Young Gloria

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2019 by realoldbill

Erotica Sex Story: A lovely girl is sold and ruined and restored

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Violent   .

Until late last year, Glorianna Waddolski had led a pleasant if not charmed life. Then her familyÕs Ponzi scheme collapsed, both her father and grandfather disappeared, and the creditors and government took everything. Now it was her turn to pay. Her uncle, who had invested tens of thousands, demanded it. He owned her.

The Cord 812 had brought more than two million, the Rolls Silver Shadow almost a million and the Darrin $550,000, a real surprise but two men wanted it. First the house in Florida, then the one in Connecticut and the brownstone in the city were auctioned; most of the art had already gone to a creditor by previous arrangement and certified agreements, collateral on major loans. The hoodwinked might receive a dime on the dollar from the sale, but it was better than nothing. Now the floor held only men with red paddles and the doors were locked and guarded.

Glory was brought out, wearing a filmy gown, lightly drugged, just enough to be cooperative. She stood smiling in the blue-white spotlights, feeling a hundred pairs of eyes on her. She was fifteen and had not attended school since she was twelve. They had let her finish 8th grade in a girlsÕ school, still a virgin. Her only schooling since then had dealt with giving sexual pleasure, and she had mastered a number of both Western and Oriental techniques as well as the usual Tantric exercises.

On command she turned about twice and then pulled the silken tie and let her gown slither from her luscious body. The audience gasped and then moaned. Glory was perfect. Two full grown men ejaculated in their underwear.

She was nearly six feet tall and weighed 145 pounds. Her inseam was 35 inches, her waist 22, and her bust 37 with a size D cup, a fine handful, standing upright and pointed, the nipples fully extended. She now stood in the bright lights wearing only her golden 5-inch heels, her tiny violet thong and a purple shelf bra with wide straps. Her bared nipples were hard and pink in tiny areoles. She was sexually excited, eager to mate.

ÒUnder the agreement, Ó intoned the smiling auctioneer hired by the multitude of creditors, trying to ignore his painful erection, Òthe winning bidder will adopt her. The papers are ready. She has, according to sworn affidavits, been sexually used fewer than a thousand times in the past three years by only five different men, all certified clean, and she has now has a Mark 8, three-point hymen installed and is convinced that she is a virgin. She can speak but seldom does and operates in three very convincing modes: bimbo-slut, high courtesan and American adolescent.Ó Glory was, obviously, a doll, a sex doll.

He paused and looked around. Glory could feel the eyes on her and became aware of a warm wetness between her legs and a pricking sensation in her jutting nipples. She wanted it, wanted it badly, that wonderful in and out, the hard pounding. She had not climaxed since Sunday afternoon, the last time she had seen her well-hung brother and he had ravaged her repeatedly and then made her lick him clean.

The bidding began at a hundred thousand and went quickly past a million as Glory moved though the programmed poses she had been taught in the last few days. In her mind, she pictured her handsome brother mounting her and wondered where he was as she lifted both arms and braced back her shoulders, arching her back, feeling her labia tremble as she shook her breasts from side to side, smiling. She peeled off the tiny bra and tossed it aside. The men sighed and the bidding climbed.

Her brother and step-mother were at that moment fucking each other senseless in Bogot‡ where they had flown on the company Lear jet, a plane encumbered with liens and no longer their property. They had no intention of ever returning to face the music. The pilot was face down in a backstream near the airport. They sold the plane to a drug cartel and it vanished into the jungle.

Glory closed her eyes as she rotated from the hips, writhing and pushing out her soft belly as she recalled her grandfather seeming to die in her arms, his stiff cock still buried in her lean body as he went catatonic. The ambulance had taken him away and two weeks later, he was happily humping her again with a new battery in his pacemaker. He and her handsome father, the man she had slept with most nights, were gone, vanished. They were, it was later discovered, establishing new identities in Vancouver, BC.

The bidding reached two million and Glory, on command, did some slow exercises, moving her well-muscled body in highly erotic ways, now on her knees, then up on one leg, twisting, humping. She thought about the first time she had done this dance for her father and brother after both of them had enjoyed her highly charged pussy and anus together with her Kegel-trained muscles. She loved watching the men sweat and smile as she went to her knees and offered them her well-toned body repeatedly. They had taken turns between her incredible breasts, bathing her face in their semen.

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