BFF Secrets
Chapter 11

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 11 - Two BFF schoolgirls discover the pleasure of sex together. From their last days as ninth-graders to the last days of summer vacation, they share their sexual experiences as only very best friends can.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Small Breasts   Teacher/Student  

Helen promised she would be as secretly naughty as she could, as sort of a rebellion against the dictates of life. The young teen could not act out too openly, though. Her Grammy Logan doted on her, and both she and Gramps would be heart broken if they knew just how perverted she could be.

The young teen restrained herself as much as possible, at least at first. Helen allowed herself to be included in the family discussions and activities while anticipating more exciting moments to come. Hanging out with the four adults all day, days in a row, did grow tiresome, none the less. Whenever she could get away with it, the 14-year-old would not wear underwear beneath street clothes, like shorts and T-shirts or the dress she wore to church that Sunday.

That was doubly exciting, not only feeling naked under the summer dress, but doing it in the sanctity of the church. Knowing it must be a sin, Helen was on pins and needles the whole service. It was all she could do to change into her usual shorts and top outfit.

Even that became problematic. By Monday she realized Grandpa Logan’s gaze lingering on her chest. It was evident the older man took a liking to the pointy rise of the child’s titties. He never said anything about it, and Helen tried not to react to the situation, but soon it became a bit embarrassing. It was odd to think of her grandfather as a man with normal male desires.

So the towheaded teenager went back to wearing bra and panties just to get things back to normal. Her only release, then, became spending more time alone in the bedroom they provided for her. It was more of a small library on the second floor, but it had a window, and Helen took to staring out at the street activity below.

She wasn’t just staring, though. Secretly tickling her privates as she watched cars and people coming and going added a bit of zing to the static pastime. It wasn’t many such evenings before the teenage girl took to undressing for bed at the window, taking her time, toying with herself a bit more aggressively, praying no one outside would notice, yet wishing some guy might, and stop to see more.

These moments helped put the icing on the otherwise boring days. And at night, when the lights went out, Helen even dared lay naked on the sofa-couch and masturbate to nicely satisfying orgasms.

As the weekend loomed closer, plans for a yard party began to develop. Friends of the elder Logans were invited over for that Saturday, and all the adults pitched in to set out tables and chairs, food and drinks. After a short discussion it was agreed that Helen did not have to attend the festivities. Grandpa Logan gave the young girl a few dollars and told her where to buy ice cream and sodas if she wished, or where the local pizza and sub shop were located. There was a playground behind the elementary school a few blocks away, but unfortunately the public pool was shut down for repairs. The relieved!4-year-old thanked him profusely. Waiving to her mom and dad, she and ran off down the street, shaking her head, white hair flying in all directions in celebration of her sudden freedom.

Having no idea where or what she thought she might do, she simply wandered around the neighborhood streets for a while. Soon, her mind began conjuring ways she might be a little bit naughty. Once out of her grandparents’ neighborhood Helen could get away with about anything -- at least anything that wouldn’t get her arrested.

It did not occur to her that the very outfit she was wearing might have been the reason the adults excluded her from the lawn party. Because the halter was little more than a tube top with spaghetti straps, wearing a bra -- even the trainers she still wore -- would have been inappropriate. The flowered cotton material had no contour but that provided by her chest. Down below was a different story. The yellow skirt had matching petit-pants, but in deference to her grandpa, Helen also wore panties under it.

As skimpily dressed she was on top, her hips seemed over dressed. Helen decided to remedy that first. Choosing a side street, the teen strolled up the sidewalk looking for as hidden a spot she could find to take the yellow flowered shorts off.

Nothing presented itself by the next corner. Now wanting to get too far off course, Helen turned back. There was an overgrown bush about halfway along, and when she reached it she backed into space between it and the yard’s retaining wall. It would have to do.

Watching her surroundings carefully, the youngster reached under her skirt and pealed the shorts down her slender legs. Satisfied she was unobserved, she hid the garment among the branches, hoping she could find them again on the way back to the house. Shaking any leaves from her hair, Helen resumed her casual stroll back to the road that would take her to the playground.

Having a pretty good sense of direction and memory, she watched the street signs until she found the first turnoff that would take her to the school. There were two more streets to find, and by the time she got to the last her feet were tired. The school building was visible a little ways off, but the teenager stopped at a sheltered bus stop to rest.

The roof of the shelter offered some shade, but the sun’s heat seemed trapped between the three glass walls. Helen thought she would get going again soon, until a man came out of his garage across the street. There was almost no traffic otherwise, and the towhead watched the guy go about his business.

Wheeling out a barrow of tools and bags, he began weeding the island of garden in the middle of his well tended lawn. He did not notice the teenage girl sitting in the bus stop. He hardly looked up from his work. Perhaps that fact alone prompted the youngster to toy with herself right there in the open.

Slouching on the wooden bench and leaning against the back wall, Helen dared to slip a hand up under the top. Tentatively fingering the rise of her left breast, the girl silently dared the man to look up. When he did not, she reached higher, encircling her titty between thumb and fingers.

When her nipple became too tender to touch, she moved to the right breast, openly manipulating her mammary flesh. Before the teenager noticed, her left hand was now stroking her bare thigh. Parting her legs, the 14-year-old continued playing with herself. Only the hem of her short skirt lay between her thighs.

Still the gardener did not look at her, and Helen dared to go farther. Slowly moving her left hand fingers, she lifted her skirt hem to her belly. The pink of her underpants clearly were not part of her outfit, and if that guy across the street happened to look up at her, he would know it to be the crotch of her panties.

Abandoning her tits by this time, the white-haired girl stroked her naked thighs back and forth between knees and hips. It didn’t take much of this fondling to make her sensitive inner thighs to quiver with anticipation. As if daring, no, begging the gardener to look at her, the horny young teenager coaxed her legs wide open.

She slid her left hand inward, finger tips caressing the taut material of her panty crotch. Because the man ignored her so completely, Helen rubbed her throbbing pussy wantonly. Tingles shot up to her chest. A gasp escaped her lips. She moaned as she pulled her hand aside. It seemed she was totally safe from observation, enticing her to go even farther.

The finger tips of her left hand eased under the elastic leg hole while her right kept her knees apart. It wasn’t enough. Her hand needed more room. The answer was to raise her left foot to the bench beside her. The groin of her hip opened up, lifting the edge of her panties enough to let her finger so wiggle under. Stroking the puffy flesh of her outer labia fueled the fire in her loins to the boiling point.

It no longer mattered to the 14-year-old who might see her. There would be no turning back now. Curling fingers pulled the mons aside, feeling the slick petals of her inner lips part, and allowing entrance to her greasy vulva. Pre-orgasmic tremors froze her body in a still-life of blatant desire. With an audible whine, Helen forced her hand deeper, determined to penetrate her vagina.

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