The Beach - Revisited

by HAL

Copyright© 2016 by HAL

Romantic Sex Story: Sandie and Jerry go back to the nudist beach where they lost their virginities. This time they take their friends: Jack a slightly geeky guy, Mandy a living barbie doll, Mary-Anne - from strict Christian family and Aadila the newcomer who is a practising Muslim. Read how they got on.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Slow   .

Jerry and Sandie who went to the nudist beach before on a dare and ended up moving their deep friendship several steps.

Mandy, buxom, beautiful and experienced.

Mary-Anne, part of a strict Christian sect that doesn’t approve of ... anything

Jack, a bit geeky, but he wants to know what else there is to life

Aadila, the new member of their little gang; parents as strict as Mary-Anne’s, Aadila has gone along with that for now

Ever since that day when Jerry and Sandie had been to the nudist beach on a dare, their other friends had kept bringing it up in conversation. It was obvious things had moved on between the two of them, but they had stayed close friends with the others; and the others were distinctly curious, what had it been like, what had they done there?...

“But I could just as easily ask you why you dress that way, how does a short skirt and push up bra make you ‘empowered’” Aadila was standing her ground well, Mary-Ann was actually broadly on her side.

Mandy replied “Because it makes me feel good, feel sexy”

“Are you heterosexual? Yeah, yeah, of course you are. So when you say sexy you mean sexy in the eyes of the mindless jocks who eye you up and down as you sashay down the corridor? No offence Jack, I don’t really mean you, though I’ve seen you do it too. If not then WTF?”

“No, no, sexy isn’t for somebody or some group. Okay I accept that boys look at my ass when I walk past, and yes I even enjoy that, but no, I dress so I feel good. Sexy is an absolute, a state of being. I look good so I feel good, end of”

“Nah, I don’t buy that. In Victorian times you would have dressed in a bustle or something and felt good that way. It’s a fashion thing and therefore something imposed from outside, not an internal absolute. You dress that way because you have an animal instinct to mate and this is your mating display” She laughed “And this is mine, as you can see, I’m aiming to attract a blind man”

They all laughed, that was why they liked her, she didn’t take things too seriously. When she had arrived with her long dress and Hijab there had been comments, cat-calls. “Are you going blow up then?” Asked Joey standing just behind her, he always thought he was really funny. “Too late, mate, already done it” was her reply, and then they smelt it. She’d let out a fart and he was in the target zone. Even he thought that was funny. Gross, but funny. She was okay after that.

She’d joined their little group by some undefinable osmosis. Maybe it was her snappy, quick-witted answers, or the way she stood up for her beliefs, her religion, her ideas. Mary-Anne’s parents were horrified, since Christianity was the only true religion, being friendly with a pagan (as they called her, Mary-Anne calmly put them right on the difference between pagans and other mono-theistic religions) was the first step to destruction and Hell. Mary-Anne argued successfully that she had a duty to explain to Aadila the error of her thinking. And she did, and Aadila explained just as vigorously back, and they became friends. Since they both dressed conservatively to not attract men as sex objects, they tended to side together on the great ‘skirt length’ debate. She kept wearing her Hijab; she did admit to the girls once that she wore sexy underwear. Mandy had forgotten that, since that backed her argument that what you wear is to make youself feel good. They enjoyed these arguments, Mandy and Aadila, there was no rancour, ever. The principal had once heard them arguing and had stepped in to stop Mandy attacking the ‘minority’; he was confused when they both said it was fine and a free exchange of views was sacrosanct to the American Constitution. He walked away contemplating how he didn’t understand teenagers, and especially teenage girls!

Aadila maintained that she was freer because her body was not on open display, Mandy maintained that she was freer because she could display her body on open display. Mary-Anne broadly agreed with Aadila, but maintained that Mandy should have the right to display her body if she wanted, Aadila didn’t really disagree with that. The two boys laughed and said they were happy with what Mandy dressed in; Sandie pointed out that she, alone amongst the girls had taken this argument to one of the logical extremes. Had it felt liberating? Well, yes, she thought perhaps it had. Perhaps, she suggested, they should all try it. The bell went for end of lunch break and the thought was left hanging in people’s minds.

Sometimes fate moves things in odd ways. Some film director decides to make a film about a burning building and then discovers that the other studio is working on a very similar plot (and Towering Inferno is born, full of stars from both studios). In the year that Titanic was launched a novelist wrote a novel about an unsinkable ship sinking. Yay! There are probably lots of other coincidences like this, but I’m too lazy to find them. The point is, this idea preyed on all the minds of our little group, even sensible, safe, neat and religious ones like Aadila and Mary-Anne (okay, so she was up for kicking a few traces anyway, just because... ). So the next day the conversation rapidly came back round to that idea.

“But” said Jack, “that wouldn’t be a fair test. I mean how do you know that you wouldn’t feel freer dressed as Aadila unless you try it?”

“What have you got I mind Jack?” asked Jerry, he knew how Jack’s mind worked.

“Try Aadila’s dress for a day and then try the beach for a day”

“Wooo! Wait a minute, I’ve heard you talking about that beach, I’m not taking everything off” This was Aadila, she wasn’t comfortable about dressing like Mandy, but complete nudity? That was down the road, over the next hill and beyond the horizon of possibilities!

“The thing is, Aadila” This was Jack again “You might think it would be worse, but it might be better, we’d all be naked, the whole beach. You wouldn’t be dressing like Mandy to be an object of desire. No offence Mandy, I think you are – I mean you are an object of desire and dressing to be one” Well, that was an unintentional revelation, seemed that the resident geek in the group had the hots for Mandy, maybe not surprising they all privately thought, he was clearly hetero, and she was a hetero dream.

“What? Are you saying that you boys would come to the beach too? That doesn’t seem fair” Mandy opined “After all, you aren’t dressing in a yashmak or whatever”

“Yashmaks are ... no, never mind” Aadila realised that was off the point, and she was starting to be interested in this. She would after all see male nudes in a totally safe environment.

“Mandy, we’d have decided to go at some point, and you know that all male groups aren’t allowed, even” Jerry didn’t add (though Sandie knew he was thinking) that he’d love to see Mandy naked too, Sandie was totally aware how boys minds work; he might be her boyfriend, but would he look at another girl’s nude body? Of course he would (and not just the pictures she found on his search history) Would he fuck her? Not if he wanted his dick still attached next time she saw him.

She said she’d think about it, and by the end of the day somehow she had thought and agreed. The girls would all come dressed for a day with their head covered and a long, shapeless dress. Although Mary-Anne’s parents weren’t keen on the reason she gave ‘to understand a different culture’, they actually liked the unattractive dress. They wouldn’t have objected if she had opted to dress like this all the time for good Christian reasons. As for the others, the official reason for doing it was accepted, mostly; and it was at least largely true.

It took some training to get the dress right. Aadila’s parents were shocked when three white girls turned up to learn how to dress as she did. Mandy and Sandie arrived in skirts that would have got them stoned in the ‘old country’, here the parents realised that it was normal. The other girl, they liked, she was conservative, quiet, polite. Even if she was a Christian, at least they could relate to her, and she seemed to enjoy wearing the head scarf. The only thing that Aadila’s mother noticed (when she helped with them fixing their clothes) was that Mary-Anne actually suited the scarf, she looked more attractive; not for hiding herself, but it framed her face and focused on her sweet face.

“No makeup?” Asked Mandy

“No, none, look, Mary-Anne looks good that way, so will you. You have great bone structure”

For a whole day the girls found themselves not to be an object; after initial comments which included some other girls saying they fancied the idea too, things settled down and the girls found the lack of lusty, lustful looks and comments that they were expected to see as compliments was actually quite pleasant. Even Mary-Anne had had people looking at her legs and bust in ways which she knew was objectifying her, and her clothes were definitely not sexy normally. Now the three newcomers to the Muslim dress code found it more freeing than they expected. Mandy admitted at the end that she enjoyed just being herself rather than her sexy self and image that she had to live up to all the time. Boys didn’t get that at times girls felt less attractive, less sexy, or wanted to, they expected the dress code to please them all the time, whatever the time of the month.

Mandy and Mary-Anne both admitted that they found the look quite attractive; actually, when they finally got back home to their own bedrooms and privacy, as they peeled off the layers in front of a mirror, they finally realised how sexy it actually was. Hiding it all made it more attractive as their bodies re-appeared. Both of them found themselves undressing with more fingers feeling places than was normal. Usually at bedtime they just stripped off and put on their night clothes. This time Mandy found her bra and panties re-appearing beneath the hiding layers made her quite hot, she got into bed as she was and her fingers moved under the waistband of her knickers. She groaned quietly. Man! That was more sexy than she realised! Mary-Anne actually started humming to herself as she peeled off, she began to think of Salome dancing for Herod and began to realise how the promise of the next layer could be a massive turn-on, more so than the actual view. What was hidden – that was the secret. She ended up naked in her bedroom and watched, fascinated as her fingers found the spaces between her legs and then one disappeared inside. Not long after than her legs buckled and she nearly shouted out. She was a little disconcerted to realise that as she was undressing she had been imagining undressing Aadila, probably just because now she knew what Aadila wore, she had no idea what a boy wore under his shirt and trousers (mother didn’t think it appropriate for a girl to see her father’s underwear drying).

At the end of the day the principal also asked if they’d mind presenting a short piece to the school explaining what they had found. So the following day the girls did a short presentation and answered questions. There was even a discussion of having a ‘Muslim dress day’, but a couple of families with relatives in Iraq put the stop to that.

So now the other test had to be tried, would the girls (and especially Aadila) go through with it. Jerry and Sandie especially were surprised that she still agreed that she would, they knew it was a massive jump from being almost completely covered to not being covered at all. Mary-Anne was also feeling decidedly nervous at the prospect of showing everything she had; more than once the boys promised in roundabout ways that she would still be a virgin at the end of the day (unless, thought Jerry, you change your mind, he didn’t say that though). Jack wasn’t entirely sure of this promise, he didn’t know how he’d react, but he did know that Mary-Anne had two inches of height on him and probably a few pounds; no matter what he’d feel like doing, Mary-Anne, well any of them, would be quite safe from him. A date was arranged for ‘the grand picnic’ and once again the trusty bikes were brought into action. Down through the town the six of them cycled, making note of who or what was to be seen for the inevitable smalltalk at the end of the day. Officially it was a bike ride down to the beach. Jerry and Sandie’s parents weren’t so convinced, they knew the two were having sex. Sandie’s Dad had had ‘a talk’ with Jerry in which he talked in euphemisms and half sentences; the meaning was ‘if you sleep with my daughter, be careful; if you hurt her or get her pregnant you’d better know somewhere in Alaska to hide’. Sandie thought that was actually quite funny, and also quite touching; her Dad cared enough to still check that Jerry’s intentions were honourable. They were, he had even hesitated when she had offered herself to him the last (and only) time they had been to the Nudist beach, he didn’t want to ruin their friendship for a quick fuck he’d said. Sandie pointed out that seeing someone entirely naked was usually a little passed the normally ‘just friends’ stage. The other parents were blissfully ignorant of what was to transpire. Jack’s would have been surprised (but were quite liberal), Mandy’s mother would have been horrified, she knew her daughter was sleeping with people; she had found the packets of pills years before (before it was actually legal), but nudity was for marriage, unmarried sex was pulled down panties and an unzipped fly in the back of a car to her. It goes without saying that the other two’s parents would have gone crazy. Aadila’s parents were pleased she had friends and had been mollified by the Muslim dressing up. They were content to let her go to the beach, even if they were less keen on the girls and boys being half-naked there. Aadila felt guilty about that, ‘nothing to do with half measures’ she’d thought ‘but I have made a promise and I was taught to keep my promises’.

Actually this time they all stopped for an ice-cream at Morelli’s emporium on the front. It had been there for ever and did amazing concoctions, but this time simple two-scoops were enough. The gang looked out at the sea and realised what they were doing, once again the seismic plates of friendship were shifting. It was one thing to masturbate imagining one of the girls (or boys), but to actually see her (or him) in the buff, that was a whole different ball game, and again a genie that would never go back in the bottle.

Since Jack’s unwitting admittance that he fancied Mandy, she had been wondering what he’d be like. She had imagined him in bed as a bit of weed before, but she was thinking maybe having someone with a brain bigger than his cock wouldn’t be so bad after all. She’d gone through the motions in her head, in her bed, and found that yes, maybe he could do it for her. But then this was just seeing him nude, nothing would happen with all these others around. She was pretty sure he was a virgin even if she wasn’t, but that could be kind of fun too.

Mary-Anne was wondering the same thing, but now she knew he fancied Mandy. Understandable, she knew, he was a normal heterosexual male, Mandy was a hot blonde bimbo (she apologised in her head for that, Mandy was no dumb blonde, it was her curse that she was cast in that role when she could easily hold her own in most company), she, Mary-Anne, was ‘plain Jane’; at least that’s how she saw herself in her normal dowdy clothes. At least, she always told herself, at least someone who loved her would love her for her mind. But a small voice still suggested that it would be nice to have a man who lusted after her body too.

They cycled on, were they cycling slower? Maybe no-one wanted to appear too keen. The new police officer waved hello. Officer Landrush had, against all the odds, got promotion, now instead of all that hard work sitting in a car eating donuts, he got to man a desk in ‘City Hall police information’ and eat donuts there instead. The new officer was young, exceedingly fit (4.5 minute mile in the police sports day) and good looking with a Nordic twist. Almost every girl in the school had vaguely (or less vaguely) thought ‘hmm, I would, given the chance’. Officer Norvick had a pretty shrewd idea where they were headed, but they were old enough and there was no law against it, he noted that one of them was Muslim and wondered at that. Still, he thought, if she’s naked she can’t be a suicide bomber, then he spent the next 10 minutes berating himself for such a crass, un-pc thought. He was a good, caring, liberal cop and hated to be reminded that everybody, even he, harboured some prejudice.

They turned onto the cycle track through the dunes and time seemed to speed up; long before the ‘newbies’ were ready they found themselves signing in and being shown to the changing rooms by the ‘experts’ Sandie and Jerry. It was tacitly agreed that they would take two and split by gender. Actually both boys wondered how that would work, as soon as they stepped out they would see the four girls naked and both were convinced they would embarrass themselves. They began to wish they’d let the girls come alone.

After 20 minutes there was a knock on the door, the girls were ready. Cautiously the boys opened the door, to find themselves facing not four nubile female figures but a wizened old women holding a basket of biscuits. “Your friends are down on the path, I gave them a biscuit. They thought you’d like one too” The woman had breasts but, as Bones never said in Star Trek, ‘not as we know it’. They hung like small empty sacks against her wrinkled body; wrinkled, but noticeable the same brown tan colour all over she obviously came here a lot. Any sign of an erection had vanished at this vision of the ghost of Christmas in the far future. The two boys took different lessons from that, Jerry thought she was just gross and couldn’t wait to get away (but politely), Jack thought ‘if that’s what we’ll all become, we should make the most of the time beforehand’. Thanking the old woman, they walked down to the path to the beach, then they realised what the biscuits were shaped like, these were very special, cinnamon flavoured, penis-shaped biscuits. The old woman wasn’t quite as past-it as she appeared. Jack was just putting the tip of the penis in his mouth when he realised why the girls were laughing; he shrugged and bit down on the end of his cock-cookie as he had immediately christened it.

The girls were laughing and at the same time conscious that they were showing these two male friends everything. Sandie of course was used to Jerry seeing her like this, not as often as either would like, but still they had often found time to find some private space. Their parents, all four, understood that they were a couple and occasionally made space for them at home. Why naked? They both found they liked being entirely clothe-less with the other, there was something open, free and honest about it; even if Sandie still dressed with sexy underwear for Jerry to remove.

But of course Sandie had never been seen by Jack like this, and the others had never been seen by anyone. They were holding towels in that nonchalant, but oh, so carefully positioned, way that attempted to cover their ‘bits’ whilst appearing to be relaxed. Jack had made a decision to ‘go with the flow’; he was holding his bag at his side, the towel stuffed into the top. Three of the girls looked and gasped almost in unison. “Oh ... My ... God! Jack!”

“What? Oh, yeah, I know, but,” he added almost as an apology “it doesn’t get any bigger when it, you know”

“You mean when you get a boner?” Aadila asked

“Aadila! That’s a very personal question, but yes, that is what I mean. You are very forward”

“Heh, you dragged me here, I’m naked as the day I was born, probably for the first time since I was born. I’m not intending to use euphemisms like ‘do you mean when you salute?’ or something”

“Shall we walk?” This was Sandie, who was conscious of them all standing around, subtly eyeing each other. It was time to find some distractions, oh, yes! Like the three girls walking towards them. All three were slim, tanned, hourglass, and bouncy. Jerry’s towel made a subtle move to cover his appreciation. Sandie was just a little affronted, she knew his penis would react to almost any naked female from age thirteen up, but at the same time she did feel that Jerry should be able to control his body a little better when his girlfriend was naked and gorgeous (she was sure she was) right beside him. “Jerry” she whispered “if Jack can control his un-attached cock, you should be able to control yours” At that precise moment Jack gave up the fight and moved his towel too. The three girls walked past saying good morning to the six of them indiscriminately; they were neither fazed by the two boys getting obvious partial erections, nor particularly complimented since the boys were seventeen or eighteen and these three women were at least twenty-five.

“Yes!” said Jerry, “let’s walk”

And so they walked along the boardwalk and then onto the sandy path through the dunes. The four who had never been before realised what Sandie and Jerry had meant in saying that the weirdness wasn’t so much in the nudity, but more the age extremes. A man of seventy walked passed with his arm round a woman at least twenty years younger. Both looked in excellent condition, not excellent condition for their age, just excellent condition. Then a girl and a boy of about ten or so ran past towards the beach. Both were entirely unself-conscious in their nakedness, it was as asexual as it was possible to imagine. “Goodness, was my bottom ever that small?” said Aadila. This was a mistake because it implicitly invited all the remaining members of the intrepid band to turn their heads and look at her bottom now. She hadn’t intended that and her dark, milky coffee colour skin reddened; even, they noticed, her arse cheeks were capable of blushing. That was a new discovery.

“It might not be that small, but it certainly looks pretty fine” said Jack

“Pretty fine?” queried Mary-Anne who had taken longer than the rest, even Aadila, to get used to being naked; she had walked slightly behind them to avoid being looked at “Pretty fine? Are you some kind of Southern gentlemen?”

“Okay, Mary-Anne, okay. So I should say it’s well-shaped and firm, definitely a high scorer”

“Ah, now see! That is what my normal dress protects me from” said Aatila, but she was smiling at the compliment, because she was starting to understand Jack. He said things as they were, if he thought her bottom was well-shaped and firm, well then it was; and she was alright knowing that, just less keen to be ogled for it. Actually as they carried on towards the beach they all surreptitiously checked out their friends. They might all be best friends, but it was always nice to know if you looked better than them. Jack and Jerry knew that Jerry was the better looking, Jack was lighter built, not exactly the archetype geek, but he was mostly slighter built. Jerry liked that he was the ‘alpha-male’ in their little group, even if there were only two males. The thing was he had never realised how well-endowed Jack was between his legs. Sandie had realised how insecure most boys were and Jerry was no exception, she put her arm through his to show him she preferred his smaller equipment since it was with the rest of the package that was ‘Jerry’.

As they walked off the boardwalk and along the soft sandy path, they all adopted the more exaggerated steps necessary to make progress. Unfortunately for the girls this naturally encouraged more swing up and down for their breasts. All the girls noticed all the boys checking this out. Mandy also noticed that it made a boy’s tackle flop up and down too. The other girls studiously looked ahead.

Sandie of course was attractive, brunette, well-shaped but decidedly not huge in the breast department. Jerry often said how much he liked her medium sized, not overly large tits. Now she was finding herself in the shade a little. Mandy, she knew had large breasts, the only girl in their class who actually said she’d thought about breast reduction. She wasn’t humungously massive, but she did admit that she had to maintain good posture to avoid backache. No, what was surprising was that both the other two were bigger than Sandie too. Mary-Anne and Aadila of course normally disguised their bust so it had never been obvious before but Mary-Anne’s breasts were almost perfect. The upcurve of the underbreast and the downcurve of the upper breast seemed to so naturally complement each other that they appeared to have been created by an artist. The red disc and little nipples might perhaps have been a little small for many a boy’s taste, but they were still well placed to create tasteful bumps in a teeshirt if such a lascivious action as a braless Mary-Anne had ever been allowed. But the real revelation was Aadila, she had breasts that rose and fell in perfect time to their walking, their dusky brown colour might have been expected to disguise the areoles, but the red of her discs was somehow brighter. And the hard, erect nipples suggested that she was not finding the nakedness wholly unpleasurable.

As Jack had already said, her bottom was pretty fine, and her bush was a wholly untrimmed thick forest of black curly hair. Mary-Anne likewise had never trimmed herself, she had thought of it before this day, but then realised she had no idea what to do. It would be disastrous to make a complete mess of trimming your bush just before its first public performance. Her brown hairs were less thick than Aadila, but her bottom and legs probably would have won first prize amongst the group. She had the finest, shapeliest legs and no-one had realised because they were mostly hidden with long skirts to somewhere below the knee. “You’d stop traffic with those legs” was Mandy’s observation. Mary-Anne smiled, that was welcome from a girl, even more from a girl who looked like Mandy.

Mandy was, well, Mandy. Large breasted natural blonde with a shaved, bald groin. She had briefly gone out with Tony Moroni who had told her he liked shaved cunts (he wasn’t subtle or sophisticated), she had complied and kept it smooth now, partly because she liked it and partly because when it became stubbly it was uncomfortable. She had also shot down Tony’s arrogant ‘God’s gift to women’ attitude (even if he was a good lover) by calling him Tony Moron-ee. She’d dumped him after he wanted to take pictures; she didn’t trust him not to put them on Facebook or somewhere.

Arriving at the beach, the view that had greeted Jerry and Sandie was largely the same. A mixture of people from tiny toddlers happily wandering round with nothing on (and peeing when they felt like it, good job sand soaks up water); children building sandcastles, just doing it naked instead of dressed in little replicas of adult swimwear pointlessly covering girl’s entirely flat chests and starting them on the road to self-consciousness; teenagers talking in groups, even a mixed group in one place, without the need to observe the girls’ breasts and pubic hair or the boys’ balls and pricks; adults of all shapes and sizes. Some of the men looked very fit, even the older ones who might have gone for bar-stool support lessons in the town, here they were more on display and stayed a little more toned; others had tattoos that drew the eye, one had a snake that went over the stomach and round behind him and, yes, yes, into his arse-crack. So naturist didn’t always mean nature loving tree-hugger, this was a man who would look at home on a Harley with gang colors on his back. A woman wobbled towards them, she looked a little threatening, like a female version of The Blob (or was it The Thing), a large, pink mass of fleshy jelly that didn’t even try to keep in time with her steps.

“Help you?” She said

“No thanks, just getting our bearings, my friends are new to this” Sandie replied. The woman eyed her, she’d understood Sandie was saying she had been before, she supposed that was okay, theoretically they fitted into the family group area. The next area would be where the four girls would normally go, their little shaved and sculpted muffs turned to the sun eventually for an all over tan; but with the two boys, if they were in pairs, they’d have headed for the far area. She looked them up and down, maybe it was two threesomes? Or maybe it was three pairs, never could tell these days. She remembered back to her threesomes with her hubby and his brother, they had been fun; and she was pretty sure that Jo-lene was her husband’s niece rather than daughter. She smiled.

“Okay, y’all. Just checking, looks set to be a lovely day!”

There were a few self-appointed security mamas (and occasional papas), you wouldn’t mess with them. “Fuck, you’d be lost for weeks if she sat on you” said Mandy quietly, then realised the others thought she meant you’d get sucked up her jacksie or something. “No, I mean lost in the flesh, oh, look, let’s move on a little faster” Friends everywhere love to see a friend get embarrassed by what they have miss-said, they teased her as they started to walk. As they walked away, the woman was just bending over with her back to them, with almost stunning co-ordination they all said “Euugh!”

“Catch it!!” was the cry and Jerry saw a tennis ball heading for them at head height, some automatic reaction took place and he reached out and did just that. “Howzat!!” was the shout, apparently under the rules of the unofficial nudist beach cricket club, any passer-by was an honourable member of the fielding team. The batsman walked with never a protest, as is normal in the best traditions of cricket. The cricket traditions of the local town had been adopted on this beach too. The more sedate game suited nudity better than charging around with penis, balls, and (in some of the men as well as the women) breasts flying around randomly. Jerry made to throw the ball back and spoiled his sudden sporty prowess by dropping the ball.

“Oh, good grief” said Mandy, a girl who wouldn’t play sport in case she chipped her nails; picked up the ball and launched it in a perfect arc to the bowler who bowed theatrically. “Wow, he’s fit; maybe I’ll stay here”

“Come on, we’ve got the second of the trials to endure now, especially Jack and I”

“What do you mean?” asked Mary-Anne “Oh, oh yes, I see” 200 yards or so randomly dotted with small groups of young, nubile, female bodies. This was the sun-tan crowd. They were very body-conscious, unlike many of the previous women.

To an unattached boy this would have been heaven; some were lying on their backs, some on their fronts. Little groups of usually two or three, never alone; girls don’t go to a public nudist beach to sunbathe alone because firstly they want some company, secondly they want mutual support (these were not committed naturists, these were committed sun-freaks), and thirdly (and they’d probably never admit it) they wanted to be seen. Most on their backs were bald, which meant a couple were rather self-consciously putting suncream on their own (or ‘look, at 2-o-clock Jerry, she’s putting on her friend’) genital area. The experienced ones knew not to get sunburnt there, the inexperienced ones would learn if they were unlucky. There were a couple of forests to be seen, all of them wondered how you put suncream on there since the hair was usually not thick enough to stop sunburn. ‘Actually, Aadila’s might be’ Mandy thought, and made a mental now to make sure she put enough on her bald cunt (she was happy calling it a cunt in her head, not knowing what else to call it. Out loud though she stumbled on ‘that word’).

The boys struggled manfully to control their erectile disfunction – the disfunction being that they would insist on struggling awake at this rather inopportune moment. Some of the girls looked up and smiled at the group. Most lay in a state of torpor, sun glasses on, not reading, not talking, not doing anything. They ranged from some clearly under the age than they should be there (14 or 15, the sign at the entrance said no unaccompanied under-16s) to latish twenties, a few older. A few were clearly mother and daughter. The girls tried to imagine doing this with their mothers and all failed. Aadila said hers would probably die of shame, but then the others agreed. Only Mandy admitted to ever having seen her mother naked, from the waist up, when her mother had showed her how to check her breasts for lumps. “That was a nice thing to do” Mary-Anne said “I think mine would never, ever check her own breasts, she’d think that might lead to self-pleasuring” She smiled, she’d been doing that herself for years, she didn’t tell people though, only Sandie, once when they’d had a heart-to-heart. She didn’t know that Sandie had let it slip to Jerry, and would be mortified to know that a boy knew. Jerry understood when to keep his mouth shut. He hadn’t even thought of her doing it, he was far too content with Sandie, something his male friends told him was yucky, slushy, girly, romantic shit. But then he, Jerry, was getting sex on tap, and they weren’t with their ‘play the field’ mentality.

“Look, No! Don’t just swing round and stare! Over there, isn’t that Clarice? She’s only fourteen”

“I’m not sure, I don’t recognise her with her clothes off” replied Jerry “Ow!” as Sandie hit his arm with a laugh. “God she’s pretty hot though isn’t she? – Oww! Stop hitting me!”

“Well, stop lusting after an underage girl”

“I’m not! No really, I’m not!”

Mandy alongside them said in passing “Brain says ‘no’ but the penis says ‘go’” The two girls laughed and Jerry moved his towel again, this was proving harder than the first time! He said it out loud, and the two girls together said “what’s getting harder than last time” both laughed and then said “Jinxed!” because they had said the same thing together. They were laughing loudly now, attracting attention. Jerry walked on faster.

“Hey Jerry! Your buttocks blush too” Laughed Aadila, getting into the mood.

“Oh, it must be embarrass Jerry day, and I forgot”

“Nah, you’re doing a good job at embarrassing yourself with that!” Sandie indicated the towel now failing to hide the rising point behind, nearly doubled up with laughter now. They all walked out of the suntan zone and entered the last.

The couples zone wasn’t only couples, there were some groups, one group with long shaggy manes (on the men) and erotic tattoos (on the women) were sitting in a circle, clearly and openly passing a joint round. They were pretty confident that Officer Norvick wouldn’t go undercover by stripping off; this was the safest place to smoke a reefer in the county. The nudity didn’t bother this gang, the women, Aadila observed, didn’t undress to suit the men, they had plenty of pubic hair and underarm hair. They were content and the men accepted them as what they were. She wondered about the weirdness of outsiders like Muslims and hippies both seeking to move away from men’s sexual stereotypes.

They walked past couples chatting, mostly young attractive girls and toned, bronzed men; but some were definitely older. These would normally have settled in the first, the family, area, but here it was plain they weren’t just looking for a suntan. The little groups were spread out, largely ignoring the comings and goings. There were couples walking into and out of the dunes as well as along the beach. Jerry and Sandie had explained the significance of going into the dunes, and the significance of the towel left to indicate a dune valley was occupied. The others had all immediately understood that the reason they knew all this was because this was where they had gone too. Neither Sandie nor Jerry had intended to tell where their first sex had happened, but their friends weren’t stupid.

This time however, it was the unattached members of the group who argued for the dunes. There had been a bare flesh overload for both Mary-Anne and Aadila, each direction they looked they saw naked penises, long, meaty chunks with hair balls at the base. It had been interesting to notice the variety, “Look, that one bends quite a lot to the left”, “Stop staring, you’ll give him a complex, or an erection”, but after a while it all became too much. For two girls whose sole knowledge of such things had been the one lesson mandatory sexual awareness session with the school nurse, with cutaway pictures of all the male and female organs and one picture of a male penis and one of a female vagina, this was all a bit much. Exciting perhaps (and they both found they wanted to look more than was polite) but definite overload. “I never realised they came in such variety” admitted Mary-Anne. And why would she? Even Mandy had to admit “I’m a bit surprised myself. Heh look!” she continued “I may not be a virgin but I haven’t had that many men ... boys I mean. And I didn’t study the differences in dick even when I was blow-”

“Too much information thank you!” interrupted Jack, who wasn’t comfortable thinking what she’d done with other boys.

They walked further along the beach, a couple of signs had been put up encouraging people to take their rubbish back home with them. There had been an article in the local paper (inspired by a letter from chief moaner and complainer in the local Killjoys Society – Mr R Jackson; and a counter argument asking how he knew so much about the rubbish on the nudist beach) about the condoms, ‘and other detritus of their dissolute lifestyle’, this was an attempt to head off the criticism. Generally people were good about tidying up after themselves, a lot of the rubbish washed along the coast from the public beaches nearer the town, but that was not a convenient explanation for people wanting to find fault.

People, even those wanting privacy, tend to not walk too far along the beach so the groups began to thin out. Here the six turned into the dunes and found a delightful valley bounded by small willow bushes so the path in was narrow. They walked in single file and each found themselves appraising the person in front. Jerry was leading the way, and Sandie once more concluded that his dimpled bottom was really rather well-shaped, as he walked each dimple alternately seemed to fill and then re-dimple, she sighed quietly. He was lovely.

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