Dd5: B I O - Racing on the Figure 8 Part1

by Uncle Micky

Copyright© 2016 by Uncle Micky

Erotica Sex Story: Whole preparing for her date with Micky, Melissa meets an intriguing Salesgirl. Melissa and Micky's relationship intensifies.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .


I’ve lived many years, in many places, and had the love of a few good women. I’ve made many freinds and acquaintances over the years and they have supplied me with many stories. I think they’re mostly lies, but who cares? Most of the stories have been told later at night, after the cards are put down and the bottles are emptying.Some stories are mine, others I’ve made mine.

Uncle Micky

The relationship between Micky and Melissa instensifies. Melissa has a chance encounter with an interesting sales girl.

(Many thanks to my colleague Phil Gorman for his proofing and editorial assistance)

Warning - I will be switching the narrative around through this chapter!

Elaine’s Bistro, in downtown Columbus, was a successful business. The food was excellent, the drinks were strong, the atmosphere perfect, the prices reasonable, the staff was superb, and the owner gracious; but, most importantly, the chefs were outstanding! Anthony Romano, the Chef de Cuisine, specialized in Italian and American cuisine, and Melissa Futch, the sous chef, specialized in Mediterranean fare and seafood. The Chefs de Partie were well-paid and extremely competent.

Melissa’s shift at Elaine’s Bistro was scheduled to end at eleven on Sunday night. She never had to clock in or out, she was a salaried employee. At nine, Anthony put an arm around her and told her to head home. The restaurant was nearly empty and the Chefs de Partie were more than capable of taking care of any orders that might come in.

“You sure Anthony? I can stay, and you could clear out, if you want. Hell, you’ll be back here tomorrow even though we’re closed!”

“Yes, I’m sure Melissa. If I’m not mistaken, you’ve stayed late for the last three Sundays. Go home and get some rest. I’ll e-mail you the week’s menu tomorrow and you can make your additions ... same shopping schedule?”

“Could you go on Tuesday? I have a date Monday.”

Anthony smiled and tried his best to hug his beautiful coworker.

“A date? Girl, you can have all of Tuesday off if you want!”

Melissa smiled and gave Anthony a quick hug before saying, “No, that will be OK. I’ll shop Wednesday and Friday, if that works for you.”

With their schedules settled, Melissa headed home early.

On the drive, Melissa thought about work. She loved working at Elaine’s; everyone was so nice and friendly. Anthony was a treasure to work with, and she learned so much from him. For a moment, she considered heading to the Pour House to see what was going on but then thought better of it.

Melissa pulled into the attached garage, thankful that Matt had insisted she take his space when she moved in. She felt much safer getting out of the car in the closed garage. She turned the car off, clicked “close” on the remote opener, and then sat for a moment in the car. She felt the familiar wave of emotion take over her as she played back Anthony’s innocent comment in reaction to her saying she had a date. The sobs came uncontrollably and it took her several minutes to regain control.

Thankfully, neither Matt nor Nate was around and she was able to get to her room without having to talk to anyone. She was home early and it was likely that the two of them were taking advantage of some extra privacy. She fell on her bed and lay motionless while reflecting on her life and current condition.

Melissa had faced many challenges and was relatively happy with how the past few years had worked out, except for the gaping hole she felt inside. She would never admit it, but she had always thought she would have been married with children by now. Mike was a refreshing change; she really liked him. If he just didn’t turn out to be an asshole, well then...

Melissa stood, undressed, put on her bathrobe, grabbed the scented candle and headed to the bathroom. She ran the bath, lit the lilac scented candle, and poured bath salts into the tub. She kept a small radio in the bathroom and set it to the “relax and refresh” station.

In front of the mirror, she let the robe fall from her body. She secured her hair up, she would wash it tomorrow, and then let her hands rest on her shoulders for a moment. She turned side to side a little and examined her breasts. They were still firm and maintained a nice ski-jump form; an expression she picked up from an old boyfriend. Her hands moved down from her shoulders and cupped her breasts.

Melissa had large puffy areola, which seemed to cover the entire front of her tits. When she was younger, she was very self-conscious about them; but, as her experiences with men increased, she found that they loved them! Her areola and nipples were very sensitive. She moved her hands out front, spreading her fingers so that each nipple was located between the index and middle fingers. She then began to scissor her fingers over her nipples. The pleasure shot through her as they became more erect in response to the stimulation.

Melissa alternated between fondling her entire breast and scissoring her nipples, causing her to bend slightly forward as her excitement grew. She looked in the mirror and straightened herself up. She cupped both breasts, alternatively with her left hand, as she lowered her right to her stomach. She liked the shape her little bit of a belly gave her body. She circled her hand over her stomach and played her fingers into her navel as her other hand massaged her tits.

She dropped her right hand down between her legs, and ran her index finger along her slit, up and over her clit as she squeezed her right tit with force. At the same time, she thought of Mike and their lovemaking a few nights ago at his house. She trembled as a wave of pleasure rode through her body. She slid her finger down and then back up her slit; she nearly doubled over as the jolt hit her in the abdomen. She breathed a sultry, “Mike” as she relaxed.

At that moment she heard the bath running.


She turned and saw the tub was almost filled to where she wanted. Melissa had to stop what she was doing and turn off the water. She lit the candle and lay down in the tub’s hot relaxing water. The water had an immediate effect on Melissa; she felt her stresses melt away as the hot water enveloped her body. She cleansed her body with a soft “fluff,” running it over every inch of her body.

The cleansing caresses also had the effect of bringing back the previous excitement she experienced in front of the mirror. Her hands started to focus more on her erogenous zones than anywhere else. After one particularly exciting caress of her pussy, she noticed that she had arched her tits right out of the water. As she settled back, only her puffy areola were above water, looking like two deserted ocean islands.

Melissa giggled, ran her fingers through her slit and started to seriously masturbate, sliding her fingers deeply into her plump pussy. She began to experience the fruits of her efforts almost instantly. Ripples of pleasure coursed through her in time with the movements of her fingers. Slow, then quick, circles of her finger pads around and on her clit were getting her off the best. Her breathing faltered, her nipples grew stiff, her hips rolled to accentuate the movements of her fingers. Eventually, she arched and a wave of erotic pleasure steamrolled through her body.

Melissa knew she had splashed some water about but didn’t care. She turned to her side with her hand still pressed against her pussy to collect her thoughts. One thought stood out, ‘that Mike had better turn out ... he better not be another asshole ... God! Please let him be the one!’ The sobs started again and after a short spell, Melissa rose from the tub and got ready for bed.

Prior to going to bed, Melissa set out her clothes for the next day. For her daytime plans, she selected simple underwear, jeans and a white blouse. For her date with Mike, she chose her light blue sundress; but couldn’t decide on what to wear under it. She giggled at the thought of wearing nothing and then decided she needed to make a stop at the mall. She needed something new and special underneath for tomorrow!

Monday started like any other Monday for Melissa. It was her standard day off, being as the Bistro was closed on Mondays. Only today, she had a date! Her plans were to take care of normal tasks, like wash, in the morning, have a nice lunch (leftovers she brought home the previous night, ) and then do her shopping.

It was early afternoon when Melissa entered Victoria’s Secrets. She was greeted by an extremely attractive blonde salesgirl named Sofia. Melissa thought she looked a bit like Carrie Underwood.

Melissa explained, “I need something sexy ... but simple, not slutty or whorish. You know what I mean?”

Sofia thought for a moment and said, “Tell me about him ... it is ... a him, right?”

The two women laughed and nodding her head Melissa replied, “Handsome, smart, sexy as hell, a few, maybe seven to ten years older than me.”

Sofia pondered this and said, “I am seriously fucking jealous! No ... just having fun ... come with me.”

Sofia led Melissa through the store to where the dressing rooms were. Along the way, she turned and reached her hand to Melissa and said, “My name is Sofia, by the way.”

Melissa took the offered hand and replied, “Melissa.”

Once at the dressing rooms, Sofia stopped, stood a few feet from Melissa and looked her up and down. Sofia then instructed, “Please, turn all the way around.”

Sofia folded her left arm under her breasts and rested her right elbow on her arm with her chin in her hand. Sofia, gazed intently at Melissa and murmured, “Lovely, just lovely ... let’s see...”

After a moment’s thought, Sofia turned and headed down an aisle saying to Melissa as she walked away, “Just a sec, luv!”

Sofia returned with some wisps of black and tan cloth on a hanger and said, “Melissa, trust me ... try these on; I think you’re perfect for these!”

Melissa went into the dressing room and disrobed. She tried the bra first. It had black straps with the strap fabric outlining the cups. The cups were made of a black and tan vertically striped gossamer-type fabric that seemed to be spun from air! Melissa had never felt anything so erotic in all her life! The look of her tits and nipples in the mirror excited even her!

Without giving it a second thought, she dropped her panties and put on the matching panties. The waist and leg bands were the same black fabric as the bra, and the panty itself was made of the cup fabric. Melissa slid her fingers along the back of the panties to fit them right and then looked in the mirror. It was like wearing nothing and the lingerie looked as if it were airbrushed on her body.

From outside the door she heard Sofia ask, “Melissa, what do you think? Aren’t they marvelous?”

“Sofia! I’ve never seen or felt anything like them! Come take a look!”

Sofia was hoping she would be invited in and she wasn’t disappointed. Melissa was a marvel to see. The lingerie did look like it was airbrushed on. Melissa’s body was perfect for the wisps of fabric! As she looked, Sofia saw that there was just one thing missing.

Melissa saw the look of awe in Sofia’s face and found herself getting a bit excited about how the salesgirl was reacting. Then Sofia looked down, and her expression changed. Sofia took a step towards her and reached a hand out.

Sofia moved towards the beautiful girl and, while she reached with her right hand, said, “Just one more thing to make the appearance perfect.” Sofia placed her right index finger along Melissa’s slit and pressed the light fabric in between her labia. She slid her finger upwards, pushing the fabric in along the way.

Melissa was at first shocked; but then, the erotic jolts started again as the pretty salesgirl ran her finger along her pussy and right over her clit. Melissa gasped and moaned.

Sofia stepped closer and put her arm around Melissa’s back, “You have your date tonight. I want to hear all about it. We need to get together and talk about your man. OK?”

Melissa stammered, “Are you ... I’m not...”

Sofia replied, “No, I’m not a lesbian, but I do like beautiful girls! You are the most beautiful I’ve seen in a long time. I’m taking a chance here, I can’t just let you walk out of here and never see you again. Don’t you feel it too?”

Melissa paused and meekly said, “Yes, I feel it.”

Sofia, satisfied with Melissa’s response leaned in and gathered her up for a kiss. Melissa kissed her back. She couldn’t help it, she liked it!

Melissa changed, paid for her purchase and exchanged numbers with Sofia. She then headed home to wash her hair and get ready for her date with Mike.

That afternoon Melissa was a wash of emotions and feelings. The previous night’s masturbation had helped her; but, it was more like scratching an itch. She was still feeling the need. The new lingerie alone was exciting in its erotic feel and look. Added to the mixture was her run-in with Sofia. She hadn’t felt that way with a girl since high school. God! She wanted Sofia! BUT, whereas she might want Sofia ... she needed Mike!

Being an independent woman, she had suggested she drive herself to his house. Now she wished he were coming to pick her up instead. Shit! He wouldn’t make it back out the door if showed up. She wouldn’t care if Nate and Matt watched. Melissa was in heat and there was only one thing in the world that could douse that fire!

Melissa was ready to walk out to her car when she stopped. Quickly she returned to her room and unbuttoned her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She kicked off her heels and quickly removed the new lingerie she was wearing. From her dresser she pulled out the simple white silk bra and panties she liked so much and put them on. She grabbed another pair, a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, some socks, her sneakers, and quickly packed all of it in a simple bag. She put her dress and heels back on and this time, fully prepared, headed to the car.

Mike’s day had been peaceful and he was in a very good mood. Of course, Saturday had been a lot of fun. On Sunday, he took care of chores, got to the gym, spent a few hours at the office and made some arrangements with a friend who taught math at a nearby prep school to field test the workbook.

Jacob Danielson, a math teacher from Urbana Prep School, was working on his Master’s degree part-time. He had a family to support and couldn’t afford to give up his day job. Mike’s offer was straightforward. They would be co-authors of the workbook and split any profits realized, if Jacob would manage the field testing. Jacob was excited at the prospect and readily agreed to the deal. Mike was especially pleased because now he was free from having to seriously field test the materials. He could focus on Kaeli.

Another benefit of collaborating with Jacob was that Olivia Saunders and Jenni DiMarco lived only a half hour from Jacob, although in a different town.

On Sunday, Mike had also contacted an old friend in Florida. PJ ran one of the best beach bar restaurants in the entire state. Mike arranged for a shipment of Florida Keys Stone Crab claws, fresh Gulf shrimp, and authentic Key Lime pie to be overnighted to his place by Monday afternoon. That would serve as the base for the dinner he was going to prepare for Melissa. Combined with a light balsamic lemon salad, he was sure dinner would be a success!

While Melissa was shopping, Mike was cleaning. The food was delivered and Mike was free to run some errands. He made an appearance at the office, fully intending to leave quickly, but was waylaid by two undergraduates wanting to chat. Before he knew it, Dr. Anderson stopped by.

Anderson wanted to discuss the coming Saturday. They excused themselves from the students and found sanctuary in an unused classroom.

As usual, Anderson opened, “Mike, I can’t begin to express my happiness at how you behaved and managed things Saturday. Kaeli gave me a rundown; she was so impressed by how you never pushed or forced her to do anything she wasn’t sure about. I knew I was doing the right thing.”

“James, first off, this is really quite a fucked up situation, there is no standard or norm for this. I’m still not completely sure if I should continue with this.”

“Mike, of course there is no norm for this! We’re blazing new ground here. Fuck society! We’re safe as hell in what we’re doing. It’s what she wants and I’m convinced it’s all for the best. Shit! I would so much rather have you show her about life than some pimply teenaged asshole with a car!”

Mike sat in silence for a few seconds; he then looked up and asked, “Mackenzie?”

“Mike, she is a beautiful girl; very mature, and very intelligent. She lost her virginity a year ago, in a manner that was totally unacceptable. Since then, she has experimented with some things, but has more or less given up on finding a genuine experience. I know she and Kaeli have experimented a little with each other, but that’s all it is, experimentation. You need to show her how a sincere man behaves. Kaeli needs to see that as well.”

“James, I’m in. But I’m beginning to think that you might be more fucked up than I am!”

The men laughed and James then asked Mike if he had thought about the offer of his house. Mike replied that he hadn’t had time to think about it but would have an answer for him soon.

Mike made it to the grocer’s in time to purchase salad fixings and three bottles of wine. Once home, he prepped everything for dinner, grabbed a nice shower, dressed for his date and relaxed with a cold one. The phone rang, it was Melissa; she wanted to know if she needed to bring anything.

Mike’s reply turned up her thermostat a couple of notches when he simply said, “Just you ... I don’t need anything else.”

I heard Melissa’s car pull up in the driveway shortly after she called. I peeked out the window and sure enough, it was her. I opened the front door and waited for her on the porch. My Lord! She was a vision! The blue dress she was wearing flattered her body in a way that had me staring. She was wearing heels that gave beautiful definition to her toned legs and made her ass define itself perfectly under her dress. The dress fit nicely around her waist and perfectly held her marvelous tits, displaying her form in all its glory.
Her skin was flawless, her make-up applied in perfect fashion. There was just enough to enhance, but not so much as to distract. I have always loved hair like hers! Long, flowing, brunette hair; thick and alive!

She had a good-sized hippie-type bag over her shoulder and, of course, the strap pressed between her tits, enhancing the vision nearing him. From the time she closed the car door, she never broke eye contact with me. She had a bit of a crooked smile on her face and her eyes were bright and alert. Before I knew it, she was standing directly in front of me. I reached a hand around her waist and pulled her into me. She flowed with my direction and, in a flash, we were kissing.

Shit! I was getting hard already! We were only greeting each other and I was as excited as a school boy on his first date! I broke away somehow, turned and guided her into the house. Never once losing eye contact with me, she removed the bag and set it down against the wall. With the door shut and, the two of us standing in the vestibule, we kissed again. This time, the passion was building. I didn’t understand why, but something had taken control of me, driving me into a lustful frenzy, and I didn’t care!

My hands were everywhere! I pulled her as tight into me as possible and she was doing the exact same thing! Her right hand was firmly latched onto the inside bottom of my left cheek and inching it’s way inward! I turned a bit to give her some more reach, which allowed me the space to feel her up with my right hand. We were both making quiet throat noises as together, we scaled the ladder of arousal.

Melisa broke first and said, “Mike...”

I cut in, “Melissa, I want you now...”

She smiled, took me by the hand, led me into to the living room and on to the couch. I sat back as she hitched up her dress and straddled me. We kissed as I worked at unbuttoning her dress top. I succeeded and pulled the top of her dress back off her shoulders. She broke the kiss and sat up straight, placing her tits right in my face. Her bra was white silk that was for all intents and purposes, translucent. The bra took on the shape of her breasts, defining her puffed areola and erect nipples. I bit into each tit as I reached up for the shoulder straps, pulling them down until she spilled out of the cups. She held my head and gently rolled her hips on my lap as I orally attended to two of the most impressive tits I had ever encountered!

Something came over me as I felt her running herself on my lap. I was hungry! I needed to eat her and I needed it right at that moment. I shifted and rolled so she was on her back, her legs hiked up as I slid to my knees. Once in position, I looked up and the sight was one of the most erotic I had ever seen!

Melissa’s legs were up and her dress bunched around her waist. Her pussy was visible through her wet panties, her firm tits were rising, excited from her chest. Even better, her beautiful face, with a look of unbridled lust, was framed by thick flowing brown hair. Her eyes met mine as I pulled her panties down off her legs. She scooted forward, lifting her legs up on my shoulders, bringing her pussy closer to my face.

I broke eye contact and gazed at my appetizer. I reached around her thin leg with my right arm and brought my hand down to her pussy. In her position, it was already open; two thick labia spread open, revealing moist pink lips and a darker hood already pulled open exposing a pretty pink petit button beneath. I used my fingers to spread open her lips further and noticed that the entrance to her cunt shimmered with an opalescent glow. I placed my tongue at the entrance and tasted Melissa. Everything I had been sensing up to that point increased exponentially! As I lapped around her hole, I could feel my head start to swim.

I worked my way up until the tip of my tongue was circling her clit. Melissa was humping and moaning as I engaged my tongue, teeth, and lips in a cunnilingal adventure. Her thighs were tightening around my head and her hips were rolling in synch with her moans of pleasure. I paid greater attention to her clit while placing one finger, then two, into her hot, wet hole. I moved my right hand behind her and placed it under her back as she started to climax.

Her orgasm was wonderful! She pushed hard into my face while arching and letting out an elongated “Yessssssss!” She contracted twice and then went limp with a loud sigh. Slowly, she relaxed her legs scissoring my head. I could feel her fingers running through my hair as I rested my head on the inside of her right thigh while occasionally licking up some of her pussy nectar. She lifted my head with her hands and together we stood. She slid her dress down and folded it before placing it on the easy chair. The only bit of clothing she had on was the pulled down bra around her torso. In a second that, too, was off.

She stepped towards me and reached for my shirt. I quickly took it off. She then reached for my belt. I kicked off my shoes and pushed down my pants and briefs as soon as she had my belt unbuckled. She reached for my painfully erect cock and stroked it while stepping forward for a kiss. We stood for a moment, her stroking me while we kissed, then she broke away.

My couch has removable cushions for the back part. When removed, there is quite a bit of space available. With her hand still holding my dick, she moved us closer to the couch and, with her free hand, she tossed the back cushions off the couch. She gave me one more kiss then seductively turned her back to me while keeping her hand on my dick and moved us to the couch.

Together we moved onto the couch. She was on her hands and knees and I was positioned directly behind her, between her legs. She arched her back, gapping her pussy up at me and said, “Now, Mike, I need you now!”

I placed my hands alongside her hips and found the hot wet spot with the head of my dick. Sensing I was in place, she pushed back until the head of my dick was enveloped by her silky sheath. I made a thrust and penetrated further, causing her to jump a bit in surprise. The feeling was heavenly! She was tight, hot and moist! As I started to increase the pace and depth of my thrusts, she matched me with even greater intensity on her part. Through her breaths and gasps, I could hear her repeatedly saying “Yes! Yes!”

My hands were clawing on her ass, spreading and caressing it. Her back was now so arched that her head was flat on the couch while her ass was still high in the air. I looked down and watched her sheath cling to my dick when I pulled back for another thrust into her. I could feel my heart beat increasing and my insides starting to boil!

Right then she started to drop her butt while altering her arch. I adjusted and soon we were barely on our knees as I drove forward into her. Her hands were clenched on the cushion and the crown of her head was bumping into the armrest. Every thrust shook her and was accompanied with a low “nhggh!”

She stopped breathing, pushed back hard, and entered into a vaginal spasm that spread through her body. Her mouth was open, teeth bared in a silent scream. That was it for me. I unleashed deep inside her. I painted her insides until I was in pain. We were still joined and she kept a tight grip on my dick with her pussy. I collapsed on her back and caught my breath.

After a moment, she shrugged me out off her and rolled to her back under me. She gazed at me and said, “That was the best! God ... how I needed you.”

I felt the same, I realized as I said it, that it was dangerous, but I said, “I needed you.”

She kissed me and she kissed me hard!

We came down from the sexual high after a few minutes and just serenely lay with each other. I slowly worked myself to my back and she rested her head on my chest. We chatted about our weekend activities (I, of course, was circumspect regarding Saturday afternoon!) and our work schedules for the week.

I mentioned that I needed to get a haircut, which caused Melissa to look up and then prop herself up on my chest to examine my hair. She agreed and noted that I likely should have gotten it cut weeks ago.

Her hand made its way down to my dick and the clump of jungle of hair there. She gently pulled on the hairs and said, “Maybe you should also get a trim down here? I’d be willing to help, if you wanted.”

Damn! Now that was an interesting offer. “Hmmm, I think that sounds like an offer I can’t refuse.”

She laughed and nuzzled in a bit. She pulled away again and asked, “Didn’t you say something about dinner?”

“Oh, well it kind of slipped my mind, but that’s a great idea. You want to lend a hand?”

Melissa lounged back and away from me as I rose from the couch and said with a sweet smile on her face, “Not tonight. You offered ... and I accepted. I am really excited to see what you’ve arranged!”

“Harumph!” I gathered my clothes, dressed and said, “OK then, I’m off to the kitchen! You need any help here?” I leaned down and placed a hand on her hip.

She softly swatted my hand away, laughed, and said, “No Mike, I am getting hungry though, go get started, I’ll be right in.”

Melissa watched Mike leave the room. He had a spring to his step and a smile on his face. She stretched on the couch; Christ! Did she feel good! She hadn’t had a fucking like that in years! The last time with Mike had been great as well; but, she had too much to drink to really appreciate the experience. The itch was gone; for now, she felt fulfillment and sensuousness throughout her body and soul. She also felt some of Mike starting to leak out of her.

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