Getting It Wrong
Chapter 11: Basketball Troubles

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Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 11: Basketball Troubles - Hunter Jacobs is a lonely old man with a checkered past sitting in a nursing home waiting to die when a woman from his past walks in and makes him an offer. WTF? Do your worst... Hunter should have thought this one through.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   DoOver   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow   School  

January 1979
I couldn’t have been happier with the changes I had made so far this time through. Lisa was now in a loving relationship with Brad, instead of being the school’s bike. I had to guard against my gag reflex when I saw the two of them together because they were so lovey-dovey, but I sucked it up and smiled. The alternative would be to kick Brad’s and his brother’s asses, and that got me sent to military school the last time. Not a good outcome.

John Campbell, their third amigo, and I had come to an uneasy truce. After he figured out I could actually fight back, he decided to ignore me. It could have also been that he now had to deal with the whole school, which seemed to turn against him. He had to duck his former teammates who had girlfriends he had slept with. I talked to Brad and he told me that he and his brother, Tim, had only all slept with Barb. John had told them that they needed to share their girlfriends. I knew what he told me was bullshit, because his brother had seemed certain the three of them would sleep with Lisa. My gut told me Brad had covered for his big brother.

Things at home were improved also. My aunt now seemed to actually like me, and Jennifer simply ignored me. Both were vast improvements in attitude. Tracy had pretty much stopped telling on Zoey and me, which made things between all of us much better. Finally, my uncle and I had become friends.

School was going well, if a little boring. I settled into a routine since Lisa and I broke up. I had hoped Janet and I would’ve hooked up, but she was now with Gary. My timing had sucked because Gary asked her to Homecoming and they had been a couple ever since. Jennifer’s friend Crystal seemed to flirt with me every chance she got, but I saw the look Jennifer gave me when it happened and decided some girls weren’t worth the trouble.

The only real concern was Dr. Tolliver and Miss Howard. I really wished Dr. Philips hadn’t forwarded my name on as someone exceptional, but it was too late to cry over spilt milk. I thought it was about time I talked to Dr. Tolliver about his offer. I wanted to know what would be involved to test out of high school and what college opportunities might be available for someone like me.

The one thing I had learned while I worked for the CIA was that it was better to have power than money. Of course if you had both that was much better, but I had seen what a government could do to people with money. Their money might’ve bought them influence, to a certain extent, but if the people in power decided to go after them, it was all over. That money might as well be toilet paper. This made me think that it might be better to be part of the power structure than outside of it. That might be my best bet if I wanted to make serious changes to this timeline.

The only thing in my immediate future that had me worried was Zoey’s suicide in my last life. Something told me I still needed to worry and watch her for any signs. Of course I wasn’t sure what signs I should look for, but I felt if I saw it I would recognize it. She would sometimes stare off into space in a troubled way. Dave had been good for her. She now had two people that really loved her if you counted me. His involvement in her life was new to this timeline and I hoped it would help, but something in my gut told me that I still needed to worry.

I was no longer the shortest guy on the freshman basketball team since I was tied with Ace Tucker at five-eight. The guys on the basketball team were not the only ones to notice, Terry Wilson was only an inch taller than me now, so I could look her in the eye instead of the chin. She had decided to flirt with me, and I’d acted like a typical guy and hadn’t noticed, or so my sister thought. I guess I still held out for my shot with her older sister.

“Hunter, what do you think of Terry?” Zoey asked me one Saturday morning in our bedroom.

I had just woken up and had other things on my mind, like my morning hard on and the need to relieve myself. I’d held up my finger to tell her to hold that thought, and raced to the bathroom. I took care of business and brushed my teeth and came back to find Zoey in my bed. I crawled in with her and wrapped her in my arms and kissed her neck.

“You jerk,” she said as she giggled. “Answer my question.”

“How could I even think of Terry when I have the best looking girl at U-High in my bed?”

“Who is also your sister. Now, answer me,” she demanded.

“Well, she does have the best ass in the freshman class. Ouch!” I complained as I got a finger in the ribs.

“Have you ever thought of going out with her?” Zoey persisted.

“I thought she liked Tyler.”

“He asked Amanda Phelps out.”

That was news to me. It must have been recent, because he’d never mentioned asking her out, and I had seen him at practice yesterday. Tyler and Al seemed to be my only friends on the basketball team. One of them would’ve told me for sure.

“When did this happen?” I asked, while I let my confusion show.

“They hooked up last night at Max Albright’s party.”

I’d just gotten a cold feeling of hate in the pit of my stomach. Max Albright was the main reason I hadn’t made friends with the other players on the team. Between that and Coach Elliot not seeming to give me a chance to play, I really wondered why I was even on the team. My theory was Coach Elliot was still mad about my aunt forcing his hand with Bill Ciano and his merry band of thugs. It could also be that I sucked. I chose to believe he had it in for me.

“Max had a party?” I asked, as I raised an eyebrow.

“It was a couples’ party, so don’t get upset.”

I felt like Zoey had just betrayed me. She went to the party and didn’t bother to invite me. I thought we shared almost everything.

“Tyler didn’t have a date, you said he met Amanda at the party,” I said as I blew a hole in her logic.

I saw the look on her face, and got out of bed to get dressed. Yep, she had deliberately excluded me. I could almost understand the team not telling me, because Max had them under his thumb. I also knew that if Tyler was there so were Al and my cousin Tracy. Tyler and Al, on the other hand, ate lunch with me on a daily basis and we hung out at practice. Finally, there was Dave, who I considered to be my best friend. All five had gone to the party while I sat at home. I felt like they had picked sides and Max had won. If someone told me that any of them were not invited to a party I wouldn’t have gone. I felt a white hot rage, I had never experienced before, well up inside of me. I think there were equal part of hurt and betrayal mixed in.

“Hunter,” she began.

“Zoey, don’t!” I said as shrugged off her hand on my shoulder. “If I’m too much of a loser for you to hang out with last night, then do me a favor and leave me alone now.”

I thought about what I did last night while they were all out having fun. I stayed at home, with my aunt and uncle, and watched the Donnie and Marie Show and then the Friday Night Movie on CBS. Uncle Dale and I wanted to watch the Rockford Files, but Aunt Marcy made us watch the movie. It turned out it was The Planet of the Apes.

“Was the rest of the basketball team there?” I asked to confirm my suspicions.

From her look I knew they had all been there. The thing that sucked total balls with our current living arrangements was there was nowhere to go be by yourself. If I was a normal boy, I would have been able to go to my room and sulk, but not when the person you wanted to get away from was your roommate. My only option was to leave the house, so I put my coat on and walked out.

My seventeen-year-old emotions were in serious disarray. I didn’t know who I was madder at, Zoey or my teammates. Dave would have done whatever Zoey said, so I somewhat understood him going. Tyler may or may not have known Max had excluded me, but I suspected he knew, and same held with Al.

The one person I knew I really wanted to blame was Max. I’d given him a pass up to this point. In a lot of ways it was my own fault. If I had stood up to him he wouldn’t have had the balls to do this to me. But, I was trying not to get into fights so that my aunt wouldn’t go off on me. Crap. What a mess! In a lot of ways I was mad at myself.

I walked up Main Street, by the campus, and went to a mom and pop place for breakfast. One of the things I had started, once I came back, was to drink coffee. In the last go around I hadn’t discovered the wonders of coffee until I was in college. I was glad that my stomach seemed to be made of cast iron. Multiple cups of coffee did not upset my stomach like it had before. The other thing I liked about being seventeen again was I could eat anything and not get fat. The metabolism of a teenage boy as he went through a growth spurt was simply amazing. I ordered the country fried steak breakfast with a side of biscuits and gravy. I got a big glass of milk since I figured my growing bones needed it.

As I ate my older self told me two things. The first was to find out what the deal was before I got all bent out of shape. It could be a lot of reasons I hadn’t been invited. The second was I should just calm down because in the big scheme of things, a party was not a big deal.

My younger self told the old man to mind his own business. He had a better plan. We had a basketball game this afternoon, so I would just ask Max why I was excluded, and then I would kick his ass. A small smile had come across my face as I thought of possibly torturing him. Waterboarding hadn’t been made illegal yet.

Our basketball season was off to a terrible start. We were 0 – 12 and had been blown out of every game. Our biggest problem was our guard play. We didn’t have a point guard to lead the team and set up the offense. The sad part was that was the position I played. I had started to get over my coordination issues and had played better in practice, but Coach Elliot had watched how badly I played the first couple of games and no longer let me even sniff any playing time, which I felt was unfair.

We had three other point guards on our team. Al was the tallest at five-ten, and because of that he started. I secretly called him The Matador because his defense was so bad. Even on my worst day, I could drive on him with no problem. When he was in the game, the opposing teams would drive for the basket and then distribute the ball to a wide open shooter. It made it look like open gym with all the uncontested shots they would get.

Next was Dawson French or Rocks, as I thought of him. He couldn’t catch or pass a basketball to save his life. He was a human turnover machine. It was almost impossible to turn the ball over more than you scored, but Rocks was the exception to the rule. When Rocks played point guard he would be the perfect drinking game. For every turnover you’d do a shot, and you would be drunk before you knew it.

The other guard ahead of me in the lineup was Ace Tucker. He and I got on pretty well, because neither one of us got any playing time. In practice we had to play other positions to fill in when we went five-on-five. It was funny to watch Ace and me play center and power forward sometimes.

Today we played Le Roy High School, a little town twenty minutes away from Bloomington-Normal. I’d gone to our high school to catch the bus. When I got there I saw we would take the short bus, which meant we would have to sit with someone. I wanted to chuckle because the short bus was used for the Special Ed students. I figured the way we played basketball we qualified. Varsity had a tournament to go to. I was the last one on and I saw Tyler had saved me a seat. I think I shocked everyone when I sat by Coach Elliot, including Coach Elliot.

The bus ride to the game was subdued. Normally when you had a bus full of teenage boys something was going on, but today there was a bunch of whispered conversations instead. I glanced over at Max, who had the party, and he had a big smile on his face, which caused my other teammates to laugh. I guessed I was the butt of everyone’s joke. My older self warned me that what I had planned would make it worse, but my seventeen-year-old self was hurt by the fact that they would treat me like this. What made me the maddest was I had stuck up for Tyler on more than one occasion and I thought we were better friends than that. My older self knew that Tyler had just tried to fit in.

When we got to Le Roy I jumped off the bus and stood by Coach Elliot as everyone got off. I made a point to look every guy in the eye with a blank stare on my face. They all ran into the locker room and left Coach behind to have to deal with me.

“What’s going on, Hunter?” he asked.

“I’m thinking me playing basketball was a mistake.”

“Why is that?”

“I never get to play, and right now I’m not too happy with my teammates. If I had known I would be bullied and was nothing but a benchwarmer I would never have come out. I should just cut my losses and concentrate on other things.”

“You know if you quit we don’t have ten players and we will have to disband the JV team. If you quit, are you any better than the bullies on the team?” he asked.

I thought about it for a moment and he was right in a twisted way. I think my mom used to say two wrongs don’t make a right. I just nodded.

“Okay, I won’t quit,” I said.

I went into the locker room and found a quiet corner where I could get my head on right before the game.

Le Roy was a big team. They had a couple of inches and at least ten pounds on every one of our starters. Their problem was they weren’t much better than we were. If you have ever watched JV basketball, it is actually funny sometimes. I started to laugh out loud when Rocks passed to a wide open referee. Neither team seemed to want to win. I think when I laughed it pissed off Coach Elliot, because he didn’t see the humor in it at all. He was so pissed that put me in the game.

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