Daughters & Mothers & Friends
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Alan C. Zumwalt

BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Four daughters and their mothers find themselves trapped in a strange room. One of them may be responsible for their entrapment.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Slavery   Lesbian   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Daughter   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Group Sex   Orgy   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Female   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Squirting   Analingus   Violent   Nudism  

Everything was wrong when I woke up, and I mean everything.

It was pitch black. Most people have never been in a completely dark room. I had gone on a guided cave exploring trek once. The guide had us all turn off our lanterns at one point. That was my only other experience. After a few minutes several people started to panic. You lose your sense of direction and balance.

At home, there was a streetlight in the front of my house. It filtered through the limbs and branches of the tree in our front yard, but it was still plenty bright.

Another anomaly, I was wearing no clothes. I always slept in my pajamas.

And I was not sleeping alone. I was on a bare mattress, lying on my side with my back to the edge. My body was pressed up against another. My left arm was across that naked torso, and that hand was cupping a large breast.

I pulled my hand away and stumbled to my feet, and realized that the mattress was on the floor. My heels touched another mattress as I backed up.

Just then the lights came on.

To go from pitch dark to blinding white light took me a minute to adjust. When I could finally see, I saw who I was sleeping with,

Let me just tell you, from the start, that all the names I am using are fictitious. They are used to protect the innocent and guilty.

On the queen-sized mattress were my three best friends, all packed tightly together, all naked. We all lived in the four houses that were on a small cul-de-sac in our suburban neighborhood. We were all fifteen years old. Our birthdays were all within six months of each other.

My friends were just starting to stir under the harsh white light.

My name is Ashley. I had light brown collar-length hair, hazel eyes, and a slim build. I stood five foot three. My breasts are either a B or C cup, depending on bra brand. My friends said that I was the level-headed member of our group, though I don’t see it. I liked Sports and History in school. I was not very good at Math.

The girl whose boob I had been groping was Bianca. She stood about five foot nine, wore her blonde hair in short bob cut with bangs in the front and green eyes. She was the free spirit of our circle. She designed and made her own clothes, in a style she called gypsy chic. She liked to wear floppy berets. If she didn’t have one that matched, she’d wear this lime green one that she just loved.

B had a goofy sense of humor. She was always cracking jokes or making groan-inducing puns.

The big surprise was the size of her breasts. They were easily size DD. I knew her knockers were bigger than the rest of us, but her clothes were usually so loose-fitting, and they hid their size.

Her hips were also wider than the rest of us girls.

While she wasn’t fat, she could probably stand to lose ten pounds.

You know when you have a group of friends and you say that you are all best friends, but secretly you like one more than the others? Well. Bianca was mine.

She liked Art and English classes, but like me, did not like Math.

On far side of the mattress was Claire. She was the smart one. She was Hispanic with black straight shoulder-length hair and dark eyes. She was almost flat-chested and had almost no hips. She stood five foot one.

She was a fount of useless information, always providing us with interesting trivia. I always told her that she should try out for Jeopardy, but she was not interested. She excelled in all academic classes, but had trouble with classes like Art and Gym.

When not around us, Claire was very shy. She’d make A’s in her classes, but contributed nothing to class discussions. She hated making presentations, and would do everything in her power to avoid them.

Sandwiched between Claire and Bianca was Darcy. She was the serious one. She had curly dark brown hair that she kept short, piled up on her head, and brown eyes. She had B-cup breasts, slightly smaller than mine and maybe an inch shorter in height.

For Darcy, every news report on something wrong somewhere was a crisis. She was convinced that global warming was going to destroy the world, or the extinction of a small fish was going to throw the world’s eco-system into chaos.

Knowing her mother, I guess you can see where she gets that.

The one saving grace that kept Darcy from being a complete downer was her singing voice. It was a wonderful soprano that we loved to hear. The fact that she loved to sing made her a joy to be around, until she got off on one of her crisis jags.

Like Claire, I saw her as another lost opportunity. I keep telling her that she should try out for one of those reality singing competitions. But she always declines.

I am talking too much about breasts. That’s because I hadn’t seen any of these three naked since puberty. Two of our houses have pools, and we always come out and swim having put on our swimsuits in our home. I think we were all self-conscious about our maturing bodies.

My dad was a housing developer and architect. He designed the area we moved into when I was five, and designed the mini cul-de-sac specifically for me. He screened all the families that wanted to move into it, and only admitted families with girls the same age as me. He put a gate in all the backyard fences, so they combined to be a giant playground for us growing up.

The room we were stuck in was a little wider than a racquetball court and was colored pure white on ceiling, floor, and walls. It was like one of those clean rooms you see in the movies.

In the two back corners (I dubbed them the back corners), there was a toilet and sink in one, and an open shower, with a drain underneath it, in the other. Again, all the pipes and fixtures were white.

On the opposite end was a single white metal door in the middle of the wall that, upon inspection, was not budging. No sign of keyhole or access panel of any type.

The lack of pigment variation gave the whole room a disconcerting feel of unreality. It was sometimes hard to see the edges where the floor and walls met.

About twenty feet above us, on the ceiling, were twelve ceiling lights, spaced evenly, that beamed the harsh white glare on us.

The mattress we had been laying on was also pure white. There were no sheets or mattress cover, just a bare queen mattress. It was firmer than the one I slept on at home, and took some getting used to.

As I mentioned earlier, there was a second mattress on the floor. It was identical to the other one. On it laid our mothers. They were also naked, but they all had a silver collar around their necks.

My mother, Anna, was the only one beginning to get a measure of our surroundings. She quickly slipped off her mattress, and looked around with panicked eyes.

Next to Bianca, my mom had the best body. I knew she liked to work out, and it showed with her flat abs and hourglass figure. Her D breasts were not as big as my best friend’s, but they were still second largest. She had auburn hair that I always thought was dyed.

Anna was the only mother to be a true housewife.

I hadn’t seen my mother nude in more years than I had seen my friends. I don’t think that’s unusual.

I don’t think I’d ever seen my friends’ mothers naked before.

Of the four families, ours was the only with just one child, me. All the others had at least two children. All four of us friends are the oldest child.

I noticed that all four mothers were lying in the same position as their daughter.

Lying next to my mom was Bianca’s mother, Barbara. She has blonde hair and green eyes like her daughter, but her bust resembled mine more that Bianca’s; kind of average. She also was very slim. No excess fat on her thighs or tummy.

Compared to Bianca, Barbara was quiet and subdued. I don’t know where Bianca got her flamboyance.

Barbara worked as a legal secretary for some big firm in DC, where Bianca’s father also worked.

Bianca had a younger sister.

On the opposite side of the mattress was Claire’s mother, Carmen. This Hispanic woman looked just like a grown up version of her daughter. She had dark straight hair, dark eyes, and only a little more in hips and breasts than Claire.

Carmen worked as a dental assistant near home.

Claire’s father was a car salesman, and was very good at it.

Claire had two younger brothers.

Lying between Barbara and Carmen was Darcy’s mother, Dorothy. You could definitely see the resemblance between mother and daughter. Dorothy’s dark brown hair was straight instead of curly. She was also a few inches taller than her daughter and had a cup-size larger breasts.

I had never seen Darcy’s mother smile. She was very political. She started as a school board member then got elected to the county commission. Finally, she got hired as a lobbyist for a K street environmental firm, and seemed to be doing very well.

Darcy’s father was a moderately successful painter, and worked from the family garage, when not out on location. He did most of the parenting for Darcy and her younger brother and sister.

When my mom found her feet, she saw me and ran to me. She hugged me, “Are you okay?”

It felt strange, our bare skin touching. Her large breasts pressed against my face.

I nodded, “What happened? Where are we?”

“I have no idea. Maybe the others will know.”

Just then Bianca sat up, rubbing her eyes, “Wha-? Turn out the lights.”

Suddenly she realized her circumstances. “Where are my clothes? Where are we!?” she screamed.

This woke everyone up. Within a minute everyone was up yelling and waving arms.

Darcy’s mom, Dorothy, let out a shrill whistle, “It is obvious that we’ve been abducted, and we don’t know where we are. Let’s calm down and think this out.”

Anna, my mother, nodded, “Good idea. What is the last thing you remember before waking up here?”

My Hispanic friend Claire scratched her head, “I remember going to sleep, like any other school night.”

“Does anyone remember anything unusual before going to sleep?” Anna asked.

No one came up with anything.

Just then a hidden projector, inside one of the light wells, turned on. Black letters shone on the blank white front wall. It made them stand out even more.


Without warning, my mom fell to the floor, screaming and twitching. It lasted only about five seconds, but seemed longer.

She collapsed, breathing hard.

I dropped to the floor behind her, “Mom! Are you okay?”

She nodded. “These collars are electrified.”

Suddenly, everyone was trying to take off their or their mother’s collar. Close inspection revealed that the silver collars had no keyhole and only a thin seam on each side of it. There was no obvious way to take them off.

Someone finally noticed a new message had taken the place of the original.


“We have no collars,” said Bianca. “We can’t be punished.”

Barbara, her mother, shot an icy look at her, “No, we’ll be punished in your place. Do you want that?”

That left her flustered, “No, of course not.”

A new message appeared.


Two arrows pointed to the corners by the front wall.

Dorothy shrugged her shoulders, “We better do as we’re told. Where’s the harm?”

Without any planning, the women that slept on their mattress hauled it to a corner. Each mattress had white plastic handles at each of its corner. That made it easy to haul. We set them against the side walls in the designated corner.

We returned back to the center, finding the messages gone.

Walking back, two girls, Bianca and Darcy, covered their breasts with their left hand and arm, and their crotch with their right.

Dorothy looked at her daughter with a look that was a mixture of amusement and contempt, “We are all women here. We all know what lady parts look like. Why cover them up? Are you planning to keep this up for however long we are here?”

Her daughter blushed and dropped her hands, but Bianca protested, “But someone has shaved me!”

We had all been so preoccupied with our perilous situation that no one had noticed that indeed, some had removed all our pubic, leg and armpit hair. This had been done to both mother and daughter alike. Ironically, Darcy was the only one not to be exfoliated.

“Why was Darcy spared?” asked Claire.

The seven other women looked at her with suspicion.

“Well, I don’t know!” the dark brown-haired girl exclaimed.

I don’t know what they did to our body hair, but none of it ever grew back.

After about a minute, the room went dark and two projectors turned on. They beamed the same images to both the front and back walls.

In white letters appeared the words:


Then a video started, showing two black vans pulling up in front of our houses. Twelve men dressed all in black, like ninjas, but with night-vision goggles and some kind of gas mask covering their mouths and noses, got out and headed to the backyard between the houses.

Once out of the glare of the streetlight, the camera switched to that of a low light camera. Everything looked black and white.

They entered my house silently, using a key and punching the correct code in to turn off the security system.

As they went upstairs, to where the bedrooms were, one of them tossed a fog grenade into the hallway. All the rooms filled with thin haze.

My heart was pounding as I watched the intruders enter my parents’ bedroom. They put a drug-soaked rag over their faces, to insure that they were truly unconscious.

One of the men (I think they were men) drew a straight razor and slit my dad’s throat from ear to ear. Blood, appearing black from the night-vision, spurted out like a fountain, staining the sheets. He died without waking.

Two men pulled my mother out of the bed. Carrying her by her shoulders and legs, they carried her downstairs.

Two other men carried the body of another woman and put her in my mom’s place in the bed. She didn’t look much like Anna, but she was about the same size.

The scene changed to my bedroom. Fear gripped me as I watched these strangers invade my room. Bianca grabbed my arm as we both watched. Her support was much appreciated.

Like my mother, they put that rag over my face then hauled me away like a sack of potatoes. At least they seemed very professional and did not molest me in any way. That was some comfort.

Again, they replaced me with another unconscious woman. She looked nothing like me, but she did seem about my age and my size.

I was carried back to one of the vans and placed unceremoniously next to my mother. A mask like they put on you before surgery was put over our mouths. I assume it was to insure we did not wake. We were still dressed in our pajamas.

Using the gates between our backyards, they went to the next house, Carmen and Claire’s. Like before, they gained entrance with a key and disarmed the security system using the correct code.

Like before, they killed Claire’s father then abducted the mother and daughter, replacing them with other bodies.

I was hoping and praying that Claire’s siblings would be spared. But that was not the case. With no hesitation or sign of emotion, both of her brothers had their throats slit in their sleep.

On the other side of the room, both mother and daughter were weeping and wailing. I don’t blame them. I was still in shock knowing my father was dead. They had to deal with three deaths. For once, I was glad I was an only child.

The video continued, going to Bianca and Barbara’s house then to Darcy and Dorothy’s. The same grisly scenario was replayed at each home.

All eight of us were placed in the back of a van, four in each.

The kidnappers piled into the front seats, and the vans took off into the night.

A few seconds after the trucks had left the cul-de-sac, all four of our homes simultaneously exploded. They were totally engulfed in flames.

The images of the inferno were replaced by headlines from the local newspaper.

“Four Families Killed. Homes Destroyed in Gas Leak Explosion.”

When that image finally faded, new words appeared.


After that, the projection stopped, and the lights came back on.

Everyone was filled with grief, but expressed it differently. Claire and Carmen were weeping and wailing quite loudly. While Darcy and Dorothy were standing in stunned silence, tears streaming down their faces. Bianca and Barbara, and my mom and I took the middle ground. We were each embracing our parent, crying quietly.

I don’t know how long we cried, but it seemed like a long time. But finally, after we had cried ourselves out, we started to think about more of the video’s content, beyond the loss of our loved ones.

“We are so screwed,” I said. “Everyone thinks we are dead. Our kidnappers can do whatever they want with us.”

My mother nodded, “But they have kept us all together and unharmed. That’s a good sign.”

Carmen blurted out, “And what about that thing about one of us being a Judas?”

Her daughter, Claire, thought for a moment, “It makes sense. Somehow they got the keys and security codes to all our houses. Anyone of us could have gotten those.”

“But who and why?” asked Bianca.

All eight of us wracked our brains.

“I have some political opponents who would love to see me humiliated and degraded,” said Dorothy. “I know some things that the right could definitely use.”

“But why kidnap the rest of us?” asked Anna, my mom.

No one had an answer.

Bianca broke the tension with her stomach gurgling loudly. “I’m hungry,” she complained.

“Let go out and get you a pizza,” retorted Dorothy.

Barbara stepped in, “There’s no need to be mean. We’re all hungry. I doubt that our captors will let us starve to death. I’m sure they’ll give us food soon.”

After about ten more minutes of pointless speculation, a new message illuminated the front wall.


Since I was the only one to be awake last time it was pitch black, I explained what was coming.

Darcy let out a squeak, “I’ve got to go pee. I’ve been holding it in.”

When she said that, most of us felt the need to go. We all headed to the toilet and waited our turn. I was second in line.

Bianca first went to the sink and got a drink of water, hoping that it would alieve her hunger pains.

When I finally got a chance to go, I got a little self-conscious with everyone watching me and it took a while before I could empty my bladder.

By the time we all got finished relieving ourselves, the notice had changed.



All eight of us scrambled to put the two mattresses back in their place.

With only a minute left, we got our beds in place.

Then the discussion started in on who slept with whom. We all wanted to sleep with our family member, but with four to a mattress it was a tight fit.

Just as the lights went out, I wound up in the center, with my mom spooning me. Her large breasts pressed against my back.

Bianca slept facing me. Barbara, her mother, slept spooning her. Bianca’s huge tits were pressed against mine, I felt like I was in the middle of a boob sandwich. It was uncomfortable, but there was little we could do in the pitch blackness.

With no light, all the conversation went away.

I felt Bianca’s breath only an inch from my face. “It certainly is dark,” she whispered, barely audible.

“I told you.”

“I’m glad you are here with me, Ashley,” she whispered.

“I’m glad you’re here too,” I replied.

Suddenly I felt Bianca’s lips touch mine. It was immediately withdrawn.

“I-I didn’t mean to do that,” she whispered. “I just moved my head a little...”

“I know you didn’t,” I replied. “Don’t worry about it.”

Emotionally exhausted we all quickly went to sleep.

I woke up to the blazing white light of the overhead spots. I didn’t feel rested, but there was no way to tell how long we had been asleep.

I discovered that I was no longer in the boob sandwich. All of us were in our original positions. All of the daughters were on the left mattress and the mothers on the right. We were all in the same order when we woke before.

Claire was already up, using the toilet.

About halfway between the mattresses and the front door was a box. I walked over to it and looked inside.

“Look! Food!” I cried.

Suddenly everyone was up.

There was food, but not much of it. A box of eight granola bars, eight pints of skim milk, and a bottle with eight generic vitamins in it; that was all that was in the box. It wasn’t much, but at least it relieved the ache in our stomachs for a while.

When we got to the vitamins, many balked.

“What if it is poison or some kind of drug?” asked Darcy fearfully.

A new message appeared on the front wall.


Claire whispered to me, “I think I can fake taking it and then flush the pill down the toilet.”

“Are you ready to risk your mother’s life?” I replied.

“Oh for Pete’s sake!” exclaimed my mother. She snatched the bottle away from Dorothy, took a pill and swallowed it.

“If they wanted to poison or drug us, they could do so any time they want. There is no need for them to trick us.”

The other seven of us could not argue with her logic. With some reluctance, we all took our “vitamin”.

Darcy suddenly exclaimed, “Look, I am hairless too!”

And indeed it was true; the dark brown-haired girl was as bare as the rest of us.

A new message appeared.


Without a word we all did as we were told.

After they were stored, we were at loose ends. We milled around and talked for a while, speculating on who the traitor was, knowing the one we were talking to could be the person.

Eventually, we sat on the floor, with our backs to the wall. We girls sat on the left and our mothers on the right.

I suddenly got self-conscious. I realized that I was looking across at our mothers’ privates. I mean there was no hiding it, since we were all shaved. And I realized that these older women could see my girl parts plainly as well.

I was about to say something when a new message appeared on the front wall



A countdown timer started ticking away the seconds.

We all scrambled to our feet. We knew we had to do as told. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see my mother again.

All the mothers and their daughters said their goodbyes. My mom hugged me, and gave me a kiss, “I love you, Ashley. Be good.”

“I love you too, mom,” I replied, tearing up.

With ten seconds left, our mothers tore themselves away from us, exited through the now unlocked door.

Bianca tried to follow them, but Claire grabbed her arm, “We can’t. We’d just be hurting them.”

The buxom blonde nodded tearfully, and let the door close. There was an electronic sounding click, indicating that the door was locked again.

Suddenly, the room was a lot less crowded. My friends and I were all alone.

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