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Chapter 3: Our friend Freud

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 3: Our friend Freud - A college boy returns home and seduces his attractive Mom. As a lone parent she is torn between her natural urges and being a respectable mother. But it leads her to another world of SUB-DOM Lesbian-love and even horse- sex when she enters Iris's upper-class ways in leafy Hampshire: England. A measured yarn that hopes to entertain its reader. Thanks : J L

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Coercion   BiSexual   Mother   Son   FemaleDom  

That first afternoon had passed with Iris showing me over the rest of the old house. It was originally Georgian with pieces added over time. The cosy flagstone kitchen was adjacent to the comfortable living room having a lovely French bay opening onto the pretty patio garden. It was choc-full of character; once, even an old family ghost had appeared.

Upstairs had creaky corridors leading off to various bedrooms and bathrooms.

The room Iris had prepared for me was on the left wing over the library.

"Oh Iris, it's simply enchanting." I said in wonder, as she led me in.

"I'm glad you like it Margot, it's a good shape and it has a nice feel to it somehow."

The two small windows were draped in softly coloured cotton and the wooden floor had a beautiful Persian style carpet alongside a deep comfy bed.

As we looked from the bedroom windows the boys were chuckling their way across the drive together. They had that appealingly odd mixture of boys in young men's bodies. Guy had his shirt thrown over his shoulder, his body proudly open to the sunshine. I felt a rush of pride and sexual pleasure.

"My, you have got a fine young buck on your hands Margot." Murmured Iris from her window, I can see why you had trouble holding him back."

"I blushed, saying softly, "I'm not sure I'll even try after what I've learnt from you today."

"That's the spirit Margot take all he's got." As the boys disappeared from view she murmured, "Once you've got him in hand you'll find the sex so gratifying. They have such stamina at that age."

I blushed deeper " I can't wait." I said, my cunt fizzing.

We turned away from the widows and Iris sat on the side of the bed with an impish grin.

"After Guy overpowered me that first time I lectured him on the law's attitude to rape."

"Oh, I see." I said slightly bewildered.

"Ralph knows now. I make it clear when I'm in the mood for him." She said.

Agog, I sat on the bed beside her. "Why, that's...

"Selfish? Sinful? Yes and It keeps him in hand." Smiled Iris softly.

And now you have Guy in the palm of your hand too Margot."

I visualised Guy naked on my bed and blushed.

"Yes, I was muddled over Guy." I declared, but If he came to understand his position...

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