Anna at the Old Folks Home
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Horny slut !!!

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When David said " do you want me to crack your knickers off!" I said what? David laughed and said Tom had sent him a text message and laughed, let me see you bastard I said, I grabbed David's phone and read the message, "Thanks David, you were right, she was lovely and the dirtiest slag we've seen for years, we sent her home with her knickers full of spunk, her hubby will have to crack em off!" Below was a picture of me with David's prick in my mouth with Tom spunking on my face, I couldn't remember any photos being taken. but they taken a good one, the timing was perfect with Tom's spunk literally splashing my face!

You bastard David I said, you set me up and told them god knows what; I told them you were the hottest piece of snatch around that's all he said and laughed.

I've worked for David for a few years now, the jobs and money is good and David is one dirty fucker, if I had a quid for every time I sucked or wanked him off or he'd fucked and fingered me I'd be rich; even worse, he was friends with Mike and an sure the two bastards used to set me up so that when I got home at night, Mike would fuck me silly whilst I told him of my filthy tricks that day! David took back the phone and looking at he picture of me sucking cock, said looks like you enjoyed yourself as well. I grabbed David's hand and pushed it up my skirt, as his hand went over my knicker covered fanny, he said "fucking hell Anna, your knickers are soaking" I pulled my skirt up to my waist and he could see how my knickers were mattered with spunk, as I did this I reached forward with my other hand, David's zip was already undone and I wrapped my hand round his hard on.

Turn round Anna, David said, let me see your arse, you dirty cow he said, there's spunk running down the back of your leg he said! I bent forward over the back of a chair and parted my legs, my cum filled knickers showing off my fanny and arse. David moved forward and I felt the end of his knob rubbing up and down my crack through my knickers, you dirty fucker he said, your gash is wide open as I felt his bell in in my hole, I going to fuck you through your knickers and push that spunk right up you. He then started to fuck me seriously, my knickers started to come off my hips as David's knob rammed them further up my hole, the sensation of having spunk filled knickers shoved up my gash by David's rampant prick made me cum, my legs started to tremble as David then started to tense, I'm going to fill your fucking cunt with spunk David shouted as I felt his hot cream fill my hole.

As he pulled his prick out, my knickers remained full of spunk in my cunt, leave them he said as I moved to pull them out, let Mike get them out later, David then sent a text to Mike, don't know what he said, but I could guess and knew I was in for a mega fuckathon when I got home!!

About a week later I was in the office when David called me and said I needed to go back to the Old Folks home the next morning as they wanted to invest in one of the schemes as he'd received a call from Tom. The dirty fuckers I thought, they want a re run!

Given what happened the last time, the next morning I dressed appropriately, I had short grey skirt, well above my knee, tight white blouse and no bra, red heels, copper stockings with red suspender belt and no knickers, I also shaved my fanny that morning. So as not to appear out of order to the matron, I put on a raincoat to make myself look presentable!

The matron took me to the same room as before and they stood up as I entered, when they saw the raincoat they had looks of disappointment on their faces.

Jeff and Tom were on the sofa and David sat in the chair, there was a chair and table for me, I put my bag on the chair and turned towards them, as I started to undo my raincoat I said, I understand that you want to make an investment, they nodded, I slipped off my mac and let it hit the floor, when they saw how I was dressed I thought their eyes were going to pop out! I sat on the edge of the table, my skirt was above my stocking tops and as I lifted on foot and put it on the chair, my legs were obviously apart and my fanny was on view to all.

Having 3 old blokes looking at my snatch knowing that they were going to fuck the shit out of me was turning me on like crazy, I was in first class slag mode!

Get your fucking knobs out, wank for me I said, toss yourselves off whilst you look at my cunt I said, all 3 wasted no time in getting their pricks out, Tom and David were about 7 inch, nice and hard with red bell ends, Jeffs was a good 10inch gnarled with a big purple bell end, I'd had that up my arse the week before but today I wanted it up my gash along with Tom and David's. I pulled my skirt right up around my waist so they had a perfect view of my open cunt, all 3 had fucking hard ons and were wanking, my cunt was dripping, it hadn't been touched but I was that fucking horny. Undress I said to them, let me see your spunk filled balls as you wank, again they wasted no time, Tom and Jeff had quite tight balls, but David, fucking hell, he had a right pair of danglers! You could cut the atmosphere in the room with a knife, the smell of sex was incredible, I got off the table and still with my skirt up around my waist walked across to David, I lifted my leg and put one foot on the chair arm, finger me David I said, finger me off whilst you wank, he rammed two fingers straight up me, I wanted something in my cunt so much that I came straight away, the dirty cows fucking cumming David said, my twat farted as cunt juice sprayed all over David's hand. I was positioned so that Tom and Jeff could see David's fingers sliding in and out of my hole, the two of them were wanking their pricks like mad as I urged them on, go one you dirty fuckers I said, I want fucking till I can't walk and you've emptied your bollocks up me. I moved from David and stood in front of Tom and Jeff, my legs were well spread and with both hands I pulled my cunt flaps apart, my dripping hole was on display for them, they wasted no time and both got their fingers in me, that's it I shouted, finger me off while you wank; my cunt was squelching with the fingering I was getting, a massive jet of cum squirted out my fanny as they fingered me off, I was dying to feel their knobs up me but held off, they were going to teat me like the slut I was!

I walked back to the table and sat on it again, this time though I leaned back, spread my legs and lifted them in the air, my fanny was gaping for them as I said to Tom come here, as Tome approached my with his knob bobbing up and down, I said to him, fist me, shove your hand up my dirty slut cunt. I felt 4 fingers go in straight away and with in 20 seconds he'd managed to get his fist up me, ram it in Tom, let them see what a filthy fucking cow I am, cum was spraying out of my hole, I was being a slut and was loving it, I couldn't get enough and had lost control. Tom had got my blouse open and was sucking on my tits, my nipples were like chapel hat pegs, rock hard, when O shouted to David to come and fuck my mouth. I grabbed David's prick which was oozing precum, I licked his bell end whilst I wanked his knob, I then started to rub it all over my face, what a slut I was, I'd got a guy fisting my cunt whilst I rubbed another blokes knob and bell end all over my face, I got his balls in my mouth and started to suck on them, my mouth was full of his big hairy balls sacks, he lifted one leg and out his foot by my head, lick underneath my balls Anna he said, I pulled on his knob so I got his balls on my face and started to lick underneath them, fuck yes he shouted and I could feel his knob get bigger as I wanked him and rubbed him over my face. I knew licking underneath a blokes balls was one of the best things you could do, I also knew that his arse was close, I started to lick the rim of his arse, fuckin hell I was manic and stuck my tongue up his aresehole! The sluts got her tongue up my arse he shouted as I fucked his arse with my tongue, I fuckin cumin he shouted and grabbed his prick from my hand, I opened my eyes just in time to see his bell end swell as the biggest jet of hot sticky spunk plastered my face, the old fucker couldn't stop, and shot three more loads all over my face, I was caked in spunk. Pull your hand out Tom I shouted, show Jeff my gaping cunt, as Tom pulled his fist out of my hole with a plop my cunt was wide open, I'm going to fuck you Jeff.

I got off the table and walked across to Jeff, spunk was dripping off my face on to my tits and my thighs were soaked in my cunt juice. Jeffs massive prick stood to attention, I turned round and faced away from Jeff as I lowered myself down, I felt his bell end tough my hole and I relaxed, swoosh his fucking knob went right in, I could feel his end pushing my cervix, then fuck it went straight through it and he was in up to his balls, his bell end was in my womb and I was cumming like crazy as the dirty old cunt started to fuck me. I was cumming in waves, as I called to Tom, fuck me, Tom got in front of us and his prick went right in alongside Jeffs, the two then fucked me in tandem, my snatch was gaping, two old men's pricks up it, god it was fantastic. Take a picture I shouted to David, I was lying back on Jeff, legs in the air and David pulled one leg further apart so he got a perfect shot of the two knobs in my cunt, he took another standing back so my spunk covered face was also in the picture, I didn't need to ask, but he sent them straight away to my boss David. The two bastards fucked me like this for a good half hour, I lost count how many times I'd cum, before Tom said he was cumming, he pulled his cock out and jumped up, I made an O with my mouth, and he put his bell end to my open lips as he started squirting spunk into my mouth, my mouth was full of spunk I swallowed what I could with a river of cum running down my chin. Jeff was still fucking the shit out of me, I was still cumming like crazy! Jeff started to cum, I felt his knob swell and then there was a hot feeling has he emptied his balls up me, I could move, I just let him fill my belly with spunk.

I slid off Jeffs knob to the floor, I was exhausted, my face and tits were covered in spunk, Jeffs spunk was running down my legs, lets get you cleaned up David said and helped me to my knees, he then moved right in front of my face and started to piss, I opened my mouth and swallowed a mixture of piss and spunk as he hosed down my face!

I finally wiped myself down with the inside of my mac and decided to go back to the office...

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