Linda Learns the Facts of Life
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Morganna Roberts

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Linda grows up fast and now she is ready to have it all.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Workplace   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Humiliation   Light Bond   Rough   Spanking   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Pegging   Sex Toys   Squirting   Tit-Fucking   Voyeurism   Water Sports   Doctor/Nurse   Size   Prostitution  

Little Linda Lonnigan was a pretty young girl with stars in her eyes and romance in her innocent naïve heart. All she knew was that someday she would be up there in the spotlight with countless admirers watching her every move. She just never expected it would be without any clothes on and swinging around a silly pole like a trained monkey rewarded for doing tricks.

She finished her mandatory all nude set of five songs and pulled up her thong and little sports bra to go mingle with the paying customers trying to smile and laugh her way into the real money in doing "private dances" with the generally all male clientele.

It was a bit of a shock when a gorgeous mature woman with perfectly arranged hair sat down next to the well-mannered gentleman she was attempting to persuade into parting with the cash for a private dance. Females who were not employees generally did not come into the Gentleman's Club because most of the men that went there to blow off steam were anything but gentlemen.

Linda had left her small town almost a year ago and was now just turning nineteen with twelve long hard months of doing some shameful things to get the cash to pay for her rent and her food and her clothing and costumes. She had learned a lot about real life in that span of a year. All of her female openings of interest to the male customers were well acquainted with dealing with determined hard erections. She discovered the sticks of meat refused to do down and leave her at peace until she did something to make them tingle. She had eventually become popular at putting smiles on the faces of the customers in ways that she had never thought possible. All she knew was that the point of no return was reached because she could see the signs in their eyes and the way they frantically moved their pelvic areas. She had become an expert on when they were about to emit the messy stuff that she had grown to dislike so much in the past year. Her favorite way of taking care of the mess was to simply let them shoot right on her skin and then wipe it up with a pair of her dirty panties that she kept nearby for just such emergencies. Then, she would use the baby wipes to clean her skin so it was nice and fresh for her next stage show.

Linda had learned the hard cold fact that most of the customers were older, married and usually unable to keep a steady girlfriend because they were unable to relate to any female unless they were paying for her company.

She looked at the well-dressed couple across from her in the little sofa alcove just next to the private dance booths. They were not the usual customers but she welcomed the change because it seemed like every truck driver in the world had already spanked her backside like she was a naughty child and she was beginning to think it was normal even though she knew it was kinky as all get out.

The mature woman was wearing some nice jewelry and her perfume was definitely the most expensive you could find in an upscale store. Linda was not a lesbian and she was a bit of prude when it came to such close relations with another female but since she started working at the Gentleman's Club she had lost her aversion to allowing a pretty girl lick her nice between her legs when things got boring and she needed something to take off the edge on her sexual frustration. She seldom was tempted to return the favor unless pressed by common courtesy to reciprocate when another girl was in a bad way. She estimated that at least half the girls were inclined that way and only put up with the men because they were needed to fill the kitty in more ways than one.

"I see you go by the name of Destiny. Surely, that can't be your real name, what is it, dear?"

It was the high-class lady asking her and she didn't see any need to put up a pretense.

"It is really Linda, ma'am and I only picked the name Destiny because it sounded so magical and sexy."

The husband, if he was truly her husband, put his heavily muscled arm around her shoulders and told the woman that she was the "best little dancer" he had ever seen on a pole.

Linda almost purred with excitement.

She loved getting compliments and the words made her feel real good inside because the customers seldom told them how good they were in doing a difficult move on the pole and she needed more than cash to be satisfied.

"My name is Veronica, but you can call me Ronnie, you pretty little thing. That is my better half, Matt, short for Mathew and he sure does know how to pick them."

Linda enjoyed talking to them but she saw the floor man give her a look and knew she had to start wheedling the other customers to cough up some cash for a private dance. She split fifty fifty with the house on the private dances and each girl was expected to bring home the bacon on at least three dances each night.

"I really am sorry folks but I have to get to work doing the private dances or I might lose my job."

The attractive woman leaned across Linda and the young girl felt her firm boobs brush across her bare skin making her suddenly tingle down below and she could feel some dampness in her slit that wasn't there just a moment ago.

"Matt, be a darling and give this girl a nice private dance. I want you to tell me how she feels both front and back and if she is right for us to take home for a little private, private dance in our bedroom."

Linda was surprised because she had never expected anything like that. The thought of being shared by the two of them made her tingle with excitement and she wondered what she would have to do to give them the pleasure they desperately wanted. She certainly was more than willing to do anything it took but she wasn't sure if she could live up to the level of kinkiness to satisfy them both at the same time. She thought she had seen everything but it suddenly appeared as though she was about to learn a little more about the depths of depravity designed by the human soul.

The private dance was different for some reason that Linda was unable to exactly put her finger on. Her married partner Matt was surprised she had to wear the latex panty but she explained it was the silly rule of the house to keep from being raided by county health officials. He laughed and spanked her excited buttocks with his big rough hands in a way that made her wet inside the latex. She made no attempt to stop him from pushing his skilled tongue into her open mouth because she had a disturbing urge to give him whatever he wanted to make him happy. She had never felt that way about any customers before and it was completely foreign to her way of thinking. Up until this point, everything she did in the private dance booth was geared to how much the customer was willing to pay but this time she didn't care about the money at all.

The fact that his wife the beautiful mature Ronnie was waiting right outside the curtain was a total turn-on to her and she even raised the level of noise she made to show her pleasure from Matt's capable hands and the touch of his business between her legs. She knew instinctively that this would be one of those rare occasions when she would have a satisfying orgasm from the dry humping action with her ankles locked behind Matt's hard lean body.

They all exited the Gentlemen's Club in the early hours of the next morning. She was a little tipsy because they had insisted on her sharing the bottle of champagne with them. Since they had paid an exorbitant price for it she figured it was only right that she follow their orders. It was like she was under a spell and that the attractive couple had her dancing to their tune in everything she did.

Their home was a solid brownstone that stood independently by itself surrounded by empty lots neatly tended by professional groundskeepers. It sort of insulated the place against nosey neighbors who might be disturbed by loud sounds in the middle of the night. That made her a little nervous but they both looked so tempting to her in their expensive clothing and their impeccable manners that she had little or no suspicion that they would soon steal the little bit of dignity and pride that she had remaining after a year of spreading her legs for males with enough cash to rent her for fifteen minutes of fun and games.

There were two large dogs inside the front door sitting quietly watching them enter as if they knew exactly what was going on and needed no instructions to behave or to go back to what they were doing before they arrived. She could see even in her blurry condition that they were male and female and she wonder if they were brother and sister or husband and wife. That stuck her as funny and she giggled for no reason drawing a sharp look from Ronnie who was suddenly more formal than she had been before.

She looked at Ronnie and Matt in a different light with a flash of insight.

Was it possible that the pair of them were actually brother and sister and not a married couple like they had claimed?

They certainly looked similar and she could see a similarity in the way they moved and they talked using words that she had never heard before. Linda followed them up the long winding staircase to the second level and they entered a room that looked like a cross between a family parlor and a playroom with different equipment for what she assumed was exercising and various benches and poles that mystified her with their purpose. Later that evening she would discover the intent of some of the equipment in a way that would stay with her for the rest of her life.

The beautiful Ronnie moved to the sofa and carefully removed every stitch of clothing leaving her completely naked to Linda's interested view. Matt moved to the bar and fixed them all a drink smiling at the sensuous mood filling the air.

Ronnie looked over at Linda and in a much deeper voice than she had used before told her,

"Please follow me, dear, we both want to see you in all your glory again and we have seen it before anyway."

Linda had to nod her head in agreement because it was true and she didn't feel uncomfortable at all because the beautiful Ronnie was standing there as naked as a jaybird showing her shaven pussy mound and delectable erect nipples surging out to meet the freedom of exposure. Soon the two females were stark naked and Matt was touching himself unable to restrain his need for sexual release. She hoped he would soon follow them in undressing because she had a desire to see his equipment in the raw and she hoped he was as big as he seemed when he was rubbing her between her legs in the recent private dances.

Much to her satisfaction, he did exactly that and joined them on the sofa with his erection swinging like a sword touching first one and then the other counting coup on their soft skin with an air of serious intent.

Linda went into a face down position on the sofa because she was suddenly afraid that she would prove inadequate to pleasure the both of them at the same time. She felt fingers in her female parts and then fingers in her private puckered entry in the rear and she pushed her ass up high in the air reaching to the ceiling hoping they would go inside and touch that trigger deep inside that made her tremble and shudder with happy release.

It was a good start to the private party and she couldn't wait to see what the depraved couple had in store for her inside their little castle of pleasure and delight.

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