Boarding School Encounter
Chapter 1: Henrietta Molested by the Lesbian Alien

Copyright© 2016 by mypenname3000

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Henrietta Molested by the Lesbian Alien - Henrietta, a young girl attending a boarding school in 19th Century England, comes in contact with a lesbian alien and her nubile tentacles!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Lesbian   Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Spanking   Light Bond   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Analingus   Teacher/Student  

Merita tried not to panic as the alarms blared in her tiny space shift. She manipulated the controls with her hands and four purple tentacles. She stared at the blue planet before her It filled the curved screen. She was caught in a decaying orbit and her engines had malfunctioned.

“I’m going to crash,” she whispered to herself, her tentacles twitching. Violet panic pulsed beneath her skin.

She orbited a primitive planet, its inhabitants thousands of years behind Merita’s own culture. It was not an ideal place to crash. She would be hard-pressed to find the means or materials to repair her craft.

But she had no alternative. Crashing was inevitable. All she could do was hope that they were a kindly people. She leaned her seat back and prepared her ship for crash landing. It would be hours yet, and several orbits, before her ship made contact with the planets atmosphere and began its fiery reentry.

The carriage wheels clattered on the country road, carrying me to a new beginning.

I peered out the carriage window at the dreary moor. Fog still lingered despite the sun rising towards noon. Placid sheep grazed the green fields, unmindful of the gray trying to swallow them. A nervous flutter went through my heart.

I peered up the road, struggling to see Kensington, the boarding school my parents had sent me to. Billy, our family’s groom, was my escort. First on the train, which had been a remarkable experience riding it west from London. And now by carriage. I would spend the next few months at the school.

I was shocked when I was told I was going. I had thought my tutors were enough for my education, but my father wanted me to socialize more. To befriend the girls and make connections for adulthood. It was daunting. I hated meeting new people. I never felt ... comfortable. And a whole new school...

Sixteen years was not enough to prepare myself.

I clutched my purse in nervous fingers as the carriage followed the road’s curve. Through the fog, a building appeared on a hill, fuzzed by the haze. Lights glowed in the windows, cheery against the drear of the autumn countryside. The green lawn clad the hill’s gentle slope, dotted with broad oak trees for shade. Gravel crunched beneath the carriage’s wheels as it wound up the drive to the front of the school.

My heart fluttered worse. I took a deep breath, my small breasts straining against my tight bodice. My hand fumbled on the seat for my bonnet. It was a dark-red, almost black, and matched my dark traveling dress. I pulled the bonnet over my head and tied it at the nape, my blonde pigtails protruding outside.

I hoped no one thought my hairstyle was childish. I loved the simple style, but my mother had taken to criticize it of late. I bit my lower lip as the building grew larger and larger. From a distance, it looked like any other county estate, but up close it was mammoth, halls reaching in both directions, the floors rising one after the other.

Six floors.

The horses neighed as Billy stopped the carriage before the doors. A maid in a black dress, white apron and cap awaited, hands folded before her. The carriage creaked as the groom dismounted, his boots crunching on the gravel. He opened the door, his rough face giving me a comforting smile.

“Young miss,” he said, holding his hand.

I took his calloused grip in my gloved, left hand and stepped out of the carriage. “Thank you, Billy.”

He knuckled his forehead then climbed up the carriage to fetch my luggage while I walked up to the maid, pulling off my gloves. She gave a curtsy, a smile on her freckled face. I swallowed, fighting the urge to smooth my skirt.

“Well, what a pleasure to receive you, Henrietta,” smiled the maid. “I’m Daisy. You’re the last student to arrive for term. I’ll see that your luggage is taken to your room.”

“Thank you, Daisy” I said, hoping my voice didn’t betray my nerves.

“Almost late for term to start. Another day late and the Headmistress would be none to pleased with you.”

I swallowed. “She sounds strict.”

“Aye, that she is. Just go inside. Young Tabitha will take you to the school’s nurse for your physical.”

“Physical?” I blinked.

“Well, we need to make sure you’re in full health, now don’t we. It’s our duty to nurture your body as much as your mind. But don’t worry your pretty head. Nurse Paige will take good care of you.”

I took a breath and headed to the door, my heeled boots thudding on the polished stones mortared together that made the porch. I grasped the brass handle and my thumb pulled the lever. The door creaked inward with a groan onto a well lit foyer, the high windows overhead letting in plenty of daylight. I saw no signs of electricity.

London had been lit for a decade, but the country lagged behind the metropolis.

A girl my age, with fiery hair, stood in a what could only be the school’s uniform—gray skirt, white blouse, a gray bow at the throat, a smile on her freckled face, her fiery hair falling in waves about her face while blue eyes twinkled with a most mischievous light.

“You must be Etta,” the girl beamed. “I’m Tabitha, your roommate.”

“Etta?” I arched an eyebrow. “I’m afraid you’re mistaken. My name’s Henrietta.”

“And that is such a stuffy name. I think Etta is better.” Tabitha beamed. “So that’s what I shall call you.”

Her personality was so strong. I gave her a nervous smile. “Okay.” My name was too stuffy and yet she went by Tabitha? Why didn’t use her name’s proper diminutive Tabby. Hettie or Ettie was the proper diminutive of my name, not Etta. I almost called her Tabby, but shyness held my tongue.

“Now I’ve been her a week,” said Tabitha, “and been everywhere in the school.” She hooked my arm in hers. “From the basement we’re not supposed to venture down all the way to the attic. Boy was it dusty up there.”

I gave her a polite nod as I let her lead me from the foyer.

“The things I have seen. Why, I bet they would turn your straw hair white and put a good deal of color into your cheeks.”

I nodded again. Color in my cheeks? Wouldn’t a fright have the opposite effect?

“You would not believe some of the things that happen at night.”

“Is it ... haunted.”

Tabitha gave a rich laugh. “No, no. But I think you’ll get a taste when Nurse Paige give you your examine. It is ... personal.”

“Aren’t all examines personal?” I asked. “I have been to a physician.”

“Well, you’ll just have to see. It was invigorating, I will tell you that much. Invigorating and relaxing in turns.”

What did that mean?

“Now we all eat in the great hall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but we have tea in our sitting rooms. There are about a hundred girls separated into four dorms and we each have our own sitting room. The tea is just lovely and a fine time to relax and socialize.”

I nodded.

“You’re not much of a talker.”

I nodded.

“Good thing I can’t stop,” she laughed, “or this would be the most boring walk. Imagine only the echo of our shoes through the hall.”

I favored her a tight smile.

“Well, Nurse Paige will loosen you up.” Tabitha’s eyes flicked to me. “I am ever so glad you are rooming with me. I think we shall have such a gay time together.”

“That sounds lovely.”

She smiled. “Oh, you can speak.”

My cheeks warmed. “I can. I just...”

“Have a mouth full of jam. I get it. I was so scared when I arrived. I thought they entire school must hear my knees knocking beneath my skirt.”

A giggle escaped my lips. “Yes, it was a fear I had.”

“See, a gay time.”

We stopped before a door at the end of a hall. “Well, here is the infirmary. Nurse Paige is waiting for you. And I’ll be out here. It should be lunch by the time you finish. And then we shall have an afternoon of leisure before the boringness of school starts tomorrow.”

“Thank you,” I said.

Tabitha gave me an impromptu hug and a kiss on the cheek. “You’re welcome. Now get in there. Nurse Paige is not someone you want to keep waiting.”

I gave a squeak of fright and nodded my head. I did not want to keep the nurse waiting. I would hate to be strapped on my first day. Classes hadn’t even started yet. I took a deep breath and rapped my knuckles thrice on the door.

“Come in,” a pleasant voice said, at odds with what I expected. The voice sounded youthful, not the stern, firm voice like my governess had. Was Tabitha salting my soup? She had me all stressed expecting a strict disciplinarian.

I opened the door and stepped into the soft light of the infirmary. Several canopied beds covered in white sheets, made neatly, lined one wall leading to a desk where a woman sat. She stood with a smile, smoothing her dark skirts, a motherly smile on her young face. She couldn’t have been more than ten years my senior. Her blonde hair fell in curled ringlets about her round face and splashed color onto her drab dress. Her bodice was full and the skirt’s bustle accentuated the roundness of her buttocks.

“You must be the sweet Henrietta,” smiled the nurse.

I gave a quick curtsy that would make my governess proud, lifting my skirts and crossing my left foot behind my right as I dipped. Her smile only grew as she walked forward, her heeled boots thudding on the stone floors.

“Now, now, you don’t have to curtsy for me. I’m Nurse Paige.” She stopped before me, nodding her head. “Yes, yes, you are just a treasure, Henrietta.”

Her fingers pinched both my cheeks as I straightened, just the way my spinster Aunt Margarete would. I kept my smile as she nodded her head. “Pleased to meet you, Nurse Paige.”

“I bet you are all aflutter,” she said. “Butterflies darting hither and fro inside your belly.” She rubbed a circle on my stomach.

I blinked and shifted, a nervous tingle running down to my nethers.

“Yes, yes, I bet you are. And that’s perfectly natural for a young girl like you to be all aflutter. But my examination will calm you down. I have just the technique to help with any hysterics you might feel.”

“Hysterics?” I arched an eyebrow.

“Such a healthy, young girl is sure to need relief.” She patted my cheek again. “But first the exam. I need you to strip.”

I blushed, but this wasn’t unexpected. I turned my back and worked the buttons down the front of my dress. Underneath, I wore a white combination camisole and drawers covered in frilly ruffles. I slipped my dress of my shoulders and let it fall down to my hips before I worked it off. I stepped out of the skirt and carefully folded my dress. Then I removed my petticoats and unlaced my heeled shoes. Stripped to my stockings, drawers, and camisole, I turned to face the nurse.

“No, no, child, that won’t do. All the way.”

I blushed. “Is that really necessary?”

She nodded her head. “Your uniform awaits. We have our standards for undergarments as well. It all must come off.”

I took a deep breath and reached down to unbuckle the straps holding up my drawers. I worked them of and the lacy garment fell down my legs, baring my thighs and knees. I pulled them along with my stockings. I gave her a beseeching look.

“Camisole, too.”

I grabbed the hem and ripped it over my head as fast as I could, bearing my small breasts. It was cold in the office. I pressed my arms and thighs tight together, licking my lips. Her eyes fell on my breasts, a small smile rose.

A wet itch formed between my thighs as my stomach became aflutter.

“Okay, Henrietta, let’s get your examination out of the way.”

Her hands touched my hips and led me to her desk. I swallowed, my feet shuffling along the cold, stone floors. Her hands were so warm compared to the air. Her thumbs stroked my flesh, brushing my side and sending flutters up and down my body.

“I see your nipples are hardening. That’s very good.”

My cheeks grew even warmer.

“And your blush response is quite rapid.” She smiled. “Relax, you have nothing to feel ashamed of in here.”

I nodded my head, trying to slow my heart’s beat.

She examined me, pressing a listening horn to my chest and sounding my heartbeat and breath. Then she had me do twenty jumping jacks. It was most embarrassing, my breasts bouncing up and down without my camisole to provide support, and I was so aware of how lewd it was to spread my thighs so far apart while naked. Her eyes stared at their nexus.

Did she find something wrong with my golden curls?

Her studying gaze increased the flutter in my nethers. I felt wetter between my thighs when I stopped my exercise, breathing heavily. She listened at my chest again then her hands rubbed where my throat met my head, right beneath my jaw.

“Just need to check your glands,” she said, smiling as her fingers pressed in. Then her hands slid down my neck to my breasts.

“Nurse Paige?” I gasped as she squeezed both my breasts at the same time, her fingers sinking into my flesh.

No one had ever touched me there. I gasped when her thumbs brushed my nipples. They were so sensitive. A tingle raced through my body I had never felt before. I squirmed, biting my lip as sinful thoughts blossomed in my mind.

My fingers itched to touch myself between the thighs. And I knew how much a sin that would be. Girls were not supposed to think of sex. It was merely a duty we performed for our husbands, not something we should lust after.

But her touch on my breasts only made me lust.

“Nurse Paige, what are you doing?”

“Inspecting your breasts,” she smiled, her cheeks rosy. “They are succulent pair. Ripe and growing.”

And then her right hand slid away, moving down my stomach. I drew in a breath as she caressed around my belly button, then she went lower. Her fingers brushed the golden curls adorning my pudenda.

She would find out I was wet down there. That I had lusty thoughts. “Nurse Paige,” I whined. “Please...”

Her finger pressed between my thighs and rubbed at my privates. “Oh, ho, ho,” she smiled. “Someone has a wet pussy. I knew you would be all aflutter. Suffering from hysterics. But don’t worry, I will take care of you.”

“Hysterics?” I asked, my hips undulating. I couldn’t help it. Her finger felt so wonderful as it rubbed at the top of my pussy.

“Clitoris stimulation is the best way to treat female hysterics,” she said. “Any doctor could tell you about this. Paroxysms have to be induced. You’ll love cumming.”


“Yes.” Nurse Paige smiled, still rubbing her finger on my sex. “That’s your clitoris I’m rubbing. Doesn’t that feel delicious.”

I nodded my head. A moan escaped my lips. Such wonderful flutters shot through me. This was nice. But it also felt so wrong. A woman shouldn’t be touching me between my thighs. It was a sin. I bit my lip, my hips squirming.

“Bend over my desk and I will apply oral stimulation.”


She licked her lips. “I found it’s the best way on such a young girl.”

She pulled her finger away. They were covered in a juice. I smelled a sweet musk. Nurse Paige brought her finger to her lips and sucked it clean, letting out a sighing, “Mmm, yes.” I swallowed and bent over her desk.

I squawked when her hands grasped my buttocks. Her fingers dug into my flesh as she let out a strange, purring sound. I glanced over my shoulder. Her motherly smile was gone. It was something so wicked. Lust. Pure, unadulterated lust as she stared down at my naked sex. Her right hand slid down my rear and between my legs. She rubbed at my downy hair and then at my pussy.

“N-nurse,” I gasped. “Why are you ... looking like that?”

“Like I’m about to feast on the most delicious cuisine?”

I nodded my head.

“Because I am.”

I gasped as she leaned down and licked at my folds. I groaned at the pleasure rushing out of my pussy. I squirmed, her fingers parting me open so her tongue could probe into me. I shuddered as she brushed my hymen covering the entrance of my sex, playing with it before she lapped at my folds again.

It was so wicked. Sinful. I had heard the word lesbian whispered of loose women who engaged in such depraved behavior with each other. There was one spinster who was rumored to use her maid’s mouth for sinful pleasure.

And now the nurse used her mouth on me.

A moan escaped my lips as she licked again. So slow. My hips shook as her tongue explored me. I bit my lip, trying not to enjoy her touch. But it was impossible. Everywhere her tongue caressed me unleashed an flood of effervescent delight. It tingled through me, bringing more lewd moans from my lips.

“Mmm, yes,” she purred. “Nothing like the wonderful delight of gamahuche, as the French so wickedly call it. The best way to relieve a young woman’s hysterics and give her the release she craves.”

“Gama ... what?” I moaned, my nipples rubbing onto the polished surface of her desk. It felt so nice. I tried not to rub against them, but I couldn’t resist.

“Pussy licking, child,” she answered and took another lick. “And isn’t it delightful?”

I didn’t want to answer. My cheeks burned as my body moved. Juices dripped out of my depths and into her hungry mouth. A lewd scent filled my nose, a sweet musk. My sex. I groaned and shuddered, humping harder against her wonderful lips. Her tongue licked and flicked, caressing all my sinful folds.

“Isn’t this the most wicked, wonderful thing you’ve felt?” she asked.

I bit my lip, refusing to make any more noise. I wish my body wouldn’t betray me, but it loved the lewd sensations. My hips moved on their own, smearing my hot flesh against her licking tongue. The ripples bubbled through me, stimulating my body and leaving aflutter with delight.

Her hand cracked down on my ass. I gasped as the sharp pain shot through my buttocks to my pussy. I groaned. “Nurse?”

“I asked you a question, you little strumpet. Do you love being gamahuched by me.”

“Yes,” I answered, unable to resist and not wanting another spanking. “I do. Lord forgive me, I do.”

“Good,” she moaned between licks. “I love stimulating a young girl’s quivering quim. Mmm, such wonderful tastes and feels. You are a tasty child. Such sweet innocent. A virgin is always the best to enjoy.”

Her words were so terrible. Wrong. And somehow that made the pleasure even better. Her tongue licked all over while her fingers stroked my thighs and up to my butt. Everywhere she touched me tingled, the sensations adding to the delight of her swirling tongue.

And then she moved lower. She found my clitoris again. She sucked it into her mouth. Her tongue prodded and played with it in a most satisfying manner. I shuddered as she circled my little nub and then nipped it with her teeth.

“Nurse Paige,” I gasped at the sharp pain which transformed into pleasure.

“Just enjoy,” she purred between licks.

I closed my eyes and groaned. I surrendered to the bliss. I couldn’t fight it pleasure swelling inside of me. I shuddered, my fingers scratching at the desk as it grew and grew. I tensed and a sudden fear shot through me.

What was about to happen?

Her every lick of her tongue grew it. It was like a plant and her stimulation the sunlight that it needed. It drank in every wonderful pleasure. I groaned and undulated. What would happen when it ripened?

“Nurse Paige, somethings happening.”

“Your paroxysm is coming,” she purred. “You’re about to have your hysterics cured by a wonderful orgasm.”

“Orgasm?” I gasped.

“Your release. Your cum. Oh, you shall love it. You shall be down here every day complaining of hysterics and wanting my cure.” She gave a wicked giggle. “And I’ll be inclined to give it. Such a pretty pussy. And so tasty.”

My impending orgasm swelled inside of me. My butt clenched as I groaned through my teeth. I shivered. I was so close to it ripening. I wanted to find out what would happen. I squirmed harder on her tongue.

And then I came.

It was a rush. Paroxysms of bliss burst inside of my pussy. The effervescent delight rippled through me and crashed into my mind. I gasped and screamed out as my hysterics were cured by ecstasy I did not know was possible to archive. It was glorious. The desk creaked beneath me as I gasped and shuddered. Her tongue licked me and drank the fluids pouring out of my young sex.

“Nurse Paige,” I gasped. “Oh, yes. Yes. Thank you. Thank you for curing my hysterics.”

She took a final lick and then giggled, “You’re welcome, child. Now get dress. Your uniform awaits.”

I panted as she stood. Her face was flushed and juices smeared her lips and chin. My sinful juices. She pulled out a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped daintily at the mess. She inhaled the handkerchief, reveling in my smell, before tucking it back into her pocket.

I groaned and stood up. Guilt seized me. What we did was a terrible sin. A wonderful, amazing, beautiful sin. But still, it was wrong. I looked up at Heaven, suddenly so aware of my naked body. The Lord was angry with me.

I reached the neatly folded pile of my school uniform. On top was a camisole, but it had no straps or buckles to attached the drawers. In fact, there were no drawers, only two petticoats, stockings, my dress, and a pair of sturdy, healed shoes. I pulled on the camisole, hiding my lewd body. My nipples were still hard and tingled against the soft linen of the camisole. It had no sleeves and only fell a few inches past my rear. The stockings were gray. I yanked them on and pulled tight the garters to keep them firmly held up to my knees. The petticoats were frilly and fell down to my ankle. Last, I pulled on my dress, a gray skirt and white blouse that buttoned securely to my neckline. I adjusted my pigtails so the fell about my shoulders and brushed my skirt.

“You look just lovely, child,” she smiled. “Tabitha should be waiting to show you to your room. Then you have the day free.”

I nodded, still trembling. I walked out of the room, not wanting to look at the sinful lesbian. I stepped into the corridor and found Tabitha waiting, a bored look on her face that vanished as she rushed over and seized my hands.

“So, did she treat you for hysterics?”

I squirmed and nodded.

“Wasn’t that the best? I never felt more relaxed than after her treatment. The way the paroxysm bubbled through me was exhilarating.”

“It was sinful,” I gasped.

“Oh, no,” she said. “You can’t say that. It’s not a sin. It’s just helping each other out. Women suffer from hysterics. It makes us all aflutter and unable to concentrate. The teachers want us to focus, so we have to be treated frequently.”

“I never had trouble focusing with my governess,” I objected.

“But you’re sixteen now. Maturing. Things are different. Hysterics only affect mature woman. And you don’t want your schooling to suffer, right?”

I swallowed. “I ... but it felt so sinful. Like what we were doing was wrong.”

“How was it sinful?”

“She’s a...” I lowered my voice, “ ... lesbian.”

“No,” gasped Tabitha. “It was a medical treatment. She even dildos to stimulate us. Those are medical tools. Just because it felt wonderful doesn’t mean it’s a sin. Okay?”

I bit my lip. I wasn’t sure any longer. “Okay.”

“Good.” Then she gave me a quick kiss on the lips before dragging me down the hallway.

I was given a tour of the school. The classrooms were on the first few floors with the top ones devoted to the students dorms. Each floor had its own central sitting room with branching rooms off of it. Morning tea was just being served as we arrived and I met the other girls of my floor.

Geneva was the prefect, with platinum-blonde hair falling in plaited braid down her back. “A pleasure to meet you, Miss Henrietta.” She called everyone Miss so-and-so, speaking with a refined accent and moving with grace.

I sat next to Peony, a quiet girl. She did not speak much and tended to keep her hands folded before her on her lap. Adrianne possessed a doll-like beauty and striking, green eyes. Phoebe had a darker complexion, an almost exotic cast from her foreign heritage. She was from Gibraltar, sent to school by her parents. Jeane was the tallest girl, and Kayleigh had strawberry-blonde curls that fell in an almost unmanageable mane about her pretty face. Darcy had a huge, pink bow keeping her hair back, and Maria was a curly-haired blonde that had the cutest dimples when she smiled. I didn’t catch all the other girls names, there were thirty on our floor alone, scattered at different groupings of love seats and chairs, sipping their tea and gossiping.

“They say Miss Northrup likes to spank girls when they get out of line. Bare bottom and everything,” Maria laughed. “Imagine that. Right there in front of the class like some tramp boy at a government school.”

“Oh, she does,” Geneva said with a nod. “I would mind my P’s and Q’s with her and be diligent in your study.”

“What does she teach?” Tabitha asked.

“Latin, Miss Tabitha.”

My new friend blanched. “Lord defend, but I imagine I’ll be the first one whipped. Right there for you all to watch.”

“Yes, a pity I am not in your grade, Miss Tabitha.”

Tabitha frowned at the prefect. She was about to say something, no doubt that would get her in trouble, so I put a hand on her wrist and asked, “Any other teachers who are inclined towards corporal punishment.”

“Oh, they all are, Miss Henrietta. They believe in a strict discipline. But Miss Northrop is among the most diligent at handing out corrections. I do believe she enjoys the sight of a girl’s well-pinked bottom.”

“You mean ... she enjoys staring at our naked rears?”

“After being well-flogged,” nodded the prefect. “There is a certain charm about it. And often afterward, the poor girl is in need of her hysterics cured. It is the Christian thing to do to make sure she is well satisfied.”

My face blushed.

Tabitha leaned over. “Like I told you, very keen on helping each other out with that female problem. I wouldn’t mind Geneva’s tongue stimulating my clitoris.”

The blush deepened to a crimson burn.

I spent the day in Tabitha’s company. Sometimes Peony joined us as we wondered the grounds finding new ways to amuse ourselves. There was no term, but there was a library to explore on the first floor full of books, and gardens to walk that were well-tended. We found a maze at the back, and had a good hour wandering around, admiring the statues of frolicking, nude nymphs from Greek mythology that decorated the various zigs and zags. Other girls played a game of croquet on the lawn, but the sun began its march towards the western horizon before we had our chance to play.

We headed in for dinner in the great hall, located on the first floor in the wing opposite of the library. All through dinner, I dreaded going to bed. All day, Tabitha had hinted that she would be in need of her hysterics cured and hoped I would, too. She seemed to expect a mutual round of finger and oral stimulation that both scared me and made my stomach aflutter.

“Mmm, I can’t wait to get to bed,” she purred as she pushed back her plate. “I’m all aflutter. I need to have several wonderful paroxysms. And I bet you’re all aflutter.”

She placed her hand on my thigh, rubbing it through the layers of my skirt and petticoats. My back straighted. The lewd light shining in her blue eyes and the way her smile curled the corners of my lips increased the tingling flutters between my thighs. My sex grew moist, and expectant.

But it was so wrong. It had to be. I couldn’t handle this. I let out a squeaking moan and then jumped off the trestle and rushed out of the dining hall. Tabitha shouted behind me, but I ignored her. I couldn’t face this. It was wrong.

A sin.

I burst out of the side door into the cool air. It was dark, the stars rising overhead while a fog crept from the surrounding moors, rolling in on the school atop its hill. I darted into the darkness, rushing past the hedge maze and to the hills edge, staring at the sea of silver reflecting the moonlight. The fog was so thick, washing up the hill like waves on the beach.

I needed the cool air to calm my body’s heat. What was wrong with this school? Teachers who wanted to spank their student’s bare bottoms. Girls eager to lick other girl’s pussies to treat something called hysterics.

It was all mad. It couldn’t be a real place.

I looked up at the stars, wishing I was back home.

A star fell. It blazed bright across the world, streaking in from the eastern horizon. I gasped, watching it’s progress. It didn’t extinguish in a single heart beat like most falling stars, but kept burning. It grew lower and lower, its fiery nimbus lighting up the village in the distance.

My eyes widened. It was falling right at me.

I took two steps back. My feet slipped on the dewy grass. I fell on my backside, flinching as the star hurled closer. I could hear the roar of its fierce burning. I raised my hands to shield myself from the incandescent beauty.

And then it streaked over me. I felt the heat. A loud boom exploded overhead. Glass rattled back at the manner. A great wind rushed over me, whipping up my skirt. I turned my head to watch the star slam into the sea of fog. It rippled and then a brilliant light flared. The fog glowed like a thousand lamps lit it.

My heart hammered as I stood. I made a wish and the star fell nearby. It was lucky. I had to go and collect it, then my wish would come true and this strange school would become normal. No more Tabitha dewy, green eyes and breathy whispers of shared pleasure, no more nurses bending me over and applying their tongue to my nethers, and no more whispers of the sapphic perversions shared by other teachers.

It would be normal.

Warning beeped in Merita’s ship. She blinked her silver eyes and touched a control, shutting off one of the sensors with her tentacle. Another brought up the damage report. The text appeared in the air, glowing green as it displayed systems status. She scanned the list, many were damaged, a few operational, but one was labeled missing.

The core.

“Oh, no,” she gasped, two of her tentacles rubbing together. “Oh, no, that’s not good.”

She pressed another button, bringing up a different log. She had to find the core. It couldn’t fall into the possession of the primitives who dwelt on this planet. They were not ready for that technology. As she read the report, a new alarm blared.

A proximity alarm.

One of the natives approached.

My heart beat as I moved through the thick fog. It billowed around me and I shivered, wishing I wore a cloak or coat to stave off the cold damp. An oscillating light flared and dyed with a strange regularity, guiding me to the falling star.

It was curious. What could be causing such a flashing? It grew brighter and brighter. The grass at me feet grew blackened. And then clumps of dirt and rock lay scattered. They looked like they had been dropped from a height. The ground grew more and more disturbed until a small lip of dirt formed around a crater.

And in it lay the star.

Only it wasn’t a bit of rock like I expected, but a oblong sphere, stretched out like an egg. It was made of a silvery metal. The light flared from the top of the egg, glowing bright white for a moment then fading. I stood at the lip of the crater, my heart hammering.

What was this thing?

This was the British Isles. All manner of faerie and other creatures once dwelt in the hills and dells before the Christians drove them deep into hiding. Was this one of theirs? Had a fey fallen from the sky and crashed here. Or, perhaps, laid a magical egg.

What should I do?

A red light flared around the vehicle. It narrowed into a tight beam that pointed right at me. I gasped and squeaked. My feet shifted on the edge of the crater. The dirt shifted beneath my feet. I let out a yelp of fear as my foot slipped into the depression, rocks cascading before me. My arms pinwheeled in a vain attempt to keep my balance.

Then I pitched head-first into the crater. I gasped as I bounced down the side. I rolled right at a large rock jutting out of the crater floor and—

Merita gasped as the native’s head struck a protruding rock. The sickening crunch was audible through the skin of the alien’s craft. The ships warning beam, instead of scaring off the native, had caused it to injure itself. The native spilled onto its back, bright red fluid pouring out of a gash on its forehead.

“Status,” Merita commanded her sensors.

“The native has suffered a large blow to her cranium, shattering her skull. In addition, two vertebrae in her neck also snapped, severing her spinal cord leading to paralysis of her entire body, including her lungs. She will suffocate in several minutes.”

“Oh, no,” gasped Merita. “Bring her in. We have to heal her.”

“That is a violation of the Treaty of Primitive Species, Article 7, Paragraph 93, Section B.”

“I don’t care. Override. We can’t let her die. Seeing my craft has already interfered in her life.”

“Likelihood of success is slim without bonding, which is in violation of the Treaty of Primitive Species, Article 12, Paragraph 7, Section C.”

“Override,” Merita said, staring at the poor native’s face, her strange, yellow tentacles extending from her head. They were twisted. Braided.

How strange.

The first thing I realized when I came awake was being naked. The next thing I realized was I wasn’t alone.

I laid recline on a seat, my head throbbing. Lights flashed around me as I blinked, struggling to understand what was going on. I remembered finding the magical star egg and slipping, then something rushing at me and ... waking up.

Did I hit my head and fall unconscious? Where was I? And who was staring at me?

The face was a young girl’s, her head smooth like an eggshell, denuded of hair, and her skin purple. Silver eyes stared at me as my entire body froze. The girl hovered over me, her body equally naked as mine, her breasts small mounds, her skin smooth and still very purple. My eyes descended to her long legs and, from around her waist, jutted four tentacles, two holding her aloft over me.

A faerie.

My heart raced as I stared up at the faerie girl. My eyes flicked from her tentacles to her silvery eyes and back to her tentacles. I wanted to bolt, to scream, to do anything but tremble like an idiot. But I couldn’t do anything. It was so hard to understand.

She had tentacles and purple skin and silver eyes.

Magical lights flashed around us. Green and red and blue. Strange beeps and whirls sounded. She had taken me inside the egg. I could see the spherical edges around me, where the blinking lights didn’t cover it.

“Can you understand me?” the faerie answered in a melodic voice.

I nodded my head. “A-are you ... going to ... hurt m-me?”

“No,” she said and then one of her tentacles caressed my naked stomach.

My eyes widened as the tentacle stroked across my skin, rubbery and smooth. It throbbed with her heart beat. It was such a gentle touch. The tentacle circled my bellybutton and then moved higher, brushing the bottoms of my breasts.

“I won’t hurt you,” she answered. “I’m Merita. I hope you can understand me. Your language is so strange.”

“I can,” I swallowed as her tentacle wrapped about my small breast. The end curled up to the top and brushed my nipple.

It hardened pink against her purple and a tingle ran through me.

“What are you doing?”

“Bonding with you,” she answered. “It’s the only way for the medical procedure to take hold. The nanomachines have repaired your spinal cord, but without bonding with me, they will break down. You need me in you.”

“In me?” I squeaked.

She nodded her smooth head then leaned down. I trembled, her tentacle playing with my nipple. Her lips brushed mine. So smooth. She tasted sweet, like honey. I didn’t know what to do. Why was she kissing me?

Her tongue probed my mouth. I let her as I lay stiffly beneath her. A second tentacle caressed my thighs as she lowered her body. Our stomachs pressed together, and I felt her hard nipples pressed into my breasts. She kissed me harder, with passion.

What was going on?

The tentacle played with my nipple, brushing it and stroking it. Every time it did, wonderful shudders rippled out of me. Like with Nurse Paige earlier today, my body responded to the touches. The heat swelled in my pussy, hysterics needing satisfaction.

The tentacle caressing my thigh moved higher. It wrapped about my leg, stroking up and down my flesh. Tingles raced through my body as I moaned into our kiss. I couldn’t help it. My lips moved, working against her as the heat swelled in my nethers. I trembled, the tentacle moving higher and higher on my thigh with each stroke, nearing my pussy.

I wanted her to touch me. It was so strange. The faerie must have me bewitched. A lust spell on me. I shuddered and moaned, my arms wrapping about her body. I stroked her smooth back. She was so warm and silky. She sighed into he kiss now as I stroked her spine.

“Yes,” she purred, breaking the kiss as my finger traced her. “Yes, yes. I feared you did not know sex since my scans show you are a virgin.”

“Scans?” I gasped, her tentacle so close to my pussy now, the end brushing where my inner thigh met my groin. Just so close.

“But you are not afraid. Mmm, stroke lower. I like to be touched ... yes, there.”

I stroked her lower back, right where the swell of her buttocks began. Both her tentacles tightened on me. She kissed me again, thrusting her tongue into my mouth hard. I loved it. I sucked on her tongue, my finger circle her lower back.

Her tentacle brushed the wet folds of my pussy.

I spasmed. My nipple ached against her other appendage. The narrow tip of her tentacle slid up and down my wet folds. My juices flowed and it slid faster. It brushed my clitoris, sending wonder delight shooting through my body. I heaved beneath her, my hips undulating on the couch. It molded to my moving butt, constantly changing to keep me comfortable.

“Oh, you are getting so wet and juicy,” purred Merita. “And you taste delicious.”


“Yes, yes. Mmm, my tentacle is drinking in your juices. So sweet. So innocent. And there is your hymen.”

I gasped as the tentacle pressed at my maidenhead, the elastic membrane stretching as she pressed inward into my pussy. My eyes widened. I was about to lose my virginity, not to my husband or even a handsome groom, but to a female fey’s tentacle.

She smiled at me. “What a sweet gift you’ve given me. What is your name?”

“Henrietta,” I gasped as the tentacle pressed harder.

My toes curled. I trembled and squirmed. This was really happening. She said my name, speaking it with a purr, and then kissed me. I melted against her, holding her tight as her tentacle tore through my hymen and entered me.

It was long and narrow. It wiggled and undulated inside of me. I groaned as it stirred my wet flesh. Delightful pleasure rippled through me. My sheath clenched on her probing tentacle as I humped against her. Her body writhed atop me. A hot, wet, hairless sex pressed into my left thigh. She smeared her flesh on me as her tentacle writhed in and out of my sex.

“Oh, you are so hot and sweet,” moaned Merita, breaking our kiss again. “Oh, yes, it is so wonderful to bond with you.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, squirming beneath her. I pressed my thigh up, savoring the feel of her hot sex smearing up and down on it. Her clitoris was hard against me. Her silver eyes fluttered. “I ... I ... could lick your pussy ... and ... and cure your hysterics.”

“Make me cum?” she asked, her eyes widening.

I nodded my head and licked my lips. Her tentacle felt so wonderful inside of me. It didn’t feel wrong with Merita like it had with Nurse Paige or Tabitha. This was right. It was like a dream. I had wandered into the world of faerie and put under an enchantment.

So I had nothing to feel guilty about.

The fey lifted herself off my body, still playing with my nipple and driving her other tentacle deep into me. She twisted herself around. I gasped at the sight of her hairless pussy. Her lips were a deep purple. Juices coated her flesh and a flowery perfume filled my lips.

She lowered herself onto me, her breasts pressing into my stomach while her thighs went around my head. Her flowery musk filled my nose. I breathed in deeply as I squirmed on her tentacle. Her dark-purple clitoris peeked out of her folds.

I licked it.

“Yes, Henrietta,” gasped the fey. Her tentacle squirmed harder in me. Wonderful delight surged through my body. “Oh, yes, make me cum. Oh, bonding with you is so wonderful.”

I licked her clitoris again, gathering her flowery juices. I loved them. My hands grasped her back, stroking her spine again as I licked up and down her slit. My tongue probed into her delicate folds. She had a hole, like mine, my tongue wiggled in, but no hymen.

She wasn’t a virgin. Had she lost her maidenhead to another female fey with tentacles?

It really didn’t matter right now. I pressed my lips into her folds as my pussy clenched and relaxed on the probing tentacle. Her other tentacles slithered across my body, stroking me, teasing me. Everywhere she touched me tingled, the sensations rushing to my pussy.

“So good,” I panted between licks of her pussy.

“Yes,” she purred and then her tongue flicked at my clit.

I gasped. My pussy spasmed about her tentacle. I groaned and bucked, sparks of pleasure shooting through me. My paroxysm swelled, my orgasm growing closer and closer. I nuzzled down through the folds of her pussy and sucked on her clit again.

She bucked atop me. Her tentacle rammed harder and harder in and out of my pussy. She grew excited. She tremble and moaned. The tentacle swelled bigger inside of me, expanding, stretching out my pussy.

I loved it. My toes curled. I bucked and moaned. My stomach tensed. I squeezed my eyes shut. And then the paroxysms of pleasure burst in my depths. My pussy convulsed about her wonderful tentacle as the wonderful waves of pleasure rippled through my body.

They reached my mind, bathing my senses in delicious rapture. I sucked so hard on her clit. She shuddered and then her tentacle pulsed inside me. Her appendage rippled, caressing the spasming walls of my pussy, feeding the delicious sensations rippling through me.

I kept cumming as her juices flooded out of her mouth. I tried to drink them down as I shuddered beneath her. I relieved her hysterics, too. She moaned her pleasure about my clit. We both thrashed and groaned. I nibbled harder on her clit.

My pleasure peaked. My mind bathed in ecstasy. Her thoughts poured into me.

Such a wonderful girl. Her pussy feels amazing. So juicy. So sweet. So wonderful. Oh, yes. She’s perfect. She’s the one.

Our thoughts merged. She echoed through my mind. My fingers dug into her back. They sank into her flesh. She melted down into me. I gasped, my eyes widening as her body flowed into mine. I drank her up like a sponge. I shuddered, gasping in fear as I watched her purple flesh melt into mine until she was gone.

“Oh, Lord,” I gasped, my heart hammering in fear.

Shh, don’t be afraid. I’m here. I’m in you. We’ve bonded, Henrietta. We’re one. Shh. Relax.

The flashing lights and whirling beeps swirled around me. It was too much. The faerie was in me. My eyes rolled back in my head and darkness crashed down on me.

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