Chapter 9

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 9 - This is a story of a young girl that is abused by her father but still tries to maintain a normal life. This lasts until he tries to whore her out to friends. She runs away when her boyfriend offers to let her stay at his house but it comes with an older brother and horny father. She still tries to not make waves in her new family despite frequent forced sex and having to submit to their intimate desires. Her biggest fear, her father will find her and force her to return

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I went in the house and took a quick bath then lay on the bed to read a little of my book. I became restless after a while and wandered in the living room. Jack was watching some zombie adventure on TV so I went in the to kitchen. I started preparing the catfish that had been laid out on the counter earlier to thaw. I had finished the potato salad and was chopping the onions for a second batch of hush puppies when Paul stuck his head in.

"Hi," I said. 'You're back early today." I handed him a warm hush puppy. I had made my mind up to be as nice as I could to Paul too. I didn't think he was going to mistreat me again. It may even give me a little say on when or how I got laid by him again.

"Hey," he said. "Thanks for cooking. Those cookies you made were really good too. I had never had them with M and M's in them before. That worked well."

"Thanks, I found some raisins. I could make some bread pudding or oatmeal cookies for dessert if you like that."

"You might get Jack to show you the pear trees if you like to bake. They are out in the side yard, behind where the garden used to be. Mom used to make pies out of them. If no one uses them, the bugs and varmits will eat 'em all."

"I'd like that. I like to cook and it's great having all this stuff to work with."

"If there's anything you need, just make a list and leave it on the refrigerator."

"Thanks Paul," he just nodded. He hugged me, nuzzling my neck and squeezing my breast, all at the same time. "Mmm, you smell good." He made his way to the fridge to get a beer then went into the living room to watch TV with Jack. I was only half listening to them until I heard my name, then I listened more carefully.

"I tell you Jack, Molly is coming on to me."

"You're imagining things. She's just trying to be friendly."

"You'll see. If she comes on to me again, I may just have to take her up on it."

"Fine," said Jack, sounding a little put out by the conversation. "If she does, you take her up on it, it's not going to bother me."

I went back to cooking, wondering why Paul was using me to aggravate Jack and if he really meant what he said. 'It wasn't going to bother him?' I really wondered if he meant that he would not be bothered by his brother fucking me senseless every chance he got.

Buster took my attention away from them. He nudged my leg with his nose. "Sit," he sat immediately. "Good boy." I gave him a half of a hush puppy that I had set aside for him to cool earlier. "Beg," I said. He cocked his head and looked at me. I took his front paws and raised him up to a begging position, let go and said. "Good boy!" before he could get down again, giving him the remaining hush puppy. I did it again. "Beg." One chomp and a swallow and it was gone. I wiped his muzzle with a towel. He was drooling.

"You can't be doing that in the house Buster"

"You didn't let that dog in the house again did you?" said Rufus, from the living room.

"He's behaving himself," I called back. "He's clean too. He came down to the river with us earlier." I let Buster in almost every day when I was in the kitchen. I made sure he stayed with me. I didn't want him to bother anybody and be told that he couldn't be inside anymore. He seemed to be housebroken, so far, so good at least. I found an old army blanket on the back porch and put it in an out of the way corner beside the stove for him to lay on.

"Ok. Just don't make a habit of it," he said.

"Okay." I looked down at Buster. "Lay Down," he went onto his belly. "Roll over," he didn't move. I pushed him over onto his side and used his legs to roll him over. "Good Boy!" Chomp, another hush puppy went down his throat in a gulp. He gave a cough and a piece of hush puppy flew across the room and under the table. He scrambled to go after it, knocking chairs aside as he went under the table after it.

"Chew your food Buster," I admonished. I was going to have to make twice as many as I had planned at this rate.

The dinner was a hit. I got compliments from everyone. I had made enough to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I stuck close to Jack after dinner to make sure Paul didn't get me alone and drag me off with him.

Rufus made an announcement to the room in general as we were sitting in the living room watching TV. "I don't know what's the matter with that dog. He didn't touch his dinner today. He might have worms." He glanced at me and I shrugged my shoulders and opened my hands in a "I don't know" gesture. He just nodded.

Sunday, we slept late. Paul was gone by the time we left the bedroom. He had Tuesdays and Wednesdays off now instead of weekends. I got Jack to show me the pear trees. There were two of them but the place was so over grown with brush, you had to know where they were to find them. There were a lot of pears on the ground but when I picked them up I found most had been ruined by bugs.

There were a lot more pears on the branches. I found a few that were still good and Jack threw a stick into the tree to knock more down. We also found a persimmon tree that had a few persimmons left on it. Jack bent the branches down so I could reach them and I gathered those too. There were even two big fig trees back there. It was too late in the season for figs though.

I went back to the kitchen to see what else I might need for the following week. I added cinnamon and nutmeg to the grocery list. I found an old cook book in an upper cabinet while looking to see what we had. I added a few more items to the list after looking through that. I was hungry, thinking of crawfish etouffee and catfish court bouillon with cornbread and turnip greens.

I started making a pie crust with butter and flour. Buster followed me everywhere now. "Want a treat?" I asked him. His ears perked up and his tail started a Jamaican tune, knocking against the cabinets and different chair legs. I went to the fridge and got some leftover catfish. I held it up high and waved it at him. "Come get it." He stood on his hind legs and reached for it. I held it just out of his reach and moved it around in a full circle with him following it. "Dance." I did it again with him following the catfish with his nose, turning in a full circle. "Dance, good Boy!" He loved fried catfish. I did it a few more times before I ran out of leftovers. He caught on quick.

Jack came in and saw what I was doing. "You can't train that dog. He's too old. He never does what you tell him to anyway."

"Oh, I don't know, I think he's pretty smart. "He sure took off in a hurry when you told him to tell dad that we were here the first day we came."

"I guess he can do a few things. Things he likes to do, besides, I cheated that day. I knew he was going to go running back to the house anyway."

"What kind of dog is he anyway?" I asked.

"Just a mutt, mostly Bull Mastiff. Probably some Great Dane and I think a little hound or other big dog. He gets that brindle color from the Mastiff. He's a good guard dog. He won't let anybody into the yard or out of their car if he doesn't know them."

"He is really soft when he's clean," I said. "I'm going to use some shampoo on him the next time we go to the river."

"I don't think anybody has ever given him a bath before. He may not like it."

"Oh, you're going to help," I said. "Didn't I tell you?"

"I'll walk down there with you. I may even watch from a safe distance, but I think you're on your own with this one."

I sat in a kitchen chair and rubbed Buster behind his ears. He responded by shoving his snout into my crotch and sniffing. I pushed him away. "Sit." He sat. "Lay down." I told him. He laid on the kitchen floor. "Roll over." He rolled over then looked at me expectantly. "Good boy." I told him and rubbed his ears again.

Jack was astonished. "I've never seen him so that before."

"Oh, he's smart. You just have to make him want to do it. All he wants is a little attention."

"I'm the one that feeds him," he said.

"Thats not the same as giving him attention. You would do the same thing for a goldfish. Watch this." I broke off a piece of cornbread from the leftover plate, Buster was watching me. Dance, Buster." Buster jumped onto his back legs and hopped in a circle. I gave him the cornbread and praised him.

"Wow!" Jack said. "You're going to have him eating off of a plate with a fork at this rate."

"Ding." The oven timer went off and I jumped up to turn the oven off. The pot roast could stay in there until it was time to eat dinner.

Rufus came in and said. "Molly must be cooking again. Something sure smells good. I'm taking the pickup into Covington later this week to drop off some supplies and see a couple of people. If you guys want to go along I can drop you off at the grocery and pick you up later or you can just walk to Henry's store in town."

Jack knew I woudn't go to Mr. Henry's store. He would tell my dad he had seen me and cause all kinds of trouble. "We'll go with you dad," said Jack.

The pot roast dinner was a hit. I even got a compliment from Paul. "Thats the best bread pudding I've had in a long time," he said, pushing himself back a little from the table.

"If you hadn't told me about the pear trees, I wouldn't have been able to do it. We found some persimmons that were ripe too. Could you tell they were in there? I soaked the raisins in whiskey to give it that aroma."

"I thought that was a familiar smell," said Rufus. "I never would have guessed if you hadn't told me. I thought it was from a hard sauce. You ought to enter that one at the parish fair next spring. It was good."

"Thanks Rufus. I might just do that. When Jack and I were picking the pears, I noticed a little fenced in area near by. Is there any chance that could be turned into a garden again. It would be great to have some fresh herbs, greens and tomatoes on hand all summer."

"That was Mary's garden," said Rufus. "She always had something growing in there. The fence kept the varmits out. It probably needs some work to get it rabbit tight again. It's probably about time that side yard was put to some good use again anyway." He looked at Jack. "See if you can get the tractor running tomorrow and put that area in shape again. It hasn't been run in a year or two so you may have to put fresh diesel in it and jump it off."

Oh good!" I said. "I can help you Jack."

"You can drive a tractor?" asked Rufus.

"Not yet, but if Jack can do it, I'm sure I can learn."

"You probably can at that," he said. "You better let Jack do the driving tomorrow though. It takes a while to be good at it and with that heavy clearing to be done, it's possible to turn it over."

"Y'all don't have a chicken coop hidden anywhere around here do you?"

"You're out of luck on that one Molly. We talked about it a few times, just never got around to doing it."

The next two days Paul had off and he came to watch Jack knocking down the brush and pushing it off to the side in a big pile to be burned. I wanted to help tie chains to the few saplings that had to be uprooted from the garden area and Paul showed me how. I picked up a shovel to turn the soil after it had been cleared but Paul said to hold off for a while. Jack drove the tractor back to the barn and changed out the box blade for a disc plow and had the whole thing done in 30 minutes. It was full of roots that would have been impossible to remove with a shovel.

With Paul on his days off, we would all be here for dinner for the next two days. I decided to make a special meal for Wednesday. That would be Paul's last day off for the next week. I needed a few things because I wanted spaghetti and meatballs instead of roast or catfish. I was out of tomato sauce. I had used it all up in the jambalaya and catfish court bullion. I never thought I would get tired of catfish. Spaghetti was going to be a good change. I made a list with a marker and piece of paper and taped it to the cabinet with a piece of tape. I just needed tomato sauce, garlic and peppers.

Tuesday was slow. I used it to sweep the entire house and organize the kitchen cabinets. everything was scattered everywhere and it took too long to find whatever I needed. I lined the bottom of the cabinets with fresh newspaper. The stuff that was left in there was seven years old. Paul and Jack came in and offered to help but after about five minutes I had to run them out.

They had no idea how to organize anything and were more trouble than help. They kept rubbing against me and groping me, each trying to outdo the other to see what they could get away with. They started with hugs from the back. Jack would slip his hands under my tee shirt, hold my breast then wink at Paul and say, "Look what I found!"

I couldn't work like that so I just stood there until he let go. Not to be out done by his brother, Paul would hug me doing the same thing. I knew they were trying to make me say stop. I refused to say anything. I thought it was fun at first but I was really trying to get something done with the cabinets. I finally looked at both of them, and said, "If you guys want to eat this evening, I think you need to find somebody else to help. Don't you?"

"But you're so much more fun," complained Jack. He had my butt pulled against his crotch at the time and was keeping me from moving.

"If either one of you is still in here in thirty seconds, you're cooking for yourselves for the next week." It didn't take long for them to find other entertainment. I saw them heading for the creek with a pole and a catfish trap a little later.

Wednesday morning I was in the kitchen looking for the groceries I had on the list. I didn't find the groceries but I did find the list. It had been moved and was on the newspapers lining the cabinet holding the drinking glasses. I was a little miffed. I called Jack and asked if he would go to town and get the stuff I needed. He didn't want to go but I insisted. He finally said he would go if I could go with him.

I didn't know what to do. I was afraid someone in town would recognize me and tell my dad where I was. I told Jack this and he said I could wait for him in the park while he went to Mr. Henry's store for the groceries. The park was about 50 acres and was heavily wooded. The creek ran through the middle of it and walking paths and little bridges were everywhere. There was a small fountain there with seats among the trees that was deserted most of the time. I agreed to stay in that area and we set off walking to town.

The walk was okay but I was nervous. I hadn't been to town for a couple of weeks and I was looking at everything with a view to escape if someone should come along. The road the house was on was a dead end a few miles past Jacks house so there was no traffic while we were walking. I was ready to run into the woods if I should need to though. The last thing I wanted was for Dad to find out I was staying at Jacks house. I was increasingly nervous as we got close to town. I was starting to regret my decision to come at all. One car approached us and I got on the far side of Jack trying to hide.

Jack noticed that I scared and helped by turning us around and walking slowly in the other direction so we had out backs to the oncoming car. He had his arm around my shoulders.

"I think this was a mistake coming here with you Jack. I want to go back. Someone is going to see me."

"I don't like the idea of you walking back by yourself Molly. There's not much left before we get to the park anyway, only a few blocks." He finally talked me into it and escorted me to the park, right to a remote bench. It was in a grove of gum trees with a nude, bronze statue of Diana with her dog and bow on a pedestal. I told him I would wait for him here and he left to get the groceries.

I sat there for a while looking at the statue and thinking 'I had nicer boobs than than that statue.' Eventually I heard voices approaching from the foot path. I could hear a girls voice saying "But what if I am. I'll have to leave." then a guys voice talking in a low voice trying to console her saying. "You'll be alright. You'll probably start up next month." I got up and stood beside the bench, hoping they would pass by on the path and not see me. They turned and entered the little grove where I was standing beside the bench.

"Molly! What are you doing here?" It was Cynthia, one of the snob sisters from my graduating class and Hank, one of the popular guys from the football team. That was the problem with a small town. You knew everybody and everybody knew you and your problems.

"I'm doing the same thing you're doing here, I'm sure."

"Oh. Well, we were just looking for a quiet place to talk. This looks like a good place. It was nice to see you Molly. Maybe we will see each other later."

I continued to stand by the bench, holding on to the corner. After that obvious dismissal, I was not about to leave.

"Yes, maybe we will. I'm sure you will find plenty of other places for your quiet talk."

Hank decided to put his two cents in the conversation. "Take a walk Molly, We don't need you here."

"I'm sure you don't Hank. You seem to have enough problems already don't you think? I'm here and I'm staying here. If you guys want a private talk, you're going to have it somewhere else. And for your own sake, keep your voices down. You don't want the whole town knowing you're going to be parents do you?"

Cynthia blanched to a pale white. I thought she was going to faint. Hank looked at her and put his arm around her and tried to bluster.

"You don't know what you're talking about."

"Knock it off Hank," I said. "You only have a few months of freedom left anyway before school starts again. Cynthia, you've never liked me because you're such a snob. You're afraid to offend your snob friends by saying anything civil to me. I've never had any other reason to dislike you but I wouldn't wish your problem on anyone, even you. If you don't catch next month, go see the sheriff, he can help and he will keep it quiet. Now go somewhere else. I came out here to be alone." I sat down, crossed my arms and faced forward, leaving them standing at the entrance to the grove. Cynthia finally took Hank by the hand and lead him away. I sat there for a while thinking about Cynthia and wondering what she could do. Then I started wondering about my situation. What was I going to do? Did I really want to stay with Jack at his house with all the stuff going on there? Jack was eventually going to discover I was being used by his brother and father, sometimes both at once! I didn't know what he was going to do then. I didn't want to be turned out on the road. I decided I really liked Jack and Rufus. I even liked Paul. I still had a little resentment about him. I thought he would turn out okay with a little more time. He had been pretty nice to me lately.

Jack returned for me a little later and we had a nice walk back. I was quiet and didn't worry too much about seeing anyone I knew. We got back to the house in time to eat a simple lunch. I started the pear pies right after that so they would be out of the way and I would have time to make the spaghetti sauce. I formed the meat balls and put them in the fridge until I needed them and made the tea with some mint added. I found them growing in a damp patch behind the barn.

Rufus came home for a late lunch and I served him a meat ball sandwich on French bread with the tomato gravy. It was messy but he said he loved it. Jack and Paul had already eaten and were in the living room with a glass of tea watching TV. After Rufus ate he came up behind me, putting his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. "Thanks for the lunch Molly. How's my little sex kitten? Do you think you have time for a quick trip to the back bedroom?"

It had been most of a week since Rufus or Paul had me so I knew this was coming sooner rather than later. I turned to peek out the kitchen door and saw the others watching the TV. One of their shows had just started. I grinned at him and nodded. I thought it was about time that he took an interest in me again. As long as he was being so nice as to ask me about it, I was willing. I needed to talk to him about Cynthia anyway.

"Meet me in my room in about 5 minutes." He turned and went to his room. I looked around the corner and saw Jack still watching TV with Paul. His back was to me so I took a chance, slipped my sandals off and snuck down the hall to his dad's door. I went in and closed it behind me. Rufus had already taken his pants off and was leaning back against the headboard of his bed. I crawled on the bed and got between his legs.

"You're not hard yet."

"I'm sure you know how to fix that Honey."

I grabbed his cock and sucked it vigorously, pulling his foreskin back to look at it every now and then. I managed to get it all the way down my throat several times, before it got too hard. He liked that. He was growling and holding my head in his hands. He kept saying "I love watching all that go down your throat." and "You're so good at that." After he got too hard for me to do it easily, I wrapped my hands around the base of his cock to control the depth.

He pulled my tank top off and started playing with my breasts and twisting my nipples while I sucked on him. He came a lot when he came and I had to swallow fast to keep up with him. He was grunting and moaning too much. I was sure someone was going to hear. A little cum leaked out of the corner of my mouth and ran over my hand. I sucked on him a few more minutes and he stopped me, pulling me up on his lap facing him. He just hugged me gently while he kissed me. I was wishing I had taken my shorts off. I could feel his cock through my clothes and I was wet and horny from sucking him.

"You taste like cock," he said, breaking away from me.

"You need to wash more often, then you wouldn't smell like that. You cum a lot too. I like that, I have to swallow fast just to keep up with you, just a minute." I looked on the back of my hand. The cum was still there. I sucked it into my mouth. "Kiss me now." He looked skeptical so I kissed him instead. He resisted for a second then relaxed and opened up to me. I tried to give it to him but it was only a dab. He tolerated it longer that I expected, finally pushing me away.

"Damn, I wish I had more time girl."

"I'll be sure to save you more next time."

"You do that," he said as he put his trousers back on.

"Are you going to be home for dinner?"

"Look for me before 6:00."

"I have something to talk to you about when you have time. I don't want it to take you by surprise when you hear about it. I would have told you about it already but you kept me too busy."

Everyone was ready for dinner by 6:00 PM. I thought I had made enough for leftovers but they finished it all off, even the pie. I didn't tell them I had made two.

Paul and Rufus sat in the living room while I cleaned up. I gave Buster a plate of scraps to finish off. He sat by me the whole time I was washing, hoping for more. Jack helped me by drying and putting things away. He looked down, "Is that dog begging?" he asked. I pointed to his blanket in the corner and said. "Go lay down!" Buster reluctantly turned, walked to his blanket and lay on it, watching us.

"I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. He doesn't smell anymore either. Did you bathe him?"

"Of course. Why do you think he doesn't smell. I used your shampoo though. I hope you don't mind."

"Why did you use mine, why not use yours?"

"Mine is more expensive and besides, yours is bigger."

"I guess it doesn't make any difference. If you hadn't told me I never would have noticed."

I finished washing and dried my hands on the dish towel. I poured two glasses of whiskey and brought them to the men in the living room. They were in their easy chairs so Jack and I had he couch for watching TV.

"That was a mighty fine meal you served, Molly," Rufus said. "Thank you."

"You're welcome Rufus, I'm glad you liked it." When they finished the first drink I made them another and brought it to them.

"You know, I have something you might like. I'll be right back." Rufus said. He disappeared into the back of the house and came back a few minutes later with a dusty bottle. "I made a batch of this for my wife a long time ago. It's been stored for so long I almost forgot about it. It's similar to brandied peaches but not as strong. He poured a small glass each for Jack and I.

"Hey! Thats pretty good," said Jack after a sip. "It's nice and sweet." He finished his off quickly and got some more.

I smelled my glass. It did smell pretty good, like peaches with a sharp pinch in the nose. I sipped it and was surprised by the sweetness. I could taste the peaches. There was a little burning after taste as it went down but the thick liquid soothed your throat as soon as it happened. "This is good Rufus. Did you make it?"

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