Meagan's Breathing Lessons
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After being splattered with Peter's cum, Meagan is constantly horny and playing with herself. Will Debbie be able to get Meagan trained to pleasure herself without making so much noise? More importantly, will she be able to get Peter trained to resist her daughter's increasing sexual agression to her posing partner?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Masturbation   Size   Big Breasts  

Debbie was trying to work on something she could actually sell instead of the obscene paintings of Meagan and Peter that she had spent so much time on recently. However, the sounds of her daughter moaning and cumming were making it hard to work. “Hell, I need to get a video of the girl playing with herself so Peter can train himself to resist. I might as well shoot that since I can’t concentrate on this landscape with all the noise Meagan’s making.”

Debbie tidied up her paints and brushes before picking up the camera and the tripod. She could tell that Meagan had just cum a few minutes ago, but was already working herself up again. “I didn’t realize how good I had it when the kid was making herself pass out every time she had an orgasm. The girl has been insatiable ever since Peter shot his wad all over her big tits. I might have to invest in some noise canceling headphones.”

Debbie barged into her daughter’s room even though Meagan was obviously nearing another orgasm. “Put these on,” Debbie ordered tossing the bra and panties that left the nipples and crotch exposed onto Meagan’s bed as she set up the camera tripod.

“What? OMG Mom! Can’t I have a little privacy?”

“Well, I can’t get any other work done with you wailing like a banshee, and we need to get Peter a video of you playing with yourself to train with. I figured I might as well take care of that since you can’t seem to do anything else ever since Peter sprayed you with his jizz a second time.”

“Ugh! Can you blame me? It’s your crazy inoculation idea that infected me with lust for Peter’s cum, and he shot such giant wads of spunk onto my tits. I keep remembering how that felt, and it makes me insanely horny.”

“Well, put that horniness to good use and help me film a video of you masturbating for Peter.”

“Oh! Thinking of Peter’s cum and the idea of me cumming on camera for Peter is making me so hot. I think I’m going to have to cum before I can think clearly enough to follow any sort of filming directions. Oh! Don’t worry though,” Meagan moaned. “I’ll be more than willing to play with my pussy on camera for Peter after I get myself ... off!”

“Oh, I know,” Debbie muttered under her breath as her daughter started cumming loudly. “Trust me, I know.”

Meagan had learned enough breathing control to have an orgasm without passing out, but as Debbie knew to her frustration, it was a noisy processes. “Good grief girl, the neighbors are going to hear you if you don’t quiet down.”

“Well, I’m done now; what have you got for me to wear?” Meagan replied after her orgasm. “Oh! It’s that wicked set of lace up bra and panties you got. I’m certainly not going to have any trouble masturbating for Peter wearing those.”

“Honey, you don’t seem to have any trouble masturbating at any time. It seems like all you do are pose, go to school, do homework, or play with yourself.”

“Well you’re the one to taught me how much fun it is,” Meagan protested as she donned the obscene garments. “And now that I know how to keep from passing out, I’m still horny when I finish. If I don’t have anything pressing to do after I cum, I work myself up to cum some more.”

“Lace those up a bit tighter dear,” Debbie instructed.

“But I want Peter to get a real show.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll have you unlace them after I get a few teaser photos for Peter.” Meagan agreed and Debbie got her photos, so then she instructed her daughter, “Now unlace the bra portion and suck on one of your nipples.”

“That’s impossible!” Meagan protested.

“Oh please, I’ve seen plenty of women with jugs smaller than yours manage when I screen porn videos for your viewing!”


“Just try it, Meagan!”

Debbie snapped a picture before informing her daughter, “I’m switching over to video now Meagan.”

“Umm, wow! It’s easier than I thought it would be. It feels funny!” Meagan giggled after removing one of her massive jugs from her mouth. “Wait, edit that part out and let me try again. Ugh! I just got a mouthful of string! Let me open this up wide and really squeeze my nipple out into the open.” Meagan’s full jug bulged at the nipple through the opening in her bra as she squeezed on one big tit. “Ulp! Oh Peter! If I had known how good it feels to suck on my nipples, I would have never posed like we did the day of the accident. Either that, or I would have just shoved one of my tits into your face so you could be the one doing this to me!”

“Don’t listen to her Peter. She’s untouchable!” Debbie added under her breath, “I’ll have to keep that in mind if I ever want to try that pose again.”

“Mother! You’re spoiling the fantasy.”

“No dear, I’m helping Peter resist your tempting statements. Your job is to make this hot, and my job is to make sure Peter can stand the heat.”

“He couldn’t withstand this heat the day of the accident,” Meagan bragged as she forced the nipple on her other boob through the opening of the other cup of her bra. “Now I know why; my nipples taste good!”

“You weren’t too happy about that at the time!” Debbie reminded her daughter.

“I was a fool!” Meagan hissed. “Looking back, every hot, wet drop of Peter’s jizz that hit my skin made me burn with desire even if I didn’t know it at the time. Now I get to play with myself so Peter can jerk himself off while I cum.”

“That’s not how this works Meagan,” Debbie explained. “Peter is going to use this video so he can maintain his self control even when you’re playing with yourself and begging him to do things he’s forbidden to do.”

“Oh, that is so unfair Mother! I get to have an orgasm, but Peter has to watch this video without shooting off any of his marvelous jizz?”

“That’s the way this has to work Meagan. I can’t have you get horny, plunge your fingers into your pussy, and tempt him if he can’t withstand the temptation. It was one thing to get him trained so that he wouldn’t want to fuck you when you could barely stand to see him naked; it’s quite a different thing for him to resist you asking him to cum all over your belly while you’re fingering yourself.”

“Ok, ok, I get it. You have to edit this whole conversation out and let me start over.”

Meagan pulled her fingers out of her pussy and started a new train of thought, “Oh Peter, I can’t stop thinking about your cum on my big tits. I know how you love seeing me partially naked; if you were here right now, could you resist shooting your wad all over this nasty bra? I don’t think you could.”

“Yes you can Peter!” Debbie countered. “Your cock is so powerful that it can resist any temptation.”

“I’m not going to take that chance Peter,” Meagan replied to the camera. I want to be able to wear this nasty, obscene bra in front of you over and over again, so I’m not going to let you stain it when you inevitably cum all over my chest. I know you love seeing me half naked, and that lust is just going to get stronger when I take this bra off and show you all of my huge jugs. There, do you like that Peter? Do you need to cum all over my tits again?”

“It’s not inevitable Peter. Even though Meagan is now topless for you and begging for you to cum, you can resist. I know you can.”

“Don’t listen to my mother! I’m plunging my fingers deep inside my pussy for you. I don’t even have to take these obscene panties off to do it, and I know you’re going to find that irresistible. That’s going to make me cum, and I want you to cum all over my tits at the exact same moment! Oh shit! I’m right on the edge. I’m going to cum for you Peter, will you cum for me ... oh ... oh ... oh!”

“Remember Peter, you’ve surrendered control of your mighty cock to me, and I say you can’t cum now. Don’t listen to my daughter, listen to me!”

Meagan arched her back and put her hands on her head, “Oh man! That was a good one, I mean like a really good one! I think that actually satisfied my horniness for now. Don’t worry though Peter, I’ll want more of your cum soon!”

“Well, if that doesn’t test his willpower, nothing will,” Debbie commented as she shut off the video.”

“Are you going to show him this video tomorrow?” Meagan asked eagerly.

“No, Peter is supposed to work with you on yoga and breathing exercises tomorrow. Maybe he can teach you how to cum without making so much noise.”

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