Young Cherry Cheerleader 4: Cunt for a Car

by Drax & tomcat7

Copyright© 2018 by Drax & tomcat7

Pedo Sex Story: Jenny Wilson returns in yet another adventure where she uses her hot tight teen body to get a car for a reduced price

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Rough   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Public Sex   Teacher/Student   .

Eighteen-year-old Jennifer Wilson waited after school for her mom to pick her up. Normally, she’d just walk home afterward, but today, her mom was taking her to go shopping for a car.

Jenny had gotten her drivers license only a few weeks before. Her friend, Angie Walker, had been extremely helpful, even taking her for the test. But Jenny’s mom had agreed to get her a car.

And Jenny was excited about the opportunity to get herself around, instead of relying on her friends to help her. It would open up opportunities for her to meet boys and men like she had never had the chance to do before.

Jenny’s mom was going to get her the car, and it was a good thing she was buying. After all, opportunistic Jenny had put away a total of over $10,000 in her bank account with money from her various sexual exploits. But there was no way she could buy a car herself without revealing the source of all her cash.

Jenny figured she could drive a cheap car for a couple of years, and then she’d splurge on a fancy one, once she was on her own. Once she was driving her own car, she was determined to call Greg, the guy who had photographed her and done quite a few sex videos featuring her, about doing her own porn website.

Jenny saw mom pull up, and she quickly got in the car.

“How was school today?” her mom asked.

“Just fine,” was Jenny’s answer. She’d talk about school with her mom, but she’d rather not give too much information. Comments like “Well, I got to fuck my history teacher” wouldn’t exactly be a good thing for her.

They drove to the first dealer, where Jenny showed interest in one particular car, marked at $4,000. Her mom had coached her in car buying, so Jenny knew how to play hard-to-get.

It didn’t take long to set up a test drive for Jenny. Her mom asked her if she wanted her to come along, but Jenny declined. Not only did she not want her mom in the back seat, but she also wanted to see if she could get a bigger discount on the car, and she knew just what to try.

Jenny had seen the salesman’s eyes light up when she had walked in wearing her little school uniform, and she had a pretty good idea she could seduce him into a much lower price. Well, at least it was worth a try.

Within minutes, Jenny had the key in her hand. While her mom waited in the showroom, Jenny and the salesman got in and started her test drive.

As Jenny drove, he explained the various features on the car. She also noticed that he was spending more time watching her than he was watching the road. His eyes were scouring her teenaged body in her little school uniform, aflame with lust.

Jenny pretended not to notice, but she got a charge out of it. She guessed he was in his late forties or early fifties, and he wasn’t very attractive at all, but if she could coax a good discount out of him, it would be worth putting out.

Jenny’s thin 5’10” frame was the very essence of schoolgirl beauty. Her 32-20-28 “B”-cup figure was the envy of virtually every man she saw, as evidenced by the fuck-hot ogling she was getting, especially when she was wearing one of her school or cheerleading uniforms.

Jenny’s angelic face had a smooth complexion. Her long blonde hair was pulled into two pigtails, and her darling bangs draped across her forehead, ending just above her eyebrows.

The young schoolgirl wore a classic white long-sleeved blouse with a red-and-white flimsy plaid pleated skirt. The standard skirt length for the school’s uniform provider was about four inches above the knee, but since Jenny’s waist size was so small and she was so tall, the tiny plaid skirt hemmed out about six or seven inches above her knobby little schoolgirl knees, showing off more of those luscious legs.

Below her long, thin thighs and knobby knees, a pair of cable-knit white knee socks were pulled up smartly and cuffed over by about an inch. Her red-and-white saddle shoes completed the terrific ensemble.

Jenny drove for about fifteen minutes, and she really liked the car, but she played it cool.

“Well, what do you think?” he asked. “Would you like to take it home today?”

“Well,” she said. “It’s an awful lot of money for a young girl like me to spend. Why don’t I pull around to the back of this parking lot, so we can talk about it?”

Jenny drove the car to a secluded corner of the lot and pulled to a stop, then turned off the motor.

“I’ll tell you what,” he offered. “How about I take off two hundred dollars?”

Jenny played unsure as she slowly slid the hem of her little pleated skirt up higher on her thigh, knowing that he was watching intently.

“If I let you touch me through my panties, will you take off three hundred?” she asked.

He gulped nervously.

“Yes, three hundred off,” he muttered, as he reached over to her from the passenger seat. Jenny spread her legs and pulled her skirt higher, until her white cotton panties were exposed to him.

“But not a word to anyone, okay?” he said.

“Deal,” Jenny replied.

He touched Jenny’s right thigh and slid his fingertips up to the crotch of her soft panties. He could feel her warm pussy lips through the fabric.

“Oh my...” he muttered, as he stroked her there softly.

“You like?” she asked.


Jenny liked it, too. She smiled and enjoyed his fingertips there for several minutes, finally noting her pussy juice seeping through her panties. She was sure that he could feel her wetness, too.

She could tell that he was intoxicated with her teen pussy, so she decided to make a play for a bigger discount on the car.

“You know,” Jenny said. “I was gonna offer to jerk you off for a five hundred dollar discount, but you’d end up making a mess in the car if I did that.”

He just gulped.

“But, for seven hundred off, I could give you a blowjob and take all of your cum in my mouth,” Jenny responded with a grin. “Then we’d keep the car nice and clean.”

“Yes, yes, seven hundred off,” he cried. “It’s a deal.”

“So thirty-three hundred dollars for the car, then?” she asked.

“Yes!” he exclaimed.

Jenny smiled and reached over to him. She deftly unzipped his slacks, and then fished into his boxer shorts to pull out a half-erect penis. Jenny smiled as she used her right hand to stroke him to a fully erect six inches.

“That’s a very nice size,” she told him, as she jerked him slowly with her hand.

“Thank you,” the salesman muttered.

Jenny fingered his penis softly, teasing it by lightly using her fingernails all the way to his ballsack.

“I’ll bet you really want me to suck your cock right now,” Jenny teased.

“Yes, yes.”

Jenny giggled, then leaned over and took him into her sweet mouth, enveloping his swollen member with her hot schoolgirl lips.

The man sighed as Jenny sealed her young lips around the shaft and slowly started fucking him with her mouth. The feeling of her schoolgirl tongue on his hard cock was exhilarating.

“Oh, God, that’s good,” he moaned, as Jenny’s blonde pigtails bounced up and down.

With his left hand, he reached again for Jenny’s sweet young treasure. She spread her knee-socked legs as he slid his hand over her soft plaid pleats and pulled the crotch of Jenny’s cotton panties off to the side.

Jenny moaned softly as she felt him touch her wet clit and rub it gently. He massaged her pinkness for a couple of minutes, and then dipped two fingers into her tight little snatch.

She pulled her mouth away to give it a brief rest, but she continued to stimulate him with her hand.

“I like your fingers in my pussy, mister,” she smiled, and then licked the length of the underside of his cock teasingly.

She smiled at him while she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, licking it like an ice cream cone.

“I wonder what your cum tastes like,” she teased.

“You’re gonna find out soon enough,” he groaned.

Jenny laughed, then clamped her lips around him again and went back to work. She picked up speed this time, using her hand as well. He started panting within a couple of minutes, and she knew he wasn’t far from spilling his load.

She stopped moving her mouth on his cock and concentrated on using her tongue on the sensitive area just under the tip of his penis.

“Oh my God,” he groaned. “You’re gonna make me cum like that!”

Jenny worked him like a pro, hand-jerking him to orgasm in combination with her teasing tongue. She felt his entire body tense and begin to tremble.

“About to blow my load,” he warned.

Jenny continued, eagerly awaiting her tasty treat.

“Shit! Here it comes!” he exclaimed.

Jenny felt his cock spasm in her hand as it pumped its first spurt of warm jizz to the back of her tongue and down her throat. She kept milking him for more, and each successive spasm fed her more and more of his thick, white sperm. Some of it shot straight down her throat, but most of it pooled in the back of Jenny’s mouth.

After about eight or nine spurts of goo, his prick finally gave out, having dumped the contents of his balls between the schoolgirl’s warm lips.

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