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Romantic Story: A story of the past, mother's goddaughter came to stay for a week, and I fell in love. Or in lust. Or both.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Slow   .

Karen walked into the room. “Steven, this is Karen.” I smiled at my mother’s god daughter, she was stunning, fantastic, lovely. I was thirteen, she was fifteen and I was in love. Okay I was in lust. She had tits and legs and that was enough. Thirteen year old boys are just little hormone machines, their whole bodies are run by their dicks. Actually a lot of men never grow beyond that.

Madrigal – my sister – was out, she was fifteen and the idea was that the two would get on. Karen’s mum was sensible and practical. She had called her daughter after a grandmother. My mother had been alone when she gave birth, dad was working on the rigs in the North Sea, so mum picked a typically hippy name for my sister. Thank God I was born when Dad was around, he called me after Stephen Hawking! Pity he got the spelling wrong.

I took Karen’s bag to the spare room, I wanted to hang around and talk to her (and watch her unpack) but I was called to lay the table. Karen was a vegetarian, from that day on (for a whole two weeks) I was too. Mum smiled when I told her. She had a good line in smiles, this one said ‘aaah little Steven has a crush’. She didn’t seem that worried. She should have been; I should have been, I jacked off that night to a dream of doing impossible things to Karen. I would have done it for real too. Let me describe her.

Karen, being fifteen, was taller than me; five foot and maybe 9 inches. Slim, but not skinny, she had a positive ledge under her shirt that indicated a well-developed bust. Okay. Okay, the face, not just those lovely tits. She had a round face I think, red lips – make-up? I don’t know, I was a boy for Chrissakes, we take the image as the reality, girls see below the slap, the make-up – blue eyes, long blond hair, small ears and high cheek bones. Oh fuck! How do I know what her face looked like? I remember her bust, I remember her mini-skirt and legs that led to dream world. What more does a red-blooded, lusty, hormonally incontinent boy want?

I was smitten, I was. Yes I was overcome with lusty desire for this lovely girl; but it was also innocent, teenage lust. I wasn’t going to trick her into bed, or get her drunk, or lure her with promises. That would, shamefully, come when I was older.

Madrigal (Maddie) came home to a scowl from Mum “Maddie! I told you to be here by five. I told you Karen was coming!”

“Karen! I’m sorry!” she ignored mum “I was with Celia and Sue and we just lost track of time!”

“Oh yes?” Karen was laughing, I could tell there was a private joke, but what was it? Mum didn’t even notice, she was fuming at Maddie for ignoring her. Maddie was fifteen too, sassy, difficult; and yes, I found myself starting to notice her more sexy underclothes. But she was my sister and I loved her as a brother rather than a lover. I came home once with a cut lip and black eye after I heard a guy call her a ‘fucking dykey slutty bitch” to her face. I launched at him and got smashed of course. Maddie laughed sympathetically, whispered to me that the guy probably had a small dick and kissed me on my bruised eye. Mum was ready to do battle with the hordes of Huns that had beaten up her son. We talked her out of going to the school and making it much, much worse. I think I hit the guy’s fist with my face a couple of times so he got the message; actually he really did get the message and never insulted her again.

The girls hugged and kissed on each cheek ‘like the continentals’ Maddie explained to me once. I only did it once, to an exchange student, she was actually impressed as I kissed her cheeks and didn’t squeeze her bum cheeks at the same time.

We had a bean casserole for tea. An hour and a half later Dad drifted in. He worked late, I know he had to, but I think he didn’t object to be honest. One school trip Chris told me he regularly heard his parents having sex (gross!). I laughed and agreed how awful that was, thinking that I had never, ever heard or seen the signs of sexual excitement between our parents. The flame may have burned before, now it was out I think. Dad worked late. Oh he genuinely did! I don’t think he had it in him to have an affair.

Karen and Maddie disappeared to Karen’s room to listen to depressing girly music. I was into Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, GinTrap (they never got that far) rather than soleful folk singers declaring to an acoustic guitar that the world was shit – I preferred a set of amps turned up to 11.

I watched crap TV with Ma and Pa and then went off to finish my homework – ‘Explain the interactions between the France Ancien Regime and the Spanish and what this lead to’ – what? I listened, listlessly to the activity next door. It was half-term, I didn’t need to do this but I liked to get my work out of the way. Karen on the other hand would be up all night next Sunday doing all the work she had put off. The laughter and sniggers from next door – Karen’s room – were distracting. I put a jar to the wall, at that precise moment Mum walked in. She looked! That was it. I was ashamed. She whispered “I’m disgusted”, which was rich since she had shown me how to do this, listening to the huge arguments from next door neighbours (once hearing Vic shout “I bet that bitch next door is listening” that made me laugh).

Next morning we all went to the seaside and I was treated to the view of sister and mum’s god daughter in bikinis. Yes I was turned on. Oh God! I was turned on by my mother in shorts and a tee-shirt rolled up to her bra; in fairness to me Mum was quite a looker still at 45 but yes I wasn’t very discerning.

The two girls played at splashing each other. I build a massive, complex sand castle and moats and canals. The girls came back, whispered to each other giggled and Maddie came over and said quietly “You do realise your central canal with the two lakes at the bottom is entering a long slit that branches into two. You’ve created a canal system of an erection and a vagina” I went red as I realised she was right; a wave came in, filled the ‘penis canal’ to overflowing and created a delta from the tip. That just made it all worse, by now the two girls were near wetting themselves and mum was looking bemused at why they were laughing so much. I filled in, and remade bits to remove the sexual content. The girls were still sniggering an hour later.

We all went swimming. Away from the beach and the stirred up sand the water was clear. I swam underwater to get a better look at Karen’s arse. Of course one thing led to another and I was soon pulling them under by their legs, if my hands happened to grab their legs quite high up, well what of it, all entirely innocent. The girls retaliated of course. Then Maddie lost her bikini top. Karen delightedly retrieved it and threw it at me. I threw it back. We were playing piggie in the middle with my sister’s bikini! If I wished it was Karen’s, well, this was a good second choice. Any girl’s tits nearly on display are good for a boy of thirteen. Maddie kept under water or one arm across her front; I was tempted to try pulling the arm but thought I’d be in trouble for that. Then Maddie turned to counter attack, swimming towards Karen, who threw the top to me, she didn’t stop. She ducked under water, Karen suddenly disappeared under and Maddie re-appeared with a bikini bottom.

“Whooooa! Looky here!”

Karen launched at her and the bikini bottom was thrown at me; never very good at catching, Karen’s sexy little bikini bottom hit me full in the face. I had my face enveloped by the fabric that had just been touching her lovely crack. I sensed that the game had probably gone as far as it should. The next person to be debagged would be me and I had a massive boner again. I laughed and threw the clothes back to the two of them; maybe it would get me in their good books too?

Karen swam over after she had pulled her pants back on and said “I thought you would have dived under for a look, though I’m glad you didn’t”

“I, urr, well, yes, I, eruur” I was completely tongue-tied, how could I say “I’d have loved to have seen you furry bush wave in the water, but I was too scared” She smiled at me and said “Your time will come”

Was that a promise? Oh God! It must have been. I imagined what I might have seen and what I thought she was offering. I looked up to see Maddie, my sister, putting on her bra, I got a brief, but very clear view of her left breast and my cock went into overdrive again.

That night my dreams were all of Maddie and her tits. She kept pushing them in my face and I kept sucking on them. This would have to stop I decided when I woke up. I made a conscious effort to think about Karen instead and achieved a good sized boner before the two of them launched themselves into my room to “get up the lazy bones”. The first thing they did was to yank off the bedclothes, which naturally revealed my good sized erection poking my pyjama trousers. Thank goodness it wasn’t poking outside through the fly I thought. The girls just made mock gasping noises and ran off waving their hands like they were horrified. This wasn’t going as I’d hoped. That day Mum had to go to some meeting, so we were to be left to our own devices. She was very apologetic to Karen “I’m really sorry, I wouldn’t normally leave a guest alone, blah blah blah” Maddie and I looked at each other, both remembering how even at 10 we had sometimes been left whilst one of her committee meetings took precedence. I wish now I had made more use of them to discover a bit more about my sister, but there we go, too late now.

The three of us watched TV until we got bored, then Karen started tickling me, then Maddie started tickling Karen, then she held her down whilst I tickled her. As she wriggled and giggled her breast jiggled too. Maddie and Karen both realised what I was looking at, and they didn’t stop. Then one of them said “And what were you thinking about when you had that big stiffy this morning?”

“A gentleman never tells”

In a flash they were on me and I was the tickling victim, I could hardly breath. Karen was sitting astride my chest whilst Maddie tickled my waist. I bucked and Karen moved a little closer, it wasn’t deliberate. But as I wriggled and bucked, her tiny, tight shorts got closer. Eventually my hands were no longer held by her legs and they naturally swung up and round, to grab her perfect bottom. Perhaps that was the plan all along, I don’t know. I do know the feel of her taut, firm buttocks in my hands meant that all the tickling in the world couldn’t stop me getting another erection. Maddie saw it first. My shorts had slipped as we played, and the growing shaft peeked out over the top. By this time I was gasping “Alright I’ll tell, it was you” And now Maddie could see it still was them.

She stopped and pulled my shorts up, but not before Karen had seen too. This time they didn’t run off. They both knew girls that had gone ‘all the way’, but even then that had usually meant a fumble in a dark alleyway, a pair of knickers on the ground and a cock shoved up under the skirt. Nobody saw anything, I’d heard some of this using the jam jar, I might have been ashamed to be caught, but I was still hooked on evesdropping their conversation. They were interested.

“Steve, why does tickling you give you an erection?” Maddie could be quite direct on occasions, usually when she was embarrassed. She would grasp the thistle and just ask.

“It didn’t, not on its own. But, well, I don’t want to say”

Karen joined in “Oh, go in, we’ll not tell anyone, and ... and you can ask us something in exchange okay?” she looked at Maddie who nodded.

“And you’ll tell the truth no matter what?”

“Yes, or do a forfeit”

“No, you have to promise!”

“Okay” they said together, how hard could a 13 year old’s question be? Periods? Bra size?

“Well, as I was struggling it made Karen move closer and closer, and my eye line was in line with your, you know ... and then when I got my hands free I grabbed your bottom, it wasn’t deliberate. But it was a turn on”

“Oooo so you were imagining what was inside my shorts?”

“Not exactly, it’s just that, well, I knew what was there didn’t I?”

Maddie looked a little crestfallen, it was all Karen. I tried to cheer her up “And obviously being set upon by two lovely girls started me off even if one of them was my sister, she’s still pretty hot”

“Can we see it?” Karen asked

“Heh, hold on, what about my question?”

“Oh, yeah, okay, go on”

“Well,” I could be quite clever sometimes “what do you two fantasize about when you masturbate?” See what I did? I assumed they did masturbate, if they didn’t, they’d say, so that answers that question; I assumed they have fantasies when they do, and again, if they don’t, well they’ll say and that answers that. So my one questions cuts to the chase. What are girly fantasies?

“That’s very personal” Maddie said

“Oh, and explaining how I get an erection from my sister isn’t?”

Karen said “I’ll only tell you, I’ll whisper. She came over and whispered” was I going to get some fob off I wondered “I imagine I’m tied up and unable to stop myself being made love to over and over and over”. My erection came back with a vengeance as I thought of that. Even if it wasn’t true, who cares? She said it to me. Maddie shrugged, like she didn’t care, but I knew she was fighting with herself, I’d seen it before.

“You have to tell the truth Maddie”

“Okay, okay. God, what am I doing...” she came over and whispered too “last time I imagined Mr Lassiter bending me over his desk and pulling down my panties and giving me a blow job”

“Wow! You two are sexier than I ever realised!”

“So, what about you?”

“You know, I told you”

“What really? You were thinking about us?”

“Yes, sorry”

“What were you thinking about? Give us details” This was Karen again, I realised she was actually excited to be a boy’s fantasy.

“I’m embarrassed to say”

“Aww, come on. What do we have to do to make you tell us?” Maddie was offering something, I didn’t know what. Did I dare negotiate?

“What have you in mind?”

“Uh uh. You have to tell us what you want” Karen was on the ball. If I asked for too much they could negotiate down, if I asked for too little I’d never know I could have got more.

“Well, show me you, you know, your front bums”

“Front bums?! Call them slits, cunts, bushes, vaginas, minges; Jeez, even ‘la-las’ is better than front bums. And no, no way, not for a fantasy. You get a look at my boobs for that. Nothing more. What do you say Maddie? Are you game?”

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