Curiosity Punished the Maid

by SciFurz

Copyright© 2019 by SciFurz

Erotica Sex Story: First in the new category I created for short stories. Erica, a maid in the powerful McMillian household gets called out by her young mistress Stracily for stealing something from her. She denies but further pressed it wasn't about stealing an object, but stealing a private moment between the mistress and her fiancée, and her mistress has a special punishment in store for her.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Vignettes   Sharing   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

‘Erica? To my bedroom.’

The maid’s heart rate went up when Stracily, the daughter of the powerful McMillian family called her out suddenly. ‘Yes, mistress.’ she said and put her duster away.

She followed the young woman through the large manor, the long and nearly black hair of her mistress swaying swiftly left and right at her quick pace and her twin tails lashed against each other at her back. Erica’s hands began to sweat as she thought of what she might have done wrong for her mistress to be this brisk with her. She was certain she left her bedroom is a pristine state after cleaning yesterday.

They entered the grand bedroom with the king sized soft bed, ample closet space, wide desk, and private bathroom. Erica’s eyes quickly surveyed the room to see if anything was out of place or dirty but she couldn’t spot anything that wasn’t supposed to be like it was.

Stracily turned around in the middle of the room and gazed at Erica with her arms folded and her weight on one leg. ‘Close the door.’

‘Yes, mistress.’ said Erica, quickly closed the door behind her, and faced Stracily while trying to keep her hands from trembling and clutching folds of her white skirt.

Stracily gazed silently at her, her aura underpinning the strict and intelligent reputation she had earned over the years as she grew up in a demanding family. Top education and good athletic abilities made her a good successor to the family businesses. Erica sometimes dreamed of being like her but even though her own grades in school were good and she was fit enough, her own family never had the money or found the opportunity to step up in the world. Her only chance would be if a wealthy man became interested in her. Someone like Endris, the mistress’s fiancé.

His family is on par with the McMillian family but their wealth is in different businesses so there’s no conflict there, and he himself is on par with Stracily although his reputation is more laid back. They met in college and have been a pair since.

‘You stole something from me, Erica.’

Erica’s eyes grew large and she clutched her skirt. ‘What!? No! I would never!’

‘Silence!’ snapped Stracily and Erica froze at the cold stare. Stracily moved deliberately and slow towards her like a predator towards its prey. She circled Erica and brushed the dark blue ribbon at the base of the blond braid pinned around the back of the maid’s head. ‘Last week. Tuesday evening.’

Erica’s mind rushed to the memories of that day. ‘I was in my room all evening! I was only reading!’

Stracily moved behind her again. ‘You didn’t leave your room at all?’

Erica swallowed. ‘I ... Only once, to fetch a book from the library.’ She suppressed a gasp when she realised what this was about.

Stracily smiled slightly and nearly caressed Erica’s ear with her lips. ‘And was that all you took away from the library?’ she whispered.

Erica’s heart raced more at the shiver running down her spine. ‘I only took one book and I returned it after I finished it two days later.’

Stracily felt like growing ears and a tail just to complement the image of playing with a cute little mouse. She leaned closer to Erica’s other ear. ‘I heard you giggle.’

Erica turned her head at once. ‘I never giggled at you!’ Stracily smirked and she knew she was caught. She hid her red hot face in her hands.

Stracily moved towards her bed and sat down on the edge.

‘I never meant to see you and master Endris, mistress.’ she sniffed. ‘I went back to my room right away.’

Stracily leaned back with her hands on the bed. ‘Right away, eh? Did seeing us turn you on so much?’

Erica’s eyes grew large as she looked at her mistress again. ‘No! I didn’t do anything! I only tried to sleep at once!’

Stracily’s dress slid from her bare legs as she crossed them and revealed them halfway up to her thighs where the side split began. ‘Oh? You saw me and Endris naked, and it had no effect on you?’

Erica shook her head.

Stracily licked her lips slowly. ‘So, the sight of your mistress, in the arms of her fine lover, in the middle of passion was nothing to you? You didn’t feel any reaction at all?’

Erica hesitated for a moment and shook her head once again.

Stracily slid one hand down her bare thigh. ‘Your mistress in heat, sweating and moaning while her hot Endris groaned as he forced his magnificent hard dick all the way into her hungry cunt, and you never thought about it since then?’

Erica’s eyes turned away when a tiny itch between her legs reminded her of the truth. ‘I... ‘

A smooth hum escaped Stracily as she shifted her position on the bed. ‘What did you do, my dear Erica? Did you touch yourself later?’

Erica trembled all over and she gave a slight nod.

Stracily’s smile grew. ‘And when did that happen? The day after? Later?’

Erica’s eyes were fixed on the thick carpet at her feet. ‘ ... later... ‘

‘How did it happen?’

‘I, I was reading another book.’ Erica said and thought her knees would give out at any moment. ‘It was a, romance.’

Stracily leaned forward. ‘At what point in that romance?’

Erica swallowed. ‘The maid, she had been cornered by the young master of the household, and he took her.’

‘And did the maid enjoy it?’

‘She, she loved it because she was in love with him for a long time.’

Stracily looked at her maid for a few moments, then smiled deviously. ‘And how did my maid enjoy it?’

The itch between Erica’s legs grew a little more at the memory of that evening and she clenched her thighs. ‘She touched herself. While fantasizing about it.’

‘Tell me, what did you fantasize? With whom?’

Erica’s heart pounded in fear of how mad her mistress might become at her but she wouldn’t be able to hide it. ‘It was master Endris, mistress. I imagined him taking me like he did you.’

For a while all Erica could hear was the loud beat of her heart and her blood rushing through her head.

‘You know you deserve punishment for this, don’t you?’

Erica thought she’d faint and her head nodded without her control. She didn’t dare to look at her mistress.


Erica glanced up for a second. ‘Mistress?’

Stracily leaned back on the bed again. ‘You heard me. Strip.’

Erica wiped her sweaty hands down her skirt. ‘But... ‘

‘You looked at your mistress and her fiancée while they were naked so it’s only fair to be seen naked too.’

Thoughts of possible arguments to avoid stripping in front of her mistress rushed through her mind but Erica couldn’t make one stick. She could only accept her punishment and the shame and bare herself. With trembling fingers she loosened the knot of the string tying her corset together at the front, pulled it open, and let it down to the floor together with her skirt. She wrapped her arms around her stomach and shivered at the air touching her naked abdomen.

‘Go on.’ said Stracily.

The buttons at the front of her lace white chest piece slipped easily from her shaking fingertips but Erica eventually undid them and let the piece fall onto the dress.

Stracily hummed approvingly as she looked at her maid in fine black lace underwear, thigh high stockings, and easy slip on flat shoes. Erica’s body was less slender than her own because of her years of athletic training but that made her bigger bosom a better fit. ‘Off with it.’ she said. ‘Although you can keep the stockings on. They look good on you.’

A tear ran down Erica’s cheek as her shame grew at being watched by someone else. She had never shown her body before, not even in a swimsuit.

‘You don’t want the others to hear how you were caught peeking at your mistress and future master, do you now? You stole a private moment from us so it’s only fair to at least pay back with a private moment of your own, right.’

‘ ... yes, mistress... ‘ muttered Erica and unhooked her bra, covered her breasts with one arm while she slipped the straps from her shoulders and dropped it, and wiped another tear from her cheek before quickly pulling down her panties and stepping out of them. She slipped out of her shoes the last.

Stracily hummed in satisfaction while Erica shivered and squirmed slightly as she covered her breasts with one arm and her Venus hill with her hand and clenched her thighs against the itch spreading a little further through her lower abdomen. ‘No hiding. You got to see it all so now you have to bare it all too.’

Erica clenched her jaw and forced herself to pull away her arm and hand. Her firm breasts sagged slightly as she let go and she had never felt her chest so exposed, as her private parts with her curly blond tuft. She didn’t know what to do with her hands and stroked her hips.

Stracily uncrossed her legs and sat upright while her gaze caressed Erica’s curves from head to toe. Erica could sense her eyes wandering around her firm breasts and goosebumps formed on her skin in the wake. Her mistress gazed intently at her slightly soft abdomen, her smooth curved hips and the tight spot between her thighs before going further down her stockings and her feet. ‘Turn.’

Erica turned and once again the gaze of her mistress appraised the smooth curve of the nape of her neck into her shoulders and back, the shape of her firm behind, and the long line of her legs down to her ankles and feet.

‘She has a beautiful body, don’t you think so, Endris?’

Erica gasped and froze. From the corner of her eye she saw Endris standing in the bathroom doorway. Naked and at full attention.

‘I though my physical state made it obvious, my love.’ Endris said and smiled deviously at Stracily. ‘But by no means take it as a preference over yours. It should be more than obvious how I feel about you.’

Stracily giggled as she held out her hand to him. ‘I know, my darling. You’ve made that very clear from the moment we met.’

He chuckled as he moved over to her and took her hand while standing next to her. ‘I still feel both aroused and embarrassed from that moment.’ he said and turned his attention to Erica. ‘She is as beautiful as I suspected of her.’

Erica shut her eyes tight as she fought her tears from the shame of not just being seen by her mistress, but by the young master as well. She shook all over at the sense of their gazes upon her naked flesh. Her heart nearly torn in two at the next command.

‘Spread.’ said Stracily.

Erica’s voice faltered and she needed to swallow a dry lump in her throat. ‘Mistress... ?’

‘Spread your legs. Or do you want to find out how fast rumours spread around to friends, family, and everyone who has ever heard of you?’

Erica shut her eyes again and took one step sideways.

‘Good girl.’ her mistress said. ‘Now bend over.’

Erica wanted to run away but the thought of everyone finding out what she did held her in her place. She bent over slowly on her shaking legs with her buttocks clenched together.

‘Don’t be so tense, my dear. You still have a lot to make up for what you did to us. Spread your ass.’

Erica swallowed, placed her hands on her behind and spread her buns. One side slipped away from her sweaty hands and she gripped harder as she spread it again. Her heart screamed at the shame of revealing her private and dirty parts, and the itch crawling through her mound caused by knowing the young master she fantasized about was looking at her.

Stracily hummed more in pleasure. ‘What a nice view. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of it.’

Erica cried out and shot up straight at the gentle touch against her mound. She backed away from Endris behind her but he wrapped one arm around her waist before she fell backwards. ‘Careful, my dear. You nearly tripped over your clothes.’ She trembled and he took her hand and kissed it. ‘The thought of you getting hurt would break my heart.’ He let go of her waist and stepped back. ‘Come, sit down with us, please?’

Erica’s heart still raced and although one voice in her mind told her to run away, the honest look in Endris’s eyes reeled her in and she let him lead her to the bed. She sat down next to her mistress while Endris stayed on his feet, and she kept her eyes on her hands in her lap because she didn’t dare to look up at the hard dick of the young master.

Stracily laid her hand on Erica’s. ‘You do understand why you are punished, don’t you, my dear?’

Erica nodded quickly while she hoped it was over now or tried not to think about what might be next if it wasn’t, and how she indeed deserved the punishment for not curbing her curiosity and leaving the library after taking the book she wanted.

‘Good girl.’ Stracily whispered and caressed Erica’s cheek. ‘Show us you can be a good, obedient girl, and sit on your hands and knees here on the bed.’

Erica nodded slowly, crawled further onto the bed, and looked down on the folds of the sheet while the shame of her punishment grew.

Stracily stood with her back towards Endris, he unzipped her dress and she wriggled out of it while he slid his hands along her naked body to guide down her dress. He kissed her behind softly when he was on his knees and a giggle escaped her. She looked back over her shoulder and winked at him, then crawled on her knees on the bed next to Erica. Erica shivered at the caress along her back.

‘Tell me again, what did you fantasize about when you touched yourself?’ Stracily whispered while her fingertips rounded her maid’s tense behind.

Erica took a deep breath and tried to ignore the lingering itch through her mound. It was no use hiding what she did, Endris must have heard what she said earlier. ‘I. fantasized I was dusting the study as usual when master Endris came in. I wanted to excuse myself but he said it was fine if I continued. I did and I took my time because then I could steal a glance at him.’ She blushed and her heart pounded at her confession. ‘I noticed he was peeking at me as well and my heart fluttered. And then I tripped.’

She shivered at her mistress’s fingertips sliding down the back of her thigh, then back up, rounding her behind, and along her back up to the nape of her neck. ‘I was dying in shame because my skirt had flipped up. It revealed the secret that I wore no underwear because I had no clean ones and the laundry hadn’t dried yet. I tried to quickly get up and leave but master Endris already picked me up in his embrace. He gazed deep into my eyes and I lost all strength when I noticed his bulge pressing against me. He said he’d always been attracted to me and that what he saw now broke his restraint. He wanted me right there and then and I couldn’t resist him. I knew it was wrong to do it with him especially because I was a maid, but I couldn’t speak out or stop him.’

Stracily stroked Erica’s hot mound and she gasped. ‘Don’t stop.’ Stracily whispered in her ear. ‘I want to hear all of it.’

Erica’s lower body and behind tensed with each stroke of her mistress’s fingertips along her highly sensitive part but she obeyed. ‘He held the back of my head and kissed me. My mind a jumble, I kissed him back and we kissed while he pushed me back onto his desk. I sat on it, he pulled down his trousers, and then I felt his hot dick slide into me.’

Erica breathed deeper and unconsciously moved her hips with Stracily’s strokes. ‘I was already a bit wet from being near him while naked under my skirt and he gently penetrated me into my depths. We kissed while he pressed and ground against me like he did with you in the library, mistress. I rubbed and fingered myself in my bed as I saw myself taken in the same way on the desk by master Endris. I had to roll over on my stomach and bury my face into my pillow to stifle my moaning as I came.’

Erica’s mind was filled with the shame of confessing her fantasy in front of her mistress and master Endris. She wanted to bury her face in her pillow again forever so she wouldn’t have to face them, then cried out when strong hands gripped her hips and something hot penetrated her pussy.

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