Joy at the Lake

by TexasFeller

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True Sex Story: Joy joins me at the lake and a weekend with another couple.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Swinging   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Lou and I have been the closest of friends for 25 years, double-dating in his red convertible way back in high school. Over the years we have shared a lot of memories, like the times he would be fucking his date in the front seat while I was screwing mine in the back seat, damn near wearing out the springs on his Chevrolet. We even had the same girlfriend a few times, although we dated them at different times. Either they were mine first and then later his, or vice versa. One of them once told me that Lou and I were, as lovers, like twin brothers. She said she could close her eyes and not be sure which one of us was making love to her, except that it was obvious I liked to eat pussy a lot more than Lou did. In a way, that's what led us to several new memories, like sharing the same girlfriend -- his -- at the same time and once having an incredible foursome, he and Claudia and me and Joy, and me and Claudia and him and Joy, and me and him and Joy, and ... well you get the picture.

Several months prior to that foursome, I was in Austin where Lou and Claudia were living together and after a lot to drink one night the three of us ended up stretched out on the living room floor enjoying a lot of heated kissing and touching. It seems that Lou and Claudia had talked about trying a threesome, but the occasion had never really presented itself. Well, it did that night and I learned that Lou had been wanting to watch Claudia and another man and my timing was obviously perfect. I also learned that while Claudia was also very ready to try it, she was fully committed to Lou and that meant no actual fucking. She loved being touched and especially loved having her pussy eaten, but fucking and blowjobs were not allowed. Okay, I can live by the rules as well as the next guy and I found out just how much fun we could have with a tremendous amount of foreplay, including my eating her snatch until she screamed, and be glad to settle for a terrific hand job rather than a traditional fuck. In fact, over the past year or two, we have had an incredible amount of fun and enjoyment even with the line I can't cross.

But back to our foursome. Joy and I met working in the same office. We were friends first and then became lovers in a heated 69 on the floor of my office one night after work. It was, in fact, soon after that night that we had a chance to visit Lou and Claudia. I had to be out of town on a business trip that ended in Austin and planned to stay with Lou and Claudia. I jokingly mentioned to Joy that it was too bad she couldn't join me there and she said all it would take was an invitation and she would be there. The invitation part took about two seconds and she said yes. I didn't tell her about my previous times with Lou and Claudia, only that they were neat people and two of the sexiest people I know. Two days later, I met her plane in Austin and one of the most sexually stimulating nights of my life began.

I knew when I picked Joy up at the airport that it was going to be a fun night because our greeting kiss had turned into a tongue-trading lip-lock ending when she reached down and briefly squeezed my hardening cock. I'm sure all the other arriving passengers were either envious or hoping that we would just move over to one of the benches in the waiting lounge for a quickie. Well, even for my exhibitionist tendencies, the airport was a little too public so it was time to leave. Joy and I dropped our stuff and my rental car off at Lou's and the four of us headed off for a funky, true Texas-style restaurant and bar with a great outdoor patio where we could enjoy the late summertime afternoon and sunset over the hill country. We were reasonably circumspect at the restaurant until after about the third round of drinks, when I suddenly felt Joy's right foot sliding between my legs from across the table and her toes starting to toy with my cock, which rapidly began to stretch down my pants leg. And, this wasn't a restaurant with big tablecloths hanging over the edges to cover any shenanigans going on underneath. No, it was one of those wrought-iron, glass-topped tables where there are no secrets. I thought the waitress (who was a beauty with big tits spilling out the top of her blouse every time she leaned over the table to serve drinks) was going to lose it when she brought us a new round and could easily see what was happening. Instead she seemed to come by more often after that and, I'm convinced, taking longer to serve from behind Joy, intentionally giving me better and longer views of her tits. I noticed a little twinkle in her eye and a wry smile that I don't think had been there before and figured either she was trying to distract me from Joy's toe massage or simply joining in on the fun without risk. I also noticed that Joy's miniskirt had ridden way up, giving the guys at a nearby table a great view of her thighs nearly up to her ass and Lou, sitting to her left, a perfect view through the tabletop of the crotch of Joy's panties, which had to be very wet by now. He and Claudia and I exchanged a few glances and when Joy got up to go to the ladies room, Claudia leaned over and slipped her hand in between my legs to feel my stiff dick and told me not to cum yet, the evening was young. I could tell Lou was looking forward to seeing a lot more of Joy and he got just that when she returned to the table, resumed her slouched-down, leg-spread pose and showed Lou that she wasn't a natural blonde. Her panties were now in her purse, where they would stay until the end of the trip. It was now quickly getting dark and obviously it was time to go before either I, Lou or one of the guys at the next table decided to fuck Joy right there at the restaurant.

We decided to head straight for the lake and Lou's houseboat, not bothering to go by his house to get Joy's or my swimsuit since it didn't look like modesty was going to be a problem for any of us. We were barely in the car before Joy grabbed my cock and opened her legs to give me easy access to her pussy. I was right, it was very wet and ready. As we are making out and groping in the back seat, Lou tilted the rearview mirror to catch the action. I thought I would give him a better show, so I popped open most of the buttons on Joy's blouse and slipped the catch on her front-opening French bra to free her firm 35C tits. I could hear an audible gasp from the front seat and knew that Lou was enjoying the view, but who wouldn't. Joy was so wrapped up in tonguing my ear and trying to get my dick out of my pants, that she was oblivious to the show we were providing. I noticed that Claudia had turned sideways in the seat with her back to the door in order to get a better view herself of what we were doing and to spread her legs on the seat to give Lou a shot at her beaver and the opportunity for him to reach over and plunge a finger in her pussy like I was doing to Joy. Even though it was summer, I was afraid the windows were going to fog up with so much heat being generated. Joy finally succeeded in getting my cock out and, preceded only by a loud moan, she ducked her head into my lap and swallowed it whole. Then everybody in the car seemed to moan at once, with me the loudest. Joy spun around with her knees on the seat and her ass sticking up and I pulled her miniskirt up to her waist, exposing her glorious buns to Lou, Claudia and anyone in a passing car. As she sucked, I fingered her pussy from behind. I could tell by the expression on Claudia's face that Lou was giving her similar treatment. Joy's tits were hanging down and I pulled her blouse out of the way so I could finger her nipples with my other hand. Claudia's and my eyes locked and I could see the fire of desire as I snaked out my tongue and flipped it up and down in a pantomime of eating her pussy. That was all it took for Claudia to go over the edge and be the first to cum. Joy was next. I could feel the muscles in her pussy start to spasm around my finger and she increased the suction on my cock, threatening to pull it off at the root. That extra action tripped my switch and my ass came up off the seat as I tried to push deeper in Joy's mouth even though her lips were already firmly locked at the base of my dick. As I shot my first load of the night, I realized that three of the four people in the car were all cuming at the same time and thought of poor Lou being stuck driving with only a view and a feel and no relief for his hard-on. Thankfully, we were just about to the lake, so I knew his time to cum would soon come.

Arriving at the boat docks, we all pulled ourselves back together and acted like nothing much had happened. We piled onto Lou's houseboat and wasted no time pulling away from the docks headed to a secluded cove where we could tie up for the night. On the way across the lake, Lou had Joy sit at the wheel teaching her to handle the 38-footer. I moved further back in the cabin behind them and pulled Claudia with me, putting us back in the dim light but where we could still watch what was going on in the captain's chair and where we could be part of the conversation. While it was pretty obvious that Joy wasn't bashful around virtual strangers, I didn't know how she might react to a true group scene or to me playing around with Claudia. I knew Lou would move cautiously with Joy, treading lightly and letting her set the pace and I could see from where I was standing that I was right. He was standing close behind and slightly to her left, his right hand stroking her back and neck and arm while his left hand rested on hers on the wheel. Provocative and stimulating, but not threatening. She seemed to react positively, her voice throaty and sexy, purring like a cat being scratched behind the ears. I was standing behind Claudia so both of us could watch and I nuzzled the back of her neck, my hands roving over her full, 36D breasts. Her large -- and I knew from previous experience -- sensitive nipples responded immediately, poking through her flimsy bra and thin cotton blouse, so I tweaked them between my forefingers and thumbs. Her ass pushed back against my groin so my dick, which was hard as steel again despite the great blowjob a half-hour before, was wedged firmly between her bottom cheeks. Joy's attention seemed fully diverted, so I took the opportunity to slide one hand under her blouse and the other down to cup her pussy through her skirt, my middle finger pressed against her clit. I was afraid that Joy would hear her moans, but I noticed Lou's right hand appeared to have dipped over her shoulder where his fingers had to be toying with the tops of her breasts, so he appeared to be making progress with no obvious resistance. I figured I had better stop before Claudia got too wound up or I came in my pants. Damn, but her ass felt great pressed around my cock. We made fresh drinks and joined Lou and Joy for the last few minutes ride into our little hideaway cove.

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