Ko Challenge
Chapter 1

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Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story of a guy that becomes a superstar by knocking out another superstar.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Magic   Fan Fiction   Celebrity  

Ever since World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) superstar, The Big Show, debuted his knockout punch many superstars and even a legend or two have been knocked out by it.

The WWE has issued a challenge to any and all of its superstars to see if they could withstand the KO punch and then they'd get a shot at knocking out The Big Show. If they won, they wouldn't get much other than bragging rights. All the superstars that took the KO Challenge lost and fell at the hand, or rather the fist, of The Big Show.

After a plethora of superstars had fallen, WWE COO Triple H increased the challenge to two superstars a night. Eventually they allowed fans in to the ring to try their luck. Before taking the KO challenge, they had to sign an indemnification contract absolving WWE of any legal consequences. When the WWE came to TD garden in Boston, I was there and I was going to get in to the ring and take the KO punch and survive, then I was going to knock out The Big Show.

I had more than righteous indignation on my side too. What had happened was that I had come across what looked a lot like the magic lamp Aladdin rubbed to release the Genie. I decided to try my luck and to my surprise, I rubbed the lamp and I released what might have been a genie, although mine was not a big blue, animated, funny, genie. It seemed his fashion sense had not changed since the 18th century. He told me the rules, the provisos, and of course, that I got three wishes. I had been thinking about this for a long time so I made my first wish. I wished for the strength, speed, x-ray vision and every other ability Superman had. A poof of smoke enveloped me and I felt no difference whatsoever. I didn't cough, even though smoke was all around me. That night I slept and my legs jerked me awake like they had when I was younger and my legs gained muscle. They jerked and afterward I fell right back asleep. I woke up in the morning and thought maybe I looked a little bit stronger. I changed into what I was going to wear to the Smackdown taping that night. I was ready to go and my ride picked me up. About an hour later we were going to try to talk our way into the Garden before the event even began. We were more than likely going to be shot down, but we'd try it anyway. To get in, we just parked where the workers parked and walked right in. We weren't the first people there, or the last either. We were in there for about an hour before they found us and threw us out. When we were standing in line, we separated with our tickets hoping we'd get in. The only difference is the girls that came with us were still inside. We assumed they were in the divas locker room just like every guy in group wanted to be too.

We did get in and get to our seats despite the fact that security and some other employees wandering around the arena know we had done something wrong earlier. We sat in our seats and waited for the actual event to start. They used to have a pathetic show preceding both Raw and Smackdown, but now because of the WWE Network they had done away with those shows. They still had the dark matches, which are a lot like the shows they put on before the actual shows at Disney theme parks. During those matches a lot of people, me included, went to get shirts and masks and other things and other fans went to get some food or drinks. I didn't want to do that just in case the Big Show could knock me out.

After the dark matches, they did the first KO challenge with a no-name superstar who no one really recognized and the Big Show made quick work of him. Then the giant wanted to go in to the audience for his next victim. There was a guy he picked on the other side of the arena. When that young guy was knocked out the Big Show left the ring and went back to the locker room. He would be out to the ring at some point to do a couple of more knockouts.

About an hour or so later his music hit and this time he locked in our direction. He saw me and pointed at me. My friends told me not to go but I ignored their pleas and jumped over the railing. Before I was even able to get into the ring, I was handed an indemnification paper that I had to sign and date and there was a lawyer saying all sort of things to me that I didn't really hear because it was loud and he wasn't. I didn't really care enough to listen to him. I stepped into the ring and Lilian Garcia also stepped in to the ring to ask me my name and where I was from. I gave her a fake name and said I was from West Newbery, Mass, just like John Cena. The Big Show had a microphone and asked me what did I have the made me think I could take the KO punch and I flashed back to 2002 and the debut of John Cena. I responded with "ruthless aggression."

I took a step back from The Big Show as he balled up his massive fist and then took a swig. It hit me right in the jaw. I went to down to knee but I wasn't knocked out. The Big Show, myself and every fan in the arena was shocked. Now I had my chance to knock The Big Show out. I figured I wouldn't have the strength but I had withstood the KO punch, so who knew? I baled up my fist and hit the Big Show the same way he had hit me and he dropped to the mat knocked out. The crowd went silent and then one of the guys I had come with started clapping and the rest of the arena followed with cheers, clapping, yelling, whistling and all around happiness. Some guy that I didn't know came down to the ring and dragged me to the back. I had no idea where I was going but he pushed to a door and told me to go in and sit down. I looked at the desk and it read "Head of Talent Relations. I was going to meet with the Head of Talent Relations, but why? If I recalled, right then, it was Paul-Jean Levesque, which was the real name of Triple H. Then, in walked not only Mr. Levesque but also Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon- Levesque, and her father and the Chairman of the board Vincent Kennedy McMahon. I was star struck and silent. Mr. McMahon extended his hand to shake mine, and as if with a mind of its own, mine went and shook it. Before I could even speak, Triple H took a three-page contract out of his drawer. He wanted me to become a WWE Superstar but I didn't want be a wrestler, maybe an announcer or WWE referee, but not a wrestler. He reached in to another drawer and gave me another contract. This one signed me up as a referee.

I signed it right away and they gave me a signing bonus and then sent me to the locker room of the WWE referees. I was introduced to my new coworkers and several of them jumped up to meet the first guy to knock out The Big Show. Several of them asked if I wanted a ride to the next venue and one of the offers came from head referee Charles Robinson. I accepted that ride. The next event was in Providence Rhode Island.

We arrived, and boy was I nervous. I knew the rules because I had been watching WWE for the past 30 years and the rules only slightly changed in that time. Someone told me that I was going to referee a match in which my old friend was competing. I didn't know what they meant. It turned out that one of the people in the match I was refereeing was The Big Show. It was The Big Show vs. Kane. Apparently, The Big Show was angry with Kane because Kane was no longer part of The Authority.

Next time you go to a WWE live event, look for me. I'll be the guy in the ring with a striped shirt and black pants on.

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