Getting It Wrong
Chapter 16: Sister’s Influence

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Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 16: Sister’s Influence - Hunter Jacobs is a lonely old man with a checkered past sitting in a nursing home waiting to die when a woman from his past walks in and makes him an offer. WTF? Do your worst... Hunter should have thought this one through.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   DoOver   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow   School  

September 1979

I’d settled into my new routine, which was to get up and run to ISU so I could work out. Someone on ISU’s basketball team had pointed me out to their strength coach and he had introduced me to the strength and conditioning program for the basketball players.

After I finished, I’d then go to one of the dorms and eat breakfast. Most mornings I would go to Manchester-Hewitt’s cafeteria and eat with Dave. The cafeteria access had been one of the benefits I’d asked Miss Howard for, and she arranged it. It made things easier for me. Then I would go to my classes at the university. Afterwards, I walked to U-High for lunch with my friends. After lunch, I had PE, followed by my independent studies with Miss Howard. Once I was done with high school I would travel back to ISU and use the North Gym to work on my basketball drills.

Our home life was much better now that Jennifer had left for college. Tracy claimed her room and Zoey had insisted she would still room with me. No one argued, because the two of us were fine with how things were. We’d found the best part of Jennifer going off to school was the tension in the house had almost completely disappeared. No one had thrown a fit or been grounded. Aunt Marcy, while I was sure she missed her, seemed like a different person. She even joked with me!

The only downside was I didn’t have a girlfriend. Deb had enrolled at Brown and loved it. We’d left things casual all summer. In later years, it would have been called friends-with-benefits. The only problem with Brown was it was located in Providence, Rhode Island. That made it too far to drive home for a weekend. My older self knew that we were a temporary thing. I imagined we might hook up over a holiday, but some college guy would win her heart eventually.

I told myself that I would be better off without a girlfriend, for right now. I had to consider that Nancy would be at the University of Illinois next year. I could wait until then. I’d originally met her my sophomore year and we’d become friends. This time, I hoped that I might meet her sooner.

Over the Labor Day weekend, Zoey wanted to spend time with just me. We’d agreed to go camping. My idea of camping was a hotel – with room service! Zoey wanted to actually sleep in a tent. If I hadn’t loved her, I would never have agreed. Of course, Uncle Dale got wind of our planned adventure and wanted to go. Aunt Marcy and Tracy seemed to be the only smart ones in the family.

I’d come home Friday night and found the family station wagon packed and ready to go. Zoey and Uncle Dale had been put in charge of the plans for the weekend. My only request was that we would have a campfire, as I wanted to make s’mores. I checked and found the bag with marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. I peeked into the cooler and saw steaks, which made the decision to invite Uncle Dale seem like a good idea. I also spied a case of Miller Lite. My estimations of this trip had just gone up a couple of more notches.

Kickapoo State Recreation Area was located near Danville, in Vermilion County. When we registered, they gave us a park map and a brochure. I read that the park had been a strip coalmine and the state had purchased it in 1939. The Middle Fork of the Vermilion River ran through the park and there were 22 ponds. It said you could run, hike, canoe, fish for trout, camp, hunt or scuba dive. I would have never thought someone could scuba dive in Central Illinois.

When we arrived at our campsite, I looked around and there were several other campers already set up for the long weekend. I noticed right away that there were plenty of kids at the nearby campsites, but most of them looked like they were younger.

“Hunter. Come help me put up the tent,” Uncle Dale said.

He had borrowed a tent from one of his co-workers. It was twelve-by-twelve, and you could stand up in it. I’d also been happy when I saw he had cots for us to sleep on, instead of the ground. In my past life, I’d spent enough cold nights sleeping outdoors to last me a lifetime ... or, in my case, two.

I was surprised when it only took us a half hour to set everything up. Uncle Dale had met a couple of people and had been invited to have an adult beverage. Zoey found the map of the park and decided we should do a three-mile hike. When we reached the trailhead, she took my hand and started to talk.

“Have you thought about what you want to do with your second chance?”

“Constantly,” I said, which made her squeeze my hand as a reminder that now we had to be honest with each other. “Okay, here’s my dilemma. When you start talking about time-travel and the opportunity to make changes, it seems to turn into a huge circular logic problem. If I change something, will it change the future, which in turn will change my future?”

I could see I had confused her so I tried to clarify.

“Let’s assume I decide to make myself rich, which I could. Would I be in the Twilight Nursing Home for Nancy to find me and do her experiments on me? If I had a choice, I would never have ended up there. If that happened, would I ever have come back and saved you? On the other hand, have I changed so much already that we already are on another timeline and I don’t have to worry about coming back? But if I do have to worry I have to be careful not to change anything significant that could make it impossible for me to come back in the first place,” I said.

Zoey had just started laughing at me.

“Hunter, it sounds like you’re tying yourself into knots over something you have no answer for. It’s a good thing you told me, so I can fix it for you,” she said with a big smile.

I waited for her sage advice.

“You’re worried that you’re going to get it wrong,” she stated and I nodded. “Did you ever think that if you went off the rails and really messed things up that the you in the future would send back a message to stop you?”

I looked at her to see if she had just pulled my leg. How would my future self even know if I changed the future? Then it hit me. The only way the future would be assured, was if I had lived my life exactly as I had the first time. I had already seriously changed something significant in my life: Zoey. Would I give her up to assure I would not damage my chance to assure I wouldn’t affect time? Of course not! So why was I so worried about getting it wrong? I’d had actual nightmares about something out there that I missed. Something that I needed to do or everything would go to shit.

“Okay, let’s assume the world is not going to end if I change some things. What should we do?” I asked.

Zoey smiled and I could see she had thought about this too.

“You did mention one thing. You said you could make us rich.”

“Money can’t buy you happiness,” I said.

“But it can buy you peace of mind,” she said as I shook my head. “Think about it. If you are strapped with having to worry about making a living, how are you ever going to have time to save the world? Why split your focus on putting a roof over your head and on making a difference?”

She had a point. If I needed a job to keep myself out of a homeless shelter that would change my motivation. In addition, if my basic needs could be met, why would I need to be rich? Two answers had jumped into my head. The first had to do with Zoey and securing her future. The big picture reason would center on what I would need to effect change – real change. Money would be important and, if I had it myself, I could save time and possibly lives.

I raised my hands in defeat.

“Okay, I see your point and I agree it would be stupid to not have some money in the bank,” I said.

“Good, now how are you going to make me rich?” she said as she rubbed her hands together.

“You are such a dork,” I said and then got serious. “There might be one opportunity to earn us some cash in the short-term, but you have to have money to make it.”

“How much money are you talking about?”

“I would need a minimum of ten thousand dollars. I could turn that into over sixty-thousand dollars by January,” I said as I’d done the calculations in my head.

“You better explain that to me,” said a shocked Zoey.

“Silver,” had been my one word answer.

“How can silver make you that much money?” she asked.

“At the beginning of the year, silver was selling somewhere in the five- to six-dollar range. It is currently at $11/oz. There is a silver consortium made of the Hunt brothers and several wealthy Arab investors who are in the process of buying silver. They plan to corner the market. By January, the price of silver will top out at over fifty dollars a troy ounce. That would be a profit of thirty-nine dollars per ounce. With an investment of ten thousand, we would be able to buy nine hundred and nine ounces; and, if we bought it on the margin, we could double that,” I said.

She did the math in her head, and then had a confused look.

“Explain buying on the margin to me.”

“Buying on margin is borrowing money from a broker to purchase the silver,” I explained. “A brokerage will allow you to open up what is called a margin account. In my example they would allow me to borrow another ten thousand, or fifty percent of the total purchase price.”

“Where would we get the money?” Zoey asked.

“Our trust.”

I think we both had the same question. Would Uncle Dale allow us to buy silver through the trust?

I was surprised when Uncle Dale was happy to grab a six-pack and a lawn chair and go fish. That allowed Zoey and me to go explore the park. We rented a canoe and paddled up stream on the Vermilion River. We had quickly found that being in a canoe, and if you stayed quiet, the wildlife ignored us. Zoey had gotten excited when we saw wild turkey, deer and a fox all in the first half hour. She wasn’t as impressed when I pointed out cows when we hit the edge of the park and entered farmland. That made her decide we should turn around and head back down stream.

On the way back, she wanted to talk more.

“Let’s assume that Uncle Dale agrees to allow us to buy silver for our trust. What are your long-term plans for making me rich,” she teased. “Because I can’t see my half of that allowing me to live in the way I plan on becoming accustomed to.”

“Listen, Princess, I don’t plan to abuse my foreknowledge to just make you rich,” I chastised Zoey.

“Hunter, I was just joking.”

“Sorry, but I take this seriously.”

“I get it,” she said.

I had sat back and stopped paddling, so I could think about that for a moment. I quickly reviewed my information on stock prices. What I found puzzled me. Someone had told me that if you had invested a thousand dollars with Sam Walton and Walmart you would’ve have made a million dollars over a period of time. Unfortunately, I only had the year-end and start of the year’s stock prices, plus the dividend. At year-end of 1980, Walmart had traded at $60.50 per share. At the first of the year, it dropped to $30.25. I kicked myself when I realized the stock had split, so the number of shares you held doubled.

Another question: did you reinvest the dividends or pull them out? Some stocks were much better earners in that regard but had a more stable stock price. I randomly decided on a thirty-year period to try and figure out what stocks would be the best long-term investments. I figured out that the calculation to find out which was best would not be as straight forward as the opening stock price compared to the close thirty years later. It was also something I would need to study carefully. A good example was that Bell would break into several different regional phone companies in the next three years. Therefore, you would need to account for breakups and mergers.

After I solved the long-term stock issue, I needed to look at opportunities in the short term. A perfect example was Walmart. In 1982, their stock price would grow an astounding 134.71%, but in 1985, the stock would lose 2.88% of its value. My real issue was that I didn’t want to worry about the management of a stock portfolio on a regular basis, but I didn’t want to be stupid either. Walmart’s growth in 1999 would have slowed down to a pedestrian rate while companies like Cisco would explode. In Cisco’s case, it would be because they would build better routers to help consumers and businesses download from, or upload to, the internet faster.

I relaxed a little when I stopped and thought about it. I wouldn’t have any money to invest until January at the earliest. I could dedicate the next few months and come up with a plan. I explained to Zoey my predicament. She then had another question.

“That takes care of me. What do you plan to do to make the world a better place? Is there something you can do while you’re still in high school, or do you need to wait?”

I had to laugh. Zoey in a matter of a few hours had pushed me to actually decide do something other than sit on my hands. I’d been frozen, because I was worried I would mess up the future. She’d gotten me off the stupid idea that I should hold back on the accumulation of wealth. Now she pushed me to consider what I would do with this gift. When I shared my story with Zoey it could end up being the best idea I’d had since I’d come back.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“I just remembered why I love you. You’re always in my corner and will kick me in the ass if I slack off. I just want you to know that I appreciate you and I thank my lucky stars I have you as a sister.”

I needed to think through what she had said. It would need to be something fairly local, because I couldn’t see my request to fly overseas as a good idea. I was sure Aunt Marcy would have something to say about that. I also didn’t want to do anything violent unless I absolutely had to. I committed to create a list of possible missions that I could share with Zoey.

When we found Uncle Dale, it was not a pretty sight. He’d drunk his six beers and decided to take a nap, with his shirt off. Uncle Dale worked in an office and didn’t get out into the sun very much. His front side had turned a nice shade of pink.

“That is going to sting,” I said as we walked up.

Zoey had gone up to him and nudged him awake.

“Uncle Dale, you might want to put on some sun screen or turn over,” Zoey suggested.

We both busted out laughing when he had pulled off his sunglasses and he had raccoon face. The skin around his eyes was white, where his sunglass blocked the sun, while the rest was pink.

“What are you two laughing at?” he asked.

“Man, you’re sunburned. You better put your shirt on and go look at yourself in a mirror,” I suggested.

Uncle Dale had gone and taken a cool shower to help remove some of the heat from his skin. While he did that, Zoey and I started dinner. When Uncle Dale came back, he was covered in some kind of white cream. We’d made hamburgers and corn on the cob. We talked about our day, and then Zoey brought up the trust.

“How is our trust money invested?” she asked.

Uncle Dale thought about it for a moment, and then shrugged.

“I think it is some kind of savings account,” he said.

That wouldn’t have been so bad, because interest rates had been around 10% in 1979. In thirty years, people would’ve killed for that kind of return.

“How much is in the trust?” she asked.

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