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: Trying something a bit different. Not meant as a pleasant story. Interested in feedback. Some people never learn to understand others and this story is an example

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Horror   Tear Jerker   Rough   .

James was a bit strange. He'd grown that way over the years, becoming more withdrawn, hiding away in his room. Even at school he had been a bit of a loner. If he'd been brighter he might have been in the geeks – the science nerds who stayed after school for the club – but he wasn't clever, or sporty or handsome or anything really. There was nothing to distinguish him at anything, and his parents didn't really care. They had produced him, fed him and sent him to school nearly in the correct uniform. They didn't see why they had to attend parents' evenings; when they turned up they always looked like they wished they were down the pub, and they always heard the same thing "he is a bit of a loner, not really interested in anything". Their response was the same: that it was the school's job to teach him, not theirs. Not surprising he turned out odd really.

After school he got a job as a security watchman, wore the same old jacket and took the same lack of interest in his appearance and his job. He was sacked from one job for watching porn on the office computer. A brighter person would have deleted or use a non-traceable browser. James wasn't bright.

5 foot 11 inches, skinny, with a pinched, hunched expression. His lank hair always looked like it needed a wash, which it frequently did. His face was one of defeat, his eyes were dull grey, screwed up slightly as if to hide from the world that he had discarded.

In his room when he wasn't working he would surf the net for porn. First it was just things like celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, then he started on celebrity nudes. He had to install some security after the third virus attack. It didn't take long to discover the genuine full-frontal, the gynaecological detail, of some pictures. Then the videos. Most were clearly badly acted scenarios of a girl going 'ooh, oo, ooh' and some guy going 'oh yeah' all the time; but he was a member of a couple of websites where the nature of the porn began to be of doubtful voluntary action. The girls looked younger, their faces looked scared or unaware of their surroundings. They were put through things that left clear marks of the whip on their bodies, their genitals looked like they were really bleeding, their anuses were opened with tools that looked more like torture implements. James liked these sites.

He thought the girls probably deserved to be fucked open and forced to suck a man's cock over and over. They probably enjoyed getting a light electric shock on their labia or clamps on their nipples. Girls were just prick teasers weren't they? He had found that even in lower school, they would tease him and laugh at him and the teachers sometimes even joined in. Especially Mrs Jones, she was a real bitch. He still thought of her as this old woman, she was 30 or so, but he was 7 when he pissed himself in class and she had made him sit there to 'til the end of the lesson. Though he had aged, in his mind she was still an old woman. The girls in the class had laughed at him. The boys had just hit him, he could take that easier.

When he came across the schoolgirl rape porn, he was hooked straight away. The site used young looking actresses and dressed them realistically, not like some sites where the girls looked like they were busting out of their bras and their short skirts showed tight, bunched panties that were clearly not school approved. The site James found went for realism; he never realised it was still acted. He didn't think about it as he watched, transfixed, as an apparently 13 year old girl was abducted and forced to suck off a huge black prick while another one was rammed into her little cunt. He thought it looked fun; he looked at his own prick and was sorry it wasn't bigger.

Wednesday found him walking home from his work, with nothing on his mind. He was capable of going for an hour with not one conscious thought passing through his brain; it was a skill a meditator might have envied, he could empty his head completely. But that was because it started out pretty vacant.

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