A Man and His Pets
Chapter 8: Cindy's Holes Get Filled

Copyright© 2015 by Lucky Mann

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 8: Cindy's Holes Get Filled - A very wealthy man decides to alleviate his boredom and loneliness by taking a woman as his captive pet. Complications arise when he has to take her daughters too.

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Trina and Cindy obediently followed Jim to the Kennel.

Once there, Jim removed his clothes and hugged both

of his pets. "Cindy, did Trina tell you what to expect today? Did she tell you about the blowjob and butt fucking?"

With a bit of a fearful quiver in her voice, Cindy answered. "Yes, Sir. What do you want me to do?"

Why don't we start with a little blowjob. Did Trina tell you I will be shoving my cock into your throat, and cuming in your mouth?"

"Yes, Sir."

Jim laid on the bed, his semi-erect cock standing up for Cindy. "Good! Get on this bed and get busy. Trina, bring the lube from Cindy's nightstand."

Both teens replied. "Yes, Sir."

Cindy got in bed with Jim, turned, and laid her head on his lower abdomen. With little hesitation, she took Jim's cock into her willing mouth and started sucking. She quickly had him fully erect and hard as steel. She must have listened well to Trina, because Cindy was hitting the back of her mouth with every bob of her head. She was sucking nicely but not quite a hard as Trina had. She used her tongue a bit more effectively though. In short order, Cindy had Jim ready to erupt. When Jim put his hand on the back of Cindy's head, she didn't need his help swallowing his cock. She relaxed her throat and popped his cock's head into her tender gullet.

Just as Jim's cum exploded in Cindy's mouth, he shoved her head down hard and buried his nine inches down her throat. She gagged a little, but he held his cock deep in her throat during his first two spurts of cum. As he pulled his cock out of her throat, Cindy coughed and sputtered but never took her mouth off Jim's cock.

"Don't swallow yet, Cindy." Jim instructed as he filled her mouth with cum. She continued sucking until she had all of his cum in her mouth.

When he had finished cuming, Jim told the girls to share the cum with a kiss.

Cindy tipped her head back and showed Jim the exceptionally large load of cum he had left in her mouth. Trina climbed on the bed, and she and Cindy kissed passionately. They appeared to be passing the cum back and forth with each girl swallowing a bit of the cum when she had the load in her mouth.

When the girls had swallowed all of Jim's cum, they settled in next to Jim and cuddled up to him.

After cuddling a while, Jim kissed both girls and told them. "My pets, we need to have a little chat about Sandra. I don't think she is trainable. I would like to torture her a bit more, but I'm afraid I may have to get rid of her. What do you think we should do with Sandra? Remember, you can speak freely in your quarters."

Trina and Cindy looked at each other for several seconds. Trina was the first to speak. "Sir, will you take care of us?"

Cindy added. "We're still too young to be left on our own."

Kissing Cindy, Jim replied. "Of course you're too young." Turning and kissing Trina and hugging both girls close, he continued. "You girls are my pets now. You are my property and therefore my responsibility. I will use you as I see fit, but I will also take very good care of you. I am going to use a term for one last time that I have been avoiding. I want you to think about what we should do with your mother?"

Jim then quietly kissed each girl again and left the Kennel. He wanted to let them think about what he had said. He intended to keep them anyway, but if they stayed willingly, they'd make much better pets. He also was intent on not killing Sandra. He felt it would be better if his pets didn't know that as they considered their decision.

Jim checked in on Sandra. She had come around and was groaning behind her ball gag. A steady trickle of blood was running from around the huge dildo in her cunt, and tears were steadily flowing down her cheeks from her closed eyes. Her pelvic mound was swelling badly. Her pelvis had probably been cracked or broken when Cindy drove the huge dildo fully into her cunt.

"Sandra, are you with us again? I just wanted to let you know, your daughters are considering your fate at this moment. I will abide by their decision. Since you continue to be defiant and refuse to follow instructions, I must get rid of you. The only real question is, do I torture you some more before I dispose of you? Do I let your girls think I dumped you alive near your home? Or, do I bury your fat ass where it will never be found? I just wanted you to know you have very little hope of surviving this little ordeal."

With a smile, Jim squeezed both of Sandra's tits, kissed her forehead, and returned to his pets. He cared little of Sandra's response to his statement.

When Jim walked into the Kennel, both girls looked as if they had been crying. Both stood with their heads bowed. Jim asked of their decision. "Well, my pets, what have you decided?"

Trina spoke up. "Sir, Master, that bitch Sandra gave up the right to be our mother years ago. We now only have you to care for us. So, if you want to torture her ass, go ahead." Then, after a brief hesitation, Cindy added with an evil grin. "Can we help?"

Jim knelt and held out his arms. Both teen girls ran forward and hugged and kissed him.

"Of course you can help, my pets. It might even be fun for you to get a little revenge for all the poor treatment you received from her in the past. The problem is, she may not do very well during the torture. Will that bother you too much?"

Trina and Cindy looked at each other and carried on a quickly whispered conversation. Then Cindy spoke. "Fuck her, Sir. Like we said, that cunt hasn't been our mother for years."

"Okay then. Shall we go see what her body can do to entertain us?"

The girls grabbed their leashes and handed them to Jim. "That won't be necessary my pets. I don't think your going to run away. Besides, there's nowhere for you to go or any way to get there."

Jim took the hand of each pet and they returned to the still crying and bleeding, Sandra. "Tits or ass, pets? What's next?"

Both girls looked down at their own chests. Each was much smaller that Sandra's big Double Ds. Cindy firmly stated. "Tits, Sir! Do her tits! That cunt always teased us about our small boobs, especially mine."

Sandra urgently shook her head and tried to beg from behind her gag.

"Tits it is then." That would have been Jim's choice as well. He had been looking forward to fucking with those big tits ever since last spring.

Jim went to a cabinet and returned with another bag of goodies. "First things first, pets. Suck on her nipples until they're hard."

Trina and Cindy each took a tit and began sucking and licking the nipple. They soon had them standing tall and proud.

That's when Jim snapped the clamps on Sandra's nipples. These were special nipple clamps. They snapped closed on the nipples with a heavy springs. The spring made sure the sharp jagged edge of the clamp bit well into the base of the nipple. If added pressure was desired, a thumb screw could be turned to increase the springs clamping pressure. In just a few seconds, blood began trickling down the sides of Sandra's tits. He then reached back into his bag of tricks and pulled out a pair of thin needles about eight inches long. He handed each girl a needle. "Pets, can you guess where these go?"

With a giggle, Trina and Cindy each inserted an inch of their needles into the sides of Sandra's tits. Sandra violently shook her head and groaned.

"Very good girls. You seem to be learning quickly." Jim smiled at his pets.

Trina's needle drew a drop of blood, but Cindy saw something odd. Rather than blood, some grayish goo came out of the hole her needle had made. "Sir? What's this?" Cindy asked.

Jim looked at the grayish fluid. "Shit! That's silicone. To think I had been excited about a set of fake tits. Just raise your needle a little higher on the side, Cindy." Jim then tightened the thumb screws on the nipple clamps two full turns. Blood freely flowed from under the teeth of the clamps.

Sandra's head snapped up. Her eyes were wide open and starring at her bleeding nipples.

Cindy reinserted her needle a bit higher and a drop of blood appeared.

Okay, pets, on the count of three, push. One, two, three! PUSH!"

The girls drove their needles completely through Sandra's tits. Sandra violently shook her head and howled through her gag.

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