It's Ok, She's Cool
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A short story that introduces Samantha's friend Kristen. Kristen is over for a sleepover, and is concerned that Aaron is still there when they're going to bed. Samantha wants to show Kristen all the fun that they can have with a man, but will they end up having too much fun?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   First   Masturbation   Petting   Pregnancy   Voyeurism  

Hi my name is Kristen. My best friend Samantha is, as I type this, looking over my shoulder telling me I can't start a story by saying hi. When she talked me in to writing our little adventure down, she said that it would end up sounding like she was being mean to me if she were the one writing. Since I'm the one writing, I'm starting the way I want. Sheesh, now she's telling me that it was more of a mis-adventure. At this rate, I'm never going to be able to tell our story. Finally, she is shutting up so I can write.

Let me tell you a little about us. Samantha is fourteen, has really long wavy blonde hair; it goes about three quarters of the way down her back. We're the same age now because I just had a birthday; Samantha is about 8 months older than I am. That's kind of where the similarities end though. I'm a red head. My hair just comes down to my shoulders, so it's a lot shorter than hers. I think we both have good hair though.

At the time I'm writing about, Samantha was already pretty well developed. She was wearing a B cup bra and pretty much filling it up. Being younger, perhaps it's not a surprise that my breasts are a lot smaller. It's only two months after what I was writing about, an Samantha has easily grown an entire cup size. It's not fair! I was only wearing a training bra, and still am, sigh. Jeez, I didn't realize my best friend was an expert story teller, but now she's telling me that no one is going to read our story if I keep going on and on about what our names are and what we look like.

To make Samantha happy, I'll say it all started one time when I was spending the night over at her house. Since I had just turned fourteen, it was kind of a birthday thing, but there were no presents or cake or anything. Just an excuse for me to spend the night with Samantha. We had pulled out the hide-away bed from the couch, and put sheets on it. My birthday is in the summer, so we really didn't need any blankets. Samantha's mother told us it was time for bed, but a friend of Samantha's parents, Aaron, was over, and he was still working on the computer.

"Shouldn't he head home if we're going to bed?" I asked Samantha.

"Nah, he is over here all the time."

We tried to be quiet for a few minutes, but it was no use. I just couldn't get to sleep knowing that Aaron was working in the computer room and that there was no door between us and him. "Samantha, I can't sleep with him in there. Can we do something quiet so your mom doesn't notice?"

"She's got a headache, so as long as we're really quiet whispering she probably won't come down to check on us," Samantha told me. So we whispered back and forth for a few more minutes when Samantha told me. "To be honest, I can't sleep with him in there either."

"What?" I hissed. "You said that you were used to him being here late."

"Shhh, Yeah, well him being here makes me want to get some relief."

"Relief, what kind of relief?" I asked. Looking back on things now, it seems strange, but I really had no idea what Samantha was talking about at the time.

"Here, I'll show you." With that, Samantha tried to run her hands up under my nightgown.

"What are you doing?"

"Just relax," Samantha ordered me. This time when my friend tried to put her hands under my nightgown I let her. She was rubbing on my belly, and I almost stopped her when she started rubbing on my little boobs under through my training bra. However, I didn't want Samantha to tell me to relax again, so I let her keep going. "See, doesn't that feel good?" She asked me.

I replied, "It feels weird! Why are you doing that?"

"Well, if you don't like it, do you think you could do that to me so I can try to get some relief?"

"Sure, I guess. I mean, it doesn't seem difficult." So now I was the one reaching up under Samantha's nightgown to rub her belly. Even though her belly was flat like mine, it somehow seemed more womanly than mine had when she was rubbing me. Curious to see if I felt the same way about my friends boobs, I cupped them and gave them a good squeeze. "My lord Samantha! You're huge up there!"

"No I'm not, I only wear a B cup."

Samantha is now telling I told you so about describing our bodies earlier. I guess she's right, I could have just waited until we were talking out our boobs to mention that Samantha has grown a full cup size since the night I'm talking as I told the story, but I'm not going back to erase what I typed earlier. Samantha's saying she had some help in the growth department. I'm not sure what she means by that, but anyway, back to the story.

"And don't stop squeezing them!" So I did; I kept squeezing my best fiend's boobs. And you know what, every time I squeezed those soft but resilient mounds on her chest, I thought to myself that I wished I had a pair of tits like hers. I also realized that I was missing the feeling of having her hands under my nightgown.

"Um, Samantha, I think it maybe did feel good, you know, what you were doing to me. Can we try to give each other relief at the same time?"

"Of course, it's the best way!" Yeah, I definitely liked what was going on. I still felt weird, but I didn't want to stop, ever. Suddenly, even though there was only a sheet on the bed, I felt too warm. Way to warm. I would have thrown the covers off if it weren't for Aaron in the other room. I hoped he wasn't paying attention to us, but as long as we stayed over the covers, I wanted him to think that we were rough housing or having a tickle battle. I guess what we were doing was kind of like a tickle battle, but it was way more fun than any tickle battle I had ever been a part of.

Samantha complained, "Ugh! Even rubbing each other at the same time isn't enough."

"It feels plenty good to me!"

"No, we need more if we're going to get relief. Unsnap my bra! I'll do yours."

Before I could ask Samantha if she were serious, she pulled me even closer. I could feel her hot breath on my neck making me shudder as I felt goosebumps all down my neck and back. Then I felt my training bra come undone. I guessed she was serious, so I reached around her so I could unsnap her bra. I realized I was breathing hard onto Samantha's neck also, and I wanted to feel her big boobs without a bra in the way.

Samantha is telling me that her boobs weren't that big at the time. I know she's right, but they seemed enormous to me back then. I don't know about Samantha, but typing up the story of the first time anyone unsnapped my bra has got me almost as excited as I was when it was happening for real. Oh yeah, Samantha's agreeing with me, but she's also telling me not to get distracted.

So where was I? Oh yeah, I had just unhooked Samantha's bra, and without ever taking my hands off her body, I slid then from her back to her chest, and wow, I definitely wanted a set like hers! They were amazing. "Samantha! Your nipples are super hard!"

"So are yours!"

I squirmed and squealed. I wasn't ready for Samantha pinching my hard nipples. "Does having hard nipples mean we're getting relief?"

"No, it means we need relief; really need it bad."

"I don't know if I can take any more!" I protested.

"I'll go easy on you for a while, but just keep doing what you're doing to me!" What I was doing was rolling my thumbs and forefingers together, like I was playing with a pair of screws.

Samantha is telling me people are going to think I'm stupid, and it does seem silly now to think I was done when I was just getting wound up for the first time ever, but hey it was my first time. Samantha is saying that out that anyone who reads this story to the end is going to think Samantha is pretty stupid too, but I'm not sure why she thinks that.

Anyway, I was having almost as much fun watching Samantha squirm under my fingers as I was when she was playing with my nipples. I was just about to ask Samantha to start rubbing and pinching on me again when she grabbed my hand and stuck it between her legs. "Fuck! I need it so bad!"

"Samantha, you said a bad word!" She didn't care, she had my hand trapped between her thighs and was bucking her hips up off the hide away bed. The springs were starting to creek and all of the sudden, I felt something wet on my hand.

"Samantha! Gross, did you just pee on me?"

"No, of course not! You're probably wet down there too! That's what happens when you try to get relief."

"I am not!" I protested without thinking. At the same time, I scooted my fingers inside my panties and discovered, to my horror, that I was also wet between my legs. "Ewww! Why didn't you tell me this was going to happen? I would have never let you rub on me."

"Oh, you're hopeless. I need a boy if I'm going to get any relief," Samantha informed me.

"But we don't have any boys here," I protested.

"There's Aaron."

"He's not a boy, he's a man!" It was true. Aaron was twenty-seven. He was almost twice as old as we were.

"Same thing. Even better, really."

"You mean you're going to ask Aaron to rub you under your nightgown?"

"Yeah, and then some!" If I had any idea what the "and then some" entailed, I would have stayed on the hide-away bed with the sheet pulled over my head. However, I didn't know, so I got off the bed. When I reached for my bra, Samantha told me, "Just leave it; you won't need it."

"I don't want Aaron seeing my hard nipples!"

"Suit yourself." My jaw dropped when Samantha just walked on into the computer room. Her nipples were hard! You could see them through the nightgown. Aaron was going to see them through the night gown. It wasn't even my nipples, but my face turned about as red as my hair I was so embarrassed for Samantha.

When I got into the computer room, Aaron seemed to be trying not to look at Samantha. Her brazen display must have been embarrassing to him too, or at least that's what I thought at the time. I would soon realize what the source of his objection was. Even though he wasn't looking at Samantha, she had one of her hands on his arm where he was using the mouse. She didn't even have her hands up under his shirt, and she was giving him goosebumps! A shiver went up my spine when I realized this. I wasn't sure how she was doing it, but the expression on Aaron's face made it look like he needed some kind of relief too. For some reason I found that to be very exciting!

"Samantha, you know we can't. Your friend Kristen is here. In fact, she's standing right behind you!"

"It's OK; she's cool."


"It's OK; she's cool. We were fooling around in bed together; Like I said, she's cool. That's when I realized the only way I was going to get any relief was if you gave it to me."

"That's what the two of you were doing when you were making all that noise?"

"We were being quiet!"

"You thought you were being quiet! Look, I don't just know Samantha, she'd have to be super cool," Aaron protested. I noticed he still wasn't looking at Samantha.

"She's totally cool! Please..." My friend paused, as if uncertain of what to say next to convince Aaron I was cool. I debated saying something, but I decided that proclaiming you were cool was about as useful as proclaiming you were smart. If you were smart, you didn't really need to tell anyone, and if you weren't smart, you wouldn't fool any one for long. I guess that's a really long winded way of saying I kept my mouth shut to see what Samantha would say or do next. What she decided on embarrassed me even more than I already was. "Kristen unsnapped my bra and felt me up. That's how cool she is with watching us."

Just when I thought this couldn't get any more embarrassing, although still exciting in a way that I couldn't put my finger on, Aaron started looking at Samantha, especially her chest! I was so glad I had at least put my bra back on to cover up my hard nipples. The way Aaron was looking at Samantha sent another shiver down my spine. It was only once I saw the look on Aaron's face that I realized that he wasn't embarrassed by Samantha not having a bra on, he just didn't want me to see how my best friend's big boobs affected him. Sheesh, I'm never going to get this story finished if Samantha doesn't stop complaining about me describing her breasts as large.

Regardless of questions about B cup boobs being classified as big or not, Samantha's tits had a big effect on Aaron. Without asking, he reached out his hands and started playing with my friend's chest. Sure, he had his hands over the nightgown, but Samantha hadn't invited him to do that! I would be indignant if Aaron had done that to me, but I couldn't seem to tear my eyes away from watching him touch Samantha's rack!

I decided that if my chest were as well developed as Samantha's, I might, just maybe, be willing to let Aaron touch me like that. For one thing, Samantha seemed to be enjoying it better than anything I had done to her boobs from under the nightgown. I was starting to think that Samantha was right when she said that a man could provide better relief for a horny girl than another female could.

Samantha is laughing because I didn't know what the word horny meant at the time. Now, it's true I didn't know, so by using the word in this story I might mislead whoever is reading this into thinking I had more experience than did at the time. However, at some point it just becomes really awkward to avoid using the proper word to describe something. My nipples were hard, my panties were damp, and I couldn't take my eyes off my friend while she was being felt up. So I was horny even if I didn't know that word at that time, and I'm going to use that word to tell my story.

When I tried to poke my head between Aaron and Samantha to get a better idea of how he was touching her, Aaron took his hands off Samantha's tits and said, "I just don't know about this. No matter how cool your friend seems, having her watch makes me nervous." Even though he was no longer touching Samantha's breasts, he seemed to be staring at them more intently than ever. Samantha flashed me a thumbs up sign behind her back. I was confused because Aaron seemed to be balking at giving her relief with me here, but she seemed confident.

Aaron was breathing hard, and he really had his eyes glued to Samantha's chest. "Damn, your tits have never looked more beautiful!" The way he was staring at her chest, it made it had to tell if he was talking to Samantha, or just talking to himself. I was pretty sure he wasn't talking about what I had under my training bra. "They seem like they just keep getting riper every day!"

"See I told you they were big!" I informed Samantha, feeling vindicated. She just glared at me, and pointed at the much larger pair of tits she was now in possession of. I conceded that they were much larger now, and for some reason Samantha said that if she kept growing at the rate she had been, her chest now would seem tiny in seven months time. At any rate, my outburst didn't seem to have any effect on Aaron this time.

He was reaching for Samantha's chest again, and said, "Well, I guess it can't hurt to feel you up a little bit. Especially if she was feeling you up herself. You might not get much relief from this, but it should make you feel a little better. Now Samantha was the one moaning as Aaron played with her boobs under her nightgown. I was trying to watch how Aaron rubbed and squeeze to make sure I had been doing it right when he reached under Samantha's nightgown. I was the one breathing hard as I imagined Aaron's hands going up under my own nightgown.

Then I gasped. Aaron wasn't putting his hands under Samantha's nightgown; he was removing her nightgown from her body! Even worse, she hadn't put her bra back on. She was going to be half naked in a moment unless she stopped him. However, my friend actually seemed to be helping by lifting her arms above her head. I wanted to look away, but I had to see what happened next. When I saw the underside of Samantha's boobs come into view, I was sure Aaron wasn't going to stop. How could Samantha stand this? She was topless in front of a man nearly twice her age!

I decided that this wasn't the first time that Aaron hadn't separated Samantha from her clothing when she arched her back, almost begging Aaron to rub her chest without using words. My friend's naked breasts didn't go unattended for long. As soon as Aaron tossed Samantha's nightgown on the floor, he filled his hands with her mounds again. Aaron had said that this wasn't enough to give her relief, but Samantha seemed very happy to have Aaron's hands all over her chest. I couldn't tell if his technique was that much better than mine or just by being a man it made everything he did have more impact on Samantha than what I had tried.

I was wondering about the way Aaron was cupping one of Samantha's boobs in one hand, but what I saw Aaron do next made my jaw drop. He was moving his mouth closer and closer to Samantha's chest, but I hadn't expected him to kiss one of her nipples. Then he seemed to actually start sucking on her breast.

"Why are you kissing her boob?" I blurted out without meaning to.

"Mmm, it makes my nipples hard!" Samantha answered for him. Looking back at things, I'm not sure how he would have answered anyway. His mouth was rather full at the time.

I wasn't sure Samantha had answered me intentionally or if that was just something that came out of her mouth. I responded anyway, "Your nipples were already hard from when we were touching each other on the bed!"

"This makes them even harder!" Samantha proclaimed. Taking Aaron's head in both hands, she guided his head over to her other breast. She gasped in pleasure when he started sucking on that boob.

Aaron boasted "This really makes her nipples hard!" Then his tongue started flicking very quickly across my friend's hard nipples. She shuddered with pleasure, so I was pretty sure Aaron's boast wasn't an empty one. Hell! It was making my nipples even harder just watching. Unexpectedly, I found myself arching my back at Aaron. I wasn't sure about getting naked, or even half naked in front of Aaron yet, but I was seriously thinking about asking Samantha if she could do that thing with her tongue on my little boobs once she and Aaron were done with what they were doing.

"Ugh! Your nipples aren't the only things getting hard." I had a new train wreck I couldn't take my eyes off of. Aaron was, of all things, unbuttoning his jeans! It was probably a good thing Aaron taking his pants off caused me so much shock that I couldn't breath. If I had been able to speak, I probably would have blurted something out to indicate that Samantha had vastly overstated my coolness.

Samantha is telling me that she didn't think it mattered once Aaron decided to unzip his own fly in front of both of us. I can't really argue with her, even though I would have said something about Aaron's dick being way bigger than that of a baby. As you can imaging, Samantha is laughing at me because my only experience with a male penis was from babysitting and changing diapers. The reason I couldn't argue was that the next thing Samantha did was to put her fingers inside the waistband of Aaron's underwear and tell him that they were just going to get in the way.

I couldn't believe it when Aaron agreed with Samantha, but my first sight of naked, erect male cock stunned me. I finally refilled my lungs with a great gasp of air before saying something brilliant like, "Oh wow!" Aaron was still telling Samantha that they shouldn't be doing this with me in the room, but he didn't actually stop Samantha from getting him out of his underwear.

Aaron was still sitting in the chair, but his rock hard cock was pointing straight at Samantha, and she was rubbing it with her hands. I remembered something about a male erection from sex-ed class, and I decided that the teachers hadn't prepared me for the reality of one. Samantha seemed to be well acquainted with Aaron's rod of flesh, and I guessed he needed relief just about as much as Samantha and I did by now.

I knew my suspicion was correct when Samantha ran her fingers around the waistband of her panties as she teased Aaron by saying, "You know, I've got somewhere you can put that hard tool of yours."

Aaron finally relented, "OK."

Samantha took off her panties, but by this time I wasn't really shocked that my friend wanted to get naked with Aaron. She had been topless, and completely unashamed of that for a few minutes, so why would it bother her to be more naked than she already was? Aaron still had his shirt on, but you could see the most important part of him anyway.

Aaron stopped Samantha one last time as she started to climb into the chair with him, "You're sure she's cool?"

"Yes, Kristen is totally and completely cool."

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