BFF Secrets
Chapter 4

Copyright© 2016 by Frank Jackson

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 4 - Two BFF schoolgirls discover the pleasure of sex together. From their last days as ninth-graders to the last days of summer vacation, they share their sexual experiences as only very best friends can.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Small Breasts   Teacher/Student  

The days passed. Things returned to normal. The BFFs reclaimed the adjacent back-of-the-room desks. Mr. Hodgins returned to teach class. Occasionally he acknowledged the toe-headed girl with a sideways grin, but nothing more. The bus driver nodded whenever the schoolgirls climbed onto the bus, asking how “hot stuff” was, but that was it. It seemed as if nothing had happened.

But it had, and as each girl’s soreness lessened, the sense that they had been robbed of the pleasures associated with the act of sex grew. Helen obsessed about it at night, in the darkness of her bedroom. In desperation she used fingers to awaken the desire in her loins, teasing her clitoris to swollen ultra-sensitivity, then it explore the folds of her vulva, desperate to feel something akin to the penetration of a penis there. For Christen the urge came as she rode the bus home. The girls took seats toward the rear of the vehicle, but all it took was for the driver to look at her in the rearview mirror to turn the long-haired girl on. It seemed only seconds before her vaginal secretions saturated her panties.

After a week of being on the brink of orgasm the whole ride home, the teenager broke. Despite the fact that the bus was full of other students, the blonde schoolgirl simply had to slip a hand between her thighs. Of course Helen would notice. She was sitting right beside her, after all. It couldn’t be helped.

Helen blushed hotly for her friend, recognizing her actions for just what they were. The buxom blonde had parted her legs just enough to push three fingers down into the crotch of her shorts. She could see the desperate expression on Christen’s face, how her teeth held her lower lip from quivering. The hand in her crotch pressed harder, pulled and squeezed, until suddenly the climax gripped her body, breasts bouncing shamelessly as Helen twisted in her seat.

They rode the rest of the trip in silence, each trying to accept the truth of what had happened. A sense of relief washed over both girls as they began walking home. Once the bus was out of sight, however, Helen put an knowing hand on her friend’s shoulder. Christen immediately turned into the skinny girl’s arms and wept.

Helen accepted the hug, consoling her best friend by wrapping her own arms around the blonde’s back. The intimacy of the moment arouse a sense of desire in her she did not expect. It drew her pelvis against her friend’s hip, but it only lasted a second. That’s all Helen could allow the unintended gesture, for fear of sending an unintended message.

Whether or not it did, Christen’s sobbing subsided. Presently, as if suddenly aware of their public display of affection might be noticed. Their arms dropped to their sides, and they exchanged confused glances.

“My house?” Helen suggested. Christen nodded and the two coeds strutted off with smiles on their faces.

Taking soft drinks to Helen’s room and locking the door behind them, aroused teens sat on the bed. No one was expected home any time soon, but the girl of the house decided not to take any chances.

Christen sat on the edge of the bed, sipping her soda while her companion undressed. Her recent sexual release sated her for the moment, and she found Helen’s seductive motions entertaining. The girls giggled playfully as the short-haired teen slipped the dress from her shoulders. The blonde was surprisingly pleased to see Helen’s bare tits pop into view, and watched with anticipation as the garment slid slowly down her body.

The other girl’s rippled rib cage and flat belly was no surprise to Christen. She’d seen it before, but the flash of desire seeing it once again brought on made her blush. Shaking her head to dispel the emotion worked only until the thin straps of Helen’s black thong was revealed by the falling dress.

The waist strap, if that’s what it could be called, ran horizontally from bare hip bone to bare hip bone. It bridged the gap of her groins on either side of the toe-head’s pelvic mound. The front panel formed a mere triangle - smaller than any bikini Christen had ever seen - narrowed to the crotch,, and tucked so tightly between the labia as to cover very little. The buxom teen could well guess how the taut material must feel digging into her friend’s privates.

Helen wiggled her hips for her BFF. The girl’s enthrallment was that obvious, and the petite schoolgirl was quick to tease her friend. It was fair game after Christen masturbated next to her on the bus. Knowing how the horny blonde felt in that moment made Helen equally aroused.

Standing barely two feet from Christen’s face, Helen ran her fingers down the front of her thong and tweaked the bump that was her hidden clitoris. Despite the twinge of lust it provoked, Helen continued tugging at the sensitive nub of flesh, hoping to get a rise out of her classmate.

“OMG!” Christen blurted out, “You are so beautiful.”

“Do I make you horny?”

“I don’t know. I guess. I mean...”

“Why don’t you take some clothes off?”

There being no good reason not to, Christen began undressing. Stripping her tee shirt revealed bouncing boobs. Helen resisted the impulse to grab them, as much as she admired them. Making a stronger squeeze at her pussy, she waited for her classmate to pull her shorts down, Christen took them and her panties at the same time, tossing them aside and flopping back on the bed for Helen to admire.

“Oh, my god!”


“Your boobs. I am so jealous,” Helen said, covering her mouth as she spoke, as if she could take the words back.

“I don’t know why. They’re just breasts. We all got ‘em.”

“Not like yours, Christen. Look at me. I’m almost a boy!”

“I think they’re cute.”

“Yeah, that’s what a guy says to a girl who isn’t pretty. Your tits are so big and grown up. I can’t imagine what they feel like.”

“So? Why don’t you?”

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