The Erotic Adventures of Sazarus: Memories (Book 1)
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Karnem - The God of Flesh and Tabboo

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 25 Year-Old Virgin, Dean Salazar, Lives his depraved life; Watching porn, Reading erotica and fantasizing sexual fantasies that will never ever happen in his life, as he usually does, when Suddenly, he get's kidnapped by a God claiming him as his champion; then forcing him to remember a small portion of his EPIC past life, to fight in war. Why? To entertain them of course! or is it?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Magic   High Fantasy   Paranormal   Size  

"Pitiful" Dean heard behind him, causing him to jerk into action pressing his back against the computer screen as he turned it off and his chair falling tumbling down in the process.

"Wh-who ... who are you!?" he stuttered, Dean frowned and berated himself for stuttering and looking weak, so with a deep breath, he settled down his panic and gathered his courage. "who are you and what are you doing in my house!?"

"Is this what peace had done to you?" the man muttered, irritated at the cowardly form of Dean.

"The Great warrior of Polidros, Hero of the Quistro, the Dusk Dweller, the Seducer of Heltreath..." he listed, then chuckled, "what a stupid Deal, is this what peace had done to you? A geek?" he sputtered in amusement. "The Demi-god that conquered Buxeum sitting in a dark room, watching depraved cartoons?"

"it's not cartoons!" Dean rebutted, noticeably offended by the term used by the mysterious man.

"Really?" the man lost his smile and asked, "Really?" he emphasized, using his hand to refer to the animated posters plastered over Dean's room causing Dean to blush faintly, feeling insulted as the mysterious man mulled over his collection.

"It's not that bad..." Dean muttered unhappily; trying to scrounge up what little dignity he had left, "Really?" the man repeated.

Feeling deeply offended, Dean remembered his current predicament, taking another deep breath to muster all the bravery in his body, he pushed his chest out, sucked in his gut and said. "I'm going to call the fucking cops if you don't leave my fucking apartment!"

Dean didn't feel confident at his threats, the vision of getting beat up and left for dead by the mysterious man played over his head over and over again as he stared at the invader warily; and at the meantime stealthily groping for the phone on his back pocket.

"You, stupid mallard!" the man slighted as he pointed at dean, clearly upset. "Are you really the same man I took as my Champion? Huh? Sazarus!?"

"What the fuck are you talking about you fucking psycho!?" Dean, clearly stressed and appalled at the maniac invading his flat, criticizing his hobbies and interrupting him on searching material for his research purposes felt distraught by the situation.

It did give din a small bit of security now that he had already alarmed the police with all the theatrics happening, right at the moment, all Dean had in mind was to distract the maniac before—

"No, that won't be happening, Dean" the man said, saying his name with rich distaste.

"Whu-what?" Dean feigned, alarmed at what the invader said but at the same time confident that the invader didn't mean—

"Yes, I mean that, you stupid Half-wit!" The invader barked, now visibly angry at Dean.

But Dean still didn't dare believe it, maybe it was just a coinci—

"It's not a Fucking Coincidence Sazarus! I'm reading your fucking mind, pulling your thoughts to mine and reading it like a fucking book!"

With a sharp intake of air, Dean couldn't believe what he was seeing, is this it? My time to shi—

"No it's fucking not Sazarus, I'm here to make you remember" The man didn't give Dean time and just waved his hand in a simple motion, causing flesh-like chains to sprout out of Dean's skin binding Dean in place as it bit through the floor.

"WAH! WHA-WHAT THE FUQ Is HAPPENING!?" Dean screamed in distress, the chains snaking through his body as it bounded him in place.

The man, in Dean's eyes took a single step that traversed all the way to his front and showered by the light, causing Dean to be out of breath, his mind jolted and confused, as doubt of his sanity began to suffuse in his mind as he stared at the living horror standing before him.

The man was pink, flesh pink as mangled body parts; arms, hands, faces and different entrails were stitched together only to form a silhouette of a man, it's 6 eyes stared at Dean, an "evil" grin plastered in its face as it stretched as inhumanely possible.

"Let me make you remember" it said, it's garbled, tentacle hand began creeping up Dean's face, causing him to feel revolt, disgust and fear all-over; sweeping his mind blank with nothing but surreal reality.

"That's not a nice way to say hi, Karnem" said an amused feminine voice, causing Karnem, the mangled flesh man, to look behind him with a frown.

"This is none of your business Hel" he barked, his lipless mouth splitting into four segments as he bared his small needle-like fangs towards new intruder which just giggled at his threatening stance.

A beautiful woman was Dean's first impression, before he saw the other half of her face, which unfortunately was separated into different levels of decay until it concluded into bare bone; silver blonde hair, flowed down her skin, resting against her naked plump breast and down to her pale white thighs.

This was the first time Dean had seen breasts, well, breast in his case as the other was a show of bone which wasn't intriguing enough with all the weird shit, happening in the past half hour. It was his First time, pertaining; to seeing real, fleshy and plump boob; not the ones he sees online.

"Always the lecher, are you? Sazarus?" the woman called out seductively to Dean, giggling in the expense of his intense gaze.

"ugh" Karnem groaned, "What are you doing here Hel?"

"Oh, nothing" she said cheerfully, "just out for a stroll, and a good visit to an old friend"

"I'm not your friend, witch" Karnem growled, which scared Dean, since he was still on the monster's grasps, he didn't know what was happening, or why they kept calling him Sazarus; but out of the two invaders in his house, asking for help to the delusional "lover" seemed much more appealing to him than pleading for the one in front of him.

Hel's gaze broke from Karnem and stared at Dean's pleading gaze, frowning for a moment before looking back again at Karnem. "He still doesn't remember?"

"no, the curse should have already broken, so I'm about to knock his head to make him remember" Karnem explained, "Wha-what?" Dean voiced out fearfully, clearly against the idea of his head getting knocked.

"Oh don't be such a baby Sazarus, it won't hurt a lot" she smiled reassuringly, moving forward with a step and appearing just beside Karnem as she reached out her left human hand to touched his face.

A jolt of lightning sizzled through Dean's body as pleasure made him gasp and arch his body causing him to pass out in extreme ecstasy.

"what?" Hel uttered, looking confused, "that wasn't supposed to happen..."

"He's a virgin in his current life" Karnem said, reaching his hand towards Dean's head as his fleshy limbs covered the unconscious man's head.

"Oh" Hel said, now looking contemplative at Dean's unconscious form. "really?"

"Yes" Karnem said, his irritation replaced by a pleased tone, seeing Sazarus unconscious and not unreasonable like when he was lucid. "Now go away while I work"

With nothing left to do, Hel walked over Dean's apartment or cupboard ... she wasn't sure because the room was quite small. She touched and prodded his collection of dolls, amused at their lack of clothing and thought it amazing looking at the erotic lingerie such small sculptures wore; she burned some of the clothing to her mind, taking some for future references despite her lack of modesty, and her habit to prance around naked.

After surveying her "Lover's" doll collection, she went over his life-like painting (Poster), filled with women wearing skimpy battle clothing and monsters as well as heavily armored warriors; some of which she can identify; she praised him for his taste on lingerie and war paintings.

The Goddess walked through his collection, taking in the art of the people in Eden (Earth), she walked and walked until she came to a standstill to a square box with glass coating its front (Monitor); on the lower right, a blinking button caught her eye. (On/Off Switch)

With an unknown artifact blinking, Hel hovered her hand upon it, and then pressed.

The monitor buzzed to life, showing a woman, yet not a woman; getting desecrated by large tentacle limbs with familiar tips; she watched fascinated by the act, a bit aroused by it as she heard the character's screams of pleasure through the two small buds connected to the large box (earphones), with her keen hearing.

With a casual swipe, she brought the buds near her ears, the soft sounds growing louder. Hel didn't understand why was such a thing was invented, but apparently, it allowed its user to be the only one to hear what was happening on the small box.

"Fucking Mnemosyne" Karnem cursed, "She fiddled with his soul, and broke most of his memories"

Hel, looked back, "The titan?" walking back towards Karnem, "That was not in the deal" Hel said, furious.

"apparently" Karnem sighed, "But that doesn't mean she couldn't do it"

"So he will not remember?" Hel asked, worried.

"He will, but a small portion of it" Karnem said, "which portion? I don't know" he added, then again with a sigh.

"Wake him up" Hel said, her fists clenching; undeniable anger flashing through her eyes. Karnem feeling a bit insulted at her orders, still complied as he retracted his limbs from Dean's head, then muttering a spell under his breath.

Dean opened his eyes in worry, his body jerking up as he looked around confused.

"What is your name?" Karnem asked the confused Dean.

"Dean ... no ... it's Kernth ... Dean..." he replied, confused. "I-I'm not sure at all..." he whispered...

"Kernth..." Hel said, pondering; then with a smile, all of her anger dissipated, "The Seducer of Heltreath, Kernth Sarazus" she said joyfully. Satisfaction well placed on her face.

Karnem groaned, "I don't need a seducer for a champion, I'd rather he has remember his battles at the coliseum of Uth'raal"

"Oh don't be picky, the Realm wars aren't always about battles" Hel said, a lust-filled smile adorning her lips, "besides, you've already won twice in a row with Sazarus. Give the other's a chance" she pouted.

"what's going on..." Dean piped from the background, but no one seemed to notice.

"Let's go now" Karnem said, "We've already spent too much time here in Eden, I wouldn't want to have the overseer use its eyes to look at me" he shuddered, before waving his hand causing the floor to turn into a mouth; gobbling up its passengers then disappearing back to the floor, departing with no evidence of two god's maltreating a poor human.

Leaving the apartment, dimly-lit and quiet except for the computer monitor playing a particularly depraved but erotic scene.

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