LA Fun
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man's company moves him from Florida to California where some very new and exciting experiences await him. Enjoy the many fun and strange characters who flow through the story.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Interracial  

My company had sent me to Los Angeles to evaluate one of our branches. This wasn't a welcomed assignment because it usually was an assignment that precedes a relocation. I loved Florida and didn't want to move. Florida is a hell of a lot cheaper to live in than LA for one, and the other is that I would have to create an entirely new group of friends. My townhouse condo was in an exclusive community with its own country club, but it wasn't that expensive. The fact that I bought it before the big housing bubble had my payments at a very reasonable amount. I had it made in Florida with a group of women who only wanted to be fuck buddies and enjoyed having a good time with others in the group. My pool league teams were all good friends and pool nights were always good for some flirting toward future fun. I was very content to work and live in Tampa, all in all.

I suppose the company might have felt that I was complacent since my office and region ran like clockwork. Our growth was one of the best in the company, and we had the best employee retention in the company. I liked to think it was by my guidance, but you know how the bigwigs are. They think someone stumbled into a good thing.

Anyway, I was in LA, wandering around the Hollywood area on a Saturday, trying to get a feel for the area. It was warm today so I had a pair of shorts and a T-shirt proclaiming the Tampa Bay Rays. These shorts were fairly loose and silky, so they slid up a little when I sat down at an outdoors convenient eatery.

A waitress who had been looking down at me with a smirk took my order and left. I didn't think too much about it, as LA is full of strange people. A woman in a sort of short sack dress walked by then stopped, backed up, and looked me in the eye. This was a lady probably about my age, early to middle thirties or so, and not a Hollywood actress wannabe. She was probably an easy twenty plus pounds over BMI, and had some gargantuan boobs freely moving under her sack. She smiled and leaned toward me to softly say, "Commando, huh?"

WTF; I didn't understand until I looked down to see the head of my dick sticking out from my shorts. I'm sure I turned five shades of red within a second and reached to correct the shorts. This babe didn't let my hand reach my shorts, but with our eyes fixed on each other, she pulled my hand upward under her short dress so that I could feel the silky skin of her pussy.

Oh my. That got the lower extremities to begin expanding and extending farther from the bottom of my shorts.

She quickly pulled my hand out from under her dress when I had touched her, kissed my fingers, and asked, "You could ask me to sit with you?"

I immediately stood to seat her, which let my shorts cover me. The lady gave me a smile that warmed me to my toes when I pulled the chair back and stood behind it. As she sat, she asked, "You are tanned like a native, but you aren't from here, are you?"

I smiled and told her, "No, I live in Tampa, Florida, and am here on business."

"It had to be. You are just too casual and too gentlemanly to be from around here."

I was still smiling at her and said, "You did surprise me with your show, or rather, feel and tell move."

The lady said, "I'm in a mood today and I thought you might be the usual flasher who shows up around here. I thought it would be fun to show you that you're not the only one like that when you blushed and reached to cover yourself."

I laughed and told her, "You have the advantage because you get some breezes to cool you off."

She was still smiling as she said, "I sure do, and it makes getting at all my good parts easy."

This lady was bad and was making me blush again.

The waitress came back with my iced tea and asked the lady if she wanted to order. I nodded at her and she ordered an iced tea and a salad.

I stuck my hand across the table and said, "I'm Brad Johnson from Tampa, Florida."

She took my hand and told me, "And I'm Kathryn or Katie Johnson, currently from Los Angeles."

We chatted for an hour while consuming our lunch. I had paid the tab with a tip and smiled at Katie. We couldn't sit at this bistro forever, so I suggested, "Do you have something to do this afternoon? We could go see a movie or just walk and chat."

Katie said, "How about we move off the main thoroughfare and have a drink in a little place near here. Are you okay to drink early in the day?"

"I would love a drink and more of your company."

Katie ran her hand down my arm and clasped my hand in hers when we began walking where she was leading. She looked at me with a smile and gave my hand a squeeze without letting it go. We continued to tell each other of our lives on the way to her special place. Katie was an insurance claims investigator for a major insurer. She coordinates the field people and supplies them with the information necessary to work a claim.

I could only describe my job as an organizer and coordinator between major homebuilders, appraisers, home loan companies, and title companies. All the parts were owned by one organization, and each region had someone like me who makes customers flow through the bureaucracy without a hitch. It wasn't that difficult a job, but it did require looking into any area that seemed to be holding up the flow of a sale.

Katie opened a normal size glass door on a side street off the main thoroughfare, and pointed at the stairs going down. The first thing that hit you was the stale smoke smell mixed with the smell of years of spilled beer and liquor. The place was fairly dark, except over each of about four dozen pool tables. About half were in use, with a cluster of tables at the far rear being used by some people who had several observers. Katie walked to the bar and said, "Give me some balls and my cue case, Mattie. I'm going to teach a guy from Florida how to play pool."

I had to smile because I wasn't a slouch on a pool table, and could play with some of the best in most games. I played both eight and nine ball in a league, would often play snooker with the old guys, and then some fifteen/one or one pocket, and some ten ball. I usually played for match sticks (if you know what I mean) on Friday evening and on Saturday, and Sunday afternoon sometimes. I didn't win all the time, but I usually went home with more in my pocket than I came with.

Katie asked if I knew how to play pool. I gave her the grift come on, "A little." She asked what games I knew and I honestly answered, "I think all of them." That should have given her a clue, but she said, "How about some simple nine ball to start?"

I took the balls, racked them, and then looked at the house cues to find a fairly straight cue with a good tip. This place was a pool player's dream as they had some really nice house cues of all different weights. I found an eighteen ounce that felt very good. I also pulled a twenty-two ounce to break with if I ever had a chance to break.

Katie broke and sank the seven, but didn't give herself a clean shot at the one. She could have just about ran the table if she would have jumped the one and made it. She should have pushed, but she tried to kick the yellow one ball toward the side pocket instead, and it was off by that sixty-fourth of an inch and missed. She left me with the table. Hoping these tables and pockets were true, I ran the one down the side rail then put the two in the top right that let the cue get in position for the three. I had the cue ball come off the cushion to set up for the four and five, and then sunk the six, eight, and lined up for the nine. I was hit on the shoulder with an exclamation of, "Oh yeah, you know how to play 'a little'," when I sank the nine.

Katie didn't glare at me but was looking at me a little cross-eyed. I had pulled the balls from the pockets and rolled them to the bottom of the table. Katie racked the balls and said, "You caught me off guard on that one. I should have safed that shot instead of letting it roll dead. I won't make that mistake again." She picked up two stacks of pennies from a small shelf on the wall and said, "Best of seven for something to be determined later."

I asked her, "Want that drink now? Or later? I think I might play better with some booze."

"Shit, I'm going to go get Andy to teach you about showing up a regular here if you play better with some booze."

"What would you like, Katie? I'm buyin'."

"What're you gonna' get?"

"Beefeaters on the rocks."

She said, "Make that two."

I went to the bar and asked Mattie for two Beefeaters on the rocks. She looked at me and then over at Katie, and softly asked, "Doubles?"

I nodded and left a twenty on the bar. I was going to pick the drinks up when she said, "Take five back. That still leaves me with a nice tip. This is the cheap side of LA." Before I left, she said in an even softer voice, "You be careful with our Katie. She's still a little fragile. Don't be taking advantage of her and I don't mean on the tables either."

There must be a story there somewhere.

I brought Katie her drink and we both took a good gulp. I broke and put three balls down. The one was directly on the other side of the eight about foot forward. I could have kicked the ball, but I wanted to show off and see if I could jump the ball with a house cue. All I had to do was hit the one square and it would go in and should leave me on the next ball up which was the three. I rubbed the chalk off the tip of the break cue I had picked out and stood over the cue ball pointing the cue tip down. I stabbed at the ball to make it jump and it did a perfect leap over the eight and connected with the one and backed up an inch or so for a perfect shot at the three. I ran the table out without a problem.

I pulled the balls from the pockets for Katie to rack and put a penny under the side rail. Katie asked, "Are you going to give me a chance to shoot?" as she finished racking the balls.

"That was luck. Let's see what happens."

My break was good, but nothing went down. Even the nine ball rolled toward a side pocket, but Katie now had a good table with the balls spread nicely and a good shot at the one with room to set herself up on the two. This woman was a pool player. She ran the table like a pro and gave me a sweet smile as she tucked a penny under the rail on her side of the table.

A few patrons had wandered up to watch our match and were fascinated that some dude in silky shorts was giving Katie a run for her money. There was a crowd around the table by the time we were even at six up, with Katie breaking. It was apparent that Katie didn't get beat or even challenged very often. I was determined and hoped she at least missed a ball.

Katie's break made the one, but she didn't have a clear shot at the two. She could kick the two and probably leave me hooked, but she grabbed her break cue, unscrewed part of it, and screwed the short jump cue end on. I could see she was lining the ball up wrong when she jabbed the ball short banging her cue onto the table. The cue ball jumped, but hit the ball she was jumping and hit the cushion to return in perfect shape for a run. I ran the rest of the table before putting my cues up on the house rack. I held my arms out to Katie with a smile, and she came to me. She softly said, "I'm yours any way you want me. That was awesome."

A lot of the house regulars wanted a match with me, but I waved them off saying that I would be a regular if I was transferred here, and everyone could beat me then. Katie pulled me to the bar and ordered two more of the double Beefeaters from Mattie. I walked back to the table and put the balls in the tray and picked up the two glasses. Mattie asked Katie, "I like this guy, wanna share?" when I brought it all back to the bar.

Katie joked back, "Don't know whether he's worth sharing with a friend yet. Let me check him out and then we'll compare."

I said to Katie, "There are some serious pool players here, aren't there?"

She said to me, "Very serious; probably some of the best in the country. We get a lot of pros who come through, but they almost always leave some cash behind. That you took me put you in the top ranks before you shot anyone else. I can't believe I lost to a bubba from Tampa."

I told Katie, "We do have some extraordinary players in Tampa, just like everywhere. I'm not nearly the best in the area. I know of at least ten to fifteen others who are better than me. Only one is female though, and we're getting Jeanette Lee to be the local owner of our APA league. That'll give us some creds."

Katie said, "I'm hungry. How about taking me next door for one of their salads and steaks, and we'll talk about your winnings."

Katie came to me as we got off the bar stools, pressed against me full front, and looked up at me. I almost reached down to kiss her, but didn't as she passed a hand across my silky shorts to tease my growing problem. I felt her large spongy breasts against my chest and pulled her to me for a quick second. We didn't kiss, only almost. Mattie leaned across the bar and softly said, "Get a room."

Katie pulled me toward the door as she asked, "Do you have a car here, or should I just haul you to my place?"

"I'm staying at the Doubletree right now, so it's your choice. I do want to spend more time with you."

"You're coming with me, big boy. I think you'll like my pad. It's only a couple of blocks from here. Let's get there and we'll stop for some food along the way."

We stopped at a deli where Katie ordered a bunch of food in cartons they stacked on top of the counter. Katie told me, "They have some of the best ribs in Hollywood, but nobody knows it yet. You won't be able to get close to this place one of these days."

We both carried bags of prepared food to Katie's place, arriving in a few short minutes. After putting all the food on her table in her small kitchen, Katie wrapped her arms around me in a hug molding her generous body to mine. She looked up at me and asked, "Want a shower before or after something to eat?"

"Let's eat. I'm hungry and will want a shower to clean up after the barbecue sauce."

Katie chuckled and told me, "You'll want another shower when I get done with you."

That made me smile as we loaded plates with the various foods Katie had ordered. The ribs were to die for and the various sides were delicious as well. We were both full and there was a lot of leftovers that were put in covered containers and then in the fridge.

Katie turned to me and said, "Ready for your shower?"

She flipped her dress off her now naked body with that said, and began stripping me. I was as naked as Katie in a second since all I had on was my shorts, T-shirt, and flip-flops. We entered the unusually large shower with me poking her because we were close together. Katie pulled my head down to her and kissed me. We continued the kisses for several minutes until she whispered, "Let's do this in bed. You're already enough of a mystery to me, so finish washing me and we'll explore and enjoy each other."

We dried quickly and headed toward her queen-size bed. Katie pulled a pile of towels from a linen closet on the way. We lay there gently kissing, and kissed more fervently and with more meaning as our interest grew. Katie was pulling me on top of her and trying to put me inside her within a few minutes.

"Are you okay that we aren't using a condom, Katie? I have one in my pants if you would feel better about our loving."

Katie whispered back, "I'm clean and think I'm protected, but I may not be with you. You have to be as clean as me. Please make love to me naturally and give me all you have."

I made love to Katie with everything I had been taught about how to love a lady. I loved every inch of her from her forehead to her toes. Katie climaxed over and over from my stimulation somewhere between those points, but none of it was for my benefit; it was all to give Katie more enjoyment. I discovered why she had all the towels as Katie was a real squirter. I stuffed towels under her and under my chest to absorb her spraying fluids after her first orgasm.

The two of us were finally spent. We were lying on damp towels, but not complaining because the wetness on the bed only told of our loving. A body crept up behind me as we gently kissed each other, and hugged me to Katie. I nearly had a heart attack, but Katie held me and kissed me.

The unseen entity said, "You've given my lover some special attention today and tonight. I want to reward you for that, as well. Love me too, and then love Katie some more."

Katie whispered to me, "Love my partner the way you loved me. I know she will enjoy you too."

I turned to the lady who was behind me and appraised this interloper. She was a tawny brown, and almost as generously endowed as Katie, but was shorter with Oriental features. Her dark brown slanted eyes seemed to try to peer into me as she pushed me back and lay on top of me. Our first kiss was slow and sensuous with a lot of tongue, almost the same as with Katie. I turned her over and toured her body with my tongue and kisses, enjoying her female fragrance as I feasted between her legs. I was amazed that this woman was just as juicy as Katie. Her orgasms were accompanied by fluids spraying my face. She pulled me up by my ears, licked my wet face, and reached between us. Katie took me in hand and put me into this mystery woman. The lady was wiggling and bouncing beneath me within seconds. I continued until the woman gasped, groaned, and lay perfectly still. Katie softly told me, "You have done what no man has ever done to Jules. She has always said she couldn't be excited by a man, but you've done it. Hold us, kiss us, and let us sleep in your arms."

The lady I now knew as 'Jules' moved over the half of my body not covered by Katie and gave me a soft kiss. She whispered, "You made me so excited while watching you two together that I had to see if it would work for me too. We need to keep this one, Katie."

I fell asleep being hugged by two ladies who I might have passed on approaching, but was extremely happy I had asked her to sit with me at the outdoor bistro.

Sunday morning was a surprise. Two full-bodied naked women were hovering over my morning erection, giving it light kisses. The skin contrast of the two was really startling in the morning light. Katie was a very fair-skinned dirty blonde with just a hint of red. She had very sparse reddish pubic fuzz. Jules had a lot of Oriental features, but also sported some African American points of interest. You could tell she ironed her hair, but you couldn't tell about her pubic hair since she didn't have any.

I hated to interrupt their playing, but I needed to pee. I made my dick wiggle in their hands causing both to jump and look at my face. Katie smiled and said, "Aha, you're awake. Jules and I were experimenting. She wanted to try some things with you."

"That's nice, Ladies, but I'm going to be leaking and it won't be the good stuff if I wait much longer. Let me use the john and I'll freshen up and come back to bed."

Jules and Katie looked at each other and shivered. Katie asked, "How kinky are you, Brad?"

"How kinky do you want me to be? I don't have many taboos."

"Come with us Florida boy, and we'll demonstrate some LA kink." Two ladies led me to the shower with that and turned it on.

The two women hugged me and I felt the body temperature flow from each of them running down my leg. I let go and I suppose this was I was being as kinky as they were.

The two girls were masturbating and kissing each other when my flow stopped. All this did was to make me super hard. I decided to get the two clean for some playtime, and took the handheld showerhead down to spray both their hair. I used the available shampoo and massaged their scalps. I put conditioner in their hair and worked it in after rinsing both heads. Jules said, "I'm going to have to straighten my hair now. That did feel wonderful, though."

The girls stood and we three thoroughly washed each other. Katie and Jules both gathered the used towels when we dried off with more clean towels, and put a load into the washing machine. The two women pulled a large stack of towels from the linen closet and carried them to the bed. Katie told me, "We buy towels by the dozens because we are both very juicy."

Jules spread towels all over the bed and gave me the finger wave to come to bed. She had me lay on my back and took hold of me like she was before we got up. Katie came and was on her knees over me too. Jules said, "I've never played with one of these, but I've watched it on the videos. I want to play with it and make it squirt. I think I'd like it on my face and all over my tits, then you two can lick me clean."

Katie chuckled and told Jules, "Guys don't usually like messing with their own juice. This one might be different, but don't be disappointed if he won't join me in licking you clean."

Jules said, "Then I want you to do that to him, too, so I can lick you clean."

More chuckles from Katie as she informed Jules, "You know guys can't get off as many times as women. They need recovery time to make and store juices up."

Jules asked the question; "Is that why there are jokes about guys always falling asleep after sex? Are they making more juices?"

Jules seemed really naïve about men. She surprised me by leaning over me, wetting my cock with her mouth and spit, then slid all of me into her mouth and throat. Wow, was that a surprise. I could feel her throat milking the head of my cock as she raised then lowered her head. Katie could see my surprise and told me in a soft voice, "We use a lot of lifelike toys on each other when we masturbate. Jules is always demonstrating what always seems impossible. One of our bigger toys is an image of you. We both like that one."

Jules licked, sucked, nibbled, stroked, and kissed me. Katie couldn't be still, so she sat on my face, giving me more stimulation. This full-sized woman had a heavenly taste. I forgot about how juicy she was and captured her clit with my lips and tongue. Jules was going to get her reward while Katie's juices were running down my face. I moaned, "I'm going to come; get ready for a big one."

The one thing that separates me from a lot of guys is that I shoot. I shoot a lot of come and shoot it hard. Since I had gotten off several times last night, my juice factory was working overtime to get ready for a big one. I have no idea why, but the more I get off, the more juice I make.

Katie got off my face and I watched as Jules used her tongue to bat the head. I boiled over shooting the first batch right onto Jules' face. Some went into her mouth that was open in surprise. She sprayed her face with the second, and then aimed the third shot at Katie's face. The fourth, fifth, and dribble of a sixth covered Jules' brown breasts. Katie used one of her fat nipples to smear my juices all over Jules' face.

I surprised Jules by pushing her back on the bed and diving between her silky legs. I barely got my tongue on her clit when the first gush of her fluids sprayed my face. Katie tasted better, but Jules had Katie beat when it came to volume. Katie was licking her face while I feasted on Jules. I thought I would surprise the two and moved up to help clean Jules' face and chest. My charger must have been set on high meanwhile, as I slid into that tight pussy I had experienced last night. Jules had a look of fear on her face at first, but she then smiled and her features softened. This babe had a hair trigger and kept coming and coming until it almost looked like she passed out.

I gently kissed her and moved over to be pulled on top of Katie. She whispered, "Now fuck me into next year. You better not be a one-night stand, or Jules and I will hunt you down. It is so unbelievable that she fucked you. You actually made love to her, and she let you. Put a notch on that pistol, as you have made love to and enjoyed a confirmed lesbian. You even got her man cherry. I think she's stuffed about everything but a live dick up her cunt. My hardness had found its way into Katie's slippery place while we were kissing and chatting. I loved rubbing my face over her large breasts, catching a fat nipple now and then. They were amazing in that they didn't sag to her navel. Maybe the extra weight Katie had helped keep them firm. All of her was soft and spongy. I was thinking 'man, what a ride' and hoping she couldn't read my mind.

Katie would begin to tense up as I enjoyed a leisurely slow fuck, and then hug me to her when I felt fluids gush around our connection. I was getting close when the other person in bed with us climbed on my back. I was right on the edge with her nipples dragging across my back and a juicy pussy on one of my ass cheeks. I asked Katie between kisses and slow strokes, "Do you want me to make you messy down there, or do you want to see it."

Jules said, "I want to see it, and I want to see it in Katie too. You're going to have to learn how to come more so that I can do all the things I want to do with your juice."

Katie wrapped her thick thighs around my body and told me, "Fill me up, and then you and Jules can clean me up."

Jules was groaning on my back. I let go, shooting more than I had the first time not that long ago. I could feel Katie wetting the bed from her own ejaculation.

I rolled off Katie and Jules was instantly between her legs feasting on what I had deposited. Jules moaned, "Mmmmm, so good. I get to taste everything together."

I was amazed and bent to lick and kiss the dark pink lips of Jules' pussy from the back. I worked my tongue upward to worm into her dark star with pink insides. More juices began flowing from the lustful lady's pussy. My dick was recovering and wanted to attack the pussy I was sampling. I had second thoughts, because this could become revolving and we would never want to get up, so I went up to kiss Katie. We were very loving with our kisses. We lay together with smiles that were becoming permanent when Jules came up to share kisses with us.

"If you two ladies would accompany me to my hotel, I'll get us breakfast after I check my e-mails to make sure there aren't any problems. No phone calls so far, so everything must be working back home."

We took another quick shower but we didn't begin playing this time. Jules said, "We're going to be crowded, but Katie can sit on your lap. My car is only a two seater." Katie sort of laughed and told me, "I don't have a car since I can get to work on a bus and really don't go to that many places. I walk a lot, but Jules doesn't like to walk."

With her Oriental eyes winking at me, Jules said, "I save my energy for better things. Those better things have increased lately."

My hotel couldn't have been more than eight blocks away, but it was worth it to watch the valet kid accept the keys of a current year Lamborghini. Who is this babe with a quarter million dollar car? We went up to my room where I immediately turned my laptop on. I changed clothes into some decent slacks and a knit shirt while it was booting up.

I put socks and shoes on to look presentable and not like the slob I appeared to be the day before.

Nothing was happening that needed my attention. There had been six sales yesterday, so the trip through all the approvals was beginning for six customers. The salespeople were all pros, so I figured all of the 'I's were dotted and 'T's crossed. Today could be another major sales day. I was proud to have put a sales force together that really worked at finding customers and were relentless in closing the sale. The LA region didn't look too promising so far, but I had only come to check it out.

Jules asked me, "Just what do you do for Mooney Corporation?"

"I'm a troubleshooter and coordinator for the customer process. I make sure the sale is correct, the loan gets in place, the home gets built, and the customer closes at the title company. My experience is finding any problems and hiring people to do business the way I feel it should be done. That's from the salespeople all the way through the closing. The building phase is sometimes problematic because of shoddy construction, but I've torn down more than one building because it wasn't built to what I think are our standards."

"So you're a hardass, huh?"

I laughed, "Not hardly. I think all my people enjoy their jobs because we work at doing them right. I know it's a cliché to say this, but we're a customer driven company, so we work at making it easy for the customer." I chuckled and added, "It makes it easier for us too."

We went across the street from my hotel to have brunch at a Hollywood hotspot. I was impressed that I actually recognized several actors and actresses. I was really hobnobbing with the goober smoochers. While we were eating, Jules told me, "Katie and I lost a partner a few months ago. She was accidentally killed during a photo shoot. A car lost control and hit her, instantly killing her. You sir, are the first person, male or female, to enter our lives since we lost our mate." Katie looked up at me with watery eyes but continued to eat. Jules continued, "I'm a known lesbian and have campaigned for LGBT rights throughout the US. Florida has a big gay community, but doesn't have the out of the closet lesbian population that's needed for a bigger organization. You sort of fucked me up, didn't you? You did fuck me and that was a first. Katie and I have been together for almost ten years and I've put up with her dalliance with men for all that time. Cindy was as hard core as me, but had a reason. Her stepfather began raping her when she was nine years old. God, Cindy was so beautiful. We three were the perfect lovers for each other. I wanted to get married, but Cindy said it could be death to her career. Katie still likes dick, so she isn't the marrying kind for a same sex deal."

I looked at the two women and asked, "Okay, I don't know who you are or what you do, Jules, but I have Katie figured out. The two of you, and the three of you before that, could have lived in an upscale place. Why do you live in a second floor walk-up apartment that's on the small side?"

Jules answered, "Our place actually was the perfect size for us three women. We only needed one bed, and our kitchen and living room fit us. Our neighborhood is very nice and has no problems. I have a garage in the building, so my car is fine. Cindy had a car and garage, but it's gone now. We aren't big entertainers and only have small groups of people over occasionally. We have a giant closet, and one of the important features is that we have a washer and dryer. I think you discovered our need for that. Is there a need for more?"

I was smiling and told the two, "Maybe you two will help me find a place if I'm transferred out here."

Jules surprised me when she said, "Live with us. I would love to fuck you a couple of times a day. I think I've found something I like to do with a man. It might only be with you, but I sure do like it."

Katie was giggling, "You just like the guy because he eats pussy as good as a girl."

Jules giggled with her. "There is that."

Katie said, "How about going by the Rack and shooting some pool? Jules can flirt with Mattie, and I can see if I can beat you this time."

Jules looked surprised, "You actually lost to this guy? I thought that was a cardinal sin?"

"Damn, Jules, he beat me fair and square. The guy used house cues and beat me."

Jules looked at me with a little more respect, "Now that's something. You two could gang up on that crowd down there and make some money. Are you going to let Brad shoot anyone else? He might need some spending money to take us to dinner."

"You cheapskate; you have more money than a Kuwaiti prince and you are constantly mooching and poor mouthing. Go buy another Maserati or something." Katie was laughing at her friend. She told me, "Jules has a home in old LA that's probably worth nearly fifty mil, but does she stay there? Nope, she has a house staff that takes care of the place and she shares the rent at our place."

Jules said, "All those people who live out in that area are all snobs. The only good thing about that place is that the garage is big enough for my toys."

There was a story here somewhere.

We crammed into the Lamborghini again and took it home to their apartment garage. The three of us walked to the pool hall entrance door that had a pool ball rack mounted over the door. I saw the faded lettering on the door that just said 'Rack' this time

There was hoots and hollers from a lot of the guys who had to be regulars as soon as we walked in. Mattie was behind the bar and smiled at me. She said, "Holy shit; you even have Jules with you today." She turned to Katie, "Okay, give it to me straight; is he worth sharing?"

I was turning red when Jules crawled up on a bar stool on her knees and leaned across the bar. While she played with one of Mattie's average sized braless tits, she said, "Like you wouldn't believe, Mattie. That cunt sucker even got my cherry. It was delicious."

Mattie broke up laughing and looked at Katie. Katie just patted the zipper on my slacks and smiled. She said softly, "We'll invite you for a party."

"You're spoofing me right?" Mattie said, as she looked at the two women.

Jules said, "Go lock the door, and I'll fuck this guy on the bar or on one of those tables if you want a demo."

Mattie was wagging her head as she said, "Who knew my lezzie buddies would be gathering dick."

I had wandered over to find the cues I had used yesterday. I found both and came to the bar and asked Mattie, "What's the protocol to get a game with those guys back there?"

Mattie looked at me, "Do you have cash? There is an ATM over by the stairs if not. Just go back and ask who wants a game. Don't let them get you in a game for too much up front. Feel these guys out to make sure you can play with them."

Katie told Mattie, "I'm going to go watch. This guy needs to be watched."

Jules and Mattie were head to head talking about something that was important to both.

When I walked back to the three tables that were being watched, one of the guys said, "Hey, you're Katie's friend who beat her yesterday. I'm almost done with this guy. Let me see if that was just luck."

Good to his word, the man ran the table out and gathered the pennies to put back on the shelf. The other guy had lost seven straight. He probably knew he would lose, but wanted to try anyway. There was some exchange of match sticks, the green paper kind.

The tall black guy said, "What's your game? Want to do some one pocket or some ten ball? Where you from, Guy?"

I smiled and said, "Florida. Ten ball is good. What do you guys like to play for? The man said, "I'm Billy, let's play best of five for fifty."

"How about for twenty since I'm a greenhorn. I'm not flush today."

The tall guy flipped a coin into the air and said, "Call it." I said tails and the coin landed on the felt showing tails.

I pulled the balls and reached under the foot of the table to get the ten ball out of the ball holder. I watched how the man put the rack together and knew he had spent a lot of time at a pool table.

I broke from a little farther right than I normally did because this was ten ball. That extra ball can be a pain. No sweat as three balls fell. The table looked beautiful and I could hear Billy groan. This was going to be my first stroke of the day or night so I moved the cue back and forth an extra few strokes then sunk the one and lined up for the two. The next shot required some heavy draw and I didn't know how this table was going to treat me. I didn't want to over draw, but it had to come back about two feet. I trusted the table and the ball did exactly what I wanted. It was an easy run from there.

I pulled the balls for the next rack and tucked a penny under the side I was standing at. Billy pointed to my penny and said, "Use the other side. This is my lucky side." I didn't care and tucked it under the lip on the other side.

I only got two on the break and left the cue ball in a decent position for the one. There was a pair of balls, the three and the eight together, that needed to be split. I couldn't get at them on the one, but the two looked promising if I could get behind them. I drove the one into a corner pocket and let the cue ball roll out to where I could get at the two and kick the three and eight. I didn't want to hit them hard but they needed to be split and to leave the cue ball where I had a shot.

The stroke was perfect, sinking the two and kicking the three/eight to split them. The three was in perfect position to follow to get at the five and six down at that end, and then back up to finish the run. I made sure every stroke was smooth and with the right amount of speed. I put the second penny under the lip.

I heard someone ask Katie, "Did this guy really beat you?"

Billy was squinting now as he watched me stoke the break cue, and the ten ball rolled into the side pocket with two more balls this time.

I reached in to pull the balls out of the pocket, when Billy said, "What're you doing? You shot the ten out of turn?"

"Pardon me, I don't know what rules you play by, but in most California bars I win the rack if I sink the ten on the break. Billy was puffing himself up when one of the older guys watching said, "Give it up, Billy. You can't change our rules because this guy is shooting well. We don't spot the ten."

Billy was grumbling that Katie had brought a ringer in.

I broke and ran two more racks and stood in front of Billy to shake his hand. He was complaining, "I didn't even get to shoot a ball. That sure wasn't worth twenty bucks."

I smiled and said, "Better than the fifty you wanted to play for."

The guy wanted to prove something when he said, "Let's do another best of five nine ball for a 'C' note with alternating breaks."

I told him, "That's more than I usually play for, but I'll play with you. Go ahead, I'll rack and you take the first break.

I saw Jules and Katie making side bets while I was racking the balls.

Billy was leaning over the table to see if the balls were racked correctly when I picked up the rack to place it on the table hook. I looked around and saw an old-timer grinning at Billy making a spectacle of himself. I asked the gentleman, "Would you re-rack the balls to Billy's specification?" I reached over and spread them so they could be racked again.

Billy was going through a bunch of stretching like he was going to be in a prize fight. I walked over to some tall chairs and sat next to Katie. She told me, "Do this quickly. I think I want to do something else today."

Billy slammed the balls sinking three balls, but he also sunk the cue ball. With ball in hand, I was able to run the rest of the table without a problem. You could see him smoldering as the old guy racked the balls. I broke and pocketed the one ball, and the table was nicely spread. I ran the table and pulled the balls to be racked and stuck the second penny under the rail.

Billy was more cautious this time and left four balls jammed up around the nine. The one ball could be banked and I could kick the pile to get the two out. I was a little fast when I stroked the bank shot, and the cue ball struck the pile where the two was, but also broke up all the balls that had been clustered. The nine had rolled in front of a side pocket. I put the two into the nine for my third game.

I broke and ran the table again for my fourth game. It was one of those 'you break like a girl breaks' when Billy broke this time. He barely got four balls to the rails. He sank the six ball and had a shot at the one. He made the one ball and was lined up for the two. He was going to have to get a good kick off the rail after he made the two to get back down the table for the three. He should be able to run the rest of the rack if he could do that. He put too much English on the two ball shot and kissed a couple of balls which slowed the cue ball and gave him a real awkward shot on the three. The shot could be made, but he would have been better off to push the three toward a pocket and bury the nine for a safety. He didn't want to give the table up and went for the tough shot. The cue ball hit the three too solidly, and kicked it off the rail away from the pocket.

The table still wasn't going to be easy. The three, four, and five were easy, but the seven was half hidden behind the nine and I couldn't get the cue ball up there to break them up. This table was playing perfectly so I gave myself my 'trust the table' talk and gently kicked the seven away from the nine letting the cue ball roll to the rail and right back to sit behind the nine.

Billy was standing, waiting for his turn, when he said, "Shit." He was shaking his head when he said, "I might be able to hit the seven off three rails but I can't do anything with it. Maybe I'll get lucky." He gauged the three rails perfectly and kicked the seven but he was too fast on his stroke causing the cue to roll too far and scratched. He reached into the pocket and handed me the cue ball. The seven, eight, and nine were now lined up like a practice table. I put the house cues back on the wall rack and stuck my hand out to shake with Billy. He dug his wallet out and handed me a folded up hundred dollar bill instead of shaking. I walked over to Mattie and told her, "Wait until Jules, Katie, and I are out of here, then announce to everyone that Billy just bought a couple of rounds."

Mattie grinned at me and said thank you. I pulled the twenty I had won from Billy earlier and handed it to her and said that was her tip.

Jules and Katie came up to me and asked if I was ready to leave or was I throwing them out to pick Mattie up. I asked Mattie, "Don't I have to pay for the tables? I didn't give you anything for the time we were on them yesterday either."

Mattie was all smiles. "Katie chips in a couple of bills a month for unlimited table time. She can bring a guest any time she wants. I looked around and waved at the crowd of men by the money tables. She said, "Yep, every one of them pops for the unlimited table time every month. We get busy at night, but this place couldn't exist without the regulars, and you haven't even had any of our great bar food."

Katie was pulling me toward the stairs. We heard Mattie holler, "All you guys get over here and get a freebie. Billy contributed a bunch of money for drinks," when we reached the top of the stairs by the street door,

Katie looked at me and asked, "Did you give Mattie that whole hundred?"

I nodded and she asked, "How about the first twenty?"

"I gave that to her as her tip."

Katie said, "You need a business manager. That's no way to treat some guy trying to shark you out of a C-note."

"He wasn't that good, and he was trying to show off, which will lose you a game very fast. I just let the balls tell me how they wanted to be played."

Jules was laughing as she said, "You pool players have your own rules and language. I would just line them up and take all their money."

Katie told Jules, "You can do that and you won't get many games after that. Brad will be playing one pocket for twenty all night long If he sticks around. He'll get some challengers for a race to five or seven, and then he'll be in the big 15/1 tournaments that have up to twenty-five grand payouts. I love those and I've been in the top five twice, and the top three once. Those are good paydays, but are very tiring."

Jules commented, "That's when you send me away for a long weekend, isn't it?"

"You don't get much sleep during those tournaments, but you get to play some great pool. It's not much fun to be a spectator, so that's why I send you off."

We were almost to the apartment when I had a question. "What do you do, Jules? Are you a financier or major stock trader?"

Katie squeezed my hand to tell me that I might be treading on thin ice. Jules squeezed my other hand and said, "I'm enjoying being with a man who took my virginity right now. I'll sleep in tomorrow, and then find out how much money I made this weekend. I don't do anything, Brad. I was the black sheep baby of the family. The grandparents wanted to make sure that I was fat and happy forever, so they gave me that beautiful home and enough money that a small town could live on forever. I learned how to invest, and have made what was given to me into about thirty times what was originally received. My mother fell in love with a basketball player, and I'm the product of their relationship. The basketball player went on in life, but my mother had me as a reminder of her fling. The grandparents are super rich Orientals, and have given me every silver spoon they could find. I still visit with them weekly, and they still hug and hold me, but they still think I might be the literal black sheep."

"My mother took off with a rich oil man from Alaska and had a couple more children. My grandparents raised me with the help of multiple servants and spoiled me terribly. That I turned out fairly well-adjusted is really something. I think me being queer helped me get along in today's world, as well. I need to take you to meet my grandparents. They will love to hear that I've fallen for a white man. I hope you aren't a child pornographer or something like that, because they will thoroughly investigate you to make sure I'm not cavorting with a bad person."

I stopped on the sidewalk almost to their apartment. "We just met yesterday, Girls. We fooled around last night and this morning, and had a great time. I have to work all day tomorrow to find out what any problems here are. I may or may not get done during normal working hours. I'm sure I'll be hearing from my bosses, and I don't know what they're going to want. We can enjoy each other this evening, but I need to be at the local office at eight or earlier tomorrow morning. I have the key and the security code, so I can get in early. The office is three blocks from my hotel which is between here and the office. I can jog back to the hotel, shower, dress, eat breakfast, and be at the office by seven to seven thirty if I get up at five. Can you live with my schedule now that you know what I have to do?"

Katie grabbed my ear and pulled me down for a kiss. Jules moved around to get one too. It was Jules who said, "How about taking this love-in off the street and into the apartment?"

We went to the apartment and decided to have the leftovers from the yesterday's deli food. I was surprised there was still so much. The two women were stuffing the ribs and sides. Jules said, "Now you know why I have trouble with my weight. Miss Piggy over there eats like this all the time. She goes to the gym at least two or three times a week, and doesn't bug me enough to go. You can take me to the gym and help me lose some of this extra weight if you come here, Brad."

"Hmmm, I kind of like both of you with those extra pounds. I love those beautiful mammary toys you have for me to play with. You both are silky smooth, and I might add, delicious."

Jules was curious, "So what kind of women do you have back in Tampa?"

"I go out with about a dozen different women who have varied interests. I only have one woman who is a pool player who I go out with, but she isn't serious about her game and isn't very skilled. The rest of the women are like you, or should I say, Katie. I believe that they think I'm a toy for them to enjoy when they want."

"So you don't have any of those women looking for a ring?"

"I haven't met that woman yet. Maybe California would be good for me. I've been here only a few days and look at what riches I've found."

The girls had to fold towels and put more in the washer and dryer. They changed the sheets on the queen-size bed again, and I noticed the plastic cover and the extra mattress pad. The ladies knew they had a major leak and took care of it. I asked Katie and Jules, "How often do you two soak the bedroom?"

Katie turned a little pink as she looked at Jules, and then me, "I hope you don't think we're freaks, but Jules and I love to fuck each other daily. I come home from work and we don't even eat sometimes. We just strip down and enjoy each other all night long."

My interest showed as my slacks were tented. Katie went to her knees, unzipped me, and pulled my throbbing boner out of my pants. She slurped me into her mouth and looked up at me. She said, "This is how we are, Brad. We're nymphos who want and need sex often. Can you handle a couple of girls like that?"

Jules said, "Oh, there might be some extra work for you around here too. Some of our girlfriends might want a ride on your magic wand. Mattie is already promised a ride if you're still here this Wednesday and Thursday. Those are her days off. She usually comes over and she and I fuck each other all day until Katie gets home. You see that we are two very lustful creatures, Brad."

Katie pulled me toward the bedroom by my cock. She told Jules, "Let's lay back and let this guy use his mouth on us for a while, then we'll make him fuck us into tomorrow. Give me some kisses, Lover. We have an apprentice."

It was still early in the evening, but these two said they loved to play for long periods of time. I ate, licked, and kissed, while being drenched in their ejaculations. Katie squirted thinner streams that traveled ten to fifteen feet. Jules gushed what could be glassfuls of her brew. I did want to get some big glasses to catch their stuff. That they could continue to come like that hour after hour was amazing. We were enjoying some normal fucking about nine. I was on my back with Jules perched on my dick. Katie was sitting on my face while kissing Jules. I could feel how our energy had turned into something more private and loving. The longer we played, the more intense it became.

Jules was still sitting on me, when she asked, "Can you come in me? I want to know what it will feel like when I make our baby." Katie was all over her for what she had just said. Jules added, "Brad is going to breed me if we decide to do this. I want us both to become pregnant at the same time. You and I are going to have to have a match to the death to see who gets to marry this clodhopper from Florida. What's the matter with me, Katie? I'm as queer as a three dollar bill, and have never, ever even thought of fooling around with a guy. I'm sex-crazed, and only wanted women and girls like you along with all our toys. I'm even thinking that I want this guy to fuck me in the ass. I want him to do everything with us."

I moved up and pulled the two women to my shoulders. I told them, "We're moving too fast. The three of us may not work out over a long period of time. We don't even know whether I'll still be in California come next weekend."

Jules said, "I've already put out some feelers on your company. I can buy it if I want to, and have you come where I want you."

"I see, but what if I don't want to come?"

The woman said, "You will. You'll want to come to be with us. I already feel it. Maybe I can just hire you to be my personal servant."

She smiled and said, "That wouldn't be fair to you and it wouldn't give you a way to exercise your head either. Let's hope your company wants you here."

The seriousness of our talk sort of cooled us off. Jules told Katie, "I felt ah, ah, fulfilled, when Brad came in me. Sort of complete. Do you feel that when guys come inside you?"

Katie was playing with my chest hair and answered, "A little, but that feeling increases when you are with someone you're finding an emotional joining with. Brad makes me feel that way."

I was almost drifting off to sleep when I felt a tear on my shoulder. Jules said, "Katie, Honey, I'll leave and get out of the way for you and Brad. You two are made for each other."

Katie rushed over the top me and hugged Jules. "No way, Sweet cheeks. You and I are each other's regardless of what happens. You and I lost Cindy, and we're not going to lose each other. Katie pulled Jules face to mine and said, "We've invited this guy to be a part of us. Hear me, a part of 'us'. I love you and never want to be without you, Jules. We'll keep this guy and enjoy him the way we enjoy each other."

I hugged the two ladies to me and felt them relax against me. I fell asleep too.

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