BFF Secrets
Chapter 3

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Two BFF schoolgirls discover the pleasure of sex together. From their last days as ninth-graders to the last days of summer vacation, they share their sexual experiences as only very best friends can.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Small Breasts   Teacher/Student  

Although it also meant she would have her own chance to seduce the bus driver, all she could think of were the possibilities facing Helen. Her mind reeling, the blonde teen climbed onto the bus after school, sat in the first seat she saw, and wondered what her BFF was doing at that moment.

Imagining the teacher touching Helen’s bare legs, Christen was unaware that her own hands mimicked the action. When she recalled how the teacher had fondled the white-haired girls breast, Helen absently ran a hand over her own, wishing she had on a blouse she could unbutton. It wasn’t until the bus stopped to let someone off that Christen returned to reality.

She found herself sitting in the first seat on the bus, the bus driver smiling at her as he closed the doors. She grinned back nervously, and looked away. Her mind reeling, she assessed her situation. If, indeed she dared to come on to the bus driver, the work had already begun. It was her dream, after all. Besides, Helen was probably getting lucky at that moment herself. Head spinning with the battle between dread and desire, the blonde teen parted her legs.

A hidden glance showed Christen her erect nipples showed out plainly through the front of her tee shirt. Biting her lower lip in satisfaction, the blonde directed her blank stare out the window, drawing up the hem of her shorts leg as high as she could. Then she raised her other leg and did the same. She knew the bus driver was the only person who could see what she was doing, if he were looking. He was, of course, driving, but his eyes jumped from the road to the rearview mirror to her seat and back. Christen left her foot hooked on the edge of the seat, leaving her legs parted, shorts crotch tight and exposed.

It was with shocking discovery that the bus now approached her stop. Her heart sank, as she dropped her leg and gathered her books. She stood and moved forward toward the steps. Mr. Maxwell’s outstretched arm stopped her at the safety line, holding the teen there as he slowed the vehicle.

“Are you in a hurry to get home, dear?” he said, the back of his hand moving over the front of Christen’s shorts. It took her a second or two to accept the fact that the man was actually talking to her.

“No, not so much.”

“Why not sit back down and enjoy the ride?” The man’s finger tips trailed down the inside of Christen’s thigh. It was all the youngster could do not to betray the tickle it gave her.

Christen shrugged and returned to her seat. The adult grinned at her and resumed driving the route. The girl’s head spun so much she could not judge how long it took to empty the bus, or where the man took them. She looked up at him once he parked, stood and came to her seat.

Mr. Maxwell sat beside her.

“I couldn’t help notice,” he said in a voice that conveyed friendship and gentleness. “You seem a bit on the horny side. Might that be true?”

Christen lifted her shoulders, then nodded. “I guess.” She sat with her legs parted, thankful that her shorts were tight enough to show the crease between her labia. She let his eyes linger there.

“Mind if I help?”

“Okay, I guess.”

His fingers caressed her inner thigh. “So, where’s your friend today?”

“She had to stay after,” Christen said, biting her lip to stifle a grin.

“Oh, too bad for her,” the bus driver said, “But good for us, though, right?”

Christen shrugged, enjoying how the fingers between her legs tickled. “I guess.”

“So, do you like it when boys touch your boobs?” Christen did not answer, and the man did not wait for one. His hand trailed upward, over her shorts, tugging the hems of her shirt upward as he slid it onto her breast. He squeezed it gently.

Suddenly the young blonde became distraught. Her brow furled, her body wanting to pull away from the adult male beside her. Her mind, however, went lame. Here she was, getting what she wanted - a stranger’s hand feeling her breasts, and it felt good. She knew in her head it was wrong, but how could she back out now? And the way the guy was beginning to work the cotton of her tee up higher over her boobs promised more good things to come. But, was she ready?

It didn’t matter. Now that the material cleared her nipples, her body took control of her. She slouched in the seat even more, a gesture of acquiescence. Yes, take me,. it was saying, and when the man’s fingers continued lifting her shirt, Christen brought her arms up to allow it. Now, except for her shorts and sneakers, the schoolgirl was naked. Was it too late to turn back now?

Yes. Her shirt flipped off her head, the man’s hands fondling her tits, telling her how beautiful they were, there wasn’t even a decision to make. She was seconds away from becoming a woman. The moment the man’s hands curled around the waist of her shorts, Christen’s orgasm wracked her entire body.

When she regained consciousness, the blonde schoolgirl found herself alone. She was still on the bus, still in the front seat and still dressed - sort of. The tee shirt covered her boobs, but the garment was twisted uncomfortably around her waist. The shorts were still on her hips, but only half way up. Next to her, in a pool of goo, there was a token, one that would get her home on the city bus.

The door remained open even though the driver was no where to be seen ... Christen rose, used her shirt tail to wipe the coin off and gathered her books. By the time she got home a stain saturated the crotch of her shorts. That was the first piece of evidence that she had actually been screwed. The rest came as she showered: her crotch was as sore as it was messy, and she could slip her middle finger all the way into her vagina.

Dizzy with the good news and disappointed that she could recall none of the momentous event, the newly deflowered teen wondered how far her BFF got with their teacher. After drying off and dressing, Christen called Helen to find out but the other schoolgirl could not talk on the phone.

The fact that Mr. Hodgton was not in class the next day disappointed both girls. Neither considered that the events of the previous day might be the reason. It wasn’t until lunch that the girls got a chance to talk candidly.

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