Home Away From Home
Chapter 1

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hank King was born on a newly settled planet. This was part of the great Diaspora intended to settle the overpopulation problem on Earth. Four promoters came up with a scheme that would make them the lords and masters of 1,000 serfs on the new planet. This is the story, in 10 chapters of how Hank led the great revolution against the despots and made the planet a decent place to live. This is the coming of age story of a genius.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Space   FemaleDom   First   Oral Sex  

How it started:

Fortunately for the human race, the European research facility, CERN, had made some fantastic discoveries related to dark matter. Among other things, the exact nature of Dark Matter was discovered. This turned out to be the raw material from which all "normal" matter was made. Among the startling things that could be done with Dark Matter was to use it as the building block for items produced by a replicator. Furthermore, the replicator could be powered by Dark Energy.

The replicator started out as a set of mathematical formulas developed by a team of French scientists led by Dr. Roland Orland. It turned out that Dark Matter was available anywhere and everywhere in the universe, so it could be tapped in any quantity desired no matter where the replicator was located. The replicator itself was built as a working machine by a group of graduate students led by Prof. Kim Il Lee of Seoul Technical University. Since NASA had financed the research by Dr. Lee, the patents were available at no cost, at least in the USA.

Several companies, notably Samsung, jumped on the bandwagon and converted prototypes into kitchen appliances and had them on the market by 2147. Anything from food to diamonds to transistors could be produced by these replicators if they were driven by the proper software.

Of course, the economies of every nation in the world were upset by the sudden appearance of the replicator, and it took about five years for that to get straightened out. There was now a vast market for the replicator and for programmers to write the software for each item produced. An economic boom was on and there were no more hungry people on Earth. Even the poorest villages in remote Africa pooled their resources and bought one replicator to be shared by the whole village. If you were hungry, all you had to do was to tap your replicator for anything from a light snack to a major banquet. If you were thirsty, a drink of almost any beverage was immediately at hand.

NASA had been after the replicator as a source of rocket fuel. Now, reaction rockets were practical for any sort of space travel. The replicator could manufacture propellent as it was needed, so there was no longer the necessity for a rocket to take off with all of its required fuel already on board. The first generation of rockets were now moving about under constant thrust and making trips from Earth to Mars in a couple of days. It was practical to travel anywhere in the solar system, and excursions were already being made to view the rings of Saturn and other spectacular sights if you could scrape up the money for a ticket.

The beauty of using a replicator as a source of rocket fuel was that the Dark Matter and Dark Energy were always available anywhere in the universe. Rockets could be run continuously because they never ran out of fuel. At only 1.0 g acceleration, a rocket could reach light speed in less than a year, and it could cruise at any speed as long as it was needed.

Trips to other stars were still long affairs. For example, a trip to the Centauri system, the one that was four lightyears from Earth still took something on the order of six years at 1 g, but that was something that could be lived with. Travel to other star systems were still not completely practical without Faster Than Light (FTL) propulsion, but that was being worked on at a frantic pace.

Even that barrier was broken within 50 years, and it was now possible to travel anywhere in the universe in two years or less by means of the Lurie Effect. A physicist and mathematician, Dr. Milton Lurie, had found a discontinuity in the Relativity equations as an object approached the speed of light. A clever manipulation by means of Dark Energy made it possible to travel anywhere in the known universe if one only knew the coordinates of the place he was leaving and the place he was headed. Thus, the great Diaspora of Humanity was made possible.

The population of the Earth had reached 48 billion, and people were practically standing on each other's toes. Population control by limiting births had long been abandoned as an unworkable proposition, but something had to be done. Well, there was a solution at hand. By this time, thousands of unpopulated planets in the Goldilocks Zone had been found, and many of them had a suitable atmosphere. Furthermore, they were uninhabited by sentients, so they were declared to be open for colonization.

A multitude of organizations jumped on the bandwagon and wanted to send spaceships to colonize a planet. Well, even with the availability of the replicator, only a few spaceships could be built at one time, so the Diaspora was spread out over many years. Travel to a specific planet cost the same as travel to any other planet, so that was not a factor in the choice of destination. A spaceship had to spend a year accelerating to light speed if it did so at the recommended 1 g, no time to make the jump to the destination anywhere in the universe, and one year to decelerate in order to land on the planet of choice. Thus, only two years were spent in transit.

Home Away From Home:

A group of promoters in Jackson, MS, hatched a plan. They would contract for a spaceship to transport 1,000 settlers to an uninhabited planet not yet determined. Each settler had to be married to a person of the opposite sex with the purpose of having children. The catch was that no couple could yet have children. This was to make it possible to get as many adults aboard the smallest practical spaceship. It turned out that the promoters had very little trouble in putting together their load of settlers.

As usual with this sort of colony, no goods were to be brought with the settlers, and they would even travel naked to cut down on the surplus weight. The lack of tools and other equipment would be covered by the four very large replicators that would be stowed as cargo. The settlers would be traveling in suspended animation and not be awakened until the crew had unloaded and set up the replicators to make everything that was needed.

Besides the 1,000 settlers, there were a ship's captain, a navigator, a pilot, and a chief engineer. Under these officers were a total of 40 crew members. That made for a total ship's complement of 1,088 people, since each officer and crew member had a spouse of the opposite sex along.

This was scheduled as a one way trip, with no intention of returning to Earth. In fact, the ship was under strict orders not to return. It would be destroyed if it did show up back on Earth. The world government was still having trouble in cutting down on the population, and they had no provision for accepting would be returning settlers. Roughly 1,200 ships were leaving Earth each day, and that was hardly enough to keep up with the new babies being born.

It turned out that the planet they were headed to had no name, just a reference number, so it would be up to the settlers to name it once they had landed. The planet had been surveyed when it was discovered. At that time, it was comfortably within the Goldilocks Zone and the surface temperature averaged 74° F and a day lasting 27.4 hours. The year was estimated to be approximately 372 days long, but the survey ship did not have very long to stay around to verify that. The atmosphere was 22% oxygen, 74½% nitrogen, and the rest was made up of inert gasses that were harmless to humans. This seemed like a perfect planet for what they had in mind, and the promoters were delighted to win it in the lottery.

They took off on a rainy day, but that made no difference to anyone. They soon established an orbit around the Earth, and the navigator set the course. Naturally, all of the passengers were already in suspended animation, and the crew began their routine work to be sure that everything was operating according to specifications. It was, and the trip began just as all of the other such trips had begun.

The crew held a party to celebrate the launch, and the party lasted for almost two weeks. This was not a problem because the whole spaceship was assembled from replicator-produced parts, and the replicator never made a mistake. As a precaution, all of the females not in suspended animation had received anti-conception shots that would last for a nominal three years.

The trip ran normally through its two and a fraction years, and the navigator called the crew together to announce that their new home was in sight. He turned on a monster viewing screen and everybody could see a bright white dot ahead of them.

Day one:

They landed on the planet that the navigator had named Home Away From Home.

The crew did the preliminary work to get things ready, and the passengers were taken out of suspended animation. They were assembled in an open meadow, and, at this point, the plot thickened. The unexpected part as far as the passengers were concerned was that they were surrounded by 80 people armed with machine guns. The officers and their wives were seated on a dais and dressed in clothes that most people had never seen in hundreds of years except in movies and on TV.

The captain of the spaceship and nominal leader of the new colony was dressed in a fancy crown and a robe that might have come from the early middle ages. The others on the dais were dressed in similar outfits. The captain got up from what was obviously supposed to represent a throne and stepped to a microphone.

"Remember what I say here, because your lives depend upon that. I am now the king of this world, these people on the dais with me are lords and ladies, and the people around you are the overseers. You are no longer citizens—you are serfs. Currently, you are naked, and you will remain so. If you do not follow the orders from the overseers, you will not receive food. If you continue to rebel, you will be shot. There is no appeal!

"There are 1,000 of you, and you will be divided into four companies of 250 serfs in each. Each company will have 20 overseers who will report to me or my queen or to one of the other lords or ladies. We will control the replicators, so you will have no choice.

"In case you contemplate running away, pay attention to this. This planet has a number of dangerous animals, and you are naked. How long do you think that you could survive in the wild without clothes or weapons?

"To make things easier for the overseers, you will all forget your last names, but you can keep your first names. Each company will be the responsibility of us lords and ladies. Those of you in my group will take the name of King. The pilot's serfs will take the name of Pilot. The chief engineer's serfs will take the name of Engineer. The navigator's serfs will take the name of Navigator. Any one who forgets that name will be punished by being flogged with 10 lashes. Let me assure you, that will hurt. The flogging will be administered by an overseer, and it will apply no matter what your gender.

"We will now divide you serfs into your companies. After that, you will eat a meal."

Some men from each lord left their machine guns and walked into the crowd of serfs. They picked out the people they wanted, and they did not do it any too gently. That was a harbinger of what life was going to be like for the serfs.

The meadow they were in was reasonably square, and each company was sent to a side to be fed. While the serfs were being selected, someone had planted four signs that contained one word: King, Pilot, Navigator, and Engineer. As a couple was selected, they were sent to stand close to their name sign. My parents were selected to bear the name King. As far as they knew, there was no significance to that.

After they ate, the serfs were assembled in their four companies. The king returned to the microphone. "This is something that I want all of you to remember. The primary duty of you women is to become pregnant. I know that you all received a short term anti-conception drug, but that should be wearing off in the next three months. Therefore, any woman who is not pregnant at the end of 14 months from today will be treated as if she had violated a direct order.

"That woman will be flogged in public for 20 strokes with a whip. After that, she will be given six more months to become pregnant. The first flogging will be on the woman's back, but the second flogging will be on her front, concentrating on her tits and cunt. She will have another six months to become pregnant.

"There will not be a third flogging. Instead, the woman will be strangled by a noose hanging from a gibbet.

"By the way, notice that I used the words tits and cunt. You are no longer people, you are serfs, and are not entitled to the dignity afforded to people.

"We do not want to have to carry out those punishments, so we will be supplying fertility drugs to every woman. Any girls born here will start receiving the fertility drugs on their 14th birthday. As you can see, we want to increase the population of serfs as quickly as possible. In fact, you women have already received your first dose of the drugs.

"I now release you to your overseers who will start you on preparing your dwellings."

Two trucks were driven to the middle of the meadow and prefabricated sections of housing were dumped from the truck. The overseers had the serfs start assembling the tiny houses at marked places on the meadow. There were a lot of houses to put up, and the overseers were liberal in their application of the whip when a serf appeared to slack off on the work.

The exteriors of the houses were finally assembled, and the serfs were served another meal. They were told to eat heartily, because, for now, they were only going to eat two meals a day. There was just too much work to do to take off the time for a third meal. By this time, most of the serfs were exhausted, but the overseers were unrelenting in having them work some more.

Most of the effort was directed toward finishing the inside of the houses. When the overseers found that no amount of beating was going to get more work from the serfs, they were told that they could quit for the day. Most of the serfs just collapsed where they were.

Most of the serfs were assigned the house that they were working on. The serfs that had been working on the communal latrine were also assigned houses that had been assembled for them by other serfs. The serfs were told that their work day had ended and they should get as much sleep as they could. However, as a part of the program to expand the population as fast as possible, they were ordered to fuck before they went to sleep. Overseers would check on them to be sure that they had done that. Any couples that had not fucked to the satisfaction of the overseers would be punished.

Some of the serfs were simply too tired to consider fucking, but they were caught by the overseers, and both were whipped before they were forced to fuck while the overseer watched to make sure that the man came. They did not care whether or not the woman came. A few of the overseers who were attracted by the possibility took the time for a fuck to relieve themselves. That was also something that the serfs had to put up with.

Well, the work on the village was finished in about eight days, and the serfs started three meals a day. This had been a psychological ploy by the lords to make the serfs grateful for any improvement in their handling they received. It worked, and about 70% of the serfs were appreciative of the "extra" meal a day.

Along with all of the other serfs, my parents were diligently working on producing a child. My mother must have been particularly susceptible to the fertility drugs because she was knocked up within a few days of her contraceptive shot wearing off. At this stage, the overseers were especially careful in how they treated the pregnant women, and my mother had a relatively easy time for a serf.

Dad had received the stuff necessary to make our little home at least reasonably comfortable. The houses were designed so that they could be expanded, so he was given the materials necessary to add a room to our home. That room would eventually be mine.

The midwife delivered me with a minimum of pain to my mother, and she was relieved that she had satisfied that first requirement of being a female serf. The midwife had been trained by a teaching machine produced by the replicator. She learned the full schedule of treatments for special cases and other such things in only two hours. Dad was assured that the midwife could have handled any sort of complication that could have been handled back on Earth. Those teaching machines were absolutely spectacular.

I have no idea why he did it, but the king ordered that all male children be circumcised. Maybe it was because he was circumcised—I don't know.

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