Chapter 6

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 6 - This is a story of a young girl that is abused by her father but still tries to maintain a normal life. This lasts until he tries to whore her out to friends. She runs away when her boyfriend offers to let her stay at his house but it comes with an older brother and horny father. She still tries to not make waves in her new family despite frequent forced sex and having to submit to their intimate desires. Her biggest fear, her father will find her and force her to return

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Rape   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Gang Bang   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Size  

The next day I didn't have to go to school. I stayed in bed until Jack left. My last tow final exams weren't until Wednesday. I stayed in the room until almost lunch time then put some shorts on, put my hair into a pony tail and went into the kitchen, looking for something to eat. I was wearing a pink tank top with lace around the deep neckline. I found some cereal and sat at the table to eat. Paul came in, nodded to me and made himself a sandwich. He had switched to working nights and had not adjusted to sleeping all day yet. When he finished eating he looked at me.

"I heard you last night again," he said, "getting it from Jack. You seemed to be enjoying yourself a lot."

I didn't answer. I got up, washed my bowl and started to leave the kitchen. As I passed his chair his arm shot out and caught me around the waist, pulling me into his lap.

"No, Let me go!" I shouted. I beat on his arm with my fist. It didn't bother him at all. It was like beating on a tree limb.

"A sweet little thing like you might be just what I need to get to sleep again," he said. He put his hand inside my shirt, squeezing my breasts and ran his palm across my nipples before pinching one.

"For such a little girl, that's some really nice tits you have there," he said. He pulled the hem of my shirt over my head, leaving me topless. I struggled and tried to get up but he was much too strong. "Now you just settle down here." He had my wrist and he twisted my arm behind me. "Am I going to have to twist your arm off to get you to calm down and have a little fun?"

"No. Please Paul, don't hurt me. I'll do what ever you say." I had been overpowered before but not by someone this big. I thought all he wanted was a good time and I had no problems with that. It didn't leave any broken arms for sure. If he just wanted to play around I would cooperate. I just wanted to get out of this situation as quickly as possible and with out any bruises.

"Really? You're not just saying that because I have your arm are you? Not planning to run off when I let go?"

"No, I won't do that. Really Paul, just let go. I'll do what ever you want, really."

"Really? Anything I want? Thats going to be a tall order young lady." He let go of my arm and I rubbed my shoulder. "We'll have a little fun, just you and me. You're ready to do what ever I say right? Will you agree to do that?"

"Yes, I said I would."

"I'm glad we are both on the same page here," he said. He stood up dropped his pajama bottoms and grabbed both my breasts as soon as he was naked. "Now ain't that some nice nipples? He pinched them, a little too hard.

"Ow!" I cried out.

"I didn't hurt you on purpose. Here, how's this?"

He sat in the chair and pulled me to him. He sucked one nipple into his mouth, switched to the other and continued to suck on me. That did feel good but I wasn't ready to admit it yet. I was still a little pissed at him. It felt like extortion and I was resenting it.

"Would you like to suck on me now?" he finally asked.

I wanted to tell him the truth but I had promised. "Yes." I said.

"And?" he said.

"Yes, I would love to suck on you." I replied. I was going to have to talk to him like I did for my dad. This guy wanted to hear everything.

"What are you waiting for? Get to it!"

I dropped to my knees and put my hands on his dick. It was big. I had never seen a dick this big before. It was longer and bigger around that any I had seen before. I started sucking on him, jacking him with my hands at the same time and moaning like I was enjoying myself.

"You do that good Molly, keep it up." He stopped me a few minutes later.

"I don't want to cum like that, stand up now and give me a break." I stood up and he immediately sucked a nipple into his mouth again, sucking hard and pulling on my nipple. He smacked his lips when he let it go.

"Ow. You're going to have to be a little more careful doing that."

"Doing what?"

"You know. What you just did, pulling on me like that."

"Say it Molly. I want to hear just what I did that you didn't like."

"When you sucked on my nipple really hard, pulling it out, that hurt a little."

"I like to hear you talk about what we're doing. It's sexy. Tell me what you would like me to do now."

"Suck on my breast more gently. I like that."

"Okay, lets do that." He began to suck first one then the other nipple, massaging my breast while he did it.

"That's good. I like the way you're doing that." I ran my fingers in his hair to encourage him. He stopped and rolled my nipples with his fingers.

"You have such plump nipples, long too. We are going to have to do this more often, aren't we?" I didn't say anything.

"Hey! Didn't hear me?"

"Yes, I would love to do this more often." I said. I realized that he wanted me to sound enthusiastic, like I was a willing partner. I decided I had better adjust my attitude get on the ball or I might be smacked around.

"Suck on me again, this time, leave me as wet as possible. Understand?"

"Yes, I understand. I can't wait to suck on you. You have such big balls, I'll bet you cum a lot. I want you to cum in my mouth, I like that." I dropped to my knees and cupped his balls, playing with them. They really were big and hung down low. They were least the size of golf balls, maybe bigger. His cock was bigger than Jacks too. It was longer and a lot bigger around. Usually the head is the biggest part. Paul's dick swelled up about an inch behind the head until it was fatter than the head. It was impressive. I sucked on him for a minute then left a lot of saliva on his dick.

"Ok, enough of this," he said, standing. He had me bend over the table and pulled my shorts and panties down.

I put my elbow's on the table to support myself. I knew what was coming. I had been through this with my dad plenty of times before. I was just hoping he wouldn't hurt me anymore. I felt his cock moving up and down on my slit, trying to find the entrance. He pushed hard.

"Ow! You're hurting me!" I was too dry and the saliva wasn't helping enough.

He slapped my ass in a stinging slap. "You complain too much. " He held onto my hips and pulled back a little then thrust in again, gaining an inch or two.

"Ow! You're too big. Stop, please! I'll suck on you some more."

"Oh no. This tight little pussy is just what I need." I could feel myself being stretched tightly around his cock. I tried to get away but just succeeded in pushing myself up from the table top. He was less than half way in and I felt like I was a virgin again, being torn open. He didn't even slow down. He thrust into me again, going deeper. I started crying, "Ow, ow, ow."

"Damn you're tight Molly." He said. "There's only one way to get in this tight little pussy." He pulled back another inch and thrust forward hard, pulling back on my hips at the same time.

"Aiee!" I screamed. He slapped me on the ass again hard.

"There's no one here to hear you. Besides, I'm in now it shouldn't hurt any more." He pulled back and thrust hard in me, slapping against my ass. "Ooh thats good!" He held me there then did it again. I bit my lip to keep from crying out. He was too big. I was too tight.

Slowly he speeded up. His balls swung forward to slap against my pussy. Soon he was thrusting fast and steady. My pussy was gradually getting wetter and I began to feel like I would live through this. I liked the way his heavy balls were slapping against my pussy. He was really tight in me though, abrading me.

I heard the screen door to the kitchen screech open behind me. Paul stopped pounding into me and pulled me up against his chest, breathing hard. I was breathing hard myself. He turned us around to face Rufus and had me standing up in front of him. He had one arm across my belly and the other under my breasts. I was still impaled on his cock.

"Smile Molly." He whispered in my ear. I put a little smile on my lips. It should be enough to fool Rufus.

"Hey Paul," said Rufus, coming home for lunch. "I see you and Molly are getting along well." He walked to stand in front of me and held my chin in his hand. "You're looking fine Molly. He bent to give me a little peck on the lips. You enjoying this? I hope so. I'm not intruding am I? I mean, you guys are in the kitchen after all. Looks like you're having a great lunch yourselves."

"Tell him how you're liking this Molly," Paul whispered. "Ask him if he would like to join in."

"I love what Paul is doing to me Rufus." I held my hand out to him. "Would you like to join us?"

"Wow! That's the nicest invitation I've had all year. It looks to me like you're pretty well filled up down there. Since you asked so nicely though, I could really use a good blow job. How about it? Are you up for that?" He asked with a big smile.

"I'd love to do that for you Rufus." I could see I wasn't going to get out of this so I decided to just get it over with.

He dropped his pants on the kitchen floor and stepped out of them. His dick wasn't hard yet but it was getting there. Paul turned me to face the table again and pushed me back on my belly. Rufus walked to the far side of the table so I could reach his dick. I supported myself on my elbows and reached for Rufus' dick. Being only half hard, I could suck most of it in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head of his dick and sucked hard on it as I stroked him with my hand, trying not to wince at what Paul was doing behind me.

Paul started stroking into me slowly, gradually speeding up again. I could feel Rufus growing in my mouth, soon I could only take half of him. He was big too, but not as fat as Paul. I was wetter now. Paul was sliding in and out without as much pain. He started slapping against me again, pushing me forward against Rufus each time he hit against me. Rufus started matching Paul's strokes, thrusting in each time Paul did. His cock was hitting the back of my throat.

Paul gathered my pony tail and wrapped it around his hand. He pulled back on my hair and I found my neck being pulled back so that I was looking at Rufus's face instead of his belly. That straightened out my throat and Rufus thrust his cock all the way down. I tried to open my throat to make it a little easier for him and not so painful for me.

Rufus kept thrusting deeply into my mouth every time Paul pushed me forward. I reached out to hold his balls with my other hand, pulling them towards me. I was being penetrated from both ends and I felt like there was a line of electricity connecting both dicks and meeting in the middle of me, shocking me with every thrust they made.

Rufus put his hands behind my neck and thrust hard enough to shove his hard dick right down my throat, holding me there. I couldn't breathe. I felt him coming, spurting hot and hard straight into my belly. He pulled out a little and I gasped for air. He shoved his dick back down my throat then pulled out one more time. He continued to cum in my mouth in several more spurts. I swallowed as fast as I could to keep from choking. There was still a lot to swallow and it was hard with my head pulled back.

A small rational part of my mind seemed to disconnect from my body. I seemed to be looking down on the room from high in the corner, near the ceiling. I saw myself down there being manhandled, fucked from the rear and a cock forced down the throat of the little girl I was watching. This went on for a few minutes, watching this small, familiar looking naked figure being shaken like a rag doll by two big men. I wondered if Rufus was seeing Paul's dick sliding in and out of me like I was seeing it. That thought excited me. The sparks of electricity I had felt before coalesced into a lightning strike. I had a huge orgasm. My legs started trembling.

I was back in my body again. I grabbed Rufus' ass with both hands, pulling his dick down my throat again and sucking as hard as I could while Paul slammed into me from behind. I dug my nails into Rufus' ass and held tight as Paul pulled me back against him and gave a yell. He shot his cum in me in several hot spurts, thrusting hard and holding it, crushing me between them. He leaned over me for support as he relaxed and lay on me.

I felt myself clenching around his dick, I had another spasm, then another. I had to breathe. I pulled Rufus's dick out and gasped a few times for much needed air.

Paul backed out of me and collapsed back in his chair. I slid off the table and landed on my knees in front of him. I sucked his cock into my mouth, milking him for the last few drops of cum as he gradually got softer.

"My Lord, I don't think I've cum so much in years," said Rufus, as he buckled his pants. "I know I've never met a lady that loves sucking a dick as much as little Molly here. We're going to have to meet for lunch like this more often, Paul." He laughed at his own joke.

I walked around to Rufus, plastering myself against him and giving him a hug. He hugged me back. I reached between us and pointed his cock up, stroking it softly with my hand then pressing it between us with my belly. It was still more than half hard.

"This is the nicest hug I've ever had from a naked lady," he said.

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