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True Sex Story: How I finally got to fuck Claudia!

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Well, I finally got a chance to nail Claudia, my best friend's girlfriend, after years of waiting and getting ever so close several times before. As you might remember, Lou has been my best friend for about 27 years and a number of years ago we began having threesomes with his girlfriend, Claudia, although she had steadfastly maintained a "no fucking" rule with me. Eating, fingering, playing, blowjobs and handjobs were always allowed, and she never left me hanging, but no fucking. Well, that finally changed!

They live in Austin and this summer while I was in nearby Galveston on assignment for several weeks, I stayed in a great hotel during the week and went home on weekends. Since I kept the room over the weekends and it was empty, Lou and Claudia decided to use it for a mini-vacation. They planned on staying a couple of extra days so the three of us could be together once I returned on Sunday night.

Let me provide some background. I fairly regularly call Claudia and we have phone sex. Often Lou is there and plays with her and fills her pussy while I am filling her ear with great fantasies. When he is there, she listens more than talks, but when he is out of town or just not home, she gets a lot more into our sexy fuck conversations. One time about a year ago, Lou and I tied Claudia up to the headboard and footboard on their bed with her scarves and teased her for hours before Lou finally fucked her. I ate her pussy real good first, and while she was tied up I got between her legs and rubbed the head of my dick all over her pussy, even putting the head slightly inside. I knew then that she would have been happy had I fucked her finally while she was tied up and couldn't stop me, but I held to our bargain and never really penetrated her. I was afraid that might have been my one and only real chance to fuck her, but I stopped short hoping the time might still come in the future.

Several weeks before their trip to Galveston, I called her one night when I knew Lou was away and we shared a great phone sex fantasy. It was partially a repeat of our actual night together when Lou and I tied her with the scarves. This time, however, I told her that I was climbing between her legs and rubbing the head of my dick all over the lips of her pussy and pressing it against her clit. She was very hot on the phone that night and was telling me how hot and hard my cock felt against her clit and how good it felt.

I asked her whether she was enjoying having my dick so close to her pussy when she was tied helplessly and couldn't stop me from doing whatever I wanted. She moaned more, telling me again how great my dick felt. I could tell she was close to cuming as she was obviously fingering her pussy while lying in bed talking to me and she told me she was very close. I asked her whether she wanted my tongue or my dick on her clit when she came in her fantasy and she told me "your dick!!."

Then, while in her fantasy she was helpless, I wanted to make her make another conscious decision. "Do you want my cock on the outside rubbing your clit, or do you want it inside so you can cum all over it and feel my hot seed shooting deep in you?" I asked her.

"Inside," she whispered.

Encouraged, I told her to tell me exactly what she wanted or she wouldn't get it.

"Slide inside, let me feel your dick inside me," she moaned louder.

"Do you want me to fuck you while you're lying there tied up so you can't stop me?" I asked.

"Yes ... I can't stop you. You can do whatever you want to me and I can't stop you," she replied.

In our phone fantasy, I then filled her pussy with my hard dick and fucked her until she came. (I, too, was stroking my dick and I came about the same time, soaking several tissues that I had ready for that moment.)

The night before they came to Galveston, I talked to them on the phone and asked Claudia whether she was bringing her scarves. Lou, not knowing the details of our previous phone fantasy, didn't fully understand, but Claudia did and she assured me she had them already packed. When I got to Galveston on Sunday night, the electricity between the three of us was very high. We went out for a quick dinner and drinks and then back to the room where Lou and I began to play with her right away. She excused herself and went into the bathroom to change into a black teddy and also brought back four scarves.

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