at me.

“When I stuck my face in Dad’s lap, he had a fucking hard-on,” I said, giggling. Her face lit up, and she grinned.

“Are you fuckin’ serious,” she said.

“As fuck,” I said. “I felt it on my forehead, and then I moved down and felt it on my eyes and nose. A goddam genuine E-goddam-fuckin’-rection.”

“Fuck,” she said. “He was staring right at my cunt, I swear. I mean, he looked like he was a million miles away, I don’t know if he was even seeing it, but I saw him look more than once. Way more.”

“Shit,” I said, still giggling. I felt a little mean at being so manipulative towards him, but shit. We had to get the fire in him somehow. Showing him the goods should help, I thought.

“Well,” she said, “Sometimes guys get erections when they’re excited period, not just sexually excited. It was so crazy he might not have even noticed seeing me and shit.”

“I think he noticed,” I said, and I really did. I felt like it. He had to have. Even when you’re distracted, sometimes you notice details. And, like I said earlier, I’m sure his subconscious noticed.

Shit anyway. It was sexy. It had been sexy for me, to feel his cock beneath my face. It made me feel closer to him. And I wanted to feel it again. For some reason it felt huge, and now, in my mind, I imagined he had a huge one. Bigger than Eugene’s. Maybe as big as some of those I’d seen on the internet. Fuck fire, I though, my dad has a big cock. How cool is that.

“I wonder what he’s doing ... right now...” Hope whispered, and I giggled. I wondered too ... five minutes after going back to bed, and seeing what he’d probably seen this evening ... I wondered if he was keeping his hands above the sheets. It really got me off to think of him possible masturbating, thinking of Hope’s pussy, or my head rubbing his dick.

“Do you think he does?” I asked her, and she looked at me, smiling.

“I dunno. But it’s sexy to think about. And, hell ... it’s not like he’s had a lot of obvious ... action over the last few years. Hell, not any that I know of, ever. And, from what I understand, every fucking guy on the planet jerks it. Every one, even the holy rollers.”

Yeah. I mean, he goes out with women he works with and shit, but nothing romantic. We’ve never known him to have a real date, in all these years. He’s practically sexless, or he acts like he is. I wondered what his secrets really were, if he had them. Was he superhuman? Or did he have something going on in his life that we didn’t know about?

Then we kinda hit a dry spell. There wasn’t much we could do from here on out, except maybe just rape him or something. We wore sexier and sexier clothes, around the house, almost daring him to say something. He never did, and we speculated that maybe that meant he liked it. He acted like he didn’t notice, but more than once I caught his eyes on Hope’s ass when she reached up for the cereal box, shit like that. I know he’s a guy, guys notice that shit. Daughter or not, we thought, he’s gotta be noticing. And, daughter or not, it’s gotta be turning him on at least a little bit. Cocks don’t have a conscience. Not even Dad’s, we hoped.

“Hope ... you know what...” I said one night, as we sat on our bed, doing homework. My mind was churning.

“What,” she said.

“Tomorrow ... before he comes home from work, tomorrow we need to get on his computer, and at least check his e-mail. We need to find out if he’s got any record, any sign of a girlfriend or a fuckbuddy or whatever.”

“We do? Why?” she asked.

“I think we just need to know what we’re up against. If he truly hasn’t had it in years, I almost think it’ll make our job easier. If he’s gettin’ it every now and then, he won’t be so easy to convince. That’s what I think, at least.”

“I guess so...” she didn’t sound that convinced, but my mind was made up. I would check his computer tomorrow. I knew the password, he’d let me do my term paper on it a month ago, since it was already hooked up to the laser printer, which I hadn’t been able to make work with my laptop.

Hope rolled around on the bed, and put her head in my lap. She reached down and pulled her thong off, and kicked it away. I slid her head out of my lap as I got on my knees, and pulled my own shorts and thong down my legs. I crawled up and over her body, and laid down on top of her, my face right in her cunt. I felt her face raise up between my legs. Ahhhh, I thought. Perfect. She smelled incredible, just goddam sexy. I knew she’d taste even better. She did.

We didn’t have a chance the next day to snoop, but the day after, after school was out, I hurried us home, and went into Daddy’s bedroom. His computer was already on, and still logged in. Good. I carefully tried to remember where everything was, so I could fix it back the way it was when we got done. I started webmail, and it came up in his account. Good again. The next twenty minutes were a dull boring tedium of crap to do with his job, messages to Aunt Sue and Uncle Drake, and fifty million spams that he should have deleted as soon as he got them. Jeezus, it was a mess. But not one single solitary message from a girlfriend, or anything close. Shit.

“I think this is a dead end,” said Hope. “You’re wasting your time. There ain’t shit in there.”

“Shit,” I said. I finally closed webmail, and snooped around on his desktop some. That’s when I saw it. A text file, named simply “dd”. Dad’s diary, I thought instantly. Shit. I clicked on it.

“Bingo,” I said. “Bing-fucking-go.”

The date at the top was over five years ago. Shit. I started reading. It was a diary, true. And it was the most boring shit ever. I was almost sorry for him, that he thought he had to save memories so mundane. After a few pages, I finally started scrolling like mad.

“Just skip to the end,” said Hope, reading over my shoulder. I hit shift-end, and saw yesterday’s date at the bottom of the page.

The entries were much less wordy, very terse, in fact. “wo to eat” said one. Went out to eat. I could figure most of them out. There, though. The very last one. Last night’s. Good fucking grief, I thought. I pointed to it. Hope slowly read it out loud, one word at a time.

“lookd pix h&c, jo, wtb.” she said. My heart was pounding in my chest. Fuck, I thought. Holy fucking fuck. Whatever does that mean? Does it mean what it looks like it means?

“Fuck,” breathed Hope, her mouth an inch from my ear. “He looked at pictures of us, jacked off, and went to bed. What the fuck else could that mean? What the fucking else could that possibly mean?”

I had no idea. I just stared at the screen, my heart pounding. I felt a wave of guilt wash over me, and fought it down. We need to know this shit, I told myself, anything that’ll help us get closer to him, we need to know. We’re violating his privacy, true, we’re almost breaking and entering, but we need to know. It’s important.

“What pictures?” Hope said softly.

“I have no fucking idea,” I said. I knew he had a million pics of us, he’d had a digital camera ever since we were babies, before they were even in widespread use. Hell, he bought a new one every few years. The one he had now cost a thousand bucks, and was the tiniest of them all.

“Chair ... shit ... we gotta find those pictures. Start scrolling backwards.”

“Fuck, Hope, watch the clock. He’ll be home at five fifteen, regular as clockwork. Give me at fifteen minutes warning, at least. I do not wanna be caught in the middle of his shit, like this.”

“Yeah,” she said, “I agree. We got almost an hour. Start going up.”

We saw the “Jo” abbreviation a thousand times, as we scrolled backwards through his diary. Almost every damn day, in fact. Damn. What else could it be? I asked myself. What the fuck else? This made it sound like his hand had a hell of a sex life. The only thing odd thing I noticed was a “fs” on those nights that didn’t have a “jo”. Just every great once in a while.

“What the fuck is that?” said Hope. “The F makes me think he’s fucking somebody ... what the hell else could F mean? But who? Whos name starts with an S?”

The only person we could come up with was Aunt Sue, his sister. That, though, was so ridiculous we dropped it immediately. I mean, he had said he’d had a crush on her when he was a kid ... but that was thirty years ago. And it wasn’t like she hung around either, we hardly ever saw her. And, she was married. On top of it all, she was his sister. Crazy.

Finally with just a few minutes left, we hit pay dirt. It sure looked like pay dirt. Just three short sentences, somewhere in the middle of last summer.

“hm early, grls aslp aftr sex, both nkd. took pix shame shame. jo 3x.”

Hope slowly read it, filling in the blanks. She read it again, I guess in case I didn’t get it the first time.

“He has pictures of us naked. He has goddam fucking pictures of us, fucking naked.” she breathed, almost reverently. I turned and looked at her, wondering if she was angry. Shit no. She had a big smile on her face. We both just stared at each other, giggling.

Did it piss us off that he’d violated our privacy, and took nudie pics of us? Hell no, it didn’t me. Shit, I thought. We’re in. This is our ticket. We know he wants us, now. I mean, fuck. He looks at nudie pics of us and jacks off. How can he say no? Fuck. We’re in, I thought.

“Chair. Go back to the end. Just for a test, try this. Find the storm.”

I turned back to the computer, totally bemused. I hit shift-end again.

“What day was the storm?” I said.

“Saturday. A week and three nights ago.” she said.

“There. Look,” I pointed at the screen.

“storm. saw h’s p. c face h-on.”

“Fuck!” she almost cackled. “Saw Hope’s pussy. What else could it be? And Charity’s face hard-on. What the fuck else could it mean? Damn, Charity. Damn.” She said, spinning my chair around, and putting her hands on the armrests. Her face was right in mine. She was grinning like a monkey.

“Okay, fuckin’ get this. He’s got nudie pics of us, and when he looks at them he gets so hot he can jack off three times. Three fucking times. We turn him on that fucking much. Goddam, Chair, that’s a lot. In one night? Three fucking times? Damn, he’s a beast. Fuck damn!”

I giggled. And, damn. I wanted to see those pictures. After sex? Did that mean after we’d had sex? How did he know that? How could he have guessed, if we were just asleep? Just because we were naked? What a fucking can of worms we’d opened up. I felt excited, though, about the things we’d found out. Excited, and naughty. This is our ticket, I thought again. I mean, I wouldn’t use this shit to blackmail him, but this just proves to us that he wants us. That he lusts after us.

“Tomorrow,” Hope said, softly. I looked at her. “Tomorrow you are gonna find those fucking pictures,” she said.

I arranged the computer the way I remembered it had been, and we turned the screen off, and I pushed his chair back under the desk. We went down to the kitchen, and Hope started fixing dinner.

“Hope,” I said, “we can never, ever, ever let him know we did that. No matter what. If we fail, or if we succeed, we can never let him know. That was a serious violation of his privacy and his trust, almost criminal. We should feel way bad about doing it. And we can never let him know.”

“Yeah, I agree. But, darlin’, we had to know. And now we know.”

“Yeah. Damn. Dad. Who would have guessed.”

“We have gotta find those fuckin’ pictures, though. We have gotta know.”

“Yeah...” although ... I didn’t think anything he did could make me hate him or disgust me or anything. But, I wondered ... what if he’d like put a spy-hole in the bathroom or something? How would I feel about that? I mean, we were really past that stage, I think ... what we were considering doing with him, and how we were going to use this knowledge that we’d illicitly gained ... most people would consider that way out there. And it was. We were trying to seduce our dad, basically. Could anything he’d done be worse than that, than thinking like that? I knew most people in the world would consider us major perverts, just for wanting to fuck our dad. I examined my feelings yet again. Yes, that’s what I still wanted. Hope was right. It was right. It was meant to be. Fuck society and convention. It was right. We loved him and each other that much.

The pictures were a bitch to find, but we found them. Rather than descend into thousands of directories nested dozens of levels deep, I simply did a global search for every single jpeg on the computer, and then we only had to look through sixty thousand or so thumbnails. And finally. Finally.

“Chair...” Hope said, her finger pointing near the bottom of the screen. I clicked on the first tiny image. There, in all it’s glory, was my naked sleeping body, stretched out on the couch in the living room. My head was laying on Charity’s thigh, my face maybe four inches from her spread-eagled cunt. It was actually a pretty good picture of me, although there were some dark shadows, because he obviously hadn’t used the flash, but I understood. The next pic was a shot of Hope’s sleeping face, with a little of my knee in it, her mouth half open, and white crusty dried pussy juice all over her chin and cheek. I am pretty juicy. The best one was an extreme close-up of my cunt, from maybe a foot away, as spread apart as Hope’s had been. You could see everything, even my pee-hole. It was actually kind of cute, I’d never seen myself that closely before, although ... I’m pretty identical to Hope, down there. There were maybe ten pics all in all, basically of us sleeping, lying head-to-foot on the couch, after we’d sixty-nined each other silly one night last summer. I remembered that night well. It was the first time he’d let us stay alone, when he went on a weekend business trip. We’d fucked in the living room, and fell asleep on the couch. It had been kinda sexy to fuck around in the living room instead of locked in our room, we had felt like we were getting away with major shit.

“He came home that night. He came home early, saw us asleep on the couch, took some pics, and left again, until the next day, when he came home again and let us think he’d just gotten back. Goddam. It worked out perfect for him. And we’d have never known, if we didn’t snoop.”

“Hope,” I said, “Does it bother you that he did that? That he took pics of us like that?”

“Fuck no,” she said, relieving me. “The way I see it, that just means he wants us. He sees us ... sexually, or whatever. And hell, why not, we are sexy as all fuck.”

I giggled. I was kind of glad she felt that way, that she wasn’t pissed at him. I wasn’t. I knew it meant he loved us more than ever. How could he not? He was obviously jacking off to pictures of us. To me, that almost seemed like worship or something. Like he was bowing before us.

And ... something that gave me a major thrill ... a shiver ran down my spine, when I reminded myself of it ... Dad knows we fuck.

“Hope, baby...” I said, staring at her. “He knows. He’s known for eight months, now. He knows we fuck!”

We both burst into giggles for some crazy reason. It turned me on just to think of it. Daddy knows we fuck, I told myself over and over. There seemed to be a rightness to it that I couldn’t explain. I was glad he knew. I felt like it brought us that much closer. He knew, and he didn’t get onto us, he hasn’t said a word to us about it, or even gave us an indirect lecture, as was his style. Of course, he’d have to admit how he knew, if he brought it up...

Somehow, I told myself, somehow I need to talk to him about encrypted drives. He’d actually taken that computer back to the shop, several years ago, when something went wrong with it that I couldn’t fix. If he did that now, and the techs found those pics ... damn, he could get his ass in hot water, Hope and I weren’t anywhere close to eighteen yet. He basically had child porn on the machine. Shit. I sent Hope to our room for a blank DVD, and burned us a copy of the pics, for our scrapbook. They were good pics, he was a good photographer. Even when sneaking around and taking secret ones. Luckily his camera had a silent shutter, but I wished he could have used the flash. I was doubly glad we were both sound sleepers so that he was brave enough to do it.

I closed everything down, erased the thumbnails from the “recent” folder, and we left his room. We were through snooping. We’d found out what we needed to know. And it had done nothing except strengthen our resolve to fuck him. To fuck our daddy.

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