BFF Secrets
Chapter 8

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 8 - Two BFF schoolgirls discover the pleasure of sex together. From their last days as ninth-graders to the last days of summer vacation, they share their sexual experiences as only very best friends can.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Small Breasts   Teacher/Student  

Her eyes snapped open in instant fear, of what she did not know. Once her vision became clear she recognized the lifeguard standing before her. A quick glance around the pool area told her they were alone.

“I was just checking to see that you were all right,” the man said.

Helen told him she was fine. “I must have fallen asleep. It’s pretty hot out here.”

“I hear that,” the man said. “I was going to take a break myself, but I couldn’t leave you alone if you wanted to go swimming.”

Helen shook her head. “I can’t really swim, anyways.”

“Well, how about a dip in the shallow end. It will cool you off at least.”

“I guess.” The young teen considered it for a moment, but decided she didn’t need to keep the lifeguard from taking a break. “But I don’t even have a towel.”

The guy shrugged. “Your call. But if you want you can take a minute to cool off, and then I can get you a towel.”

The towhead girl took another look around the pool. As her glanced passed his body she could not miss the distinct bulge in the front of his Speedos. Her mind swam with possibilities. Likely nothing would come of it, but they were alone, after all. If the visibility of his penis were nothing more than the its size, then so be it. If, on the other hand, it was a response to the scant swimsuit she wore, so much the better. It could be interesting to see where things led, especially if the garment did slip away as she climbed out of the water.

“Okay,” she agreed, and let him help her up. Carefully negotiating the shallow end stairs, Helen immersed herself in the chlorine scented water. It did feel cool to her skin as she sank into it, and decided she was glad to have accepted the man’s suggestion.

The teenager grinned at the watchful male as she splashed about. He was handsome, muscular and amiable. The bulge in his swim suit hadn’t grown, but Helen didn’t mind about that. They were alone, he was looking at her, and her body tingled with expectation even if there was nothing to expect.

“My name is Derek,” he said as he helped her up the stairs to the deck.

“I’m Helen,” she replied.

“Come on, let’s get you a towel.”

She would have answered had she not noticed that the knot in his suit had turned into a tubular shape that seemed to rise at an angle to the top edge of the Speedos. Helen had to make herself breath deeply as she followed the man, her eyes glued to his firm rear end. She wondered for a moment is she was getting into more than she bargained for, but did not turn and run.

The changing rooms and showers were in a low building behind the lifeguard tower. Her guide took her completely around the “Men’s” end of the structure, around to the back. There were three or four doors. Helen was too absorbed in the nearly naked man in front of her to take much notice. He opened the first and entered, holding the door open for the little towheaded girl.

Helen stepped up onto the cool concrete floor and looked around the room. It wasn’t much to see. One wooden bench was affixed to the back wall, next to a tall cabinet. Towels hung on a rack on its side. There was another bench, metal and free-standing over to the left side of the small space. It had a large beach towel draped over it. The adult motioned to it, and the teenager took a seat there.

“Let’s see about that towel,” Derek said, going to what appeared to be a closet and brought out a folded, white towel, which he placed next to the youngster. “It’s a spare, you know, from the pro shop. Just leave it on the deck when you leave.”

The man sat down on the other side of her.

“I take it you are here with your family,” he said.

Helen nodded. “My parents. They’re out playing golf, or something.”

“Checking the resort out? Are they planning to buy into a condo here?”

A shrug of her shoulders flipped her make-shift bra teasingly. “Maybe, I guess. They got a free promotion or something, and wanted a vacation.”

“So, maybe I’ll see you again sometime?” The white-haired girl shrugged again, drawing his attention to the flimsy garment on her chest. “Let me guess. You forgot to pack your own swimsuit.”

“Yeah. I didn’t know you had so nice a pool.”

“That one doesn’t really fit all that well, does it?”

Her hair flipped as she shook her head.

“It kinda looks like you don’t even need this piece,” Derek said, his finger tossing the edge of the blue material.

“I know. I’m not very big there.”

“No kidding?” the man said mockingly. “Would you dare go with out it?”

“No, not in public.”

“How about in here?” Derek watched the youngster grit her teeth in a grin of consideration, even as her cheeks reddened. “Just for me?”

“Okay, I guess,” Helen whispered. Now things were going in the right direction.

“Great. Want me to do it?” The girl nodded and he leaned back to look her. “Now, how do we go about it?”

Turning her back, she allowed the man access to the halter straps. His fingers were gentle, barely grazing her skin as he found a couple of the knots Rachel had tied it on with. When it fell away, the lifeguard asked the kid to turn toward him. “Let me see.”

Helen did as instructed, putting one leg over each side of the bench and leaning back on her braced arms. One of his hands rested on her knee.

“Yes, I definitely think you can go around like that in public. Every girl should have boobies like yours.” He watched her self-satisfied grin as she continued to pose. “May I?” he asked, the hand rising from her leg, hovering inches from her bare chest. The young girl did not shy away, just kept smiling, so his hand closed the distance to her breast.

It did not fill his palm, but that was fine with Derek. They were tits, after all, and the perfect size. As he caressed each in turn, the kid leaned back on her elbows, ready to let him take his time. He did. Using both hands now, Derek explored the kid’s chest and shoulders, down her slender sides and over her flat tummy. The girl’s only reaction was to shake loose tresses from her face, so the man turned his attention to her naked legs.

As hiss hands slipped downward, fingertips teased the waist band of the flimsy bikini bottoms. Smiling with satisfaction at the tensing of the child’s hips, Derek let his fingers drag gently over the garment to the silky soft skin of her slender thighs. Curved hands followed down both legs at the same time, giving each bare foot a squeezing tug at the end before feeling his way upward again, along the insides.

As the man’s hands passed her knees, Helen allowed her legs to open as her body demanded. Her thighs parted further as the fingers neared the crotch of her bikini. She closed her eyes and moaned slightly as the touch lingered there at the edge of material. Feeling fingertips probe underneath, she had to bite her lower lip to keep from crying out.

The last thing she wanted do was discourage the guy from continuing.

The tips of Derek’s fingers followed the furrow of the young teen’s groins, making her hips twitch again. Then thumbs pressed softly against her clitoris. Helen did the best she could to quell the orgasm erupting there.

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