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Chapter 4: A Bit of Discipline

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 4: A Bit of Discipline - A college boy returns home and seduces his attractive Mom. As a lone parent she is torn between her natural urges and being a respectable mother. But it leads her to another world of SUB-DOM Lesbian-love and even horse- sex when she enters Iris's upper-class ways in leafy Hampshire: England. A measured yarn that hopes to entertain its reader. Thanks : J L

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Coercion   BiSexual   Mother   Son   FemaleDom  

My first day at the Manor had been exhilarating but after a glass of wine I was redy to turn in and said goodnight to Iris.

"Remember Margo, regain your authority." she said kissing my cheek." "And I'll see you at breakfast."

Making my way upstairs and along the landing I entered the guest bedroom.

By 10pm I'd climbed into the comfy old bed, my head sinking luxuriously into the large puffy pillow.

Then I heard someone knocking softly at the door!

"Yes, who is it?" I called softly.

Guy appeared; "May I come in?"

I sat up, suddenly wide eyed replying, "Well yes, what is it Guy?"

Wearing only his pyjama bottoms, he came to stand sheepishly before me.

"Well, what is it?" I said perplexed.

His hands fumbled together behind him, his naked chest and torso on display.

Then Guy delivered his lines, "I was a chump being mushy with you at home. I appoligise for it Madam. I ... I wish to earn forgiveness."

I stared at him awhile before it came to me.This had all been arranged by Iris.

Iris had sent him in to me with instructions on how to behave!

So now I was Madam rather than Margot; a far better understanding.

But Iris had reminded me; I had to re-establish my authority over Guy. I had to make it plain who was in charge.

So I looked at him with some disdain and spoke coldly to him.

"Very well. When you are alone with me under disapline you will call me Madam Margot."

"Yes Madam Margot." Guy replied carefully.

"You can explain what caused you to violate me in my kitchen?"

"It was my sexual urges Madam Margot." He mumbled.

I stared at him. Then in the same quiet stern manner said, "Yes Guy; your sexual urges.

I shall teach you to restrain your sexual urges until I ask for them. Do you understand?"

"Yes Madam Margot" he mumbled.

I was humiliating Guy and it sexually excited me.

"Come and stand by me here." I ordered.

He did so and my snach fizzed with him being so close. My hand fondled his crutch slowly. "Stand very still Guy." I warned.

My hand slowly loosened his pyjama cord and they fell to the floor.

My son stood perfectly still and naked before me, his large cock glistening and pulsating. I want to suck it as desire shoots though my groin.

But it is time for his lesson.

"Now young man; let's make a start with lesson number one shall we?"

"Yes Madam Margot, lesson one." He replied with apprehension.

I lean towards him and with my index finger, teasingly tapped out my words on his beautifully stiff penis.

"Lesson –one - is - controlling- an - urge."

His cock bounced delightfully with each firm tap.

I saw he was already perspiring with the effort of restraint.

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