Stud Maker
Chapter 10: Stud Breaker

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 10: Stud Breaker - A college boy returns home and seduces his attractive Mom. As a lone parent she is torn between her natural urges and being a respectable mother. But it leads her to another world of SUB-DOM Lesbian-love and even horse- sex when she enters Iris's upper-class ways in leafy Hampshire: England. A measured yarn that hopes to entertain its reader. Thanks : J L

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Coercion   BiSexual   Mother   Son   FemaleDom  

The major watched Iris crossing the yard, her braided flaxen hair swinging in step, as she headed for the stable.

How sexy her swaying butt looked in jodhpurs, as she strode, thwacking the crop against the side of her riding-boot. He imagined whacking her ass with it; as he use too when spanking her.

She entered her domain; the stable he'd constructed for her 15th birthday. Lovejoy whinnied in anticipation of what was in store.

At the sight of his mistress with crop in hand, he pawed the ground as his stiffened cock slapped his underbelly. His balls, as if with a mind of their own, also jerked to attention. Testosterone oozed from the young stallion and Iris filled her lungs with the smell of it.

The major had in turn quietly followed her over the yard; but concealed himself behind the stable door, to watch. He pondered on how his daughters affections had drained away from him over to Lovejoy this last year.

The major had always basked in the affection she'd held for him in the past; able to enjoy her closeness and kisses given to her father.

Well, apart from his one mistake. On her 8th birthday, when she'd had a tantrum. He'd taken her to his bedroom for a spanking over his knee and she was yelling the house down.

In the heat of the moment he'd stuck his throbbing cock into her gob to shut her up. She'd sucked on it like a dummy, and got a mouth-full.

But he hadn't meant to do it!

Then the wife had banned any more spanking; saying it was old fashioned and outmoded.

The child probably forgot about it the next day anyhow and he, unimpeachable ever since.

She'd always been a looker, but since her figure began forming, she was again an awful temptation.

She was nearing 14 when she began hankering after a pony. Her best friend had one.

The pleading and the tantrums surfaced once more but this time the major's hands were tied.

Iris was now that untouchable jail-bait creature; the adolescent female.

She would slide up in a helpless damsel mode, stroking his shoulder and so forth as she pressured him to buy her a pony. He'd wanted to say, "What's in it for me?" But instead it was, " Well lets wait and see, you could be a bit young to be handling a horse."

Iris then had grasped the initiative as she moved her hips uncomfortable close to her fathers and murmured in his ear, " You could say I was a bit young to be having your cock in my mouth whilst being spanked; ... but I never complained."

The major's heart momentary stopped before he managed a mangled smile.

Naturally, he had to grant his daughters wish.

Now that bloody horse was at the centre stage of Iris's world. Even the lady wife was star-struck over this Lovejoy. The major had been sidelined.

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