Chapter 2

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2 - This is a story of a young girl that is abused by her father but still tries to maintain a normal life. This lasts until he tries to whore her out to friends. She runs away when her boyfriend offers to let her stay at his house but it comes with an older brother and horny father. She still tries to not make waves in her new family despite frequent forced sex and having to submit to their intimate desires. Her biggest fear, her father will find her and force her to return

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Our house was a nice place until mom left us almost two years ago. I was 14 then. I cooked and tried to keep the place picked up and clothes washed like mom had done. My dad stopped eating much. He drank a lot. He cried a lot too, especially the first month. I would try to cheer him up by cooking for him, sweeping and making the beds with fresh linens every week.

I would hug him when he cried and cry too sometimes. It hurt me just watching him. He started drinking when he got home from work. I asked him to stop drinking, more than once. He said it helped him to sleep.

Sometimes he and I would argue about it. He would get angry and wave his arms around shouting at me to leave him alone. He slapped me once, hard enough to knock me down. That ended the argument pretty quick. I ran to my room holding my face. The second time he slapped me, he knocked me down onto the couch, picked me up like a weightless doll, laid me over his lap and spanked me.

He pulled my skirt up, pulled my panties down around my knees and swatted my bare ass. He was yelling at me while he spanked me, telling me how bad I was to treat him like this and how I deserved to be punished. It hurt, my ass felt like it was on fire. I was screaming and kicking. He kept slapping by butt, furious with me. I felt him getting an erection before very long long. He stopped suddenly, quit yelling and rested his hand on my red ass. A minute later he got up and went to his room. I cried a while on the couch, putting my hand on my burning ass then pulled my panties up and ran to my room. I didn't argue with him about his drinking after that.

Several months after mom left, I heard him moaning in the night, about an hour after we had gone to bed. I got up, wearing the loose tee shirt and bikini panties that I slept in and went to his room. I turned on the small lamp on the dresser and put my hand on his shoulder He was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"She didn't have any reason to leave me Molly," he said, as he sat up on on the side of the bed. Tear tracks were on his cheeks. I bent over him, hugging his head to me. My hair was falling down around his face. He loved to run his hands through my hair. It came all the way down my back.

He hugged me from his sitting position. "I need you so much Molly," he said. "You're all I have left."

"I love you too dad. We'll get through this. You'll see, things will get better, I promise." He slid his hands to my butt, hugging me to him. I didn't think too much of it. He was always patting me on the butt. He was rubbing his face against me, against my boobs really. I felt my nipples harden and stand out, making little tents against the thin material. I frowned a little, they would take a time like this to embarrass me.

"Dad." I said, trying to keep a calm tone of voice.

"I need you so much Molly." He said again, brushing his face lightly against my breasts now.

"Dad," I said as he pinched one of my nipples with his lips through my tee shirt. "Dad, don't do that." He pushed up my tee shirt and latched onto my breast, sucking my nipple into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it.

I tried pushing away from him, it only bent me backwards. He had a good grip around my waist. Maybe this was all he wanted, I thought desperately. It felt so good! I could let him do this for a little while. I was vainly hoping it might calm him down. I moved both hands to the back of his head, leaning into him slightly.

He slid his hands up my back, under the tee shirt and slid them down again, catching my panties and pushing them down to my ankles. He pulled my butt tight against him. I could feel the hair on his chest scratching my lower belly and mound. I didn't have much hair there and what little I did have was blonde, fine and silky. I stepped out of my panties, not wanting to be hobbled.

"Dad! You have to stop. This isn't right." He was still sucking on my nipples, switching from one to the other now and driving me crazy.

"I can't stop Molly. You know that. You're mine. You'll never leave me will you?"

"I'll never leave you dad."I said. I was hoping he wasn't going to get violent. He should know I couldn't go anywhere. I thought he might think I was someone else for a minute. He continued switching back and forth on my nipples every ten seconds or so, pulling on them with his mouth. He slid his hands from my back to my breasts, squeezing them while he sucked on them.

I was scared even though it felt good. I was feeling things inside me I never felt before. His hands went around my ass again when I tried pushing him away. I stopped pushing on him, realizing I wasn't going to be able to overpower him. He was tall man, slender but strongly built at 38. I was going to have to talk my way out of this. He ran his fingertips between my ass cheeks, pulling them apart slightly and squeezing them together again as soon as I quit struggling.

"Dad, please stop, let me go. I don't want to do this. Stop now!" He was breathing hard and still latched onto my breast. He slid a hand farther between my legs, one of his fingers sliding over my slit. He put his finger tip between my pussy lips and rubbed between them, making them slippery. The finger slipped into my pussy about half way. He was moving it around, in and out.

I didn't want to lose my virginity to a drunk dad! I started struggling to get away again. I bent forward to push my ass away from him, breaking his hold on me. He stood up quickly, circled around me and hugged me against him from the back.

"I need you Molly, don't go." His underwear was gone and he had his knees bent, pressing his erection right between my ass cheeks.

"No!" I said. "No, let me go!" He didn't say anything else. He pushed me onto the bed, turned me over and dropped on top of me. I saw his erection! It was huge! I wasn't ready for this. I had problems putting a finger in me, I wasn't going to be able to handle this thing. I was really scared now.

"Dad, don't do this, please! Let me go!" I was pushing at him with my hands and surprisingly, he began to back off. Supporting himself on his arms, he slid down then he lay on me, his face on my belly, breathing hard.

I thought I was going to get out of this, thinking he was about to get up until he got his hips between my legs to spread them and started kissing my belly. I felt extremely vulnerable and open to him. His mouth was was moving lower with each kiss. He kissed the inside of each hip then slid down, right to the top of my mound. I pushed on his his head and he swatted my hands away, hitting my forearm hard with a sweep of his arm. I was so surprised that he had hurt me, I didn't move for a minute.

He put a hand on each thigh, spreading them and holding me down. He licked between my legs, right in my slit. I had to gasp. What was he doing, licking me down there! Was he crazy? He did it again, licking me deep between my pussy lips, finding the wetness there and giving a groan as he began sucking on me, working his tongue inside me, sliding it from the top to the bottom of my slit.

I had heard of girls being molested by their fathers. I thought they were all sluts and trailer trash. Girls that would call it in to the scandal sheets for bragging rights. I was horrified that I was going to be one of them.

"Dad!" I hollered. I was desperate to get him to stop. "You're raping me! Stop!"

"You'll be fine baby girl, just relax. Here, I'll show you." He moved his mouth a little higher and started licking and sucking on my clit.

"Oh no, Dad! Don't! Stop!" I kept shouting and finally realized I was saying "Don't stop" over and over. I was having my first orgasm ever! I came in great shuddering gasps. He was holding his mouth tightly against me and pushing my knees up with his shoulders.

He had moved his hands from my thighs to my pussy, pulling my pussy lips slightly apart. I felt great, I had never had an orgasm before like this. It didn't compare to what I did with my fingers in the tub. I was hating myself for what I was feeling at the same time. I just couldn't help myself. I started to calm down and breathe normally. He removed his mouth from me and moved up until we were face to face. I could feel his hard dick trying to find the entrance to my pussy.

"Dad, No. Please, please. Don't do this!" He put both hands on my face and kissed me, pushing his tongue between my lips. I clenched my teeth and he ran his tongue around between my lips and my teeth. I tried shaking my head and he just held me more firmly. I could taste the whiskey on his breath.

He quit trying to kiss me and put his knees under my thighs, half sitting up and forcing my legs up and apart. I felt him sliding the head of his cock up and down between my pussy lips. I started crying, tears running across my face. He pushed hard and got it halfway in.

"Aaa!" I shouted. It hurt. He pushed again. "Aaa!" he didn't get anywhere, I just got pushed upwards and hit my head on the headboard.

"Here we go baby girl." He said, holding onto my shoulders this time and thrusting hard into me.

"Aiee! You're hurting me daddy! You're hurting me! Take it out!"

He had forced himself in me all the way. It felt like I was tearing down there. He pulled out then thrust it in again hard. It felt I felt a burning, tearing pain between my legs. His heavy balls were hitting me in the ass. He stayed there for seconds, holding himself deeply in me then started thrusting rapidly, banging my head on the headboard with each thrust, bump, bump, bump, every second. The head board was hitting the wall and making a booming noise. I remembered, laying awake at night and listening to that same sound a few months ago and I could picture him doing this to mama. I could hear him slapping against me as his balls kept hitting me in the ass.

"Oh you're so tight baby girl, so tight! I'm gonna cum!"

"No Dad! No! Don't cum in me."

"Ah yeah! Ah yeah! Ah Yeah!" He cried. I felt his cock spasm with each ejaculation as he shot his sperm deep in me. I started sobbing, sure my life as I knew it was over. My one big ambition in life was to graduate high school. I pictured myself walking up to the stage to receive my diploma with a swollen belly under my dress.

He lay on me afterwards and fell asleep quickly, his cock still in me. It had gotten smaller and I felt it slide out while he slept. He had one arm across my chest and one leg drawn up over my thighs, snoring. I lay there for what felt like an hour but was probably only 15 minutes He finally rolled over. I carefully got up, went to the bathroom in the hall and filled the tub. I had blood on the inside of my thighs. The next morning he came into my room.

"Baby Girl, I am so sorry for what happened last night. Please forgive me. You know I love you. I can't make it without you." He started crying and I started crying all over again. "Please don't leave me" he said between his sobbing. "I'll never do that again. I promise."

I thought 'Like I could actually leave and go anywhere. I had no money and nowhere to go.' He did sound sincere so I said. "I still love you dad. I'm not going anywhere." His promise lasted all of three days. I learned how to suck a cock then and it was just slightly less terrifying.

He was a good teacher. He came into my room late that night, naked. He sat on the single bed next to me and woke me by pushing my tee shirt up and holding my breast. His erection was sticking up from his lap and he was stroking it with his other hand. I was silent for a minute then realized what was happening.

"Daddy, you promised me you wouldn't do this again. You hurt me." I put my hand on his and tried to pull it away.

"Just one more time baby girl, I need you so much. It won't hurt so much this time, I promise. I'll tell you what, I'll let you suck on me. That wont hurt you at all." He took my hand and placed it around his dick, moving it up and down for me. "Oh yeah, do that for me. It feels so nice." In a minute..."Suck on me Molly."

"I don't want to do that. I'll just keep doing this. okay?"

"Come on Molly. It's either suck on me or I'm going to have you again like last time.

I knew I didn't want that. "Okay, I'll try," I crouched over his dick.

"No, don't stop stroking it. Keep doing that while you suck on me." He put his hand over mine and started me stroking his dick again, up and down, my hand sliding up over the bulbous head then down again. I looked at it wondering at how this could ever have fit in me.

I looked up at him, thinking about it. I gave him a tentative lick and put the head about halfway into my mouth, it was smooth, rubbery and tasteless. I gave it a little suck. He pulled my tee shirt off and started playing with my tits.

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